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this is all of my faves they're very special

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I worked on fanfiction now, and it makes my brothers and sisters of deviantart smile. I love to role play with people to put together the pieces for stories yet to come.


The young ghostbusters
The young Ghostbusters and ecto-1 by GBMelendez23k
The young ghostbusters anyone?
Spengler by GBMelendez23k
Venkman by GBMelendez23k
Stantz by GBMelendez23k
Zeddemore by GBMelendez23k
Who you gonna call? 
Vampire slaying time
The vampire's victim chains revamp by GBMelendez23k
Vampire King's roses revamp by GBMelendez23k
Vampire slayer force four by GBMelendez23k
Vampire slayer force four: the origins by GBMelendez23k
In this new series, it's about a group of vampire slayers saving the United kingdom from the evil vampiric dynasty. The essence of surviving the vampiric apocalypse is by using the proper equipment to slay the bloodsucking creature. 
My artwork
Taylor and Patrick to the rescue WIP by GBMelendez23k
Hottie Patrick finished result by GBMelendez23k
Space chase by GBMelendez23k
taylor with hair down by GBMelendez23k
Pretty boy Patrick by GBMelendez23k
It was based on the chronicles of my current project Mk: the next era 3 part 2
Character concepts
Character concepts 1 by GBMelendez23k
Mod by GBMelendez23k
Alexis by GBMelendez23k
Taylor and Patrick wip by GBMelendez23k
Since I decide to make character concepts as commissions, it's very imperative to pay points to my points bar. I'll also continue with requests and the story too.
Doctors of the special forces pages
Doctors of the special forces page 5 by GBMelendez23k
Doctors of the special forces page 7 by GBMelendez23k
Doctors of the special forces page 8 by GBMelendez23k
These pages are part of my new segment called Doctors of the Special Forces. 
Frozen by GBMelendez23k
If you love Frozen so much, I will happily post it 
Greek mythology commissions
Hermes and Athena by GBMelendez23k
Pandora's box by GBMelendez23k
The cyclops by GBMelendez23k
Like I said again, I'm focusing on greek mythology.
More tay and pat commissions
The close up by GBMelendez23k
The sky looks beautiful by GBMelendez23k
Patrick's corsage by GBMelendez23k
Smitten rose by GBMelendez23k
Gazing at each other's eyes by GBMelendez23k
Calling all hearts 
commision 1
The greatest Taylor and Patrick picture by GBMelendez23k
The group by GBMelendez23k
The group FULL pic by GBMelendez23k
these are the latest projects I worked on in regards of artistic ability. 


Laughing Octopus by ScorpiiLupi

This is awesome in my opinion. I'm planning to become a better artist like you, but for me, I always have to practice a lot by putting ...

Green Eyes by ochopanteras

three words i will best describe this artwork: brilliant, awestruck, creative. you look like a smart one, i found your work of art very...

The BASICS : Folds + Wrinkles by Shattered-Earth

what i love about the folds and wrinkles are that they specifically work for making texture of the clothing whereas i study from its me...

Frozen : Elsa by kelogsloops

Lovely Elsa from the hit movie: Frozen. Despite on your effort and love for this animated film, I found Elsa to be the most beautiful c...

Galactic Hallucination by ScorpiiLupi

space, the final frontier. The colors and values of these planets meant a lot to the solar system. frankly, i learn these terrestrial p...

Luner and Shadow WIP by Tonic-TF

Romance is the air for both lunar and shadow, the two star crossed lovers, in this modern earth. We imagine our Shadow being the prince...

Countdown to Specter Stoppers

Up next

chapter 6 of the Specter Stoppers.


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Today is the anniversary of the mortal kombat 1995 movie
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We're counting down to the anniversary of the mortal kombat 1995 movie
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Jarlos Kiss, Kendall-City Is Ours


Efrain swims in a large body of jungle water with his scuba diving gear underneath his gear and sees a person standing in the area in her bikini. 
Imagine the Taye stem impacts not just Earth, but planets from different galaxies. What would they do? 
Akira and Topi founded Ken at the exhibit crypt until trouble has lurked from the shadows, Chikyūko and Suijin-chan appear in the barriers. The two entities appear in confronting Akira, for the hammer wielding fellow to bicker with the brothers. In addition, a horde of barbaric enenras, consisting 30 of which, emerges from the exhibit units. The enenras cackle when surrounding Akira, for the boy wielding the hammer vows not to give in easily, and Ken calls the girls for assistance.

"Ume, Emiko, we need help now. There's a horde of 30 enenras attacking Akira, hurry." Ken called.

"Where are you?" Ume broadcasted.

"At the west corridor's exhibit crypt," Ken answered.

"We'll be there, just keep those enenras distracted." Ume responded.

In addition, Ume and Emiko hasten to the west corridor to find the boys until trouble lurks from above, a horde of generic experiments, ten of which, in the possession of the demonic entity. Ume frowns at their foul existence of the generic experiments, so she pulled out her laser Naginata. Emiko envisions another event when Akira was defeated in battle by the enenras and becomed one of them. Her formidable predictions terrify her at first, yet this vision seems the most disturbing out of them.

Are you serious, right here and now? I got someone who's waiting for me to tackle against these enenras. Ume pondered.

The first generic experiment streams to the left with its infectious claws, but Ume lacerates it with her naginata when it's activated. She throws her shurikens to impair straight towards the generic experiment, and she curls herself into a ball and bounces in mid-air. In addition, she unwraps herself and cuts the first generic experiment diagonally. The second experiment hisses at her until she bisects it; moreover, Ume scurries the other section and pounces on the monster directly despite its stench. She cleaves the second genetic experiment that clawed her in the ribs; in addition, Ume streams on the third generic experiment that is craving its claws upon her savagely. She performs a naginata strike at the third generic experiment swiftly due to the limitless potency it consisted; moreover, the caustic strikes impair the fiend effectively. The fourth generic experiment claws Emiko directly and swiftly, and the monster jabs her in the face causing the blood to drip from her mouth. Ume sprints and flutter kicks the fourth demonic experiment with three horrid red eyes including one from his forehead; in addition, the fourth experiment opens its mouth to hurl an effulgent green spiral ball as it strikes Ume directly. Emiko feels her right hand surging positive energy as it accumlates its spinning white orbs to perform a source of telekinetic attack, and a clone made out of luminous energy in a form of Emiko appears and assails the fifth and sixth generic experiments. Hence, Emiko possessed her power to attack any fiend that threatened her friends. Ume lands on her feet after assailing the fourth experiment by going toward its eyes to attenuate its monolithic dark energy.

When did Emiko balance her power? I reckoned for a priestess or nun-in-training, she knows how to masted her powers to even the odds. Ume pondered.

Emiko folds her hands to lure the rest of the generic experiments due to the telekinetic possession; as a result, she curls the generic experiments together into a gargantuan ball. Ume smiles and swings her naginata on the ten generic experiments sending them to the sun; moreover, Emiko turns her head towards Ume on account of the events in the east corridor. The two girls proceed to the west corridor to find the boys and tackle the enenras.

"It took me years to master this ability to extirpate these felines." Emiko said to herself.

"No time to explain, for now we must hurry." Ume stated.

The two girls, moreover, hustle towards the elevator that'll take them to the west corridor; indeed, they discern their friends Efrain and Dahlia riding the elevator that takes them to the power source of the auto-plant and finding the princess as Master Takahasi mentioned in his message Janet broadcasted. In addition, they mount the all-directional elevator joining them for a ride to the west corridor.

"Boy, we're glad to see you," Dahlia responded to the girls, "Did you find anything peculiar in the east corridor?"

"I might have found a few of those who worked for Dr. Kazumachisthui, and these guys make me lose my cool." Ume stated to Dahlia.

"We're about to shut down the auto-plant's core, and we have tackled every monster inside the area." Efrain responded to the ladies. Dahlia wraps her arms around her cousin's waist in case she won't collapse from the elevator's density.

"Akira and the others are in danger at the west corridor, so they requested our services." Emiko responded.

"Oh no," Dahlia gasped.

"Thirty enenras?" Efrain queried.

"Because of the Taye Stem's growth, it causes a crucial task that we must cease for Akira at the west corridor of the auto-plant. Centuries ago, Moto Zumate, an extreme alchemist working for the Takimoto laboratories, used his compound substances to burgeon the seed of evil by giving results whether it effected on its human connection. The seed began to grow, for its dark brown roots consisting formidable green energy reproduce its offsprings, the reaping plants. However, the seed of evil turned out to be a failure when its stability had gone out of control. The seedlings took over his body regarding his emotions effecting physics; therefore, his skin became peduncle, and the seedlings caused him to grow even more seeds to turn every victim into its slaves." Ume explained the origins of the Taye Stem.

"Slaves? The Taye stem produces the seeds of evil to make everyone into slaves?" Efrain queried.

"Yes, the only option to cease the Taye Stem's growth is destroying its ovule." Ume replied.

"Then why do these seeds corrupted Moto?" Dahlia questioned.

Seeds of evil? Takimoto laboratories? Moto Zumate? Dark brown roots? That's another kind of enigma we must analyze throughout this entire mission. Efrain pondered.

"Speaking of which, we have some of its offsprings behind us," Ume pointed out, and a flock of crump birds and a horde of capraworms, depicting twenty of them each.

Efrain pulls out his Yukonamo sword from his sheath and lashes a crescent cut to impair the first two capraworms that stream through the ceiling; moreover, the solar particles harness the combined dark energy of the capraworms, and the two worms collapse to the ground due to the damage it has done. On the other hand, the energy didn't last longer for the accumulation to decrease its percentage as the first capraworm pounces atop Emiko's rice hat. Dahlia draws out her tessens and throws them at the second capraworm as the obsidian sharp blades from her tessen behead it, causing the blood to leak through the auto-plant's machinery without damaging the elevator severely. Ume swings her laser naginata to impair the slimy worm monster; indeed, she vows to clean up the horrendous mess before it even manipulates its nightmarish energy comparing to the Taye Stem's seed of evil though its development isn't nearly complete. Efrain launches a sword beam to hit the third capraworm heading towards him, and Emiko concentrates on her energy to beget the positive psychokinetic energy to eliminate the capraworms that are attacking her from behind. She folds her hands and whispers the words of shaolin power; in addition, Ume extends her left hand with the accumulation of energy she collected and summons a duplicate to attack the capraworm with her mind. The first crump bird hurls a mud ball from its jet black beak, and Efrain defends himself with his sword until the second one pecks him in the arm, disarming him from his weapon. On the other hand, Emiko draws out her left hand as she uses her magnetic possession to retrieve Efrain's yukonamo sword. She projects her telekinetic powers to slash the first crump bird as well as balancing Efrain's sword to engender damage to the fiend, and after ridding the first crump bird, she hands it back to Efrain. He catches the yukonamo sword with his right hand; in addition, Efrain slashes the second crump bird six times, and Ume throws her laser shuriken to inflict the third crump bird from the back. On the other hand, its enhanced vision targets its prey, and it glides straight towards Dahlia. It drills its beak upon her head and claws her with its talons, and Ume swings her naginata to impair the semi feathered feline. Efrain swings his sword to summon its beam to roast the fourth and fifth crump birds, and Dahlia throws her tessens to extirpate the fifth crump bird withal. The fourth crump bird lays its gruesome egg to hatch its flock of five more to tackle them. Indeed, she defends herself from the crump bird's attacks and performs Flamingo's grace to whisk the feathery feline out of the corridor. In fact, the power of the new ability creates laser flower petals with the gusty wind to dispel any monster otherwise imperial phenomena increasing its rage.

Is this something new? Dahlia thought, knowing of Emiko's telekinetic power inwardly when the power of the telekinesis retrieves her cousin's sword when balancing its power to wipe out the fiends.

In addition, Emiko envisions the auto-plant's core shutting down on account of the central computer manipulating its circuits upon the terminal, yet a horde of monstrous ghosts emerges from the shadows in hopes of a peculiar confrontation. Identically, she discerns the outcome of the Taye Stem that is located near the auto-plant's core. Nevertheless, the history of the Taye stem Ume depicted would've explained how Moto has utilized the seed of evil to make this experiment a success without having the seed to burgeon its roots or even taking over his body. Efrain parries the sixth crump bird's talons with his Yukonamo sword's interstellar power and gashes it away. By the same token, he kicks the sixth crump bird's crotch and prods its stomach by sending it out of the battlefield. Dahlia dodges the beak from pecking her, and she buffets the seventh crump bird with her right tessen and throws the other to make an incision in the bird's grassy feathers. Ume slashes the first of the five hatched crump birds; in addition, she performs her raging tail to lash the fiend in inflicting the crump bird. She throws her shuriken to eliminate the second hatched crump bird. Efrain strikes the third capraworm by unleashing the sword's power to decrease its energy, and he dash kicks the other capraworm off of the elevator. Dahlia stabs the fourth capraworm in the head and bisects it; moreover, she removes her tessen from the bisected head despite the teal blood smudged upon the blades. Ume slashes the third and fourth crump birds that are raging for prey; on the contrary, one of the hatchlings gnaws on one of the capraworms regardless on its unquestionable taste. Efrain lands on his feet and turns to Ume for a second regarding the measures they're sorting to tackle the experimental creatures Dr. Kazumachisthui created to assail them.

Those crump birds? They're turning against the capraworms, but for what reason? Birds are major predators to the worms. Efrain pondered.

In addition to the affective encounters, he finds a solution to the capraworm problem, for the hatchlings digest another of the capraworms due to its flustered sense for food. Dahlia turns to Emiko suggesting they might feed the crump birds if they can eliminate the ravenous capraworms despite its sophisticated vision.

"Heads up, Efrain!" Ume shouted, for she throws the dissected worms towards him and passes them to Dahlia.

Dahlia prods the fifth capraworm with her tessens despite the worms invertebrate features; in addition, she lifts her arms to do a wind technique when the tessens' blades illuminate. As a result, the crump birds snatch the fifth capraworm as Emiko performs her telekinesis to crumple the fourteenth worms together. By the same token, the crump birds exit resist the trance from the seed of evil and fly away freely.

"Efrain, how did you figure out birds eat worms?" Dahlia questioned.

"It just came to me," he answered, but a horde of different space apparitions, ten Gaaruyas, rampages the bio-hazard sections of the auto-plant circuits to hack the computations.

In addition, Kōhei Sandā, a thunderous half deity whose reputation disarranges beyond borders, has appeared from the shadows to cope with the Specter Stoppers members Efrain and Dahlia regarding his enhanced vision. Kōhei Sandā has white and black fluffy hair quaffed into a layer wolf style. He has tea green skin, and seven myrtle green hexagons are painted on his forehead. His hands were sickled along with his crummy fingers. He wears a Traditional Japanese kimono with mascot embroidery, and he harnesses electrical energy. In addition, he folds his left hand to summon a gash of lightning at Efrain, and the lustrous sparks discharge its baleful particles to effectively thereabout the elevator's functions. The elevator ceases from motion, and Ume and the others gawk quickly due to the clamors of the enemies wandering the atmosphere.

"More of them," Dahlia alerted.

"Which one of you manages to shut down the power source for the auto-plant." Kōhei stated with a smirk.

"Kōhei," Efrain scowled.

"Why Efrain, how surprise to see your presence in this area?" Kōhei grinned, and he discerns the others, "dahlia."

"Kōhei," Dahlia frowned, opening her tessen readying to assail the fiend.

"I have vanished you from Takayama because of the damage you caused," Efrain scowled, "why did you come back?"

"I am settling my unfinished business. So, you entered the auto-plant to shut down its core. You see these sparks, I'm about to create a lightning trap with them. I have waited for this moment, and now you will perish. You and your cousin, Dahlia. By the time I get through to you, I'll go after your little friends as well." Kōhei laughed.

"That is it!" Efrain scowled, charging towards Kōhei with his sword in his hand as he swings his sword to assail him but missed.

"Ume, Emiko, you tackle the Gaaruya. Kōhei is ours." Dahlia responded.

"By the honor of Dark Mistress Kioyaka and her doings for Tazurai, I'll tear you apart from the inside out." Kōhei responded.

The first gaaruya unleashes its squiggly blue sparks to inflict both Emiko and Ume; on the other hand, Ume swings her laser naginata on the first gaaruya causing damage to its nocturnal energy. In addition, she slashes first gaaruya in half and dash kicks towards the other, and Emiko controls her positive energy until the second gaaruya slaps her sending her nearly off the elevator. She holds on to the elevator's floor tightly and tries to lift herself back, and Ume performs the laser naginata cross-slash. Dahlia streams and twist kicks him but missed, for Kōhei double vertical punch her in the jaw. She lands on her feet after Kōhei drifts her 3 ft away; Efrain activates his sword's power and performs his crescent cut to inflict Kōhei until his crescent cut increases a level, for a double crescent cut lashes Kōhei effectively. On the other hand, the half deity barricades the double crescent cut with his lightning strike and teep kicks him. Ume slashes the third gaaruya five times, yet it summons its lightning spark to impair her in the arm. The electric sparks encircle the area shutting down the bio-regions for the northern corridor without shutting down the auto-plant's core. Ume slashes the third gaaruya from producing anymore of the gashing sparks accumulating the area; in addition, the lightning surges the ground as Ume leaps away from them. Emiko casts her shadow clone to eliminate the fourth and fifth gaaruyas when she ascended back to the elevator with the force of nature. Conversely, the fourth Gaaruya manipulates its belligerent sparks to construct an electrical field. In addition, the fourth Gaaruya zaps lightning from its eyes to impair Emiko, but Ume shields her friend using her laser naginata and draws it back to it. The fifth gaaruya sends out a wave of electricity to beset the team; as the wave electrifies the others, Efrain lashes it with his sword beam and performs double crescent cut at Kohei as Ume throws her shurikens on the two Gaaruyas directly.

Efrain leaps away from the sparks spreading through the floor, yet Kohei power slaps him through the other side. Dahlia stuns the half deity with her blossom aura by manipulating the petals to attenuate the villain's stamina. In addition, Efrain jumps upward and sickles the fiend. On the other hand, Kohei nudges his head with a grin to demonstrate his tweak of performance to fortify his stamina withal. By the same token, Kohei evokes his inimical electricity from his hands and lunges it towards Dahlia. She deflects his attack and slashes the thunder half-deity, and she roundhouse kicks him in the side. Kohei collapses nearly and throws a flat fist on her, and Efrain dash kicks Kohei from behind and cuts the fiend. Ume parallel punches the sixth gaaruya in the face though the sparks incinerate her skin when pulling off the maneuver. In addition, the power of the naginata sends the sixth gaaruya out of the field, and her tail, and Ume performs illusion to decrease the sixth gaaruya's agility. Emiko performs her telekinesis to impair the sixth gaaruya. In addition, the fiend collapses to the ground as its energy decreased due to the damage it has done. The seventh gaaruya harnesses its lightning and inflict Emiko, and the eighth gaaruya casts lightning to impair her again. Ume throws her shuriken to slash the two gaaruya, and she summons ZAN, a gusty whirlwind tech, to eliminate the four gaaruyas causing the lives of the fiends to lose. In addition, the elevator's circuits to function again due to the systems running back, and Kohei resents as the two girls join the two specter stoppers to cope with the thunderous felon. In addition, Kohei grows in rage and summons his inner demon to join him in the fracas, and Emiko casts illusion by duplicating herself, and the agility of the fiend decreases due to its levels.

Kōhei summons an electrical barrier to increase his defense power; Emiko casts SER to increase the attack power for the team mates to cope with the demon Kōhei conjured. Ume performs her tech SANER to increase their agility, and Efrain snaps his fingers to summon a new technique that fortifies their vision, ENC. Dahlia stuns the demigod of lightning on account of the aura's ability, but Kōhei lashes his electrical sparks to damage everyone. Efrain performs thunder lion slash to strike down the demigod, but he missed on account of the villainous chicaneries Kōhei's demon unleashed. It appears that Kōhei's demon hinders the systems as it hurls its ooze on them; in addition, Ume slashes Kōhei four times for each side. Emiko casts her psy beam to levitate the malevolent figure, and she throws objects at Kohei. Indeed, the thunder demigod has take scarce damage since he activates the electrical barrier. He lifts his effulgent left arm to streak lightning bolts at Dahlia, and the electricity nearly fried her hair as Ume throws her shuriken to inflict his arm. Efrain cuts Kōhei in the front six times, and he dash kicks Kōhei tripping him. Emiko summons her attack clone to lash Kōhei, and it hand chops Kōhei directly and switch kicks the fiend. Kōhei summons another of his techniques, tempest, for the rain exerts the team members as a streak of lightning inflicts them.

That was electrifying beyond borders, that's why he's controlling the storm's power. Efrain thought, and he performs his double crescent cut to inflict Kōhei.

The thunderous fiend casts more electrical sparks to castigate the team members, and Ume performs her naginata technique, the cross slash, and she sprints toward Kōhei and slashes him in the back. In addition, he screeches in pain due to the slash she implemented, and Ume performs the technique to inflict him again. Kōhei's demon gives Efrain the evil eye. Dahlia twirls her body to perform the rapunzel hair whiplash though it causes big of damage to Kōhei; in addition, Efrain slashes the fiend thrice. Dahlia slashes the fiend three times with her tessen. On the other hand, Kōhei's demon opens its mouth to sound its thunder to stun everyone except Efrain due to the serration wave he implemented.

What? I missed one. Where can the fool be? Kōhei pondered.

"Peek a boo," Efrain grinned. As a result, Efrain sprints towards the fiend and slashes him extremely to shun him.

"What? But how?" Kōhei questioned unbelievably.

"Simple, I migrated your demon's thunder." Efrain responded, "now I'll make the storm go away, forever. Storm demon slash!" Therefore, he performs a raging slash to shatter the fiend. As a result to the thunderous effect, the girls shake away the shock waves and resume their battle.

Dahlia darts with the effulgent petals from her cherry blossom to stun him similar to her previous adversaries she captivated, and she slashes the demigod with her right tessen and drifts him off of the elevator though his demon holds him tight.  Ume and Efrain collaborate their techniques. Emiko lifts her right arm and casts psybeam to inflict the fiend. With his thunder lion slash and her shuriken strike, it damages him effectively on account of the damage it harnesses tactically. Kōhei's demon gives Ume the evil eye, and Kōhei summons his lightning shower on everybody, lessening crucial damage. Kōhei emits the lightning sparks from his left hand and inflicts the four stoppers barbarically, and his demon roars viciously unleashing its lightning particles to shock the cousins and their friends. In addition, the connection with Kōhei and his inner demon causes destruction among the area, and Efrain slashes him three times causing damage towards him. Kōhei's demon rumbles its lightning again on the ground, and the elevator wobbles due to the effects of the aftershock. The power of the electricity impair the members. Efrain charges toward the fiend and shoulder chops with his left hand. Kōhei cringes when he delivers the maneuver, and Dahlia cleaves the fiend with her right tessen. Kōhei summons his lightning shower on everybody again. Ume strikes the fiend four times with her laser naginata. Emiko performs her shadow clone technique, and she flutter kicks the fiend in the face. Therefore, a pulse of light energy surges through his body, and he and the demon he summoned disappears from ash.

"You fiend. You may have defeat me, but her power will destroy you if it makes you vulnerable." Kōhei shouted, and he is gone forever though the pulse lessens the functions.

"Emiko, restart the elevator." Efrain commanded, and the blind nun uses the power of telekinesis to levitate it.

"Everybody, hold on!" Ume shouted.

"What do you mean?" Dahlia questioned in shock.

"Grab on, Dahlia!" Efrain exclaimed, and the elevator goes sideways rapidly.

Boom! The elevator rises upwardly and expeditiously to evade the combustion surging the lower levels after the pulse disintegrate electric felon. In addition, the others hold on to their places during an expeditious ride on account of the functions for the auto-plant to develop its systems though there might be mechanical or experimental monsters wandering through the area.

"That was close," Emiko responded specifically, "my telekinetic powers evade the bursting flames from enkindling through the machinery. Even if we were able to survive such explosion, the systems of the auto-plant's core consist of multicellular functions that distribute its lethal programmings to contribute with the Taye stem's inexplicable force. By reproducing duplicates of reaping plants, there's a reason the Taye stem's foritude according to its impenetrable life cycle lingers among Japan."

"If we were to shut down the auto-plant's core, the multicellular functions from the terminal begins to fusillade. We haven't told master Takahashi about the computer systems acting negatively in the auto-plant when Kazumachisthui re-programmed them." Efrain added.

"I suppose it might burn up like neon lights, or we might reboot the computers," dahlia replied, "now, about Kioyaka?

"So, this Kōhei is another of Tazurai's enforcers? And who is Kioyaka?" Efrain questioned to Ume.

"She's an evil siren who enticed Moto into burgeoning the Seed of evil to become the Taye Stem, and her sole purpose is to have the world in her hands. Similar to Tazurai's plans, she mastered newly evil practices to overpower the world at the behest of the Taye Stem's growth, causing pandemonium with her bare hands to bring forth Armageddon." Ume answered.

"You mean she is a demon siren," Dahlia gulped.

"That's right. Not just that, but she's an agent working for Shinigami Tazurai because my ancestor Jin had fought her." Ume explained to him.

"This result could effect upon the levels of profounded darkness," Emiko responded.

Profounded darkness? Demon siren Kioyaka? She causes this mess, and this might not be a case to tackle in a facile fashion. Efrain pondered.

"Here's the west corridor terminal, and I can hear the sound of Akira's voice." Ume replied.

"I'll drop you ladies off here. If the elevator malfunctions, then the system will destruct too." Dahlia responded.

In addition to the conversation the ladies explained about the demon siren Kioyaka, the elevator stops on the west corridor section, and Ume discerns the sounds of Akira's grunting during his battle with the enenras. Therefore, Emiko and she hopped out of the elevator to the hall connecting to the west corridor floor on account of the telecommunication systems rendering its calculations. The two cousins hop out of the broken elevator and cross the bridges, and they find another elevator to the auto-plant's core and find the princess.

"We'll call you if we approach the auto-plant's core," Efrain responded.

"If you find your girlfriend, defend her." Ume replied.

"Alright," Efrain replied, but he gawks at her, "wait a minute, Ume, Princess Yuiha is not my girlfriend."

Dahlia pulls the lever for the elevator to descend to the next terminal, as the sounds of Akira's grunting increase through the corridor halls, and Ume and Emiko sprint to search for the boys. Efrain holds on to his ground, for he begins to wonder if the nucleus of the auto-plant links within the Taye Stem due to its manifestation.


Preston, Zach, and Rory survey the lair cunningly despite its uncanny and slimy features Mothrahaha has embellished in the eerie area. Rory finds the keyboard to activate the power to illuminate the dark surfaces from the area though the keys were covered in glossy saliva when he processes the functions of the telecommunication systems. In fact, she proposes a gluey trap to ensnare those who come before her. Rory picks up a sample of the saliva it has left on the tarnished glass containers, for he amplifies the systematic backgrounds to indicate the possible fiends responsible for the derelict termination. Preston points his luminous fist knuckles of his left hand to verify if the presence of the insects roam through the area. Their silver wings are serrated comparing to the bladed forearms Dākuga used, and their bodies are covered in saliva than the previous breeds, the collymoths. In addition, a flock of razor moths, consisting twenty of them, streams through the edge of the crespucular silk trees they embellished. In addition, the three gentlemen engage their turmoil with the new breed of killer moths as part of the attack. The systems of the auto-plant are running amok beyond this point of the battle; nevertheless, the telecommunication systems have to abort its destruction before the Taye Stem rampages the area.

Those razor moths seem inimical than I can ever imagine. Their abilities are twenty times fortituous than the other species of moths Mothrahaha has sent to take over the south corridor, hacking the telecommunication systems to reach for Tazurai. Rory pondered.

The team begins to attack the razor moths directly, and Preston crescent kicks inwardly on the first razor moth by the stomach. The second razor moth lashes its sharp blades to implement Rory. In addition, he activates the barrier to defend himself from the sharp blades on account of the possible damage the moth has harnessed. Preston jabs the first razor moth in the unctuous face emitting the energy from his gauntlets to shun its enhanced sight. As a result, the energy inflicts the first razor moth comparing to the genetic experiments from the laboratory based on Kazumachisthui's knowledge. In addition, the first razor moth hurls a laser at Zach causing damage to him. Moreover, Rory throws his Pyris grenade on the first razor moth effectively on account of the health points it has consisted; the pyris grenade explodes as the first razor moth cringes in agony. The second razor moth careers toward Preston, but he matrices from its winged attack and performs a fiery backflip at the moth. The second razor moth glides back towards him, and Preston drill punches the ghostly species of insect. Zach fires his arrow from his mini-arrow cannon and pressing the red button from his bow to target the third razor moth. The third razor moth evades the energy arrow and hurls a laser at him, and it hurls another laser at Rory directly. Preston jumps and performs his spinning arc kick on the insect to stun its walls; Rory locks the coordinates to summon his specter-hoverdrone in the field, and it appears in front of him to process the action. He flutter kicks the third razor moth and throws his clipper-rang to impair it; in addition, the clipper-rang engenders damage ten times tactically. The weapon returns in his grasp, and he lunge kicks the razor moth in the stomach though the unctuous saliva glues his boot. The fifth razor moth implodes its spiky wing attacks to impair the team members.

Zach points his energy arrow to aim for the fifth razor moth accurately as his left hand grasps his bow, and he fires the three energy arrows to pin the fourth and fifth razor moths. He lowers his right arm and uses his bow to buffet the fifth razor moth strategically, and the fifth moth buzzes uncannily as he grabs the arrow and slams it. Preston seems a bit low on health, so Rory healed him with medic power, his new technique. "Fire at will!" Rory calls for an air akimbo, and it appears in front of the sixth razor moth directly.

"Heads up, Rory!" Zach called, and he fires his arrow at the seventh razor moth before it implements its plasma at him.  

"Time we exterminate these pests," Rory muttered to himself.

Rory flutter kicks the eighth razor moth in the face, and he throws his Pyris grenade to stun the insect and then cartwheels forward. Preston double uppercuts the eighth razor moth in the jaw, and the power of the jab sends the eighth razor moth flying due to the inimical damage. In addition, it falls on the ground despite its brutal damage. Zach presses the red button from his bow and fires his energy arrow from his mini arrow-cannon to impair its wings. He swings his bow five times at the eighth razor moth to share him the meaning of giving up, and the ninth razor moth hurls plasma from its mouth at him. On the other hand, Zach swings the plasma back at the ninth razor moth, and the damage from the plasma harnesses its zapper affectively. In addition, the ninth razor moth hurls another plasma and hits Rory, and Preston darts toward the moth and performs a new ability that requires both speed and agility, a dash uppercut. The uppercut impairs the ninth razor moth causing its wings to dissect, and he cross punches it to the mechanical facades.  

Zach presses the red button from his bow and the mini arrow cannon to pin the tenth razor moth in the head. He whacks the bug with just using his bow, and Preston spins and performs his arc kick at the tenth razor moth. On the other hand, the tenth razor moth manipulates its razor wings to lash him, sending him flying to a pile of computers. In addition, the tenth razor moth performs its gusty attack, and Preston shields himself with his gauntlets. He jumps upwardly and performs skydive drill punch at the tenth razor moth. Rory's spectral hoverdrone fires its rapid power to inflict the eleventh razor moth, and the damage causes the razor moth to collapse to the ground. The twelfth razor moth unleashes its gusty wind to implement him, and Preston cross punches the fiend. Rory throws his clipper-rang at the twelfth and thirteenth razor moths, and the damage of the blades impair the two insects buzz in pain. Preston grabs the fourteenth razor moth and throws it into the ground powerfully; in addition, he lands on his feet and cross punches the fiend in the face. Zach fires his energy arrows at the fiend due to the effects of its potency, and he shatters the razor moth comprehensively. The fifteenth and sixteenth razor moths stream towards him with their serrated wings, and they impair Rory's barrier systematically on account of the damage they lessen.

I better take precautions on managing maneuvers. Preston thought, and he shoves his fist rapidly at the razor moth in the mouth and slams the fiend.

The seventeenth and eighteenth razor moths dart toward Zach and Preston, and the gentlemen blast their fire power to obliterate the fiends. Rory fires his plasma gun on the nineteenth and twentieth razor moths, for the barrier protects the others from being injured in the battlefield. As a result, they destroyed the razor moths at a nick of time until Mothrahaha makes her sleazy appearance readying to tackle the three Specter Stoppers as she descends from the terminal, and she feasts her eyes upon the team members.

"So, you three painted me as a threat. You killed my two brothers, and now, we come face to face." Mothrahaha responded.

"Mothrahaha," Rory responded, encountering her on account of the vicious visage.

Mothrahaha sends her larvae to attack the three specter stopper as Rory activates the barrier to shield himself and his team-mates. Zach shoots his GaN arrows from his mini-arrow cannon and pressing the button from his mechanical bow. She shields herself with her wings, and she summons ooze balls from her hands to hit the members. Preston shoves his fiery bolts from his fists at Mothrahaha, and he performs his spinning arc kick at her. Zach sweeps to the other side and fires his arrows at her, but Mothrahaha traps the three stoppers into caccoons as the coverings manifest their bodies.

"You thought metamorphosis can inflict you, but once the transformation is complete, you will never change back. It's like you were going through the process of evolution, so don't look back now." Mothrahaha cackled.

Shit! Now this woman is going to get a beating from me if only I can escape her crystallization. Preston thought, and the others struggle to break loose from the crystals harnessing their bodies. Will they ever escape from mothrahaha's trap?


The elevator shifts to the next room mechanically where they will find the princess and shut down the core for the auto-plant as master Takahashi mentioned to Efrain and Dahlia during their investigation here. After discerning the two others during their quest to cease the Taye stem and Dr. kazumachisthui from overpowering the Earth, Efrain and Dahlia receive the information from Ume the obstruction of the area when the processes of the telecommunication systems for the next laboratory to systematize its mathematical functions. In addition to the process of searching for a battle, a swarm of xena-flies, consisting ten of them, has returned to seek its revenge upon the Specter Stoppers. Ume mentioned to the two the person urging Moto to instigate the Taye Stem is a female. In addition, they brought along a few friends, Seven Piked. Dahlia throws her tessen to inflict the first xena-fly through its body. Indeed, the xena-flies along with the twisted experiments inside the lab are the products for 1000 years of genetic improvement from the prototype of the 'Gigantic Implosion." The second xena-fly hurls a needle-liked plasma from its mushy mouth and belabors Efrain repulsively, and he lacerates the Xena-fly straight through the tail. Dahlia removes the cherry blossom from her head to perform her tech blossom aura to stun the second xena-fly tactically. The third xena-fly, conversely, hurls a laser at Efrain, and the damage has harness him. Efrain performs his thunder lion slash to impair the xena-fly in the back of him, and Dahlia swiftly throws her tessen to belabor the third xena-fly as it returns to her grasp. The fourth xena-fly careers through Efrain zapping its plasma, but he slashes the fiend with eye of the dragon. Eye of the dragon is a sword technique that consists of five razor winds and two cuttings; in addition, it causes damage to the xena fly accurately than it seems. Dahlia throws her tessen to inflict the fourth xena-fly; indeed, she distributes the levels of the blossom aura to enthrall the fly. The first of the Piked slashes Efrain from the back, causing damage to him. Efrain is in bad shape, so Dahlia performs her healing technique on her cousin and herself, butterfly's touch. The Piked carry their pikes in their hands, they wear maroon Japanese armor, their scarves are charcoal to cover their faces, and they wear jet black boots matching their gloves. The healing particles replenish both their health, and Efrain performs double crescent cut on the first Piked member. The first Piked member pierces Dahlia barbarically, but she swiftly parries his attack and flutter kicks the fiend in the face. Efrain launches a sword beam to hit the fifth xena-fly, and he slashes the fiend five times. Dahlia throws in her vortex to threaten first Piked member causing his death to be swift and accurate, and the second Piked member slashes Dahlia in the back despite his slashing technique.

Are these guys working for the mysterious fiend? Efrain questioned, and he cleaves the second Piked member, executing him immediately. Moreover, he performs his signature crescent cut to impair the sixth xena fly immediately.

Dahlia throws her tessens at the third Piked member, and the flower petals stunned the figure due to its uncertain trauma. Efrain slashes him twice, and he kicks the Piked member in the crotch causing him to squeal in pain. The third Piked member covers his crotch, and Efrain slashes the fiend diagonally with the power of his yukonamo sword. In addition, third Piked member collapses from the slash due to the blood leaking from his robes. The fifth xena-fly hurls its plasma from its mouth hitting Efrain, but he defends himself with his sword expeditiously. The sixth xena-fly darts toward the two cousins, and Dahlia twirls her body to perform her hair whiplash to inflict the fiend, causing the fly to lose its life. Efrain slashes the seventh xena-fly directly, and the power of the sword obliterated the xena-fly as he cleaves it. The other xena-fly streams with its mouth and hurls its plasma upon him, and Efrain slashes the xena-fly in half and position his sword and streams toward the fourth Piked member. Dahlia cleaves the member with her tessen and lunge kicks him to the ground, and she does the same thing with the eighth xena-fly in front of her. Dahlia throws in her blossom aura technique to stun the enemy, and the eighth xena-fly glides and zaps her. On the other hand, the ninth xena-fly streams toward Efrain and begins to attack. He deflects the attack of the xena-fly with his sword's strength, and Dahlia slashes the last of the xena flies and the fifth Piked member with her tessens. Efrain performs his new sword technique, wave cut, to eliminate the two Piked members, and the damage inflicts them directly and lethally. In addition, they witness a secret passage that leads them to the auto-plant's core.

"A secret passageway to the auto-plant's core, which room does it take us?" Dahlia asked Efrain.

"I have no idea, now come." Efrain responded, and a Dahlia and he enter the passageway on their way to shut down the core.

How am I systematically theorize the core shuts down if the particles of the Taye Stem harnesses its level? Dahlia pondered.


The two ladies hustle to the west corridor dungeons in finding the boys and therefore finding the a horde of enenras surrounding them. In addition, Akira swings his steelex mallet to inflict the second of the enenras though the smoke particles re-fortify the fiend together. In addition, his hammer clusters the ground to impair the first Enenra, and the particles of the Enenra disintegrate its occurrence. She turns to Akira suggesting if they can clean the massive mess they have in their hands, and Ume draws out one of her shurikens for the battle.

"Emiko, get Topi and Ken out of here. I'll go help Akira." Ume responded, and she augments her shuriken and slashes the second Enenra directly.

In addition, the damage impairs the Enenra directly, and Akira activates his mallet's enlargement to belabor the enenras. By the same token, he throws his Steelex hammer 3000 to inflict damage on the third and fourth enenras. His mallet uniquely appears in his right hand, and Ume slashes the fiend using the strength of the shuriken. In addition, the damage inflicts the enenras. Ume folds her hands together to prepare a technique that will rid the monsters, ZAN, for it blows away the Enenra comprehensively.

That was quick! Akira thought despite the bash Ume performed.

"Think again, little man." The sound of a rumbling man's tone of voice called to the boys in the front, for Chikyūko and Suijin-chan arrive to encounter the team.

"Not you guys again," Akira growled, clutching his hands around his hammer to prosper his throw.

"I doubt you haven't cope with these enenras with your hammer, and you brought your friends along for the ride," Suijin-chan grinned, and she lashes her water spark to shock Akira and Ume. Emiko, topi, and Ken evacuate the west corridor, and a horde of wormholes pops in terrifying the three. They sprint away insanely.


Back in the south corridor terminal, where the moth queen's lair is taken place to expand her swarm to project the impact in plaguing human society, Mothrahaha sends again her flock of moths to assail the team. Rory and the others struggle to break loose from the crystallization surrounding their bodies; in addition, he throws a Pyris grenade to shatter the crystals from harnessing his body. She gawks as Rory dashes toward the felon and performs his signature 90-degree bicycle kick on her to disintegrate the crystals surrounding the two others. In addition, Zach and Preston strive against the crystals and dash to help Rory.

"How do you like the crystalline reception?" Mothrahaha inquired.

"However, your crystals nearly froze us. You have threatened us the final time, and I assure you this illusion of yours will quell forever." Rory stated, and he summons his specter hoverdrone in the field to even the odds with the female ruler of the alien moth dynasty.

"Face it, Mothrahaha, we know you are pulling the same trick than your brother." Zach responded, pointing his energy arrow.

"Clever, but when I develop my colony, it will inflict the entire population. I command my insects to attack anyone within my territory by inflicting those whom I crystallized." Mothrahaha laughed.

There has to be an option of dispelling the crystals if I can reflect her primadonna shards. I supposed I might break the bond. Rory pondered.


Chikyūko pounds the mechanical grounds powerfully causing it to shake effectively, and Akira and Ume hold on to their ground tightly on account of the shock waves implementing through. Ume turns to Akira suggesting if she can battle against the two fiends. Emiko, Ken, and Topi hustle to find the exit to evade the chemilytes from being seen. Ken and topi scream like young girls, and Emiko casts her shadow to eliminate the chemilytes that are threatening them after reading her future tense.

"Too many of them, the part about the bean that Akira told me that beats up opponents. I'm scared." Topi confessed.

"What?" Ken questioned.

"I wanted to fight, but I'm in fright." Topi cried.

I thought the medicine worked, but somehow, it doesn't. We can't run away forever, I have to think of something else. Ken pondered.

Topi seems amazed with the shadow Emiko cast to rid the fiends, and the chemilytes disintegrate from existence. Indeed, there are those ghosts that are targeting them. Ume and Akira charge towards the two siblings.


The evil Shinigami Tazurai begins to wonder for the moment if the Taye Stem's microcells can manipulate its spread upon the corridors, for Dr. Kazumachisthui's experiments such as patrasytes and all amongst them.

"The Specter Stoppers have strived against my glory, but they will never survive my power of the Taye Stem. Their only choices will be to kneel before me or they will fight me, and dr. Kazumachisthui will await upon them with her possession," Tazurai laughed evilly, but his scythe falls on the ground accidentally when he leans his throne, "well, that was embarrassing." he picks his scythe up and watches from his screen.
The Specter Stoppers ch. 8
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne. The Specter Stoppers. 7605 words. Wattpad, September 26, 2016
It's the end of the world, what will the Specter Stoppers do to prevent this catastrophe with the Taye stem?
Imagine Egon signs up for the talent show, and the others are watching him perform. 
Imagine Tazurai kidnaps Nina, and Efrain and the other Specter Stoppers must rescue her. Will they get her back?
Twelve weeks have passed, and Nina and Efrain welcomed their twin boys. Efrain is returning to action seeing his cousin and friends again.
Deborah passes out from the battle, and her knight in shining armor is so happens to be older Egon comparing to angel Patrick Spengler saving Dahlia. 
Imagine you saw Efrain in the bathroom, showering. What do you find him?

Zach Winfield 
-age 25 
-adventurous, furtive, strong-minded 
-black wavy hair matching his goatee beard, Earth brown skin, scars around his right bicep and shoulder and two more in his right eye. 
-he wears a red sleeveless shirt, a navy blue vest with mahogany accents, midnight blue cargo pants, leather boots, jet black gauntlets with the right side carrying a mini arrow-cannon. 
Likes: card games, archery, horse back riding, hunting 
dislikes: intolerance, evil ghosts 
weapon: arrow-cannon and bow 
Allies: Efrain Spearer, Rory Stars, Dahlia Douglas, Preston Vaughan, Akira Zhoushite, Ken Fudo, Topi, Ume Nethanyahu, Emiko Akikya, Patrick Spengler (allies will be revealed soon)
Enemies: Shinigami Tazurai, Chun Taozi, Touya Taki, Mayku kuchisake-onna (enemies will be revealed later on)

grandmother: Flor Winfield 
parents: Alex and Marcy 
siblings: Joanne and Skipper 


Though he's African born Japanese, Zach managed to find a way to search for answers on account of the prophecy. People didn't judge him by his skin color, and they admire his words of wisdom. At the age of 8, he began to master archery in camp Zentsu. At age 15, his grandmother was ill due to her battle with ovarian cancer, a contagious disease she suffered. At age 21, he met Efrain at the exterior of the forest and accepted to join him. 
imagine Patrick Spengler is Nina's long lost brother
Copied from :iconlight-he-arth:
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Imagine the young Ghostbusters, Deborah, and the older Spengler have a conversation using paper to write their responses.

Preston Vaughan 
-age 24 
-active, brawny, short-tempered, flexible 
-dark brown hair, Ivory skin, chestnut brown eyes 
-he wears a dove white sleeveless shirt, a sleeveless leather jacket with Japanese lettering printed on the right side, a pair of dog tags are worn on his neck, two leather belts are strapped around his waist, a bird tattoo is on his right bicep, he wears jet black jeans with a knee guard strap in his left knee matching his sneakers, fingerless MMA gloves attached to his gauntlets. 

mother: Pearl Vaughan (deceased) 
father: Jason Vaughan 
siblings: none 
allies: Rory Stars, Efrain Spearer, Dahlia Douglas, Zach Winfield, Akira Zhoushite, Ken Fudo, Ume Nethanayu, Emiko Akikya, Topi, (allies would be revealed) 
enemies: Mayku Kuchinsake-onna, Shinigami Tazurai, Chun Taozi, Lady Takis, Ume Nethanayu (sometimes), (enemies will be revealed) 
likes: exercising, boxing classes, action, Dahlia (for he's dating her), playing the electric guitar 
dislikes: murder, someone talking about his mother, those who are teasing him, 

Preston Vaughan's mother died at the hospital after she gave birth to Preston, and he doesn't remember much about his mother. At the age of five, he was picked on by a group of seventh graders until the power surging him fights them. However, he and a few seventh graders got in trouble by Principal Takimata. He dropped out of high school at age sixteen to focus on his career in tackling uneventful phenomena. At age 22, he started dating Dahlia Douglas. With his reflexes of a brawler and strength of a tiger, Preston is always up for the challenge against the evil ghosts. 
Copied from :iconlight-he-arth:
As of May the 21st, DeviantART will be deleting ALL DA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future.

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What anime is your favorite out of the anime universe? 

2 deviants said Inuyasha
2 deviants said Death note
2 deviants said Samurai Champoo
2 deviants said Code Geass
1 deviant said Cowboy bebop
1 deviant said Bleach
No deviants said Space dandy
No deviants said Hikaru no go
No deviants said Brave 10
No deviants said Buso Renkin

What anime is your favorite out of the anime universe? 

2 deviants said Inuyasha
2 deviants said Death note
2 deviants said Samurai Champoo
2 deviants said Code Geass
1 deviant said Cowboy bebop
1 deviant said Bleach
No deviants said Space dandy
No deviants said Hikaru no go
No deviants said Brave 10
No deviants said Buso Renkin


GBMelendez23k's Profile Picture
Daylenne Melendez
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm here from Puerto Rico all the way to here in the US.
Favorite songs: the Phoenix, where did the party go, ghosts, smooth criminal, radioactive, and more
Favorite game: Wii Sports resort, mortal kombat
Favorite european singer: Alexandra Stan
favorite music group: fall out boy, Evanescence, and Cobra Starship
Favorite movie: Ghostbusters, Dark shadows, the emperor's new groove, and the lion king
I'm also a directioner mostly because i enjoyed listening to their lovely music
:iconbeautifulkendallplz: best pic ever because it's my favorite. My roleplay is :#mkthenextera: are you capable to learn more of the story.

it's always wild when i get to know deviantar from the very beginning, and i realize it was a blast.
Fall Out Boy Button by ButtonsMaker

I don't understand :dummy:

Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke
:iconnokiribans: :iconnorequests:……
:icontradesask:. :thumb486796940: Taylor And Patrick by Mawnbak
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Taylor [Request] by MaxiManXD Patrick [Request 2] by MaxiManXD :thumb483933706:

My Original Characters

Efrain Spearer
Dahlia Douglas
Rory Stars
Preston Vaughan
Zach Winfield
Akira Zhoushite
Shinigami Tazurai
Chun Taozi
Mayku Kuchisake-onna
Shun Gozu
Shun Mazu
Janet Melrose
Patrick Dodgers VIII
Ken Fudo
Master takahashi
Ume Netanyahu
Dr. Kazumachisthui
Taye Gana
Topi the bouncer
Touya taki
Princess Yuiha
Emiko Akikya
Suijin Chan
Mika himura
Hotaru Taigan

Chibi line art $5
Chibi color $10

Anime line art $10
Anime color $20

Realistic line art $10
Realistic color $20


My birthday badge

Taylor and Patrick art

Taylor And Patrick by Mawnbak
Requested by Motherdirectioner (1/7) by gamerartist2000 Requested by Motherdirectioner (2/7) by gamerartist2000
Taylor [Request] by MaxiManXD Patrick [Request 2] by MaxiManXD
Patrick And Taylor by Mawnbak _ Patrick n Taylor _ by CathrieWarehouse


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