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this is all of my faves they're very special

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I worked on fanfiction now, and it makes my brothers and sisters of deviantart smile. I love to role play with people to put together the pieces for stories yet to come.


The young ghostbusters
The young Ghostbusters and ecto-1 by GBMelendez23k
The young ghostbusters anyone?
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Who you gonna call? 
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Vampire slayer force four: the origins by GBMelendez23k
In this new series, it's about a group of vampire slayers saving the United kingdom from the evil vampiric dynasty. The essence of surviving the vampiric apocalypse is by using the proper equipment to slay the bloodsucking creature. 
My artwork
Taylor and Patrick to the rescue WIP by GBMelendez23k
Hottie Patrick finished result by GBMelendez23k
Space chase by GBMelendez23k
taylor with hair down by GBMelendez23k
Pretty boy Patrick by GBMelendez23k
It was based on the chronicles of my current project Mk: the next era 3 part 2
Character concepts
Character concepts 1 by GBMelendez23k
Mod by GBMelendez23k
Alexis by GBMelendez23k
Taylor and Patrick wip by GBMelendez23k
Since I decide to make character concepts as commissions, it's very imperative to pay points to my points bar. I'll also continue with requests and the story too.
Doctors of the special forces pages
Doctors of the special forces page 5 by GBMelendez23k
Doctors of the special forces page 7 by GBMelendez23k
Doctors of the special forces page 8 by GBMelendez23k
These pages are part of my new segment called Doctors of the Special Forces. 
Frozen by GBMelendez23k
If you love Frozen so much, I will happily post it 
Greek mythology commissions
Hermes and Athena by GBMelendez23k
Pandora's box by GBMelendez23k
The cyclops by GBMelendez23k
Like I said again, I'm focusing on greek mythology.
More tay and pat commissions
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Smitten rose by GBMelendez23k
Gazing at each other's eyes by GBMelendez23k
Calling all hearts 
commision 1
The greatest Taylor and Patrick picture by GBMelendez23k
The group by GBMelendez23k
The group FULL pic by GBMelendez23k
these are the latest projects I worked on in regards of artistic ability. 


Laughing Octopus by ScorpiiLupi

This is awesome in my opinion. I'm planning to become a better artist like you, but for me, I always have to practice a lot by putting ...

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three words i will best describe this artwork: brilliant, awestruck, creative. you look like a smart one, i found your work of art very...

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Countdown to Specter Stoppers

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chapter 6 of the Specter Stoppers.


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We're counting down to the anniversary of the mortal kombat 1995 movie
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Jarlos Kiss, Kendall-City Is Ours


This artist :icondariusdraws: made an insulting comment on my friend :molzy-locke15:'s art for Lila lampoon, and he doesn't have the privilege to be here. He's going to get banned for posting insults of my friends. Those of you who are following him, BAN him. 
The young ghostbusters and Deborah throw a birthday party for young Janine. 

The Specter Stoppers split into groups; one of which will resume their scrutiny in downtown Kyoto of Bara's corruption and battle her henchmen, and another will help Nina find clothing. Efrain, Preston, Ume, and Zach meet with commissioner Kon downtown. For one thing, the events of the invasion is the works of the Taye Stem's venality. In addition, the stem replicates its power to maximize its venality, and Zach examines the entirety of the region on account of the fractured sites despite the plant's chroloplast. 

"Looks like we have a massive riot on our hands, and we must enact on our encounter." Efrain stated. 

"Zach, weren't you going to send a smoke screen to expel those goons?" Commissioner Kon questioned.

"I wasn't supposed to test the smoke screen arrow until the next level." Zach answered. 

I have mastered two new sword attacks, the rapid strike and the bandit nova strike, and I supposed this was bit of a strategy. Efrain thought. 

"Just save the conversations for our encounter with the next round. OK?" Ume scowled, and she turns to Preston, "OK double klutz, any sign of these malevolent figures?" 

"What did you just called me?!" Preston shouted, twitching his head towards the half-breed demon hunter. 

"You heard me unless you wanted to cause an unsettled argument with yours truly, it is your decision." Ume replied. 

"I considered that insulting!" Preston scowled. 

"Don't just stand there, just scan for evidence." Ume pointed out. 

She badgers me out of the bystanders. Preston thought. 

Commissioner Kon points to the scene where the outbreak has spread during relentless hours of senseless violence. Indeed, it has reported there are dozen casualties due to the infections permeation, and there are four dozen reaping plants roaming through the shrines. Furthermore, the Specter Stoppers and Ume enter the Sentō imperial palace, and they made it across as they venture through the forest. They cross the bridge to the entrance, and the members find themselves a massive alien ghost hunt hereby the distance. Zach lifts his bow and pulls his plasma string as the arrow from his mini-arrow cannon pops in a GaN arrow, reading for a critical shot of the enemy. In addition, the imperial palace is isolated due to the corruption of its roots, engendering duplicates of reaping plants to besiege the boundary. Commissioner Kon peers through the gate, for he and his squadron scurry to ensure there aren't any events manifesting the area. 

"Are these people evacuated, commissioner?" Efrain questioned. 

"Yes, last bus for tonight." he answered. 

"How is the effect of the Taye Stem?" Efrain questioned gravely. 

"Not good for the most part," he answered, "we have lost a few of our men because of the ravage." 

"Did you send any backup?" Zach queried. 

"Yes, but there's not much backup to help protect our streets from the parallel streets of Kyoto." Commissioner Kon replied. 

"Great Suwa beans, did you call anyone besides your squadron?" Preston queried. 

I never have much the reason for this dilemma, but I will see through the thunder lions. Efrain pondered. 

In addition, the first round of a different breed of rose apparitions emerges from the impending shadows, the Saakabara, consisting sixteen of them, for their abilities are similar to the Raikubaras but with enhanced structural elements. Commissioner Kon enjoins his squadron of J.S.W.A.T officers to shoot at the saakbara's horde, and the Saakabara wreak havoc on the area. On the other hand, the first Saakabara roars despite the gunshots from their pistols being fire, and it extends its cryptic stemming left arm to belabor the officers. In addition, the livid apparitions permeate the territory. 

"Keep firing, men!" Commissioner Kon exclaimed, but the vines entrap two of the officers by the legs and toss them into the water. 

"Two officers are down, sir. We must regroup!" A lieutenant called. 

"Don't just stand there, hustle and help," commissioner Kon barked, and the lieutenant hustles to ease the two weaken officers. Where do these guys come from? What are those? 

"Commissioner, we'll take it from here. Regroup." Efrain replied. 

"Affirmative," he nodded. 

The three Specter Stoppers and Ume encounter the fiends, and the first Saakabara extends its arm to create a serrated linear leaf fingers to replicate its damage to Preston and implodes leaf blade. Efrain performs his garden demon slash to inflict major damage to the being, and the slashes impair the creature despite his blade's potency. Zach fires his thorn shot to pin the first Saakabara, and Efrain performs his garden demon slash on the first Saakabara, splitting the body of the horticolous figure in half. In addition, the second Saakabara summons its bipennate leaf grasp to entrap both Ume and him. On the other hand, Efrain lashes with his full strength, and Ume slices the figure's leaf grasp with her laser naginata. Zach switches to his GaN arrow and shoots at it, but the first Saakabara shoves its arm to send him into the staircase. She darts her way out of the creature's grasp, and performs her maneuver technique by slashing the figure. Efrain perfrorms his double crescent cut to inflict damage upon the figure. The damage eliminates the first of its tribe, and the second Saakabara performs petal dance to stun Ume. Moreover, the effects of the aura penetrate through Preston's senses, and Ume throws her laser shuriken on the second Saakabara in its chroloplast. The third Saakabara snatches Ume with its bipennate leaves and inflict damage to her, and Zach pops up and swings his bow to inflict damage to the creature directly. As a result, it leaves its thorns to harness Ume. Zach concentrates on his aim and shoots his double arrow to pin the Saakabara. The fourth Saakabara summons its rejuvenating dust to heal the third Saakabara. Preston throws his fist to shun the entity, and he delivers a scissors kick. In addition, she exterminates the plant apparition's power, and Zach performs thorn shot to eliminate the ballistic brute. He pommels the second Saakabara with his bow to inflict damage to the behemoth. Moreover, the effect of the thorn shot harnesses the radioactively dark energy of the second Saakabara through its intact structure. The third Saakabara summons its vine whip and lashes caustic damage to Ume, and it leaves two lacerations on her right wrist due to the noxious injury. The third Saakabara whets its leaves to form a radioactive leaf blade, and it slices Ume creating damage to her. Zach fires his linear arrow with combustible flames to inflict damage to the adversary; in addition, the fire singes the body of the figure, causing it to lose its life on account of the baleful effects. Efrain charges toward the two Saakabaras and performs his sword beam to blast on the figures; he hurdles to the staircase and drop kicks the entity. 

Efrain dash-kicks the entity and swings his Yukonamo sword to cleave the entity, and the damage lessens the adversary regardless on its formidable energy. On the other hand, the fifth Saakabara snatches Efrain in the ankle and tosses him into the shrine's walls, and he falls into the pond as the rest assail the others. Ume sprints to the figure and bisects the fifth Saakabara, and Efrain pops out of the water and performs his thunder lion slash on the sixth Saakabara tactically. It drifts the figure twenty inches away from the pond, for the flames burst the structure of the figure. The seventh Saakabara performs its leaf aura to stun Preston effectively, and the radioactively green aura surrounds his body decreasing his defense. It claws Preston barbarically and summons its wild plants to assail him. The ninth Saakabara corrodes its vines to entangle Efraih but missed. He performs garden demon slash to extinguish the monster. Zach shoots his fire arrow to incinerate the eighth Saakabara. Ume demolishes the eighth and ninth Saakabaras through their body structures that are bursting into sheer flames. Preston power claps to migrate the ears of the fiends, and he snatches the tenth Saakabara in the chest and power slams him into the sediment. Efrain slashes it in the leafy chest with his rapid strike, yet the tenth Saakabara parries his attack and lunges toward him. Zach assails the monster with his bow three times, and he dashed to the other side to perform his thorn shot to demolish the monstrous Saakabara. Ume curls her body into a ball and lashes the tenth and eleventh Saakabaras; moreover, she lashes using her Laser Naginata Slash to demolish the horticolous brute. Efrain dash-kicks the twelfth Saakabara and launches sword beams to inflict damage to the eleventh Saakabara; in addition, the twelfth Saakabara extends its pointy fingers to snatch Preston. The fingers tight him around the muscle regions, and the twelfth Saakabara throws him into the pond. 

These guys are getting into my last nerve. Preston thought, standing in his two feet. He sweeps the leaf pads from his shoulder and darts to the fiend. 

Preston performs his fiery back-flip to mar the perfection of the Saakabara, and Zach shoots his triple arrow to pin the enemy on account of the weaknesses he studied from his lecture. In addition, the twelfth Saakabara swelters from the blazing heat and collapses to the sediment. The abaxial surface of the thirteenth Saakabara's leaf transforms into a leaf blade and gashes Preston straight to the shoulder blade, for its minuscule eyes enlighten to dark green despite its noxious maneuvers. Ume careers toward the thirteenth Saakabara, but the fiend snatches her by controlling the cypresses from the shrubbery. Preston eases himself to his feet, and the thirteenth Saakabara summons its stem's to assail him. Preston struggles to rupture from the squeezing stems and delivers a fiery punch on the felon. On the other hand, the thirteenth Saakabara extends its leaves to entrap Preston again, but Preston performs wolf's knuckle to disintegrate the fiend's hand. The fourteenth Saakabara fires its seeds o Ume to conflict damage upon him, and the fifteenth Saakabara summons its floral gust to regenerate the energy for the thirteenth Saakabara. In addition, Efrain realizes the maneuver the beast implement to increase gradually the energy of the thirteenth Saakabara, rendering its strength to the maximum. 

The fifteenth Saakabara is rejuvenating its strength to the thirteenth Saakabara. I better slay it first before it increases its strength. Efrain pondered. 

Zach readies his steel arrow and shoots at the fourteenth and fifteenth Saakabaras; Ume performs spinning blade to eliminate the sixteenth nogitsune fox. Preston performs atomic blaze on the two Saakabaras, finishing them off, and the flames harness the two Saakabaras causing them to incinerate until they collapse in defeat. The team claims victory over the Saakabaras, and they earn 400 woolongs for slaying the fiends. Efrain gains a level and he learns energy drain. Preston also gain a level and his wolf's knuckle damage increases. In addition, Janet appears on Efrain's wrist communicator. 

"Congratulations, you have mastered the technique energy drain. This ability drains the power of the adversary before it harnesses. It reduces 20% of its energy from the enemy," Janet stated, "and Preston, your wolf's knuckle damage has expanded from 20% to now 50% regarding its capacity." 

"Yes!" Preston cheered, but the blood inflicts his arm. 

Preston feels the blood staining from his dove white shirt despite the injury he is suffering, and Efrain and Zach hustle to aid their friend as Ume studies the carving from the structure. 

"Gentlemen, I found what we have sought during our search for the floral felon." Ume called to them, for they amble to their friend to verify the carving. Efrain activates the tracking scanner to verify the frantic analysis of the predicament. 

"For those of whom following the path to Mount Kurama, extinguish the evil corrupting our spiritual foxes and restore the Osugi Gongen." The three Specter Stoppers read along to the message provided that it was a message from a benevolent spirit guiding them to help save the benevolent foxes from being corrupted. 

They get a line of the gusty winds surrounding the ground, and a ghost of the founder of Reiki appears in the left hand side of the temple. 

"Welcome, in this area, you will understand the culture of the two foxes, and the history is at risk due to the manifestation of the Calyssid Terraraptor. In order to prevent the coming of the behemoth, you must restore the Osugi Gongen from its purge." the ghost of Mikao Usui informed. 

"What will ever happen to the spirits in mount Kurama?" Efrain questioned. 

"Mount Kurama becomes a battlefield, and the storm will purged he history of Mount Kurama. The wrath of the spirit fox will rise from the inactive. Therefore, we must enact on preventing the anger from awakening the spirit fox," he informed and summoned a special kind of laser sword that will impair nocturnal figures, the Kurama blade, "use this blade." 

"What is this?" Efrain questioned, studying the style of the weapon. 

"It's the Kurama Blade, this weapon will help extinguish the corruption of the plant and eliminating the evil corrupting the foxes." the ghost of Mikao Usui responded.

"It's twice as powerful than your Yukonamo sword." Zach replied to Efrain. 

"Take it off of his hands," Ume suggested, and Efrain receives the Kurama blade. In addition, he forges his Yukonamo sword with the Kurama blade to increase its potency. 

"When you four enter mount Kurama, you must meet the ghost of Hayashi Razan. From there, you will restore philosophy to the Osugi Gongen and enlighten the red fires to replace the cobalt fires. The red fires represents daylight, and the cobalt represents nightlight. Do you understand where the lanterns are located?" he questioned.

"Understood," Efrain replied, and the ghost ascends and disappears from existence, "OK, let's go." 

"So, what are going to do?" Preston asked.

"Switch the lanterns' fire to red." Zach answered. 

The three Specter Stoppers and Ume embark on their mission to meet with the ghost whom Mikao Usui mentioned, and they must restore the Osugi Gongen to its glory in tradition of its philosophy. 


The two Specter Stoppers, Dahlia Douglas and Rory Stars, explore the town with Yuiha and Akira when on an imperative task to enshroud Nina. Akira catches a glimpse of the stores to verify if one of which contains the best prices of back to school items; indeed, the supplies are listed virtually in his notepad. In addition, Dahlia marvels the extraordinary sites of Kyoto though its sections are infested with the psychic disease. 

"OK, I better find myself the supplies for Ken. Rory, any suggestions?" Akira queried to him. 

"Certainly, my friend. We commence at this section where we first sought the backlash." Rory pointed out to him, for he and Akira trek to the spaces of the Kyoto district. In addition, Rory's wrist tracker analyzes a potential signal of enemy borders emerging from the grimly shadows. I probably understood how Akira's younger brother is starting third grade, and he reckons the knowledge of a scholar. 

Meanwhile, at a Japanese women's clothing store across the street's intersection adjacent the tool store, Nina appears dressed in an amethystine crop top, mahogany robe similar to Efrain's minus the floral patterns around it, set of bracelets were tied around her left wrist, and leather boots. Dahlia and princess Yuiha are fashionistas, for they understand fabrics the fashionistas designed regardless on its iconography. 

"What do you think?" Nina giggled, twirling elegantly and gleefully. 

"You look stunning," the owner smiled, "it looks beautiful on you." 

"We'll take it." Princess Yuiha replied, turning to the shopkeeper.

"Good." she nodded.

"I better return Efrain's robe," Dahlia replied, folding the sheets into four quarters and load it in her loose purple bag, "besides, a leader like him has to wear his/her cape or robe, whatever it is?" 

"Exactly," she nodded, "that's one advantage space ghost hunters have in common." 

"Let's find the boys and leave back to Mount Kurama with the others." Dahlia replied, and she leaves twenty woolongs to pay the cashier for the outfit. The three girls leave from the shopping district to search for the boys, and they notice the reason they are managing to pick them up. Therefore, they decide to purchase the supplies faster without the two noticing. Yuiha picks up the erasers, and Dahlia picks up a blue plastic pencil case and a set of sticky notes. Nina peers through the cabinets of the items she hasn't seen in a while. 

Back outside of the area, Rory and Akira pick up the supplies they need for Ken for the school year, and Rory has picked up three 90-page subject notebooks and a pack of 12 black pens. Akira keeps track of the list though the challenges of meeting the impossible might effect the bystanders he has received. Rory tracks in his tracking glasses, a newly designed gadget he manufactured during his hours at the laboratory, the prophecy of the apocalyptic stage inside the coasts of the area consists of residual manifestation. 

"Alright, we have three subject notebooks and a pack of 12 pens. All we need is a ruler and 90-page packet of loose leaf paper." Akira pointed out, and the two ladies and Nina appear to the gentlemen from behind with all the supplies they need. 

"OK boys, we bought the supplies though you almost ran out of time," Yuiha replied, and Akira's eyes gape in sudden reaction and heart stops beating. 

"That was quick," Rory replied to the ladies, and Akira stands there frozen for a moment, "I see you covered up Nina nicely." 

I never seen the girls enact on this before we even thought about this coming. I hope these ghosts won't plot their attack here because there are innocent lives at stake. Akira thought. 

"Indeed, my friend," Dahlia responded to Rory. 

"Let's hear back to find the others. I supposed they're in Mount Kurama." Yuiha suggested. 

"Right," Rory nodded.

If the ladies bought the rest of the supplies I need for Ken, why did they done it so quickly? What has kept my senses long to observe this? Akira thought.

Dahlia hears the beeping from her communicator, for Efrain's image appears on the left side of her screen to note that they completed their mission successfully and are willing to return to the battlefield. Akira encases the pedantic supplies in the sturdy bag to preclude any blood or drenched mud from smudging the papers. Nina marvels the entirety of the shrine by the cultural practices and objects of worship, and Akira shares a pleasant grin feeling amazed on having Nina on their side. 

"Efrain, we purchased the school supplies for Ken to start the school year and provided an outfit for Nina." Dahlia broadcasted. 

"That's great, Dahlia! Good work," Efrain replied, "return back to us, we're heading to Mount Kurama to vanquish the fiends stifling the fox region." 

"We're on our way," Dahlia replied, and she presses the red button to end her call, "OK guys, you heard him, to Mount Kurama." 

It must be another round of entities wreaking havoc in the area, and I doubt the fox aura stem he's through the area. Rory sifted. 

The two members of the Specter Stoppers and their allies exit from the district to meet with the others at the mountain top where the Kurama temple is located, for they must access to the main gate based on their knowledge of the two Tengu, Atago and Kurama. Rory catches a glimpse of the sky despite the nimbus clouds accumulating together to commence a raging storm, and he ambulates to resume the journey. 


The three Specter Stoppers members and Ume enter the Mount Kurama to analyze her whereabouts, and Efrain peers through the rocky textures regardless on how the infested effects. In addition, Efrain scouts the mountain depending on the holistic healing energy the region consisted, and he reads the description of Bara's third part of her plot. As they approach the main gate of Kurama temple, knowing exactly the lineage the benevolent spirit of Mikao Usui has informed, the members descry the howling sounds of deformed entities. 

I must restore the prophecy of the Tengu before the Taye Stem corrupts its philosophy by switching the fire color of the lanterns. Why is the ghost given me this Kurama blade? What does Zach mean by powerful than the sword I used? The ghost of Mikao Usui states in the philopsophy it is the home of Sōjōbō, King of the Tengu. They taught swordsmanship to minamoto no Yoshitsune. Efrain pondered.

It looks like the lanterns seemed different giving away the dark. Zach thought. 

Indeed, Efrain seems horrified when she sends two of her uncouth enforcers to bombard the grasslands, and he begins to draw out his Yukonamo sword to engage in the battle. Moreover, the horde of 20 nogitsune foxes emerges from the depths of the bonsai trees in the forest region. Efrain readies himself by planning to unleash his blade attack on the nogitsune, and Preston clutches his fist to ready himself for a tackle. 

Ume augments her shuriken to the size of her height, and she cleaves the first and second nogitsune foxes diagonally twice. She implores heavy damage to the two nogitsune foxes, and the second nogitsune fox lashes a luminescent cobalt fire from its fluffy tail to increase formidable damage. Preston performs his skydive drill punch to inflict damage to the first nogitsune, and he eliminates the adversary in one blow. Efrain darts to the third nogitsune wielding the Kurama blade, and he deflects the cobalt spiral flames from inflicting damage. Moreover, he lashes the fiend with his signature move, the crescent cut, and the effulgent slash impairs the third nogitsune decreasing its nocturnal fire capacity. The third nogitsune fox performs nocturnal hex to stun Princess Yuiha; indeed, the events of the hex depicts her nightmare at a rate of the fox. Akira glowers at the fiend and sprints with his hammer in hand. The fourth and fifth nogitsune foxes throw nocturnal fireballs to belabor both Ume and Preston; Zach performs his thorn shot at the fourth nogitsune fox to refrain from unleashing its dastardly flames. Ume throws her shuriken to inflict damage to the fifth nogitsune fox, and she blows it away with her raging tail. In addition, the grey haired half demon slashes the feline, and Preston performs his aerial uppercut on the figure, whisking it from the mountain. The sixth and seventh nogitsune foxes claw Ume barbarically until a blossom aura shuns the two figures, for Dahlia and Rory return to action to help the others. In addition, a plasma bolt inflicts the sixth nogitsune fox, and Rory performs his triple cartwheel to inflict the figure. 

Akira pulls out his Steelex Mallet 3000, and he sledges the seventh nogitsune fox regarding its ballistic behavior. He darts toward the eighth and ninth nogitsune foxes and throws his hammer to the ground, unleashing a spark on the figure. In addition, the two nogitsune foxes disappear due to the amount of light it flashes, and Efrain slashes the figure with his double crescent cut to inflict the creature. Zach fires his arrow to pin the ninth nogitsune fox in the head to eliminate the figure completely, and Dahlia performs her open fan punch and slices the figure. The tenth nogitsune fox summons its hex to stun Efrain effectively, and Preston jolts the monster in the face for cursing his friend. Efrain repels the cobalt fire spreading through the flora of mount Kurama, and he matrices the other cobalt fire and cleaves the entity. Princess Yuiha summons her tidal wave to extinguish the flames they harness, and Zach shoots his aquifer arrow and restrains the fox from unleashing anymore fire power to inflict the others. In addition, Akira sprints and sledges his hammer rapidly, and Princess Yuiha casts water ball from her radioactively azure left hand to preclude the tenth nogitsune fox. The eleventh nogitsune lashes a spectral blue fireball to bring down the team, hitting Rory effectively to rupture his barrier, but Efrain rebuffs the fire ball and counters with his bandit nova strike. The slash penetrates its vitals, and the nogitsune disappears from its existence in defeat. The twelfth nogitsune fox charges toward Nina, but Efrain eschews the flimsy creature and gashes with his storm demon slash to threaten the fiend. Rory cartwheels forward and locks in the coordinates to summon his specter drone to accompany him, and he fires his plasma gun to inhibit the thirteenth and fourteenth nogitsune foxes from implementing their spiral fire balls. Zach performs tactical shot to eliminate the thirteenth nogitsune fox. The fourteenth nogitsune fox rages toward Nina, but Dahlia performs her double fan slash on it. She performs the inside vertical flip from her tessen to eschew it. Efrain performs rapid strike to eliminate the fourteenth nogitsune fox, and the sword slash demolish the fiend. Akira whirls his hammer and sledges on the fifteenth nogitsune fox, and Nina flinches depending on the rate of violence increasing disproportionately. The bilious sixteenth nogitsune fox throws a fireball on Dahlia, and Preston performs his elbow technique, backstabber, to drift the sixteenth nogitsune fox into the other side. He performs his skydive drill punch to the seventeenth nogitsune fox. Ume receives an ability that relatively incur in her left hand, and a sharp edge filling with neon blue appears. She extends her left hand to throw in a rare ability she didn't master before the age of warfare. Therefore, she mastered laser kunai. She teleports herself to cope with the seventeenth nogitsune fox, and Preston catches a stare at her. 

What did Ume summoned from her left hand that dragged the nogitsune foxes? I discern its energy coming from her hand, but I also acquire her priorities if she accustomed some. Preston wondered. 

Preston charges toward the figure and throws his aerial uppercut to implement the attack to quell the seventeenth nogitsune fox. In addition, Efrain darts toward the three nogitsune foxes and performs his rapid strike to eliminate them with the Kurama blade. In addition, Akira lights up the lanterns switching them from night to day. The cobalt flames ignite to a red color, and a secret passageway reveals itself. 

"Hey guys, check it out. I found something." Akira called. 

"A passageway, good work, Akira." Efrain replied. 

Where is the passage is leading us to? Ume pondered. 

"It seems a bit dark in here," Dahlia stated, "this is where the Osugi Gongen is located." 

"Indeed, since we switched the fire to a different color, now we're seeking closer," Efrain responded, and he turns his head to his genius member of his team, "Rory, can you give us some light?" 

Rory turns on the flashlight to illuminate the darkly surfaces in the area. The team ascends to the top of the mountain from scratch until they are ambush by a horde of new space ghosts that are surrounding the entrance, fifteen men-kuramas. The man-Kurama is a mixed breed of humanoid apparition with his demonic characteristics of the spirit fox Kurama. Their eyes illuminate when the spirit fox has taken over their physical bodies; therefore, their physical forms consist of characteristics of the s-class demon itself. Akira draws out his hammer to commence the turmoil, and the first man-Kurama swings its stick to belabor him. Ume draws out her laser naginata and charges toward the first of the men-Kuramas. The first man-kurama repels her laser naginata move with his clawed staff, and Ume extends her shuriken to target the  fiend. In addition, she tosses her laser shuriken to impair the creature directly, causing major damage to the first man Kurama with total power. The second man-Kurama careers to Preston giving him the rage of fire, but Preston activates his MMA power gloves to enhance the agility of it and performs his atomic blaze to eliminate the second man-kurama. Efrain screams in rage and bisects the sword to two to perform double sword slash, and the second man-Kurama roars due to the power of the two blades. The second man-Kurama takes the damage from the Specter Stoppers' leader's blade, and Efrain combines the two swords back to one. Dahlia performs her inside horizontal flips with her tessens, and she sweep kicks the third man-Kurama  to the ground and stabs him with her tessen. Zach shoots his hail of arrows to pin the rest of the men-kuramas, and the steel arrows inhibit the men-foxes from assailing the members. Princess Yuiha summons tidal wave to eliminate the two men-kuramas, and the water extinguishes their energy. Efrain protects Nina from being taken away, and Preston performs his spinning arc kick on the fifth and sixth men-kuramas. Nina gaped in fear, and she cradles into a ball. Ume throws her laser kunai to nab the fourth man Kurama; on the other hand, the fourth man Kurama gnaws the laser Kurama and drags Ume towards him. He headbutts her in the chest, and she crash-lands into a bole. Dahlia slices the fifth man-Kurama using both her tessens and slashes it vertically. In addition, the man Kurama drifts twenty inches away from her, and Preston jump attacks the sixth man-Kurama and performs the enhanced version of wolf's knuckle. The seventh man-Kurama scratches Efrain in the chest, sending him rolling to the ground. The eighth man-kurama summons its blaze to inflict Akira, and Efrain dash-kicks and gashes the fiend swiftly with his Kurama blade. 

The fifth man-Kurama claws his barrier, and Rory throws his clipper-rang to slash him. He jumps and tackles the figure even in the dark. Dahlia slashes the sixth man-Kurama in the chest and performs a butterfly kiss to stun the figure. In addition, the effects of the ability causes him to feel affectionate and heels. The seventh man-Kurama charges toward Dahlia, but Akira throws his Steelex Mallet 3000 to unleash a spark to shun the figure. Rory double roundhouse kicks the other man-Kurama charging towards him. The eighth man-Kurama howls stunning Ume despite its formidable sound. Dahlia throws her tessens to target the brute. She darts and somersaults forward, and Dahlia stabs the fiend in the leg with her tessen and opens it lethally. Preston evades the bursting flames that are heading towards him, and the seventh man-Kurama breathes fire from his mouth and lashes upon Zach. In addition, the effects of the fire burns his feet. On the other hand, princess Yuiha summons her tidal wave to extinguish the hellish flames and sprinkled water on the fiend. Efrain charges to the eighth man-Kurama and performs his ghost cleave; in addition, the strike demolishes the figure straight to the heart. Rory shoots his plasma pistol on the ninth man-Kurama, but the figure lashes with his claw and damages the barrier. The two men Kurama inflict both Dahlia and Preston with their sticks causing lethal damage. Dahlia performs flamingo's grace to heal herself. Princess Yuiha casts her healing technique to restore Preston to his full health. He screams and falls on the ground, and princess Yuiha summons her tidal wave to drench the ninth and seventh men-Kurama. Zach performs tactical shot on the other three men-kurama so sending them into a ground, and the thirteenth man Kurama performs its spinning tail on Rory though he is keeping his barrier from being shattered. Ume springs toward the fiend performs her assistance maneuver slash, and Rory zaps his plasma pistol on the man-kurama slaying him off. Preston throws his aerial uppercut on the fourteenth man Kurama in the jawline and then lunge-kicks it. Nina evades the drifting of the fiend. Moreover, he drifts the feline away from the shrine. Rory throws his clipperangs on the fifteenth man-Kurama, and Efrain performs rapid strike on the entity. The Specter Stoppers and their friends defeat the men-Kuramas, and they earn 500 woolongs for dispelling the creature. In addition, Efrain catches a glimpse of one of the men-Kuramas, and he witnesses a seedling manifesting their systems. 

"What is that?" Ume questioned. 

"It's a seedling." Akira answered.

"It's not just a seedling, this one is the cause of the possession." Efrain answered, and Nina covers her mouth in fright. 

This is one of Bara's doings. She corrupted the benevolent spirit foxes to do her villainous work. Dahlia pondered. 

"Who caused this besides Bara?" Zach questioned. 

"It appears the seedlings engender a virulent endotoxin similar to the Taye Stem's virus outbreak, and they penetrate the mental capacities of the breed. The perianth of the ananthous malefactor deconstructs its brain waves." Rory prompted, taking the reading from his scanner to indicate this source of phenomena. 

"Is it like a transmitted disease?" Ume questioned. 

"Close to that," Efrain stated, "Rory's sensors indicate a threatening source of outbreak has fortified the Taye Stem outbreak causing the reaping revolution to extend." 

"The pseudo-anthology of this uproar engenders when balancing its limitless power." Akira replied. 

"If we don't reverse this, the Taye Stem's power will increase its outbreak on the benevolent foxes." Efrain stated. In addition, Rory detects the background of the disease in grave detail, and the others and he exit to search for the ghost calling them. 


Back in the temple at the woods near Hikaru Valley, Ken goes over the assignment from mathematics to review the mathematical equations he is struggling to answer. He squints his eyes to know the formulas for the permutations and combinations. 

How much of these problems I am trying to figure out for this class? Ken pondered, tapping on his pencil to concentrate on the problems, and he hears a cryptic howl coming from the hallways. "Who's there?" 

He stands up from his stool ambulating to the door, and Ken peers through the door noticing a hostile presence crawls through the surfaces. In addition, he sidles to the halls holding his flashlight to illuminate the murky surfaces surrounding at a proportion of the halls. Moreover, he hears the doors snapping shut at him, and nimbus clouds surround the floors. A repulsive creature appears in the center portion of the room, for its red eyes illuminate the section. Ken realizes the form of the figure, and he screams in trepidation. In the bottom portion of the temple's interior, Yoko gasps and Hirohide recognizes the corrosive stench in the distance of the halls. 

"What is this?" Topi exclaimed, and Hirohide smashes through the door. In addition, an anonymous figure carries Ken's body, "Ken!" 

"What repulsive force is this?" Yoko questioned. 

"It must be Shinigami Tazurai's enforcers, but where is the figure?" Hirohide asked. 

"Look out!" Aimi exclaimed. 

Master Takahashi rushes alongside Emiko, "What's going on?!" an invisible being drags the body of Ken away from the temple, and a sound of evil laughter is heard from a gash of reddish purple fog, "Unhand my student!" he uses his bo to inhibit the invisible person from taking him away. 

Emiko has another vision from the future that the purple cloud taking Ken is Kioyaka, and she screams due to the massive pain in her mental system. Aimi and Hirohide rush to Emiko to a safe zone away from the battlefield. Master Takahashi circumvents the villainous vapor. 

"Come out and unveil yourself, Kioyaka." Takahashi scowled, and the others gasp when he mentioned her foulest presence. In addition, the vapor transforms into a solid form of a female. 

"Well done, Katsuo. Now you notice my existence," Kioyaka cackled, nudging her head towards the master, "you didn't really think you got a clue on the ideal realities of inferior battle." 

"I have noticed you are here to avenge the good people in Japan," Takahashi glowered, "what have you returned?" 

"I want to settle a task I have left that wasn't finished." Kioyaka grinned, for she crosses her arms together. In addition, the master swings his Bo to attack the siren. However, she deflects his above attack and shoves him into a wall. Takahashi jumps to his feet and sweeps, yet he missed by one sweep. The siren performs her supersonic screech, and the volume of the screech deafens Yoko and the others. Emiko feels the pulse surging through her brain, and she witnesses two of the henchmen that are after the team. 

He swings his bo to attack the siren again, but Kioyaka closes her eyes and opens them revealing somber black. She conducts massively dark energy and fires it on the master, and it drifts him to the other side of the temple. In addition, she escapes with Ken, and Topi screams his friend's name and cries after watching the events of the encounter between Takahashi and Kioyaka. Emiko darts after her, but the master inhibits the blind nun. 

"Master, she got away with Ken, but why stopping me?" Emiko questioned.

"My ability couldn't defeat Kioyaka, neither do yours. I practically knew what she wanted," Master Takahashi replied, "because of powers, she is invincible. However, there's one person who can cease her diabolical threat before it even taints through the area." 

"Master, we must get Emiko to a hospital." Yoko called. 

"No Yoko, it is too late." Master Takahashi informed. 

"We better warn the others that Kioyaka kidnapped Ken, and she's heading to Tokyo." Hirohide replied. 

What does he mean by one person who can stop her? Is he serious? Is there a hope for this? Topi thought. 


Back in the Netherworld, Chun Taozi enters the Royal chamber of the obsidian castle with the underworld guards to address the Shinigami warlord of their ally, for Shuns Gozu and Mezu enter the throne room with satisfying news. Lady Takiyasha-Obake turns to the two gentlemen, and Shinigami Tazurai polishes his scythe and heeds in his response. 

"Your greatness and your ladyship, we introduce to you in this throne room the woman we have asked to join our alliance to instigate the outskirts of Japan," Chun Taozi responded to the two highnesses, "Lady Gertrude, she knows the history of Nina and will help us reign our power to take over the universe." 

"Excellent, allow her inside." Tazurai grinned. 

"I assumed she might be useful conveying the aspects of the awakening." Takiyasha-Obake replied. 

"It is set and done, let us see what strategy she plans to have the universe and the planet Earth fall under our power." Tazurai replied, tracing his fingers to his throne handle. 

"Kioyaka has lure Akira's younger brother into the Tokyo tower." Shun Gozu added. 

"Outstanding, the rage of war is soon in the environmental stage, and the Specter Stoppers will face their task yet." Tazurai replied, clenching his fist in appraisal. 


After brightening the lanterns by switching them to a red color, the Specter Stoppers and their friends hark a voice coming from inside the Osugi Gongen, the birthplace of the Reiki practice. A benevolent presence emerges from the shrine, and the presence of the person by the name of Hayashi Razan appears in front of them. Nina trembles like a leaf, and Efrain holds her close. Princess Yuiha hands Nina her slashers because she prefer not to use them any longer. 

"Welcome, you have successfully enlightened the lanterns turning them into daylight. However, the corruption of the Taye Stem surrounds the Kyoto tower. In order to save the city of Kyoto, you must desist Bara by using the force of the Kurama blade to attenuate her ability. You must eliminate two of her enforcers." The ghost of Hayashi Razan responded, "since the Edo period, a dark age of the Kurama has converted itself to eliminate the first alien ghost from space Calyssid Terraraptor, the terror of the Earth. Our people are desperate to tackle the Calyssid fiend, yet its rage bombarded did go the manifestation itself. The Taye Stem has ruined our crops depending on its malignant force in which structures the capacity of its manifestation." 

The dark age of the Edo period sounds like a terrifying era. Why they shatter our history? Dahlia pondered. 

"What happened when the Calyssid terraraptor ruptured the area during the Edo period?" Efrain questioned. 

"The spirit Tenkou Kurama has risen from the dead in his wrath against the Calyssid Terraraptor. Most of our people are killed especially Kitagawa Utamaro." he answered. 

"Of course, he had an interest in plants before he created woodblock prints of women." Akira recited. 

"We must cease the two henchmen of Bara before she threatens the town." Efrain replied. 

"Good luck." The ghost replied, and he disappears from existence as the Specter Stoppers exit from the Osugi Gongen to embark on their mission for him. 

The Specter Stoppers ch. 15
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In the town of Kyoto, the young woman holds hands with a man from the same high school she attended, and they're dating for a week off-campus. When they realized a treacherous activity has impacted through the area, they begin to feel startled, for a horde of rebellious apparitions rises from the impending shadows in the terms of a battle. In addition, Akira shoots a gaze at the ghosts emerging from the shadows haunting the couple. The boy holds the girl tightly despite the levels of superstition increasing through the surfaces; indeed, they sense fear through their eyes. A pair of demonic red eyes reveal itself towards the couple, and the figure extends its arm to grab the couple. In addition, the couple screams in trepidation despite the fear in their eyes. Ume and Akira approach to the center-point of town and notice the people evacuating for their lives. 

"Hmm, what's going on?" he muttered to himself, for he rushes to investigate the supernatural activity coming from the district. In addition, he dials the team's number to report suspicion activity emerging in the kiyomizu-dera, "guys, something big is going on. A ghost has terrified a couple of students from a distinct high school. It appears the Taye stem has reproduced a herbaceous horde from its preduncle collection." Akira releases the case and sprints to action. 

"Akira, where do you think you're going? Don't leave me with the titanium briefcase." Ume shouted. 

"Come on, we must rescue the two," Akira replied, "hurry up!" 

"I'm coming," Ume responded. This has got to be important, Akira. 

"The Taye stem has done it again," Efrain broadcasted from the gardens in Kyoto, a few miles from town, in disbelief, "where are you?"

"At Kyoto," Akira broadcasted. 

"Kyoto?" Dahlia queried.

"Yes, report to town right away," he informed, "Commissioner Kon sends his squadron to attack the Taye Stem's reaping replicates." 

"Replicates?" Zach queried. 

"Akira, which section of Kyoto are you in?" Efrain questioned. 

"At the Kiyomizu-dera," Akira answered, "that's where we entered and found the titanium briefcase." 

"Efrain, did you have the code?" Ume broadcasted. 

"Yes, we have the numbers for it." Efrain responded. 

"The kiyomizu-dera is the place we are in," Akira answered. 

"We're on our way," Efrain replied, "follow me into the Lexus NX battle van, we must decipher the prolonged evil within the Taye stem."

The Specter Stoppers finish their investigation in the central garden region and exit to the other side of the gardens. Efrain draws out the car keys to start function the automobile. He pulls the lever to drive mode and starts driving the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle streams to town as they exit to the streets after examining the northern gardens. The streets of Kyoto were satisfying even at night when they travel through places hoping for expectations though there a minority of the townspeople due to the travail Tazurai's allies have constructed. The citizens recede from the destruction the Taye Stem, and the police officers fire their pistols at the Taye Stem creature. In addition, a horde of spirits surrounds the entirety of the cemetery, and they wander aimless away from the fog. One of which throws a leaf blade on one of the officers' hand holding the pistol, and another one performs its overgrowth on the other officers. In addition, the commissioner Kon calls his men to regroup, for their forces were outmatch by the horrendous power of the Taye Stem. 

"There's too many of them, sir!" one of the officers reported to him. 

Commissioner Kon is a man with ivory white skin, he has cognac eyes, his hair is in a flattop, he wears a beige trenched coat and dove white dressed shirt. He wears jet black dressed pants matching his leather boots, and Kon has a comely average body. 

"Whatever that is, I want them out of this town," commissioner Kon barked, "where are the Specter Stoppers?" 

"I have no idea, sir." The other responded, "last time we were trying to reach them is when we're in our suicide mission." 

"Then try harder!" The commissioner shouted. 

Efrain and the four others quest to tackle more of the fiends that haunted through the gardens; in addition, Rory probes in his wrist scanner a chance of ghosts might ramble through the gardens. Dahlia shoots a glimpse of the wild plants rumbling the shrubs, and she turns to her cousin on account of the suggestions regarding the experiments Rory has indicated to determine whether a subfamily of hidden ghosts wanders in the shadows before it unleashes its reign of horror upon the power of the Taye stem with the princess on their side. The team marvels the botanical regions on account of the ingenuity another miscreant known as Bara permeated her species of ghostly aliens, the putrid plant ghouls, another name for the Raikubara. The specter stoppers witness the events of the outgrowth, for the seed of evil has corrupted the victims by becoming its reaping plants. Indeed, they witness the rumblings surging through the bushes. In addition, the team gawks at the fiends coming from the impending shadows. Akira finds the couple inside the temple to rescue them, and the roots of the Taye Stem slaps him from the distance of the site. He stands up to his feet slowly reaching for his steelex mallet 3000 to shun the fiend. The boy who's dating the girl is calling for help, for the Taye Stem extends its roots to lure him into its stem. Akira darts to the rescue and reaches for his hands to pull him away from the carnivorous variation of the Taye Stem. 

"Aimi is in there, you have to save her. I beg you." The boy begged. 

"I'm on it," Akira responded, activating his steelex mallet to fortify its strength, "this Taye stem won't be getting away with this." 

"Be careful, Akira." The boy begged him. 

The Taye Stem's power brought venality to Kyoto even the gardens feel its manifestation. Subaki must run to this direction when I last seen him in the auto-plant. Akira wondered. 

Akira charges toward the Taye Stem that grasped the female victim with its crespucular roots, and he performs his new technique, iron hammer. In addition, the hammer technique targets multiple enemies in the field. Akira pommels the manifestation thrice, and the malicious roots inhibit the hammering strikes as it unleashes its needle-liked thorns. It performs leaf storm on him, but Akira evades the leaf storm and smashes the Taye Stem. In addition, the Taye stem releases the girl from its grasp, and Akira saves her life. 

A horde of putrid plant ghouls emerges from the horticolous areas, consisting twelve of them. Efrain and the four others draw out their weapons to cope with the ghouls themselves. Rory projects his wrist scanner to classify the demonic ghouls based upon its background; in addition, they begin to attack the ghouls with their full force. The first horticolous fiend arguments its leaf blade and incises Akira repulsively. Rory throws his Pyris grenade at the plant ghouls after discovering in his wrist scanner its species are the most satisfying, for he throws another Pyris grenade at the fiend. Dahlia throws her tessens to inflict the putrid plant, and Efrain performs the enhanced version of his thunder lion slash to shatter the energy of the putrid plant ghoul. In addition, the second putrid plant ghoul extends its roots to strike him. Preston somersaults and throws his fist at the putrid plant ghoul; in addition, it claws him fiendishly in the chest. Zach swings his bow to impair damage to the third putrid plant ghoul, and he shoots his energy arrows to pin the enemy. Dahlia throws an open fan punch to inflict damage to the behemoth, and the plant ghoul dissolves due to the conflagration. Efrain spins his Yukonamo sword to cast a strong zephyr to whisk the plant ghoul, and the gusty winds blow it away. Dahlia performs her lunar slash to inflict the fourth Raikubara, and Rory throws his Pyris grenade on the fifth one despite its putrid plant features. In addition, he flutter kicks the fiend in the face and then fires his plasma gun at the fifth putrid plant ghoul and throws his projectiles on the rest. Princess Yuiha throws her twin slashers on the fifth Raikubara. The fifth Raikubara disintegrates to its demise due to the bursting flames surrounding its body. The sixth putrid plant ghoul summons its nettle to inflict Ume, but she deflects its attack with her laser naginata's strength and lashes against the fiend with her full force. Efrain streams toward the seventh putrid plant ghoul and performs garden demon slash to inflict the putrid plant, and the seventh Raikubara deflects with its leaf blade. Rory throws his Pyris grenade on the seventh and eighth putrid plant ghoul, and the flames impose on the plant ghoul to its demise. Princess Yuiha casts her electric bolt from her left hand to inflict damage to the eighth putrid plant ghoul. In addition, the damage harnesses the structure of the eighth putrid plant ghoul, and it falls to the ground due to the incineration. The ninth putrid plant ghoul unleashes its leaf blade and slashes the princess, and another of the Raikubara summons its leave storm to wreak havoc through the Specter Stoppers. Dahlia throws her tessens to impair damage to the plant ghoul, and Rory fires his plasma gun to inflict the ghoul tactically. The tenth putrid plant ghoul slashes Dahlia with its leaf blade, and the damage inflicts her instantly. The other Raikubara summons its nettle on Akira poisoning him. Contrarily, Preston knees the tenth putrid plant ghoul in the waist, but its body manifests his knee as Preston separates himself from the ghoul. The effects of the poison drains Akira's energy, and Princess Yuiha summons her detox technique to remove the poison from inflicting him successfully. Akira's energy ceases since the poison is removed, for he jumps back to his feet and pommels the fiend with his hammer. 

That was cutting it close, it's body is manifesting the human body with its rot. Preston thought, keeping his guard up. Princess Yuiha summons her thunder attack on the other putrid plant ghoul, shattering the entity into fire. 

Rory swiftly throws his Pyris grenade on the tenth Raikubara and fires his plasma bullets on the plant. Dahlia opens her tessens and performs her tessen vortex to inflict the Raikubara; moreover, the flames inflict the ghoul tactically and wildly, causing a death toll on the ghoul. The tessen returns in her grasp, and she throws another one to inflict the two putrid plant ghouls heading towards her. On the other hand, five more alien ghosts emerge from the grimly shadows to tackle the Specter Stoppers, the crawlies. The first crawly hurls a laser from its greasy mouth to inflict damage on Rory. In addition, he was blasted by one of them, but he lands on his feet safely and gawks at the crawly in front of him. The second crawly hurls a laser on Princess Yuiha causing damage to her. Preston takes down the third crawly, and he backflips a few inches from the figure.

Who are these guys? Rory pondered, scanning the creature's appearance with his wrist scanner. In addition, the information of the creature displays in his telegnostic system, for the first crawly hurls another laser at him. On the other hand, Rory activates the barrier to shield himself from its vicious attacks. 

Zach whacks the twelfth Raikubara with his bow and then fire his GaN arrow on it in the back of the stomach. It implodes its vines to inflict Zach and Rory, and the thorns harness damage upon the gentlemen. Dahlia slashes the eleventh putrid plant ghoul in the chest, and Efrain performs his double crescent cut to impair the second crawly in front of him. Preston launches an aerial uppercut on the twelfth Raikubara, impairing its jawline and face. In addition, he twirls his body to perform his skydive drill punch. On the other hand, the first crawly hurls its laser to inflict Preston in the back. Zach performs his sniper shot on the first crawly killing it off. The second crawly hurls a laser on Ume who's carrying the chest, but Akira deflects its laser and throws its hammer to the fiend. The third crawly hurls a laser on Dahlia inflicting damage, but Zach fires his arrow both the second and third crawlies pinning them to a wall. The fourth crawly hurls a laser on Preston, and Efrain slashes the fourth crawly with his basic cut slaying it. Dahlia slices the fifth crawly, yet she missed by one throw as the crawly hurls its laser on her. Preston pounds the fifth crawly powerfully to the sign adjacent the locked weapons store. The Specter Stoppers claim victory over the ghosts that wreak havoc on the area. A jet black cloak figure emerges from the shadows roaming towards the briefcase, and Dahlia gawks at the figure and turns to her cousin warning him. 

"Efrain, the briefcase!" Dahlia shouted. 

Efrain catches sight of a cloaked figure attempting to purloin the titanium briefcase, so he performed thunder lion slash at the figure to preclude from snatching it away. In addition, the cloak figure cackles and wanders away from the battlefield. 

Who was that person underneath the cloak? Why did he wanted the briefcase so badly? Efrain queried, picking up the briefcase as Akira helps the girl Aimi to her feet. 

"It's ok you two, you're safe now." Akira responded. 

"Thank you, Akira." Aimi replied, hugging her only friend. The other Specter Stoppers and Ume approach to him with the code. 

"Efrain, you better get a load of this." Ume called to him. 

"That's Munehiro, one of Rory's students." Zach gasped.

"What does he have to do with this?" Rory questioned, showing the trepidation in his eyes. 

"It's because of the disease," Aimi responded to the Specter Stoppers, "he's one of the black siren victims after another human being." 

"Kioyaka." Efrain frowned. 

"If the disease is the cause of this, Kioyaka has returned to claim her revenge by heeding Tazurai's orders." Rory prompted. 

"I better make sure the paramedics will come and pick him up," Efrain responded, and he contacts the headquarters and give the names of the people who want to be out of the perilous grounds of the town Akira and Ume investigated. 

"What were you two kids doing outside of school?" Princess Yuiha questioned. 

"We were on our way back to our dorm until a lash targets the shopping district. That's where the voice Kioyaka taunted us." Hirohide stated. 

"She's mean and horrifying," Aimi added, "I don't want to get near her." 

"We are searching for our friend, and we haven't seen him since two weeks ago," he explained. 

"Were you kids lost during the hunt?" Rory queried. 

"No," Aimi answered, "we have lost him here. Everyone is asleep in the district." 

"They're not asleep, Aimi. The Taye Stem is infecting everyone within the shopping district using its roots to not only transfer it but summoning its henchmen with its exact characteristics." Rory pointed out. 

"Anyone hear from the commissioner," Efrain questioned, stretching his back muscles. Rory answers the call from the commissioner. 

"Uh guys, I'm at the intersection, and so is something else." Commissioner Kon called from Rory's wrist communicator. 

"Commissioner Kon, we have founded the Titanium briefcase," Efrain responded to him from his communicator. 

"I've been trying to contact you for hours, Efrain, there's pandemonium all over town." The commissioner snapped. 

In addition, Efrain locks in the coordinates for the code to access the opening of the briefcase, and he and the others take steps backwards. The titanium briefcase opens up, and the smoke fumes from inside the briefcase. The smoke surrounds the team after opening it; in addition, the members cough due to the inhaling of the fumes and clear it away from their sight. Ume coughs rapidly and vomits on the grey bricked tiles on account of the smoke affecting her senses. 


Meanwhile, in the netherworld, back in the obsidian castle, Kioyaka is preparing to send her troops to Tokyo to wreak upon havoc to the townspeople. She has gathered space bandits and assailants to heed her every order. 

"I have selected you all in the name of the Tazurai empire, and the master is reckoned to have the Specter Stoppers in their grasp. You have been chosen for one reason. You're all serving for the emperor regardless on your ethnicity and skills." Kioyaka responded. 

Tazurai approaches to Kioyaka with a dastardly pleasing grin even Chun Taozi is wrong about the siren's work, for he admired her honesty. Lady Takiyasha-Obake approaches to the exterior of the castle finding the others standing alongside her with the possession of the Taye Stem. 

"I daresay I was impress with rallying our army to help capture the Specter Stoppers just like I wanted." Tazurai smirked. 

"Indeed, master. We're going to invade Tokyo. After I joined Bara in her quest for revenge, I will wreak havoc on the people of Tokyo, and soon the streets will fall under our control." Kioyaka grinned. 

"Excellent! This is the chance I have..." he replied. 

"What about Nina, sir?" Chun Taozi questioned. 

"Oh, I nearly forgot about her, inform David on our processes. I want you to go to Gertrude and give her the brief description of what our alliance might plot. You know where her mansion is located, don't you?" Tazurai inquired. 

"Yes sir, we do." he nodded his head. 

"Then don't just stand there, get going!" Tazurai barked, and Chun exits with Shuns Hozu and Mezu to set on a journey to meet the villainess by the name of Gertrude.


Efrain and the others cough due to the amount of smoke surrounding the spatial areas of the shrine, and they wave their right arms to eschew the black smoke even Dahlia is using her right tessen to do so. Ume coughs rapidly despite her characteristics of a half demon, and she vomits the ground nearly on Preston's boots. He and the others catch a glimpse of the case cannily on account of the steam fuming everywhere, for there is a woman sleeping in the nude. She has soft white skin, pumpkin spice hair, attractive face, rosy cheeks, and curvy body. Dahlia and Rory suspect the enemy who done a despicable deed by entrapping a young woman into a box. 

"This is Nina?" Zach questioned to the others.

"That's correct," Rory replied, "she is the reason she is protecting herself from his wrath." 

I noticed the black cloaked figure. Is he working for Tazurai? What is his sinister goal in this affair? Efrain pondered. What does he want? 

"I've been trying to contact you for hours, Efrain, there is pandemonium all over the town." Commissioner Kon repeated. 

"Wait a minute, commissioner, did you mentioned something about Bara?" Akira questioned.

"Yes, Akira," Kon responded to him through speaker, "I doubt it must be." 

Zach catches a glimpse of a cloaked figure transporting the goods into a broken dark green jeep, and he shoots a glare of the figure and studies the bumper sticker with the marked initials. One of the cloaked figures catches sight of Zach, and he conceals himself from being caught. The sweat pours from his forehead when being stalked, and he gasps for breath heavily and ponders deeply after seeing the figures. 

First time I have seen this figure it was haunting the outskirts of the Auto-plant laboratories signaling a warning, but I have enough of these mind games he penetrated. Zach thought. 

"Commissioner, what did you see out there?" Akira queried. 

"Beats me, the foe wears a jet black cloak, eyes illuminating a green color, and dastardly grin. You all are not going to cherish this one." he responded. 

"Zach, are you alright? Need water of anything?" Dahlia questioned. 

"No Dahlia, I'm fine." Zach answered. 

"What did you saw, brawling klutz?" Ume queried. 

"Figures." he answered. 

"What kind?" Dahlia queried. 

"Someone is following us," Preston gritted his teeth, and he surveys the two cloaked figures, "there he is! Let's get them!" he charges toward the figure ragingly. 

"Preston, stop!" Efrain called, chasing after him, for he hasn't notice who's wearing the cloak. 

The two cloaked figures entice Preston to their foremost trap, for they blast their spectral beams on Preston slowing him down. One of which casts seedlings of darkness to ensnare Preston, and Efrain ceases from sprinting due to the shrubbery going berserk. Indeed, the bonsai trees rotted quickly due to the levels of the dark beams. He performs his aerial flips to evade the dark beams from colliding into him, and Efrain parries with his Yukonamo sword when preventing Preston from attacking the cloaked figurines. He slices the stems from attacking Preston, and he performs his spiral fist on the stem and lands on his feet three inches from where Efrain is standing. The cloaked figures vanish using their smoke bombs, and the two gentlemen are blinded by the jet black smoke surrounding the exterior of the temple. 

I let them go for a minute, and they disappear from my sight. Preston thought. 

"Are you alright, bud?" Efrain questioned, placing his left hand to help Preston. 

"I don't need your help, but thank you," Preston replied, lifting to his feet, "I almost had them!" 

"Preston, listen to me. One of these cloaked figures attempts to snatch Nina away." he advised.

"What is your reason for this diversion?" Preston scowled. 

"I saw the figure with my two eyes as well. One of the cloaked figures illuminates its green eyes catching sight of its target," Efrain replied, "yet I couldn't verify if it's a male or female. All I notice is we must not condone the figure from taking Nina or the briefcase. Come, let's find the others." 

"We have detected the criminal behind the kidnapping of Nina," the commissioner informed the team, "name: David Davies, he used to be one of the Spengler Family's gentlemen who wanted to marry Nina. However, she refused the marriage offer and fled from her home. In addition, he thrusted her barbarically forcing her to fall in love after freezing her parents, so he sealed her in the box." 

David Davies is behind the kidnapping, and I must not leave Nina alone for a moment. Efrain cogitated. 

"Heads up!" Zach exclaimed. 

"Oh dear, who's that?" Dahlia questioned.

"That's what I was trying to inform you during my scrutiny on this." he informed the others. 

"Uh oh," Rory pointed out, "just as I thought, one of the two cloaked figures is rallying its army of plant ghouls." 

Wait a minute, there are two cloaked figures Rory mentioned. One of them must be after Nina. Efrain thought. 

The helicopter arrives to the area to pick up the three victims and transfer them into the temple where master Takahashi is with Emiko and the others were, and Aimi catches a glimpse of the team in action and cries tears. Hirohide carries the body of his fainted friend from school and hops into the helicopter as two of the paramedics strap the body into the gurney and transport him to the back. In addition, another round of putrid plant ghouls, consisting ten of them, and a black cloaked figure commands the deformed to attack the Specter Stoppers directly. Akira watches the helicopter flying away, and he feels sympathy coming into his heart knowing he has done the right thing. Aimi sits in the bench and tears pour down her face, and Hirohide wraps his arm around her shoulders conforting her. 

Akira twirls his steelex hammer and pommels the first putrid plant ghoul to dispel the first putrid plant ghoul, and princess Yuiha casts her spark bolt to inflict the first putrid plant ghoul. Efrain deflects the first putrid plant ghoul's nettle and slices the brute with his garden demon slash; Rory throws his Pyris grenade on the second putrid plant ghoul, and he performs his double cartwheel on the third Raikubara swiftly. The putrid plant ghoul deflects with its leaf blade and thrusts Rory eschewing his cartwheel; additionally, it augments its woody fingers and claws Rory lethally. Dahlia performs her Rapunzel hair whiplash on the third Raikubara and therefore defeating it the brute with a slash withal. The second putrid plant ghoul throws its deformed hand to form a blade to inflict Preston; in addition, he grasps the fiend and throws it into the ground without being infected with the disease of its psychic ability. The third putrid plant ghoul slashes Efrain with its leaf blade, and another plant ghoul claws Akira in the chest and leg, causing major injuries in the body. Efrain performs his thunder lion slash on the fourth Raikubara, and he gawks at the cloaked figure attempting to snatch the chest. In addition, his thunder lion slash impairs the fourth plant ghoul and the figure. The fifth plant ghoul slashes Rory causing major damage with its leaf blade, and the sixth plant ghoul slashes Zach with its leaf blade. Dahlia stabs the fifth putrid plant ghoul in the chest and opens her tessen to bisect the figure; in addition, she knives its demonic head and then flutter kicks. Princess Yuiha summons her healing technique to restore Rory to his full health, and Zach performs sniper shot to pin the plant ghoul. Rory throws his Pyris grenade on the sixth and fifth Raikubara to incinerate them; as a result, the aboriginal flames burst their deformed arboreal bodies barbarically. Princess Yuiha casts her thunder strike on the fiend, and the static electricity shatters the figure leaving fire on its grassy tail. On the other hand, the eighth Raikubara inflicts damage with its fingers on the princess' waist level. The seventh Raikubara extends its sylvan fingers and scratches Ume in the face, but she throws her laser shuriken to preclude the fiend from performing its attack and performs her raging tail on the alien ghost. Dahlia throws her tessens to inflict the figure, and fire eludes from the fan blades to impair not one but two Raikubaras. The seventh Raikubara burgeons its corpulent seedling to threaten Efrain, but he evades the seeds from snatching him and cleaves the Raikubara in the chest. In addition, he slashes the cloaked figure to reveal its subtle identity. When Efrain strikes the figure with his thunder lion slash, he gapes in aghast revealing a male figure with dark green hair, and the male shoves Efrain to a door. Ume swings her naginata on the eighth Raikubara, and she bisects the figure. The two remaining ghouls inflict Rory with their nettles before he even prepares his barrier to protect himself. Akira throws his hammer to inflict the ninth and tenth putrid plant ghouls, and he whacks the two monsters eliminating them. The electricity of the hammer harnesses the two Raikubaras, and the flames burst around their bodies bringing demise to them. In addition, the team claims victory over the henchmen David has sent to destroy them. However, their victory incises when Efrain and David confront one another, and Efrain enjoins his crew mates on his side to protect Nina. 

"So David, we meet at last." Efrain scowled, drawing out his sword to battle him. 

"I see you're trying to let my wife to be out. I won't let you continue." David smirked. 

"We are still." Dahlia responded, joining her cousin in protecting Nina. 

"Make that three." Zach replied, adjusting his arrow to target David. 

"Four." Rory responded, loading his plasma bullets. 

"Five." Preston scowled, pointing his gauntlets when charging his gloves. 

"Make that seven." Ume called, for Efrain enjoins Une and Akira to defend Nina from the hands of him. On the contrary, David snatches her without the two noticing, yet the Specter Stoppers confront him despite his targeted possession. 

"First of all, she's not your wife and will never be. Second, you have no right to harm a young woman." Efrain frowned. 

"I see, you have feelings for this girl don't you. Haha, she's mine so..." David growled, "BACK OFF!"

"Specter Stoppers, attack!" Efrain exclaimed. 

"You're going to defeat me? How foolish of you?" David chortled, "come prove it to me you foolish mortal?" 

The Specter Stoppers battle against the fiend David Davies in the battlefield, and the cloaked figure unveils his disguise showing his true identity. The crew members engage in their battle against the malevolent being, for he balances substantial power that could drag his targeted foes on their knees; Rory activates the barrier to shield his team mates from inflicting damage from his attacks. Efrain elevates his sword technique to bolster the team's agility, and Dahlia casts SANER to bolster her team's dexterity levels. Zach shoots his energy arrow on the fiend, and Preston sprints and performs his spinning arc kick on him. David cackles using his force field to defend himself, and he summons hell rain from his left hand to inflict damage to the Specter Stoppers members. Efrain performs his signature move, the crescent cut, on him inflicting damage. He performs a new attack on him, rapid strike, to inflict damage towards David Davies. Dahlia strikes twice David with her inside vertical 180-degree flip, and Rory fires his plasma pistol on the foe causing damage to his force field. Preston performs wolf's knuckle to inflict damage to the fiend, but David blocks his fist and lunge-kicks him to a wall. Rory locks in the coordinates to summon his drone in the field, and he dashes toward the fiend and flutter kicks him swiftly. David casts his hell rain on the Specter Stoppers, inflicting majority of the damage to them, and he summons swords dance to inflict Efrain. 

Where did he learned hell rain? Did he summoned it from the sky? That's a foolish question I have in mind. Efrain pondered. 

David lashes his dark sonic pulse to shove Preston and Zach into a facade. Dahlia performs her triangle punch on the brute and twist kicks him in the chest. She throws both her tessens to inflict damage upon his back, and Dahlia stabs him in the back. Zach fires his pierce arrow on David in the back, but the foe snatches it and crumbles the arrow into bits. Rory leopard-punches him and then cartwheels thrice. David lashes Rory and push kicks him to the opposite end of the temple, and he lifts a tree upward with the power of telekinesis and pommels him. Efrain slices the tree that he summoned to attack Rory in half and performs double blade slash on David with his sword bisected to two, and he forms his swords back into one. David evades the sword slashes Efrain performed and casts a gusty wind on him. He drifts to the ground, but he lands on his feet expeditiously and sprints toward him with his Yukonamo sword in hand to unleash his sword attack. 

He almost threatened me with one of the trees in the kiyomizu-dera with a tree. Is he trying to destroy us? Rory pondered. 

"Hahahaha, you think your two swords can impair me, or your cowardice inhibit you from continuing further?" David cackled. 

David is resisting my sword attacks, I must prevent his movement from imploring and threatening everyone in the temple. Efrain thought. 

Zach performs tactical shot on the fiend using his steel arrow, yet David's electromagnetic manipulation throws the team into a wall. He laughs evilly when toying with the team, shoving them into trees and the doors, and he casts dark pulse on the crew members especially Efrain. David casts his beam to inflict the Specter Stoppers members, and Rory defends his crew mates with his barrier though it isn't enough to protect the others. David slashes him ripping the edge of his sleeveless red shirt, and Efrain winces in pain and thrusts powerfully. Princess Yuiha rushes to find the others battling against David, and she notices the briefcase is stolen despite the turmoil between the crew and him regardless on his power. David clutches his left fist to cast shadows of him to attack the Specter Stoppers. 

His ability is strong comparing to mine, and he's stronger than the five of us combined. Efrain pondered. 

"Why you? Nobody messes with my best friends!" Preston ranted, and he punches the fiend in the face. 

Rory fires his plasma pistol on him ten times, and the plasma rays inflict damage to the fiend tactically. David summons his necrobats to inflict damage upon Efrain, and three of which gnaw him as he swings his blade to eschew them. Dahlia throws her tessen to eliminate the flock, and her tessen returns in her grasp after demolishing them. Preston powerfully jabs the fiend in the face, and blood comes out of David's nose when delivering the blow. Therefore, he prevented himself from continuing the battle.

"Alright Specter Stoppers, you win." David scowled, throwing the briefcase at Efrain. In addition, Efrain catches it with Nina inside and sighs in relief. He throws a smoke bomb to make himself vanish from existence. In addition, the process visitation is in the works.

Bastard! Who does he think he is threatening Efrain like he's the terror of the universe? Preston thought. 

"He's gone," Efrain replied, "I cogitate what sinister goal he is plotting to wrest her?" 

"Is it he wanted the briefcase?" Dahlia queried.

"Not really, he desires for her affection." Efrain pointed out. 

"Please dad, let me see Gertrude...." Nina mumbled as she continued to sleep.

"Gertrude?" Dahlia queried. 

"Who's Gertrude?" Ume asked. 

"Rory, you mentioned during our meeting Gertrude casts a curse on Nina. Didn't you?" Zach questioned.

"Affirmative." Rory nodded.

"What about David?" Preston questioned.

"Hmm, sounds interesting," Efrain concurred, "David may have escaped from battle, leaving the five of us confound with the fate of humanity, but he won't have Nina in his grasp."


Meanwhile, at the temple near town, Ken Fudo is writing his diary on the chronicles of the Taye Stem, and Emiko seems to have another vision. This time the Specter Stoppers members tackle the evil Kioyaka in the Tokyo Tower, sending her evil enforcers to wreak havoc, and Emiko shakes her head in trepidation after envisioning the horrific event that might happen to the team. Furthermore, Yoko, the girl from the auto-plant laboratories, approaches to the living room with the scroll in her hand. Emiko levitates herself to reach nirvana by concentrating on her connection with humanity. As a result, she receives another vision of the henchmen surrounding the streets of Tokyo, creating an uproar around the city. Her head pounds balefully when envisioning the horrific events of Armageddon harnessing her senses. 

"Hey Emiko, what are you doing?" Yoko inquired, standing in the front porch. 

"Oh, nothing," Emiko answered with a smile. 

"Have you seen Ken, I have his homework for mathematics." Yoko responded to her. 

"What source of studying you are accosting?" she queried, and Topi bounces to the first floor and turns to Yoko and Emiko. 

"Oh, hey Yoko." Topi responded to the mauve haired girl. 

"Hey Topi, have you seen Ken. I am giving him his assignment due before first day of classes." Yoko responded. 

"Who him? No." he answered. 

"Yes, you did you liar, I saw you." Yoko replied. 

"Ok, I didn't recommend on seeing Ken in the area." Topi joked. 

"Topi, be honest, you have seen him. Did you?" she inquired. 

"Ok, I did. I admit it. I wasn't supposed to blurt out after our argument, but now I admitted it." Topi responded, and Ken descends to the first floor seeing Topi admitting. 

Why is Topi hiding his emotions? Does he truly revealed them? Ken wondered. "Hey Yoko," he replied, "do you have something for me?" 

"Yes, the homework Mrs. Hato assigned you that is going to be due on the first day of school." Yoko replied.

"First day of school," Emiko queried, "sounds like work for a child his age." 

"Did you say school is starting next week?" he replied. 

"Yes, I just did," Yoko responded. 

"School starts next week!" Topi shrieked, "Pencils! Paper!" He bounces uncontrollably to the other end of the temple, and Emiko stands and watches speechlessly even Ken finds it awkward. 

"I better inform my older brother Akira that he needs to pick up the school supplies for me to commence the school year." Ken responded, for he dials his brother's phone number to notify an imperative task that he must be cognizant of during his hours of relentless studying. 

What's with Topi? I didn't notice the vibe he suppressed. Is it his anxiety of education?  Emiko thought. 


The Specter Stoppers members, additionally, approach to the briefcase after eliminating the putrid plant ghouls though David escaped from the battlefield. By the same token, the briefcase awakens the nude female figure in front of Efrain's eyes, and Ume ponders the feeling when Efrain intertwined the accommodations to activate the briefcase by bringing her to life. Nina rises from her slumber and opens her eyes recognizing his appearance, and the others stand there in silence.

"Nina?" Efrain called, and the ginger-haired female discerns his voice and image. Nina's chestnut brown eyes are revealed as her eyes open to glance round the site. Tears pour down her face, and she covers her eyes in ignominy. 

"Why? Why am I alive?" Nina mewed. 

"Efrain, this is no time to make a lady cry." Preston snapped. 

"It wasn't me," Efrain responded, "Rory any statuses?" 

"It appears the Taye Stem cowers its spread though Bara hasn't yet burgeon her henchmen to do her works." Rory prompted.

"Ok, but first, we must get Sleeping Beauty here accoutered." Efrain responded, doffing his robe to enshroud her body. 

"Exactly, really distracting." Zach concurred.

Moreover, they perceive the sound of incoming hostiles bombarding the shrine regions, and a cohort of black bandits glides down the structure of the temple, consisting three of them. Nina seems started when the black bandits surround the team; by the same token, they stand in their fighting poses to encounter them. However, the space bandits brought a few of their friends to join them, three Raikubara. Akira protects Nina from being taken away, and one of the three black bandits draws out his katana. Efrain pulls out his sword to engage in sword combat, and one of the black bandits sprints toward him. He counters the bandit's attack by thrusting and continues the sword attack; another of the bandits attempts to use its katana on Dahlia, but she twists his right arm to disarm his weapon and throws him to the ground. She stabs the bandit three times to perform her tessenjutsu, and the bandit screams in agony due to the twisting of his arm Dahlia implemented. Dahlia stomps on his head sending him unconscious. The other black bandit draws out his nun-chucks, and Rory's drone glides downward to engender damage on the bandit. In addition, a source of technique bolsters their health, for two more henchmen, the space seers, emerge from the shadows in terms for battle. Akira charges toward the first Raikubara and throws his hammer to unleash hammer fury; moreover, the first Raikubara unleashes its luminescent leaf blade to incise Akira, but Ume swings her laser naginata to parry the attack. She throws her laser shuriken to incise the first Raikubara, splitting it into half, and Akira slams his hammer on the first Raikubara. Zach shoots his hammer-head shark arrow to pin the first seer, for he noticed they can heal their allies in the battlefield and cast spiral balls on any opponent they see. Rory throws his Pyris grenade on the second Raikubara protecting Nina. Efrain parries the first bandit's sword attack, and he thrusts the fiend's katana and deflects his attack with the power of his sword. One of the seers summons a spiral ball on Rory, and the damage effects his barrier. Dahlia draws her tessens to the ground to create an erosion to eliminate the two Raikubaras; on the other hand, the third Raikubara snatches her with its stem vessels along with Akira. Princess Yuiha summons a cyclone to send the second Raikubara away from the area. Ume darts with her laser naginata, and she performs her attack maneuver to blind the second seer. Rory performs his cartwheels thrice to inflict damage to the seer, and he knees him in the face, sending the seer unconscious regarding his injurious impact. The second seer is drifted to the other end of the district, and Dahlia performs her lunar slash on the third Raikubara, slaying it off. After hours of relentless battle, at last, the Specter Stoppers eliminate the seers and their fellow henchmen. 

Efrain, combine your ghost cleave and crescent cut. the sound of Janet's voice called to him mentally.

Why? Efrain thought. 

By combining the both sword attacks, you will utilize a new sword attack to eschew the adversary. Janet sifted. 

In addition, the luminescence of his Yukonamo sword structures concentrated fortitude, and the energy of it exudes nocturnal streaks to implement a sword strike on the first bandit. Princess Yuiha heals the minor injuries the bandits left on her team mates. As a result, Efrain masters a stronger technique called the bandit nova slash, for the hit combo belabors the bandit directly. Dahlia slashes the Raikubara and eliminates by beheading its head. After split seconds of battle, the Specter Stoppers received 500 woolongs for eliminating two seers, two Raikubaras, and three bandits. Ume and Zach gain levels, and Zach learns thorn shot that will impair cloroplast-liked enemies. The Specter Stoppers approach to Nina regardless on her physical condition. 

"Let me get this straight, Nina dreamt about her father?" Akira pondered. 

"It depends on how her nightmares occur mentally, and the consequences of the nightmare affects her celebral membranes on second thought." Rory quoted. 

"Look, we're running out of time here. Don't you think we ought to provide Nina with clothes." Dahlia responded.

"Yeah, what are we going to do with her?" Zach concurred.

"Just supply it." Ume replied, and Akira gawks when he notices something.

"Oh no, Ken is starting school next week. I must pick up the supplies for my younger brother." Akira shrieked.

"Akira, appease." Rory suggested, "we can help you with this."

"Why didn't you inform us?" Dahlia questioned.

"Have you check the calendar lately?" Preston scowled.

"You're right," Efrain nodded, "OK Dahlia, you and Rory go with Yuiha and Akira to cover up Nina. Ume, the boys, and I will find commissioner Kon across downtown. Any questions or concerns?" the others are left thoughtless and separate into two groups. 


Outside of the netherworld, Chun Taozi discerns the infrastructure of the artifice ascribed in a white piece of crumpled paper disclosing the address. Shun Mezu and Shun gozu lead Chun Taozi to the spire, for he circumvents the spatial features of the temple. He studies the interior of the room, for he notices the Japanese writing of the dark arts Gertrude performed. Chun Taozi opens the screen door to see a woman with dark green hair and jet black robes. She turns her head to Chun Taozi and the Shuns.

"You're late. Sit down," a sound of a woman's murky voice called to him, and Chun Taozi ambles to a Japanese pillow in front of him and sits down even the Shuns did the same, "Tazurai sent you here, huh? Is there a provocative reason for this?" 

"I was suggesting on our successes by allowing Kioyaka to round the army our warlord, Shinigami Tazurai, provided her." Chun Taozi answered. 

"Lady Gertrude. We mentioned you during our conference with Tazurai, and Kioyaka has assembled her forces to wreak havoc on the entire universe by expanding the spread of the disease." Shun gozu responded to her. 

"He has? Splendid." Gertrude replied. 

"If we were enabled to manipulate the particles to infect the area, the Specter Stoppers will face their fears and suffer our wrath." Shun Mezu prompted. 

Chun Taozi nods his head and asks, "will you join our alliance?" 

"As long as I can destroy Nina, I will join." Gertrude grinned. 

"At last, we found ourselves another member whose intentions can destroy the Specter Stoppers and Nina." Chun Taozi smirked.

"Certainly, my friend." Shun Gozu nodded.

"Shall we start?" Gertrude suggested.

"Yes, we shall." Chun Taozi grinned.

"Good. Now what enforcements are being sent out?" Gertrude questioned.

"You'll soon find out." Chun Taozi replied, and the room grows somber and blacks out.  

The Specter Stoppers ch. 14
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 7430 words. Wattpad. October 18, 2016.… 

The crew travels through the next town where they might inspect another duplicate of the Taye Stem developing its energy based upon the force of darkness; indeed, the five Specter Stoppers are experiencing the immense impact coming through the Earth with the reaping plants harnessing the people's energy. Master Takahashi leads the five others to investigate the true power online. Topi examines the walls for any unnatural event until he catches a glimpse of the sample regarding its lethal touch on society. On the other hand, the stem's sample shoots a grotesque glare at the Chibi, and Topi cowers toward Efrain's sleeveless shirt. According to the results Rory collected from his 90-page subject notebook about the sample, its microorganisms have manifested its roots to impact the fallacious impact. Dahlia seems cognizant the inhumane pandemic has falter civilization tremendously, for they must figure out a reason the Taye Stem has increased its nocturnal energy. Indeed, there are more reaping plants that harvest the rest of the city, and the others begin to notice the feeling of countless horror. Efrain inspects the gardens cannily due to the suspicion activity going on in the foremost section, and he hears the sound of ghostly aliens murmuring through the atmosphere. 

Akira scouts the entirety of the area for clues on this quixotic emergence the evil lurking among the gardens; moreover, he surveys the appearance of the reaping plant's existence although it doesn't seem to look like the actual fiend. Dahlia stands in bewilderment due to the existence of the monsters she has summoned in the area. Rory examines her words that she used to be a member of Gerard Spearer's team before the fiend conducts the seed of evil to burgeon into the Taye Stem. Indeed, the evidence has shown that Nina is from England despite her ruined childhood. 

"What is this?" Efrain questioned in awe. 

"This must be the area where the Taye Stem has come into existence when the dying Mothrahaha explained the reason a mistress tempted Moto to burgeon the Taye Stem using the formidable ingredients to not only interact with the reactants that come to the border but manifest everything in its limit." Rory theorized. 

"It seems threatening at all, and the circumstances of this procedure not only penetrate the following areas but outside as well," Dahlia added.

"Something fishy is going on, and I think it might be an analogy due on the cavern adjacent Suwa no Chaya," Preston insisted, "I think the emperor is hiding something."

"Hiding something, what?" Zach inquired, testing his bow to acquire the fortitude. 

I thought the prime minister was a virtuous person when we first meet him, but is he a part of this movement? No, this doesn't explain the fact about this outbreak. How are we going to acknowledge the description of the code if we note its numbers? Dahlia pondered. 

He flashes back to the library for a moment when Preston questioned the Prime Minister due to the adverse impact that betide during the revolutionary Taye Stem outbreak. Efrain feels the same way regardless on how the impact occurred in the basement, and he and the others begin to feel the suspicion the Prime Minister has kept. Indeed, the interrogation Preston made with the Royal gentlemen doesn't explain the evidence of the Taye Stem's growth and pandemic. The flash back ends when Preston frowns at the idea of the emperor hiding something from the group. 

"I doubt he's on the emergence." Efrain quoted. 

"The importance of this is the emperor of Japan theorized the events that are currently happening regarding the wrath of the Taye stem." Rory explained to the others. 

"Is it because the emperor is terrified of ghosts?" Zach questioned to the other Specter Stoppers. 

"Not exactly, it seems the emperor is hiding something from us. But why," Efrain questioned, "Who knows? We'll just figure this one out on our own when we get to the gardens." 

Where is all the evidence coming from according to history of the reaping revolution? Whatever the prime minister is insinuating, this man will find evidence. Preston pondered. 

In addition, Ume begins to have the feeling of inept massacre striving through the territory upon the botanic regions starting with the cypresses that burgeon on the floral regions on account of the corruption emerging within the distance of the glade. Akira grasps his hammer as he inspects the entire site for clues that leads to the Titanium briefcase, for he notices a creature is hunting him through the glade. Indeed, the eerie connection makes him lose his focus. 

"This garden seems huge comparing to the last dungeon we investigated. Where we could find Bara in this derelict area?" Akira questioned.

"I suggest we split into two teams." Dahlia replied.

"Sounds like a fantastic idea," Rory nodded, "we can find the titanium briefcase and access to Nina before Bara pulls her maneuver on us." 

"If we're splitting up, I'm going with you all." Princess Yuiha replied. 

"Alright," Efrain stated, "the five of us will take the eastern portion of the garden." 

"We'll take downtown," Akira responded, "we'll keep in close contact with you when we arrive there." 

That worked perfectly. Zach thought. 

"Yeah, OK," Dahlia nodded.

"Sounds like a fantastic idea to settle in the investigation," Rory replied, "although none of the information of this makes logic when Gertrude condemned the curse upon her, it seems appropriate at first." 

"Yeah, that seems something studious," Zach concurred. 

I'm sure Efrain knows how to access to the maintenance system for the case. Dahlia thought. 

"Let's move!" Efrain responded, for he accompanies his team to follow the trail so they can search for Bara in the site of the Kyoto gardens. 

Splitting up into two groups seems not like a dreadful idea, but I doubt Tazurai's mind games are penetrating through the botanical regions. I suppose this code will unlock Nina from her slumber. Rory pondered. 

As the team splits into two, the Specter Stoppers take the eastern portion of the gardens. Ume and Akira leaves to the route to town to scrutinize for evidence. The Specter Stoppers members scrutinize the inhabitant trees to verify that Bara roam to this direction. On the other hand, they find themselves a battle, for a horde of demon mushrooms burgeons from the plains, consisting twenty of them. The Specter Stoppers engage in the battle against the demon mushrooms. The first demon mushroom presses its head to inflict Preston, leaving fungi around his body, and Dahlia stabs the first demon mushroom with her tessen and performs her blossom aura to stun the figure. Efrain charges toward the first demon mushroom and performs his new ability garden demon slash, for he slashes it five times diagonally and does a 360-degree slice. In addition, the first demon mushroom screeches in pain and disintegrates due to the damage he has done. The second demon mushroom performs a jumping uppercut with the accumulation of fungi on Zach. The damage harnesses him, and the infected fungi surrounds the grasslands, and Preston throws his fist of the concrete on the second demon mushroom. 

Were those mushrooms aliens? Efrain pondered. 

Dahlia does her basic cuts to inflict the second demon mushroom in the chest, and it disintegrates to black dust. Zach streams swiftly toward the third demon mushroom by shooting his triple arrow from his mini-arrow cannon, yet he missed by one shot. Princess Yuiha summons a force field around the team to gain defense. In addition, the third demon mushroom performs its fungi uppercut on Zach in the chest. Efrain splits his sword into two and slashes the three demon mushrooms aerodynamically, and he merges his swords together into one and launches his sword beams, defeating the third demon mushroom. Dahlia throws her two tessens on the two other demon mushrooms, and she performs her Rapunzel hair whiplash on the fiends. Rory throws his two Pyris grenades on three more demon mushrooms as the combustion inflicts them. Zach uses his GaN arrow to pin the mushroom; therefore, he pins its chest cannily and darts to attack with his bow. Dahlia slashes the two demon mushrooms, leaving them to die. Princess Yuiha throws her slashers to inflict damage to the fiends. The sixth demon mushroom uses its head to attack Dahlia lethally, but she deflects and swings her tessens to inflict the fiend. Efrain charges toward the sixth demon mushroom and performs his basic sword slash. In addition, the sixth demon mushroom dies from the slash by disintegrating itself to dust. 

Rory cartwheels forward twice and throws his illuminating Pyris grenade on the seventh demon mushroom. He sweep kicks the demon mushroom and draws out a laser dagger from his sheath to inflict damage to the fiend. The eighth demon mushroom claws Rory in the face, yet he deflects with his barrier though the fungi surrounds the barrier. The ninth demon mushroom summons its fungi particles on Rory to inflict damage. Zach fires his hunter's arrow on the eighth to tenth demon mushrooms, and Preston draws his fist to the ground to summon atomic blaze to inflict them. The three demon mushrooms disintegrate as the other three demon mushrooms perform fungi punches on Preston individually. Princess Yuiha casts her plasma technique to shatter the three demon mushrooms, and Efrain slashes the three demon mushrooms to their death with his ghost cleave. The three demon mushroom perform their fungi uppercuts individually on the princess. Rory throws his Pyris grenade on the five demon mushrooms, and Zach shoots his arrows on the five demon mushrooms causing damage to them. The two demon mushrooms career towards Efrain, but he lashes with his sword beam as Dahlia lifts them up with her gusty high wind and throws her right tessen to create a vortex to incinerate the combustion to the demon mushrooms. Preston performs fist of the concrete to eliminate the two demon mushrooms; in addition, the Specter Stoppers and Yuiha successfully won their battle against the demon mushrooms. Efrain combines his bisected Yukonamo sword back as a whole and places it back to his sheath. 

"Let me get this straight, does this code make any sense?" Efrain queried. 

"These letters seemed miniature despite the footnote." Dahlia replied to her cousin's response. 

"Let me study the numbers of the code," Rory suggested, and Efrain hands him the paper. He scans virtually with his bio-projector glasses to indicate the code numbers, "OK, the code numbers on this piece of paper are 3254-2196-8097-6605." 

That's the code number for the titanium briefcase, and I believe a suspect is behind this locking up business. Efrain pondered. 

The Specter Stoppers and Princess Yuiha witness more company surging through the shadows on account of the ghostly encounters they confronted. In addition, another round of entities called the Raikubara and and a new breed of space apparitions xera-eishis emerges from the shadows besieging the team members. There are seven of them each wandering the arboreal regions, and princess Yuiha summons her blaze to inflict the first xera-eishi. The first Raikubara slashes her with its serrated blades, and Dahlia deflects with her right tessen and stabs it with her left. Efrain performs his garden demon slash on the second and third Raikubara tactically, and the Raikubara eliminating them. Preston lights up his gauntlets to implement power to the xera-eishi and performs lightning back-fist. Princess Yuiha lifts her arms to summon her ring of fire to shatter the fiend, and Rory performs his double cartwheel on the second Raikubara and throws his Pyris grenade on the entity. In addition, the effects of the blaze incinerate the second Raikubara. Preston throws his fiery fist to the ground to impair the brute cheating after him, and princess Yuiha infects the first xera-eishi with twilight kiss. In addition, Dahlia performs her tessen vortex to eliminate the entity, and the second xera-eishi summons its darkness bolt on both Dahlia and Rory. Efrain slashes the second and third xera-eishi using his garden demon slash to inflict damage to the monsters. The second xera-eishi disappears in defeat after Efrain slashed it, and the third xera-eishi lunges him to the facade. Preston snatches the third xera-eishi and power slams it into the wall directly; in addition, he performs a massive fist of the concrete to demolish the fiend. He glares at the other and throws a punch to drift the fourth xera-eishi directly, and Zach performs critical shot on the four xera-eishis murdering them off. Princess Yuiha and Dahlia recede towards each other and glower at the four remaining Raikubara. 

"All my life to study the paranormal and fighting crime, those monsters surround me with full force. Do you think these guys can outwit the five of us with a spark?" Dahlia queried.

"I suppose they might wander off," Yuiha stated, and she and Dahlia turn to each other agreeing and say together, "think again, they are not." 

The girls double team by using their throwing objects to demolish the four Raikubara, and the first Raikubara courses to action as Efrain incises the fiend in half. Preston pommels the other Raikubara and then back-flips to dispel the two brutes. In addition, he darts and drop-kicks the two Raikubara, defeating then in battle. The team once again survives the battle against the monsters, and they picked up 300 woolongs from the ground. Princess Yuiha high fives Dahlia for a job well done, and Efrain nods his head on account of the feminism of the two girls. 


Meanwhile, outside of the Kyoto gardens, Ume and Akira trek to find civilization despite their route back. In addition, the two supporters arrive to a barren town finding a few citizens poisoned by the pandemic of the Taye Stem. The stores and the houses were all closed; indeed, it leads to the cavern on the other side of the river. Akira receives from his DNA tracker one of the rose petals from the ground to specify the whereabouts. In addition, he founded the titanium briefcase from the other side of the area. 

"Well, that seems facile," Akira responded, but a horde of two Raikubara agrees to transfer the titanium briefcase where no one will find it, "damn it. There are ghosts surrounding the case. What are we supposed to do?" 

"Didn't Efrain tell you to think of a diversion to rid these creeps?" Ume questioned. 

"Yes, and somehow I can't cogitate of a tactical strife," Akira responded, "I have sketch out the blueprints for our plan, yet it doesn't even work." 

In addition, Ume hears her communicator beeping from her pocket, for it was Efrain contacting the two knowing if they find any evidence that lead to here. Henceforth, Akira presses the green button to answer the call as his image appears on screen. 

"Did you find anything unusual there?" Efrain questioned Akira, broadcasting from the eastern portion of the Kyoto gardens. 

"We found the titanium briefcase in this barren town here, yet we find ourselves trouble." Akira expressed. 

"We found the coordinates for the access code to the case, can you accommodate them?" he questioned. 

"Yes, of course," Ume answered on live broadcast, "listen, there's a prosperity on what Bara's origin had begun during the outbreak, and it was a bottom line. Fifteen years ago, she works as Dr. Akari Inoue, a lab assistant, for Dr. Chu, a mad scientist. She studied genetics of these seedlings to interact with her until she couldn't take much longer. She demands him to cease his diabolical doings; however, he shoves her to the floor and throws toxic chemicals around her body..."

"He killed her?" Dahlia gulped. 

"Indeed," she reasoned, "because of his behavior, he continued his research by calling the Takimoto laboratories to plot the latest technological experiment he constructed." 

"How did she became interested in plant genetics?" Zach questioned. 

"She devoted her life to study the florae," Rory answered, "even if she were alive and not in the control of the Taye Stem, she would have shared how the Taye Stem's growth and pandemic is the cause of this outbreak. Her scientific theory as I read from her pseudoscientific discoveries indicates its termination." 

"Interesting backstory about her, Ume, I didn't noticed how Dr. Chu can be a pain to her." Efrain stated. 

"What happened next?" Dahlia queried. 

"I got my fists ready if this Dr. Chu ever shows his hideous ass face in town." Preston frowned at the idea of the murder scam, so he clutched his fists. 

"What happens next?" Zach asked Rory. 

"When he was talking to the administrators of the Takimoto laboratories, a streak of purple lights emerged from the trays, and smoke fumed the spatial portions of the laboratory. Her skin became aloe. Therefore, the toxins and leaves surrounded her body, and an aura of green light surged her hand. She took revenge on the doctor by making a name for herself; therefore, she poisoned him with by locking her lips toward his. She was transformed into Bara. She summoned her fellow replicas of the same reaping plants the Taye Stem has reproduced from its roots," Rory added, "every time she seeked her victim, her energy is linked with the manifestation of the stem itself." 

"That is terrifying," Efrain nodded, "if Dr. Inoue transformed herself, her connection with the Taye Stem links within her bloodline since Kioyaka burgeoned it. Ume, we better log out from contact." 

"We'll hear from you later, ace." Ume responded, and she logs out from her contact list and spies on the fiends as she and Akira exit from the office building. 

In addition, Akira zips the dead bodies into the bags inside and transfer them into the automobile where he offer the embalmers to embalm the bodies of the deceased though some of these people are on the emergence of death did to the pandemic. Akira calls for emergency to report the number of casualties in the area. In addition, a helicopter arrives on the spot where Akira is with one of the bodies of the deceased so they can transport it to the morgue. Ume and Akira saunter to the cavern where they witness the caustic stem's illumination. The duo spy on the two Raikubara carrying the case with the person inside. In addition, they enact on their encounter when one of the Raikubaras notices their existence in the public area. Ume throws her three shurikens to inflict damage to the two Raikubaras, and she performs her raging tail on the first Raikubara. The other implements its nettle on her, but missed when she leaps as she slashes the Raikubara with her naginata. In addition, she lunges with her blade and kicks its jaw line. She lands on her feet and picks up her weapon, and the other Raikubara extends its fingers to inflict Ume directly. She slices the Raikubara in half and places her naginata back into her sheath. Suddenly, a female's voice calls to Ume in her knowing another future vision is occurring when the message beeps, for Janet appears on a hover-ship to Ume with a message. 

"Are you a monkey or something?" Ume questioned. 

"In verity, I'm an android. The name is Janet Melrose, head of the Specter Stoppers enterprises," she responded. 

"Wow, an android, that's convenient. I'm Ume." she replied. 

"Ume, stop clowning around, we have to... Wait, you must be Janet Melrose," Akira responded, "you're the head of the enterprises here. I read a couple of your biographies." 

"Akira Zhoushite, elder brother of Ken Fudo Zhoushite. Pleasure to meet you, so what brought you two here?" Janet queried. 

"We're here to find the titanium briefcase here in this town which was infected by the disease of the Taye Stem, there's a girl named Nina. She's the victim of David Davies and another foe known as Bara." he stated. 

"So, did you have the accommodations to the safe?" Janet questioned. 

"What accommodations?" Akira asked. 

"Can you excuse us for a moment?" Ume queried, and she and Akira attend in a private conversation, "we found the titanium chest, but we don't have the code with us." 

"If we have found the titanium briefcase, that means the others found the accommodations at the Kyoto gardens," Akira pointed out. 

"You haven't told them about the code." she whispered. 

Akira scratches his head in puzzlement and answers, "Uh no." I was sending cadavers to the emergency crew I forgot to contact Efrain about the code. 

"Lets contact them again," Ume suggested, and she dials the coordinates to Efrain's number yet failed, "oh come on pick up." 

In addition, Akira glances at a group of school kids exiting from the academy, and he notices the feeling of unnatural causes that are surrounding the area. He catches a glimpse of a flying rock bursting to the west. 

Where is that flying rock shooting towards? Akira wondered. 

"Anything alright, Akira?" Ume questioned. 

"What troubles you?" Janet queried. 

"I don't know but something horrific is about to happen in the area," Akira replied and turns his head to Ume, "did you reach the others about the code?" 

"No, not yet." Ume answered, and Janet flies back to base to indicate further on the incidence of the Taye Stem along with keeping track on the team. 

"I suppose Janet will tell us the code numbers," Akira replied, and he turns around and realizes she disappeared, "where did she go?" 

"It appears she is gone," Ume responded, "now come on, let's take the briefcase before her henchmen return with a seeking wrath." 

In addition, they hear footsteps increasing from the intersection in the middle of a Japanese area, so he and Ume exited with the titanium briefcase to camoflague themselves. Akira lifts the case up though its weight nearly collapses him, so he needed a hand from Ume. In addition, Emiko's voice called to Akira warning him about the existence of Bara, and the two supporters proceed to the bushes to conceal from being seen. Akira locks in the coordinates to reach the others, but there's no signal based on his cellular line. 

Great, being alone in a forbidden territory seems like a pain in the ass comparing to this. Akira thought. 

"I know right, I can read your mind." Ume scowled. 

Ume needs to stop reading my mind for once. I think this mission might be perilous. How can I agree with Ume to do this?  Akira pondered, and he lifts up the case with his full strength. 


Back in the gardens, Efrain and the other Specter Stoppers and Princess Yuiha spy on the henchmen wandering aimlessly in the center-point of the gardens. In addition, Rory fixes a significant scan of the area knowing supplementary Raikubara are occurring near the shrubbery. Suddenly, the Specter Stoppers have sought yet another round of Raikubara, consisting five of them. The first Raikubara forms its plant cell's characteristics from its arm to create a blade and slashes Rory in the chest, increasing damage towards him. In addition, Rory activates the barrier to defend his team mates as Princess Yuiha flashes a spark of lightning to inflict the first Raikubara. Preston charges toward the fiend and performs his spinning arc kick to drift the fiend and then straight punches. In addition, the first Raikubara is sent flying out of the gardens. On the other hand, it summons its plant to whack Preston and Efrain. The two gentlemen land on the grassy texture, and Dahlia performs her Rapunzel hair whiplash on the first Raikubara, eliminating the monster. The second Raikubara summons its cactus to inflict Dahlia, and Efrain slashes the second Raikubara with his Yukonamo sword. The second Raikubara throws its plant cell wall to the ground and damages Rory. The third Raikubara slashes Efrain with its serrated arm blades. Preston jabs the fourth Raikubara launching a smash bolt on it. Rory fires his plasma to inflict damage towards the fifth Raikubara. Dahlia attacks using her tessen on the third Raikubara. Zach loads his energy arrows and fire his energy arrow on the second Raikubara. The third Raikubara slashes Zach with its blades, and the fourth Raikubara performs its nettle to inflict Rory bringing in the poison. In addition, the effects of it leads to death in a moment unless Rory can reach for an antidote to rid the poison. Efrain cleaves the brute with his garden demon slash to bisect the Raikubara, and Dahlia performs her tessen vortex to eliminate the third Raikubara immediately. Princess Yuiha summons her antidote technique to rid the poison on Rory before he even uses it; in addition, Zach fires his volley arrow to inflict the two monsters. 

"The middle section of the garden is completed, and the occurrence of Bara is in verity in the section of the shrubbery." Rory pointed out. 

"We must find the others before the events deteriorate," Efrain responded, and he leads the way, "let's go." 

"This area is covered in slime, yuck." Dahlia groaned. 

I didn't discern the fact there might be slime in the gardens, yet they might be another set of ghostly aliens wandering in the area. The problem is what do the numbers symbolize in the code? Efrain pondered. 

"I'm not sure how to put this, but anyone called for a clean up crew." Preston responded. 

"Looks like the gardens are thicker, and I'm suggesting we must proceed further." Efrain replied. 

This arboreal region looks a mess when the Taye Stem manifested the region, yet I don't see any slime in each site. Zach thought. 

"Seems cynical that I myself try to protect normal creatures and plants before the spread condemns the flower beds." Rory stated to the others. 

"You and your green thumb." Preston scowled. 

"Sounds like you have a distaste for botany." Rory replied. 

"Guys, the monsters might hear us," Efrain frowned.  

Henceforth, the Specter Stoppers defeated the Raikubara and picked up 600 woolongs, and Dahlia gained a level. Moreover, her health and technique points increased by 5. Dahlia finds a route to the other side of the forest and witnesses the sound of clamors, and Preston catches a glare of the trees knowing there are supplementary apparitions lingering within the territory. In addition, the Specter Stoppers continue on their mission to exterminate the henchmen Bara summoned, and another round of monstrous space alien ghosts emerges from the shadows seeking its targeted possessions. A horde of limestone samurai and demon mushrooms, consisting ten of them each, and the Specter Stoppers engage in combat against the limestone samurai along with the demon mushrooms. Efrain performs his thunder lion slash level 2 to inflict the first limestone samurai, and Preston performs his fist of the concrete on the figure, shattering the limestone samurai. On the other hand, the limestone samurai slashes him diagonally and fiendishly. It slashes him three times and thrusts him 2ft apart, and Efrain darts to the rescue with his blade in hand. Dahlia performs double fan slash to the second limestone samurai and the first demon mushroom. 

On the other hand, the first demon mushroom performs a massive fungi uppercut to inflict damage to Dahlia, but Zach fires his tactical shot on the first demon mushroom with a fire arrow. In addition, the flames combust the first demon mushroom as Dahlia slashes the monster with her lunar slash. Efrain slices the second demon mushroom and the second limestone samurai into pieces; in addition, Preston streams towards the two limestone samurai and power slams them to the ground, shattering them into pieces. Princess Yuiha throws her twin slashers to inflict the two demon mushrooms. The third demon mushroom performs its fungi uppercut on her, and the other uses its head to summon fungi on her. Rory throws his Pyris grenade on the two demon mushrooms tactically, and Efrain slashes the two demon mushrooms eliminating them. Preston performs his spinning arc kick on the fourth limestone samurai to create an aperture, and he slides to uppercut the other. One of the limestone samurai slashes Preston balefully with its fractured sword. The fifth limestone samurai inflicts Efrain with its sword, and another of the limestone samurai slashes him diagonally. Dahlia performs her flamingo's grace technique to restore Efrain to his current health. The fifth limestone samurai cuts Preston inflicting damage towards him, and princess Yuiha throws her twin slashes on the two limestone samurai. Rory locks in the coordinates to summon a drone to the battlefield, and he fires his plasma gun on the fiend. Efrain performs his thunder lion slash to eliminate three more demon mushrooms, yet they evade it and use their head to inflict Efrain. Dahlia throws her tessen to cause damage to the monsters directly, and she twirls one of her tessens. Efrain darts towards the other demon mushroom and performs his signature move crescent cut, and it eliminates the brute expeditiously and tactically. Dahlia throws her tessen vortex on the two demon mushrooms her cousin coped from before. The flames incinerate the two fiends to their demises. Zach fires his hail of arrows on the fifth and sixth limestone samurai, and the fire combusts their limestone bodies. In addition, the effects of the conflagration demolish the two limestone samurai effectively. Efrain streams with his Yukonamo sword and slashes the seventh limestone samurai with his garden demon slash to bisect it. Dahlia throws her tessens at the eighth and ninth limestone samurai, for the tessen vortex harnesses the damage to them. Efrain slashes the five demon mushrooms with ghost cleave, and Zach pins the last of the limestone samurai with his fiery arrow as the effects of the fire impairs its stability. The team made it victorious, and they picked 300 woolongs for slaying the apparitions. They proceed to the other side to continue on their hunt for Bara. 


Meanwhile, in the obsidian castle, Tazurai shoots a glare of his virtual mirror discerning the Taye Stem infecting the town of Kyoto, and he inspects Bara during her time in the gardens. Tazurai sits in his throne pondering of a plot. 

"Her assessment is correct in our name," Tazurai muttered to himself, "it feels like she is heeding my every order, but what source of connection I provided her." 

In addition, Chun Taozi appears rushing to the throne room exhaustedly with news, "sir, there's something I want you to see." 

Tazurai screams in rage when someone from his concentration is utterly interrupted, and Chun Taozi steps backwards despite his trust issues. In addition, lady Taki allows Chun Taozi to give the update, "Chun Taozi, what updates do you have from the Kyoto gardens when inspecting Bara's henchmen?" 

"Lady Takiyasha-Obake, it appears the Specter Stoppers and their friends found the code for the titanium briefcase." Chun Taozi reported. 

"I see, and you have forgotten we brought back Kioyaka without creating a paradox. I humbly suggest to get your actions together, and the only thing you are trying to do right now is to enact on your inspections. So, the Specter Stoppers may found the code and the briefcase, but their next task will render arduously. Isn't that right, Tazurai?" Lady Takiyasha responded. 

"That's right, Taki." Tazurai nodded. 

"Now they will crack the deathly spread when Bara corrupts the garden." Lady Takiyasha replied. 

"And let's see if they can tackle Kioyaka if Bara fails." Tazurai replied. 

The Specter Stoppers ch. 13
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 5231 words. Wattpad. October 14, 2016.…

The evil Tazurai watches the team through his virtual mirror knowing their next move to lure him down even lady Taki, and Chun Taozi enters into his throne room with the connection of the Taye Stem harnessing its widespread dilemma. Indeed, it augments its structural fortitude to absorb the countless souls of the victims the reaping plants manifested in the hereafter. Henceforth, the concentration Chun Taozi procured might plot an alleged strife on the human world by bringing its prized possession. 

"Have you developed the relentless power of the Taye stem?" Tazurai questioned the green-faced male. 

"Of course sire," Chun stated bowing to his master, and the two underworld guards exit from his royal chambers, "though they purged the Igglaecto, the ghost that reproduces a horde of Crypanurites, from the library's sub-basement." 

"So, they did," Tazurai replied, "how moronic?" 

"Those Specter Stoppers never realized what we're developing right now will come to them," lady Takiyasha-obake replied, "our storm of alien ghosts and space demons will come near them." 

"In addition, the stem will fortify its potency." Kioyaka grinned, and the two underworld guards, Shun Gozu and Shun Mezu, enter before him in his throne room he's sharing with Takiyasha.

"Sire, I assume you have two marauders that are wanting to see you," Shun Gozu stated to the ruler. 

"Send them in," Tazurai contended, and shun Gozu turns to the mika and Hotaru, the individuals who fled in their battle against Ume Netanyahu. 

In addition, he turns to Mika and Hotaru who are entering the throne room before him in disgust knowing their failure, and Tazurai sits in his throne on account of the requests they are dying to accept. The two marauders step forward to the warlord on the behest of the strife, and Mayku shakes her head in sheer disappointment even Chun Taozi can notify the rest of the facts of their worst experiences when serving for Dr. Kazumachisthui. 

"What brought you two before me, hmm?" Tazurai questioned to the couple. 

"Sire, we're here before you at the behest of our vascular plant is Hotaru fought against Ume Netanyahu moments ago, and she and the Specter Stoppers are destined to eliminate our plan for world dominion." Mika stated.

"What?!" Tazurai snarled.

"We have discovered the team is destined to engage in the cleansing of our plan." Mika replied.

"So, the Specter Stoppers have ceased Dr. Kazumachisthui's plan I shared, but it is still their fate within the Earth that will apprehend." Tazurai responded.

"Sir, we won't back down." Hotaru stated.

"Good, now leave my throne room," Tazurai responded, and the duo exits from the throne room after heeding the order, "Kioyaka, looks like you might need their services if the Specter Stoppers ever set foot upon my doings." 

"Sorry to interrupt sir, it seems we have found the titanium chest," Shun Mezu pointed out, "it appears someone whose name we haven't revealed yet is preventing her from escaping the dark. There's a rumor that another anonymous figure has conjured an accursed technique upon her to cause her alleged dark side connect with her innocent side. When the individual upsets her, it causes her virtuous persona to transform into a much sinister approach beyond illusion." 

"It appears her evil side is apart from her," Chun Taozi asserted. 

"Indeed, it's unknown if her dark side exists to our world," Takiyasha replied. 

"Perhaps we will inhibit the Specter Stoppers from inching her when Bara rounds her army to besiege the territory." Shun Gozu insinuated to them. 

"Excellent! This might be the challenge the Specter Stoppers will face during this era coupled with the obstacles inside the Kyoto gardens," Tazurai grinned evilly with his left hand tightens to a fist, "but wait... Where did the green haired person sent her if she's in the titanium chest?" 

"In the Kyoto gardens, the same location where Bara has gathered her army to besiege the botanical regions," shun Mezu stated, "and that's where the Specter Stoppers will meet their faltering encounter." 

"Oh good! I thought I was pondering that to myself," Tazurai smirked, clenching his left hand to form a fist and crushes the object he carried in his hand, "as of now, the Specter Stoppers may have passed the obstacles, but the next set will overwhelm them." 


Meanwhile, at his home in Takayama, Efrain takes a break from fighting against evil forces after meeting with the emperor and prime minister at the Hikaru Valley library center, and the feeling of the . He enters the steam room after switching on the faucets. Efrain appears with a smooth teal towel wrapped around his lower body, and he sits down on the bench beginning to picture the events from the previous battle despite the termination. He sighs in relief reflecting through his memory on a fierce battle happening. The events, for this reason, he envisioned relate to the possibility of Armageddon; in fact, the prophecy of the Taye stem as Ume mentioned lingers through his cognition. He sits down on the bench and sighs calmly. Efrain catches a glimpse of his bleeding hand after a morbid battle against Dr. Kazumachisthui to augur if the bilious outgrowths of the pandemonium. He begins to reflect on the moment Dr. Kazumachisthui said before her death they must find in order to determine on the whereabouts of Kioyaka after they find a person known as Bara.

How can I determine the whereabouts here in the area? We notice during the aftermath of the auto-plant's shut down, yet I couldn't seem to figure out what triggered the Taye stem to spread its roots when burgeoned from the seed of evil. Efrain pondered. 

Moments ago, during the conference with his fellow comrades, they discussed on their terms the impact of the Taye Stem's termination according to the schematic map of the Kyoto gardens, their next destination, for Rory picked up the evidence from his wrist communicator, explaining the targeted location to where their next destination might take him later on during their journey. 

"Janet, access to the computer and explain the location of Bara." Efrain responded to the others on account of the damage set upon the courses. 

"It seems Bara has summoned her henchmen to stand guard in the glades, and she's summoning up another horde of reaping plant ghouls to take control of the area. According to the research Professor Gūka had shared with Rory and Akira, there might be a result the Honma clan exists today to seek revenge on the reign of horror," Janet explained, "for it's no surprise how the reason for this result of the Taye Stem penetrates its termination." 

"There's a rumor on a person who's inside the titanium case that consists of a passcode that only we can release her. Indeed, the person is a female by the name of Nina," Rory reasoned, accessing to the main base computer to disclose her location, for the schematic map of the gardens display in the red dot from his radar, "she is on the merge of the curse when Gertrude cast a spell on her. Her untainted side is in the chest, and there's evidence to prove a grave side of her exists somewhere around the universe." 

"Nina," Efrain replied.

"That is correct, Efrain," Akira replied, typing the location based on the rendezvous coordinates Rory and he picked up together to indicate the whereabouts of the foe and her army along with the mysterious titanium chest, "it seems she has a troubled past as Rory mentioned during our meeting with Professor Gūka." 

"A curse?" Efrain questioned, "what's the reason behind the curse?" 

"It appears when her persona manifested, causing her heart to turn rotted." Rory informed theoretically. 

"Then why someone ensnared Nina inside and locked her using the passcode to seal her, sending her into a deep sleep?" Dahlia queried. 

"Strange, and I doubt the Rose witch is planning to overrun the area, and she'll feel the taste of my fists when I delivered them." Preston stated. 

"I knew Bara is plotting the same maneuver to rot the gardens," the sound of a feminine voice called to the team, and it was Princess Yuiha who entered the control room to disclose the veritable evidence on Nina's capture during the Reaping Revolution, "I heard your conversation from inside the control room. There's only a way to break apart the curse from her virtuous side. You must allow her to give the source." 

"What source, princess?" Efrain questioned.

"Nina is the source," the princess divulged, "she's the main source to rid the darkness." 

"What?!" Akira exclaimed. 

"Ok, this doesn't make any sense. Giving the source sounds ridiculous. I have my sources documented, and we keep it safe from enemy borders." Efrain stated. 

"I agree with Efrain, it doesn't capture the logic on how he will access to the source to end the mischief unless it might be a connection of a human being he's trying to contact when the malevolent persona has abducted her body." Rory suggested. 

"Let me guess, a malevolent persona abducting the body is like a ghost." Dahlia stated. 

"Correct, now it seems Bara has disclosed that she is concealing the titanium chest that consists of a special code," Rory prompted, "if we don't cease this horrendous curse, the Taye Stem will manipulate upon thousands." 

I still don't understand how Rory just mentioned about giving her the source, but what does this have to do with the curse? Who is this Gertrude? Who is Nina? Is Gertrude trying to threat her using her power? I suppose I might find the answers when we arrive there, and hopefully, it will determine whether the fate of humanity is on the substantial approach of bellicose efforts. Efrain wondered, and he strokes his drenched long red hair. 

He stands himself up to his feet and exits from the steam room when he hears the sound of his wrist communicator beeping from his aquamarine gauntlet. In addition, Efrain stacks his battle gear on his bed for himself to gear up. Back downstairs, Rory studies the sample of the disease firmly to ponder if the essence of the Taye stem penetrates through the soil. He hears the sound of his wrist communicator, for its a message from Efrain saying to return to base. Preston keeps his agility up by punching and kicking the bag outside, and he hears the sound of his wrist communicator beeping. He wipes the sweat from his forehead after a cardiac workout, and Preston hears his wrist communicator beeping and dons his jet black sleeveless jacket. Dahlia is in her bikini on the pool side relaxing in her chair, for her servants serve her glasses of cherry juice. In addition, she hearkens a beeping sound as a red alert signal appears on her virtual screen. One of her servants places a silver tray with her drink on the table. She lowers her butterfly sunglasses and reads a message from her cousin Efrain to report to base from her cellular communicator; in addition, she stands up to her feet and exits to the bathroom to don her battle gear. Zach tests his bowstring in the training field outside cunningly to increase his dexterity, and he draws out something from his sturdy whitish grey quiver and fires his lucky steel arrow, which he drew out from his quiver, on the target he nailed to a tree that is 3 feet away from where he's standing. Zach hears his cellular communicator ringing from his left pocket and reads a message from Efrain as he exits with his bow to base. In addition, Akira and Ume appear alongside Efrain who's dressed in full uniform. The others appear to the downstairs corridor where they meet with their friends to engage in their quest to cease the relentless spread of the Taye Stem. 

"There you are, guys. I have found the monsters that might be roaming through the area," Ume responded to the team members, analyzing a trail of footprints the entities have left in search for their victims, "the reaping plant ghouls, the only species the fiend Bara summoned to the Kyoto gardens, and I can sense their aromatic presence." 

What essence lies beneath the reciprocal taverns that reconstruct the dangerously infectious Taye Stem if its offsprings are granted to empower the botanical territory? Rory pondered. 

"Great," Efrain replied, "by the way, Ume, about activating the source inside the female, is it necessary for someone to do it to eliminate the curse?" 

"Exactly, it regards on the specific encounter at this point for the seven of us to chase the fiend before she turns the north Kyoto gardens into a rampage," Ume responded to the others strictly, "I suggest we tackle the fiend together faster." 

"If there is such a thing like the curse, it would be impossible to dispel it from the victim." Rory stated to him. 

"Then where we can find the titanium chest, and how are we going to awake Nina from her deep sleep?" Dahlia queried. 

"The box should be within this site, and I suppose we search for it." Akira insisted. 

"Indeed," Efrain nodded to her response, "Now, let's head to the Kyoto gardens. Shall we?" 

In addition, the Specter Stoppers approach to the Lexus NX, which is parallel parked adjacent Akira's Honda, and Efrain opens the driver's door with his car keys as the car doors open up. Akira unlocks the car door for his Honda, and he straps himself inside the vehicle and presses the button to unlock the hybrid doors for Ume to enter the vehicle. She buckles her safety belt and ensures the others that they are set. Dahlia opens the passenger door to be in the front, and Preston packs up the weaponry they need to counter with the floral felon. Rory, by the same token to this, indicates the presence of the malevolent entity not far from their base using an archetype that specifically foretell her schemes that betide the area. Zach catches a glimpse at Akira whether they are ready to capture the fiend, and Efrain switches on the engine for the vehicle and pulls the lever to drive mode. Additionally, a ramp appears in front of the two cars, for Janet switches the ramps for the vehicles to exit the area. The two vehicles exit from the lower corridor garage to embark on the Specter Stoppers' mission to cleanse the monsters haunting the botanical regions. The red traffic light brightens at the first intersection of Kyoto as the two cars stop their vehicles for pedestrians to cross to the other side of the sidewalk. After ensuring the pedestrians are walking safely to the section, ignoring crashes, the traffic light changes to green, and the Specter Stoppers' Lexus NX and Akira's Honda drive through the other side of the road exiting the urban side. By the same token, they arrive at the northern gardens here in Kyoto. The bonsai trees were seemly damaged due to the manifestation of the Taye Stem; in addition, Rory is picking up another signal from his wrist scanner regardless on the potential signal. Efrain parallel parks the vehicle cannily to evade crashes, and Preston wakes up from his nap knowing everything from his vision are about to oppose him. Akira steers the wheel to park his automobile adjacent the other automobiles. Princess Yuiha is waiting for the team to arrive so she will divulge the reason for this inevitable impact. The aura from these bonsai trees illuminate purple; for one thing, Bara finds what she have sought. 

The cryptoflora plants bloom to a proportionately effect, for a glowing Venus flytrap snatches a fly bugging it. Efrain notices Bara has trailed to this direction to figure out where her headquarters is located. Rory scans in his tracker the occurrence of the mild space apparitions wandering nearly, and Dahlia inspects the spatial territory to note if there are any fallicious encounters attempting to entice her. Zach watches the clouds consolidating to darken the sky, and Preston catches a glare and bethinks the creatures will bulge in the battlefield. Rory scouts the barren shrubs, and he receives a significant paranormal reading of an anonymous alien ghost lingering in the territory. Henceforth, the result of the outgrowth penetrates as the Taye Stem continues its unlikely spread to threaten the people of Japan. Ume cuts away the leaves blocking their path, and she discerns the uproars coming from the opposite corner of the gardens. They scurry to conceal themselves to a barren shrub with cherry blossoms from being seen as the Specter Stoppers members eavesdrop a breed of space apparitions Rory haven't mentioned. 

"What are those? I don't remember scribing this breed of apparitions," Akira replied, "doesn't seem like in the book." 

"No, they're in the MLA section of hazardous apparitions and entities. It appears Bara's enforcers realize we are in her territory," Rory acknowledged, "we notice those are the DNA samples from the alleged apparition breed." 

"Ok, what do we have to ambush these guys?" Preston questioned Efrain in a whisper. 

"Yeah, what's your plan, cousin?" Dahlia concurred. 

"Sneak attack," Efrain answered. 

"Excuse me," Akira refuted, "what?!" 

"Akira, you and Ume must create a diversion," he responded to him, "do you think you can do that?" 

"Ok fine, if I died in the battlefield, box me in a casket and tell my younger brother I love him." Akira stated. 

"Ok, let's not forget you are as strange as a creature," Ume retorted, "and your brain is miniature as a peanut." 

"Hey, cut it out!" Akira returned. 

"At least, she didn't mentioned my name in her list." Preston sighed in relief. 

"Even for a doofus." she added. 

"Why you little?!" Preston growled, readying his MMA gloves. 

"What's with your boyfriend, Dahlia?" Princess Yuiha questioned her. 

"Oh, it happens most of the time. We have talked a lot during our missions --especially the one we're doing right now." Dahlia giggled. 

"That's why they never stopped arguing." Zach stated, "say Dahlia, I was practicing my enhanced archery, and I was wondering if you and the others can watch my tournament next year." 

"Sounds fun. I'll think about it, Zach." Dahlia replied. 

"Ume, Preston. You're missing the point on we're still in this situation in our hands." Rory suggested. 

"For hunters with fists, you're just as moronic as a mule." Ume quipped. 

"What are you saying?!" Preston ranted. 

"You heard me, Vaughan. You're the idiot." Ume repeated. 

"Oh hell no, for that, come here and fight like a man." Preston frowned. 

"I'm a girl, you idiot!" Ume smirked. 

"Whatever!" Preston shouted. 

"Knock it off," Efrain called, "how can we concentrate if you two are bickering? Bara is wreaking havoc with her henchmen in this area, and we track Nina's signal based on Rory's wrist scanner. I suggest you keep your conversations to yourselves." 

"Efrain, you forgot I talked about the dying part." Akira responded. 

"I see, you thought of a diversion." he asked. 

"Yes, although it might seemed like a blunder." Akira answered. 

"Ok. If we're reticent, we can find Nina faster." Efrain suggested. 

"Ok, which direction?" Dahlia questioned. 

"This way." Rory pointed out, and the Specter Stoppers cross the path to the bridge where they are analyzing the DNA from the villainous Bara. Suddenly, Efrain catches sight of ghostly aliens lingering hereby. 

A horde of 14 cypress golems and another horde of 7 rose bats wander aimlessly in the exterior gardens standing guard in the desolated sites. Efrain uses sign language to point a position when the others are willing to attack the grotesque apparitions. Dahlia tiptoes following her cousin without being seen, and Preston glowers at the specters. In addition, Rory steps on a branch accidentally, and the cypress golems gawk at the Specter Stoppers and their friends.

I guess that plan Akira made didn't work. Efrain thought.  

They stream into action and attack the cypress golems and rose bats, and the first cypress golem summons its cypress to grasp Efrain's feet together. Ume draws out her weapon to defend herself from the cypresses inching her, and Preston throws a fiery punch on the second cypress golem directly. Thunder strikes the bonsai tree as it trembles to the ground effectively. In addition, a conflagration merges through its serrated leaves after Preston delivers the fire to the fiend. The killer blaze Preston summoned from his left gauntlet executes the first cypress golem crisping its leaves and body. "Look out!" Akira exclaimed. The first rose bat uses its thorns to clench Rory, but Zach shoots his fire arrow to pin the monstrous cypress golem. Rory evades the cypresses from inching near him until it snatched him in the left foot, and he throws his Pyris grenade on the third and fourth cypress golems. "Face the smash of my steelex mallet!" Akira shouted. 

"Nice shot, Akira!" Ume called, defending herself with her laser naginata. 

Princess Yuiha summons her tidal wave to drench the limestone samurai. Akira throws his steelex mallet 3000 to impair the third and fourth cypress golems directly. The other cypress golem snatches Akira from the back with its vine ropes, and Akira struggles to break himself loose. Zach shoots his fire arrow on the cypress golem creating a combustion to surround the figure releasing Akira from its grasp. Ume evades the flowery storm petals and lashes the figure with pinball roll, and she uncurls herself and slashes the rose bat with her naginata. 

Cypress golems couldn't stand fire and water. Their bodies are made out of exotic plant cells. Ume pondered, and she swings her laser naginata to inhibit the monsters from inching her. 

Dahlia throws her left tessen on the first cypress golem to unleash its vortex power inflicting its leaves, and Efrain frees himself with his double blade technique and slices the third to sixth cypress golems and two rose bats. He consolidates the two bisected swords back to a whole and performs his double crescent cut to shatter the two cypress golems; in addition, he executes the two cypress golems directly. Rory dashes towards the other cypress golem and throws his clipper-rang to slash the inorganic green stem-liked arms. Moreover, it regenerates its botanical arms, and Rory seems surprised due to its vulnerable ability. In addition, he switches to his Pyris grenade to fetter the fiend's vision. Dahlia performs an open fan punch on the fiend and slashes the sixth cypress golem tactically and swiftly vanishing it from existence; Preston performs his blazing front flip kick to impair the first rose bat instantly, yet the second snatches him in the right leg and throws him to a broken wall. In addition, Preston rises to his feet swiftly and roundhouse punches the Rose bat, whisking it to the bole. The bonsai tree tumbles down squishing the Rose bat lethally, and Efrain dash kicks the seventh cypress golem from the back of the row and gashes it vertically in the facial structure. In addition, the seventh cypress golem screeches due to the damage Efrain caused. Princess Yuiha throws her twin slashes to inflict damage to the seventh cypress golem, and the damage causes it to fall apart. 

Ume augments her shuriken to tackle the eighth cypress golem and third rose bat. In addition, Akira throws his hammer to inflict the third rose bat directly. Preston performs his fiery cross punch to ail the eighth cypress golem with fire. Zach shoots his fire arrows on the fourth rose bat though he missed by five arrows, and Rory evades the prickly thorns the fourth rose bat implemented to the team. He throws his clipper-rang to the fourth rose bat to demolish its energy, and the fourth rose bat screeches and collapses to the grass. Efrain dashes to the other side and slashes the ninth cypress golem with his sword, and it counter attacks him with its spiked rope. In addition, it inflicts Efrain directly than he expected in terms of introducing himself to these monsters. The ninth cypress golem lashes its vine arm to harm Rory rapidly, but Dahlia tosses her tessens consisting its ignition to slice the ninth cypress golem before it implements its tempest. Preston bombards the ninth cypress golem with his sonic blow, and the ninth cypress golem dissolves due to the ignition of the blow. Dahlia's left tessen returns in her grasp and besets the other horde of rose bats. In addition, the blades ail the tenth cypress golem leaving an aperture on its chest, and it collapses to the floor. The fifth rose bat summons its rose petal storm to inflict the Specter Stoppers' members, and it mars them instantly. Dahlia removes the rose from her head and counters with her blossom aura to stun the figure; however, it increases its strength by resisting its sprinkling dust. She gawks at the fiend when realizing her stunning ability doesn't penetrate towards floral apparitions. In addition, Efrain streams to action and performs his signature move crescent cut to slice the fifth rose bat. Princess Yuiha lights up her slashers to increase damage to the apparitions, and Efrain thrusts the blades of the cypress golem that is attacking him. Zach whacks the cypress golem with his bow three times engendering damage to the cypress golem. 

My blossom aura doesn't affect on floral ghostly creatures, yet I can cease them. Dahlia pondered. 

The eleventh cypress golem summons its wild thorns to inflict the team members, and it lashes on Efrain's left arm and waistline. Rory somersaults and performs his 180-degree bicycle kick on the eleventh cypress golem. Efrain performs his tornado cleave to inflict the cypress golem, and Preston performs his spinning arc kick on the twelfth cypress golem before it unleashes its cell wall to defend itself. He back flip kicks the fiend in the jaw sending a blaze to harness its body. Dahlia throws an open fan punch and throws her tessen to eliminate two more cypress golems, and Rory throws his Pyris grenade to shatter damage on the golems. The sixth rose bat entangles Ume with climbing plants, but she expeditiously gashes the behemoth and fluctuates her laser naginata. The seventh rose bat expunges Dahlia coarsely, and the damage harms her. Indeed, blood drips down from the waistline of her maize corset, and she falls on her knees clenching her waistline. Preston darts wildly and delivers a blazing fiery gash on the last entity performing his aerial uppercut. In addition, the effects of the blazing punch inflicts the monster. Rory hustles to help Dahlia, and he draws out his first aid kit. The team members each have lacerations the limestone samurai created, and Efrain feels his side of his waistline too bleeding. Preston has scars on his forehead and shoulder blades, and Zach has some in his right knee due to the thorns of the rose bats. Akira's black shirt has a major cleave in his abdominal region, and Ume has a slash on her left cheek. Efrain and Preston both gain levels, and Janet reports to them the techniques. Zach picks up 300 woolongs after defeating the monsters. 

"The garden demon slash inflicts targeted floral alien ghosts and garden demons, and it shatters all in minutes," Janet broadcasted to Efrain and turns to Preston, "Fist of the concrete can targeted multiple enemies by using its detrimental flames whenever they lurk." 

"Just stay with us, Dahlia. Just stay with us," Efrain responded, carrying his cousin to a rock due to her bleeding. Rory draws out the dressing as Dahlia unzips her corset, and reveals to Rory the blood coming out of her stomach. 

Rory draws out a pair of hospital wipes to cleanse the blood from leaking and draws out a special kind of pistol that heals injuries, and Dahlia feels the pain when he zaps the healing beam. The effects of it causes her wounds to heal expeditiously. She begins to feel the astonishment after fully recovered, and she zips her corset on and stands up. Efrain and the others seem bewildered with Rory's new prototype. He does the same to Preston and Zach using his medic pistol, and princess Yuiha heals Akira's wound with her healing technique. Dahlia performs her Flamingo's Grace technique on Ume to recover her strength. 

"What is that weapon Rory is using to heal Dahlia?" Ume questioned Efrain. 

"When he sees one of us going down in the battlefield, he uses his medic pistol, a gadget he made, to heal our people who are injured." Efrain answered. 

"There," Rory responded, "these wounds disappeared with positively charged healing techniques." 

"Thank you," Dahlia replied with a grin, "now I feel better." 

"All of the day's work." Rory nodded, placing the medic pistol back to his sheath. 

"Now we must track down Bara's signal by following her trail of footprints," Efrain responded, and Rory activates his wrist communicator to identify the trail, "I bet she and her followers had taken this direction. 

The princess places her left hand on Efrain's scars from his waist line after battling the two cypress golems, and her hand heals the wounds swiftly and benevolently. Efrain feels his waistline not having scars due to the princess's ability to heal. The Specter Stoppers continue to search for Nina at the glade of the Kyoto gardens; indeed, they are probing an attack to destroy the imperial garden ghostly aliens. 


Meanwhile, back in master Takahashi's temple, master Takahashi meditates tranquilly hoping to reach Efrain spiritually as Ken enters with Topi and Emiko. 

"I can tell Efrain send you here," Takahashi responded, opening his left eye knowing the arrival of Ken.  

"Yes, master," Ken replied, taking a few steps backwards to show his face towards his master. 

"It wasn't us, master, we were agreeing upon the borders to come to this mission with Akira. Can we get anything in return? Can we?" Topi begged, pleading to his master on his guilt. 

"Cease with your exaggeration, Topi," he stated to the Chibi and turns to Ken, "I suggest you are to remain here in the temple, and where's your older brother, Akira?" 

"The thing is, master, Ume and he join the Specter Stoppers in taking the princess to the northern Kyoto gardens to apprehend Bara." Ken explained. 

"You haven't realized, Kioyaka is also in Kyoto," Takahashi pointed out. 

"Kioyaka?" Ken questioned. 

"Kioyaka!" Topi shrieked in trepidation, hopping onto Emiko's rice hat. 

"It can't be, I thought she was dead years ago." Emiko enunciated.

"Her spirit subsists for eternity." Takahashi returned. 

" m-m-m-m-means.... she has re..turned fr-from the the dead." Ken stuttered. 

"Yes, unfortunately," he replied. 

"This is horrible, definitely horrible!" Topi exclaimed.

"If we don't stop her right now, half of the Earth will be shattered." Takahashi stated. 

"I'm sure Efrain and the others got this, and I can hardly see the strategy behind this," Ken replied.

"Oh sure, it's not like I didn't have a choice," Topi retorted, "I understood Akira has directed us to our route back to the temple, and your brother Akira and Ume join Efrain and his friends to find Bara. I'm not buying it!" 

"Topi, you hearkened Efrain's order, and this mission seems risky for us to operate. If I was him, I should've offered someone to ensure their younger siblings are safe," Ken contended. 

"Stop! No more mean talking," Emiko suggested. 

The two turn their backs on each other despite their tension since the Kazumachishui incident, and Master Takahashi shakes his head discouragingly. Emiko sighs in disappointment and takes a peek of the grimly clouded sky hoping if her predictions are still envisioned.  

I feel terrible for Ken and Topi. They were like brothers, and now they're turning their backs on each other. I hope Efrain and the others survive the fallicious encounter with Bara. How can we protect our world during the apocalypse? Emiko wondered.


The Specter Stoppers team, Ume, and Akira enter the regions to search for Nina. Rory denotes the attendance of the female though the bad history of her is an enigma to his hypotheses. In addition, Efrain slices away the leaves blocking their path, and he notices another horde of ghostly aliens roving the florae of the northern Kyoto gardens. Indeed, the crew observes the site of the garden knowing there are any supplementary ghostly aliens. Preston descries the clamors of a monstrous brute commanding her army. 

"That's her." Preston scowled.

"Lady Bara." Dahlia frowned. 

"We discern her subversion of overpowering the entire area," Rory responded, "indeed, she must be concealing the chest in another site between in and out of the gardens." 

"Yeah." Akira concurred. 

"It comes to show when the fiend is hiding," Zach stated, "yet, no clue." 

"I have a bad feeling Basra is hiding her, but why?" Princess Yuiha questioned. 

"Perhaps, this sinister plot needn't the connection of the Taye Stem though it's connection with the chest seems inevitable." Ume prompted. 

"Incredible, now we realized what we have sought." Efrain replied. 

The team tracks the trees to investigate the inhabitant regions, and Princess Yuiha feels her hear pulsing through time and space when witnessing the impossible. Efrain steps on something crumbling, and he glances down his foot noticing a piece of white paper he stepped on. As Efrain picks up the paper, in the distance he perceives the manuscript of the titanium briefcase. The team members skim the sentences based on the order Bara has given to her henchmen, for she is developing a plan to entice them. Preston snatches the paper and crumbles it. Efrain perceives the coordinates for the briefcase on the footnote of the manuscript, so he snatched it off Preston's hands. Because the code is labeled in bold, it can only open the titanium chest. Rory procures the significant evidence that leads them to Nina's location; Dahlia catches a glimpse of the floral shrubs to find yet another trail.

"Warning, more enemies approaching," Janet broadcasted. 

"More company," Preston frowned, "great!" 

What are these guys? Efrain pondered. 

Preston hears the clamors coming from the center of the area, and a horde of five animated limestone samurai sprints from the upper staircase to ambush the team. Five limestone samurai sidle with their hand-crafted swords, and Efrain pulls out his yukonamo sword to confront the samurai. Dahlia twirls her twin tessens to increase her stamina; Rory readies his projectiles to shun the figures. Zach loads his arrows from his mini-arrow cannon, and Preston charges up his gloves. Akira swings his hammer to commence the attack, and detrimental earthly spikes inflict the first limestone samurai. The first samurai engages its attack, but Dahlia stabs the figure with her left tessen to inflict the fiend. In addition, the limestone collapses to the ground, and Efrain performs his thunder lion slash on the second limestone samurai. On the other hand, it evades the thunder lion's blaze and lunges Efrain to a tree. Princess Yuiha casts her energy beam that connects with her twin slashers to shatter the limestone samurai, yet it resists her magic ability. Akira swings his steelex mallet to eliminate the limestone samurai. Ume throws her laser shuriken on the third and fourth limestone samurai, yet five more limestone samurai dart to the action as Preston crushes the fifth limestone samurai directly. Princess Yuiha summons lightning from her hand to inflict damage to the limestone samurai, and Rory loads the plasma and fires his pistol. In addition, the thunder lion slash eliminates the sixth limestone samurai along with the seventh. Dahlia performs her blossom aura to blind the three limestone samurai, and Preston strikes his fist to shatter the samurai effectively. In addition, the Specter Stoppers survive the battle against the limestone samurai. Akira picks up more woolongs after battling the creatures, and Dahlia increases a level along with Rory. 

"Just as I wanted, my way to clean up messes." Preston responded. 

"Wasn't so bad after all," Efrain replied. 

"That isn't the term to use in such scrutiny, Efrain." Rory stated with a grin. 

"Come on, we have to stop Bara." Akira responded. 

"Right." Efrain and the other Specter Stoppers concurred. 

Flower witch or no flower witch, there's a chance we must find Nina in this area. I will see the thunder lion slash too. No matter how arduous it will turn out. Efrain pondered. 

The Specter Stoppers ch. 12
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 6052 words. Wattpad. October 13, 2016.…
Preston and Efrain both flex their arm muscles. Imagine that.
Imagine Mrs. Hawkins is shutting down paranormal phenomena from Hunter College High school, and the young Ghostbusters and Deborah are going on strike in order to save their favorite subject.
Efrain and Dahlia approaches to the unit, exiting from the elevator after seeing Ume and Emiko and tackling a horde of flying Xena-flies and company, and they find a horde of mecha phantoms, consisting twenty of them, standing guard in the unit regarding the orders they have accepted from the evil Dr. Kazumachisthui to permeate the pandemic. Dahlia seems concerned during the investigation. In addition, the cousins witness someone trapped in the glass tubes struggling to free herself with her combat moves, for the princess is fighting for her life against these mecha phantoms.

"It's princess Yuiha, a new horde of space ghosts has kidnapped her," Dahlia warned.

"Who are these guys and why Dr. Kazumachisthui sent them here to threaten her?" Efrain questioned, and he sighs in disbelief, "Great, more creatures plan to oppose me."

The two cousins tiptoe sneakily with their weapons in their hands; by the same token, princess Yuiha is suffering the heat from the chambers, which she was imprisoned.

In addition, Efrain pulls out his Yukonamo sword and scurries to attack the mecha phantoms. Moreover, the ghosts roam in to assail the cousins. Dahlia stabs the first mecha phantom and opens her tessen from her right hand; by the same token, she twirls her body after releasing it from the mecha phantom's chest and slices it again. Efrain cleaves the ghost in the chest with his crescent cut impairing its jet black armor and drifts the fiend 2 feet away. The second mecha phantom fathoms Dahlia as she slices it with her tessen, and she triangle punches the phantom in the face. In addition, she performs her lunar slash to eliminate the second mecha phantom. Efrain slices the third and fourth mecha phantom with his sword. He streams towards the mecha phantom and bisects it; in addition, the swordsman slashes the apparition with his thunder lion slash, for the damage it harnesses weaken the energy of the mecha phantoms whereas its numbers would increase straightaway.

Dahlia gashes the fifth mecha phantom using her Flamingo's grace to impair its circuits, and Efrain unleashes his tech ability that is indifferent from his other tech abilities he mastered, CAS, a fiery sword attack which implements 12 hit combos, causing the fifth mecha phantom to leave its possession. In addition, Dahlia strikes the other mecha phantom, and she pounces off of the fiend. She dashes to the sixth mecha phantom and slashes it in the plated armor; moreover, Dahlia strikes the fiend with her tessens to eliminate the mecha phantom. As a result, the damage harnesses its spirit within the armor prior to the outcome, and Efrain cuts the seventh mecha phantom in half and lands on his feet swiftly. He slashes the other mecha phantom behind him in half, and Dahlia stabs the seventh mecha phantom and opens her tessen to inflict damage upon the mecha phantom. In addition, she flutter kicks the ninth mecha phantom, sending it to a wall as the princess evades from being crashed into them. For one thing, the heat of the glass chambers exude its experimental gas to unleash its vapor. Efrain elbows the tenth mecha phantom and cuts the fiend nearly. The tenth mecha phantom lunges its bionic gauntlet to lash Efrain tactically, and he grabs onto a pole in front of him and swings back to the battlefield.

There are twenty goons and only two of us, and I think Dahlia and I will avenge them for kidnapping the princess. Efrain pondered. His yukonamo sword enlightens and slashes the tenth mecha phantom, sending it to the other end of the corridor.

Dahlia push kicks the tenth mecha phantom though the energy of her tessens of the fiend causes it to increase its strength; however, Efrain's sword inflicts damage to the fiend than normally. The eleventh mecha phantom throws its glowing metallic fists on him in the chest, leaving a tear in his shirt, and the ghastly damage inflicts him. Efrain holds on to his feet on account of the spectral backlash it performed and wipes the blood from his mouth. He darts toward the eleventh mecha phantom and cuts it diagonally with his sword; in addition, the monster collapses to the ground and disintegrates through dust. The twelfth mecha phantom darts toward the two cousins directly, but Efrain delivers a nasty cleave on the fiend with his sword. The twelfth mecha phantom crusades the outskirts of the machine functions; in addition, Dahlia evades the attack the twelfth mecha phantom swiftly and cleaves the fiend directly to impair damage upon its armor. As a result, she shoves the fiend into a wall, and its ghost vanish from presence. Efrain performs a double front flip and strikes the thirteenth mecha phantom with thunder lion slash to drain its energy. Dahlia removes her cherry blossom to perform her aura to stun the thirteenth mecha phantom on account of the laser petals floating around the atmosphere. Indeed, the technique reduces not just the attack levels of the fiend but defense; the fourteenth mecha phantom, on the contrary, points its ghostly fingers upon Dahlia and blasts them. The ghostly fingers belabor Dahlia directly due to the substandard damage it consists upon its negatively charged spectral energy. Efrain performs his thunder lion slash on the fourteenth mecha phantom to eliminate its dark energy, and he cuts its silver-plated armor marked in Japanese writing. The fifteenth mecha phantom paralyses Dahlia with its fear inducement, and another of the mecha phantoms performs its telekinesis on her until she breaks through with her tessen vortex to eliminate the monster. Efrain darts toward the sixteenth mecha phantom and slashes its armor with his sword; indeed, he wants to send a message to dr, Kazumachisthui on reckoning the team. The seventeenth mecha phantom attacks Dahlia directly, but she deflects the fiend's attack with her tessen and slashes it vertically. Efrain cuts the fiend diagonally with his sword, and he dash kicks the eighteenth and nineteenth mecha phantoms and eliminates them. The two mecha phantoms attack both of the cousins savagely, but Efrain shields himself with his sword and performs double crescent cut on the eighteenth mecha phantom. Moreover, Dahlia twirls her body to lash the nineteenth mecha phantom with her rapunzel hair whiplash, and the damage lessens the fiend with its potency. Dahlia sprints to free the princess from the glass tubes by accessing through the computer circuits, and Efrain tackles the last of the mecha phantoms by using his thunder lion slash to drain its energy. In addition, the last power cut delivers an amount of damage upon the fiend, causing the last mecha phantom to lose the battle. The princess careers to escape from the chambers that concealed her, but Dahlia appeases her breathless consternation knowing the events of the war might impact the Earth effectively.

"Princess, are you ok?" Dahlia questioned.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you both. You're here to help me shut down the core," the princess responded to the cousins.

"Yes," Efrain answered, "first thing, who did this to you?"

"Majin Ren," she answered.

"Majin Ren?" Dahlia gaped.

"Any sign of Dr. Kazumachisthui when we're around?" Efrain inquired.

"The fiend who's plotting to destroy everyone back in Hikaru Valley, no." she answered.

"A villain named Majin Ren is trying to prevent those who are shutting down the Auto-plant's core according to Dr. Kazumachisthui's plan for world connecting with the Taye Stem." he responded.

"who is this Majin Ren, anyway?" Dahlia queried.

"He is a rogue working for Tazurai, and he's sending his powerful army to attack everyone across the nation." she answered.

"A rogue?" Efrain repeated.

"That's the reason the impact of the horrific aftermath with the Taye Stem." Dahlia replied to the princess on account of the measures foretold in the computer systems.

"Has the information of the villain Dr. Kazumachishui been verified?" Efrain questioned.

"She is in this building developing more experiments based upon the map of the entire building; indeed, the auto-plant is used to be a space ship to escape from the ghostly aliens invading the planet." Princess Yuiha responded to him.

Suddenly, a slim male figure descends to the ground on his feet. He's a person with his ocean blue hair quaffed into a straw hat, his skin is mauve, and his eyes are Crimson. He wears a long robe that covers his entire body and a jet black cloak. He wields a laser eku, a rare Japanese weapon Dr. Kazumachisthui had gave; indeed, the secret of his past was unknown according to the records. When Efrain turns to face him with his sword he pulled from his sheath, the male figure wanders off of the corridor knowing he has received his message.

"He's gone," Efrain replied.

"Majin Ren is another of Tazurai's enforcers that is seeking his revenge on the people of Tokyo." Princess Yuiha explained.

"Maybe he wanders off alone because he's a rogue working for no one," dahlia stated, "right?"

"That is correct, Dahlia," she nodded.

"Impossible, how could he wandered off if he's only in the building? Is there a fact about this fiend?" Efrain questioned the ladies, but he begins to notice the feeling upon the by standards until he hears the sound of something coming through long distance. A horde of spinners, consisting four of which, emerges from the impending shadows to cope with the cousins.

Dahlia opens her tessens to attack the first spinner diagonally; indeed, the damage lessens the spinner beyond radiant levels. Efrain slashes it to reduce its health damage; in addition, the second spinner whirls itself preparing its ability. He slashes the second spinner with his sword twice, and the spinner ceases from spinning its effulgent fiery body to unleash its spectral energy upon its opponent. The first spinner lashes its flames upon the area, and Efrain deflects its attack and cuts the first spinner directly and speedily. As a result, it shoots itself upward and disappears from his presence like a firework bursting through the sky. He sighs heavily and tilts his head after delivering its secret sword attack, causing the first spinner to fade away from view. The third spinner unleashes its electricity on him, and Dahlia jumps and performs triangle punch at the third spinner as Princess Yuiha watches the two cousins in the battlefield. In addition, the third spinner shoots itself upward and bursts upward. The fourth spinner activates its lightly particles to impair the two cousins, and Efrain slashes the fourth spinner with his sword causing damage upon the spinner. Dahlia slashes the fourth spinner thrice and performs her butterfly kick on the fiend; in addition, the spinner whirls its body again to cause damage on Dahlia, and Efrain slashes the fiend twice. The fourth spinner bursts its energy into sparks, and the cousins made it victorious from the spinners.

"I have to say Dahlia it was an impressive cleave, but next time be careful when slashing with it," Efrain responded.

"Spectacular advice, thanks cousin," Dahlia nodded to her cousin.

"now to find the switch and leave the area," Efrain replied, and he turns to Princess Yuiha, "where we can find the switch?"

"it's located downstairs near the power plant, on your left," the princess answered him.

"Ok, let's go before anymore of these fiends cease us from inching near the core," Efrain responded, and he and the girls exit to a passageway that connects with the downstairs basement where they will find the switch. Another round of spinners, consisting three of which, block off the exit. "Speaking of which..." he pulls out his sword and performs his thunder lion slash to eliminate them. In addition, his thunder lion slash increases a level so it can inflict twenty times the damage to any enemy he discerns.

"Efrain, your thunder lion slash increases to level 2," dahlia responded.

"I noticed," Efrain replied, blowing the smoke from his sword and places it back to his sheath.


Akira and Ume charge towards the two siblings working for the evil Dr. Kazumachisthui, and Ume slashes Chikyūko with her laser naginata seven times rapidly with her full strength rather than using her speed. She somersaults away from the fiend, but Chikyūko launches a rock slide from his hands to inflict Ume repulsively. She throws her shurikens at the fiend, yet it scratches him a bit when the shuriken slashes his left side of his eye. A monolithic rock slide heads toward Akira on account of the crippled action, and Akira pounds the rocks coming toward him and lunge smashes the encrusted boulders. Ume scurries through the computer system and throws three laser shurikens on Suijin directly; on the other hand, the rebellious water caster summons her water bolts to inflict the two students. There's nowhere to go for Ken and Topi to escape unless Emiko can pull a tactical maneuver to dispel the enemy. On the other hand, the water sparks burst through the underground of the corridor, and Ume and Akira evade the collision of water sparks from lashing them. All of the sudden, Chikyuko curls himself into a rocky ball and lunges Akira to a shattered model system, and he throws mud to blind his vision. Efrain drags his left to remove the drenched mud from his face to catch a sight of the encounter; therefore, Suijin chan darts towards the facades to the top of the computer system. Ume grumbles when the fiend Chikyuko pulls his chicanery to cause the earth to tremble rapidly; hence, she performs her naginata cross-slash on Suijin Chan, yet the aqueous particles surround her body making her more human than her elemental appearance. Akira glowers due to the water bursting the area, and he power slides through the encrusted regions and smashes her with his hammer but missed. She power slaps Akira in the face despite the water effects, but the hammer wielding lad scrapes the blood from his nose and smirks. Indeed, he is enticing Suijin into one of his well-constructed traps. In addition, she and Akira tackle against each other, and Suijin summons a tidal wave but missed as Akira performs his triple front flip. Ume sprints toward Suijin as she delivers a cross slash upon her, yet the water fiend seems aware of her maneuvers as she casts her tidal wave on her. On the other hand, Ume matrices her tidal wave and wields her weapon in her position.

"Foolish creatures, you thought you were going to escape from us. This time you won't get away, you're all ours now." Suijin chan grinned.

"if that's the way you want it, it's exactly what I will deliberate." Akira replied, augmenting his hammer to fortify its potency.

Those siblings are powerful than I assumed from subject manner. As a matter of fact, I must prevent them from shattering us. Ume pondered, and she tilts her head finding something to trap Suijin and jumps on the floor toying with Suijin.

"Why you little?!!" Suijin exclaimed.

"You may threatened my younger brother and insulted my family name, but you don't have the guts to prove your standing." Akira scowled.

Yes, that's it, keep Suijin distracted while Akira is facing Chikyūko. Ume thought.

"Come on, big brother. Hit him back!" Ken exclaimed, and he turns his head to Emiko, "Do you think Efrain and the others notice on the doctor's appearance?"

"Frankly, it's a resemblance on how their battle might foretell from my senses." Emiko answered.

Akira smashes his hammer to encrust the metallic floors to tremble them downward, but Chikyuko draws his hand to throw another round of mud on him through the face. He rock slides him to a wall directly, and Akira lands on the circuits due to the damage he has done. Akira stands to his feet with practiced ease and eschews the mud from inching near him, and he lunges himself at Chikyūko and monkey kicks Chikyuko, drifting him to the opposite side. Suddenly, Chikyūko grasps Akira's arm causing him to cryinge in pain, and he throws his rocky spikes at him. In addition, Akira throws his Steelex mallet to inflict damage upon the area, and the damage lessens the rocky felon. On account of the damage it has left, Chikyuko's rocks tremble from his encrusted facial expression even when he got caught unaware. Ume sprints towards Suijin and performs raging tail on her, and Suijin absorbs her water to create a shield to deflect her attacks.

Suijin Chan grows in frustration and summons her whirlpool to surround the duo. Emiko, topi, and Ken sprints quickly to evade the bursting water sparks. She casts her water sparks upon her to stun Ume, but she throws her shurikens to impair Suijin Chan effectively.

"I'm getting resentful at you. For me, its one thing you won't cope with, so take precaution." Suijin chan responded.

"Precaution, funny how you state those words to draw upon my attention, but your tsunami storm has to allay," Ume responded, and she throws her shuriken at her to manipulate damage upon her. In addition, the water waves splash upon Ume and the others.

Moreover, a massive body of water splashes Akira and the others, and they are preventing themselves from falling into the sewers consisting of chemical substances. Akira grabs onto the circuit alongside Ume, and topi begins to surf like he enters in the surfing competition. Ken grabs his Chibi friend and places him back into his pocket, and he reaches for Emiko's hand despite the water pushing her nearly off the surface.

"Give me your hand, Emiko!" Ken responded, reaching for her, and the young nun envisions herself sweeping away and submerge into mixed substances. In addition, she reaches for his hand and pulls her out of the hazardous waters.

"Ready, pull!" Topi exclaimed, and Ken pulls Emiko with his full strength yet nearly slipping. In addition, the effects of the medication cause Topi to act upon his systems, and he pulls Emiko upward with his full strength helping Emiko. "Oh hey, the medication worked."

I was right the whole time although he was a coward during the ghostly run. Ken thought.

"Hey, I can read your mind, Ken." Topi frowned.

Go figure. Ken thought.

Emiko coughs out the water from her mouth, and Akira monkey kicks Chikyūko in the face and throws his hammer at the fiend causing amount of damage. Ume slashes Suijin chan with her laser naginata to impair the human side of the water bender. In addition, Chikyūko feels dizzy after the blow he implemented, and Akira charges and knees the fiend in the facial structure, shattering the nose. In addition, the fiend falls into the ground after a massive blow Akira made. Suijin notices her brother is on the ground, and she rushes to her unconscious brother due to the damage Akira caused.

The two brothers and Topi confront Chikyūko and his sister Suijin-chan, for they were chasing them through the carrier of the cataclysmic auto-plant. Akira feels resentful when Chikyūko pulled the driller after Subaki escaped from the computational laboratories. In addition, he carries his hammer in his hands and peers through the barren spaces to indicate if Subaki is hiding among the systematical barriers. Topi quickly assaults Suijin-chan by crawling through her body and giving her a wedgie. On the other hand, she grabs Topi and throws him into a conveyor belt. In addition, Ken hustles to help his friend from the conveyor belt until the fire burns the scrap metal. In addition, Ken glances at the fiery pit and struggles to free his friend from being cremated. Topi hops off the metallic fractures and frees Ken, and the water puddles on the ground evaporate directly.

"You're going to get this for hurting my short but great friend," Akira raged, and he swings his hammer to buffet Suijin-Chan, "for bad girls like you, nobody picks on my friends especially Topi."

"You are clever, but it's ashamed I will have to kill you." Suijin-chan grinned, and she casts her bubble beam from her right hand to confront Akira Zhoushite. On the other hand, he defends himself against the bubbles from surging the hammer wielding fellow. She summons tidal waves to splash Akira in the face; in addition, the tidal waves consisting of purple fluids whisk him from the other end from the west corridor. Topi and Ken rush themselves out of the water despite its streaming solvents, and the power of the bean boosts Topi's fortitude without a trace.

Damn it! This woman can shoot bubbles from her deadly hands, and I thought this was another of this insane dreams I was having. Akira thought, battling Suijin-chan with his hammer, and he hammers away the bubbles from popping its aqueous sparks.

"You seemed vulnerable, Akira. Here, let me light up your mood," she growled, releasing her water to create fragments. Akira, on the other hand, shifts to the opposite direction evading the water fragments from inching near him. In addition, Ken pounces on the earth crusher to attack, but Chikyūko stomps his foot to create a shock wave to stun the boy. Topi rages and fetters the fiend without hurting Ken; in fact, it trembles its master abruptly due to its vibration.

"Not today, Suijin-chan. This time you and your Terra firma sibling will pay for all the crimes you convicted." Akira stated, pointing his Steelex mallet to encounter the two siblings, and Ken begins to discern the feeling upon the measures of ghastly predicament.

"Enhanced but not tranquil is all you are." Suijin-chan grinned.

Suijin makes a water bubble from her right hand to implode her attack on Akira; indeed, the cause of the bubbles nearly destroy the highly functional circuits from the machines until a shuriken hits her hand. Topi keeps on advising the two to not relinquish in battle, and Emiko envisions another event happening through the outskirts of the Auto-plant. In her future vision, she witnesses a malevolent grin of a doctor who's controlling the entire system using mental incompetence. Indeed, the knife throw is an example of how the Specter Stoppers team will battle. Ume joins Akira to tackle the earth crushing fiend, Chikyūko, for his destructive boulders levitate from the encrusted glass tiles. As a result, the shock waves tremble through the ground systematically, and Ume sprints with her enlarged shuriken and slashes the fiend. Topi flashes back to the moment when he rescue Ken from the conveyor belt, and he notices how suijin's water evaporates from the fire's scorching heat in the conveyor belt. Topi has an idea for Akira to help rid Suijin from the area. In addition to the encounter, Akira throws his hammer on Suijin, causing damage upon her, and she falls onto the ground as a puddle. He blasts a spark of blaze to create a combustion among the circuit, and Topi notices the feeling upon the encounter. In addition, Ume stands up to her feet yet nearly collapsed as Emiko and Ken rush to aid her.

"Akira, see that fire arm behind you," topi pointed out to him.

"Yes, why?" Akira responded, and he notices in his mind about the weapon. In addition, he notices the initials 'R.S.' of the firearm because it's one of the lost inventions.

Of course. If rain pours down upon the area, then the heat of the sun causes the water to evaporate. Akira smirked, and he fires again the bullet to launch a fiery spark upon the walls. In addition, Suijin summons her water sparks to rid the fire surrounding her though the flames are bursting through the west corridor. I guess fire didn't fire work on her, what other way I should dispel the water bending witch from hurting my friends --especially my younger brother.

Akira, lead Suijin to the frost chamber, it's the only way to rid her. Emiko pondered

Liquid turns to a solid. Of course, since Suijin is made out of water, the chemical substances consisting nitrogen freeze her instantly. Akira thought. In addition, he sprints to lure Suijin into the container that consists of nitrogen.

"Where do you think you're going? come back here!" Suijin snarled, chasing Akira as he lures her into his traps.

What is Akira doing? He was supposed to use the firearm. Topi thought.

"Nitrogen freezes water because the particles react to the substance," Ken responded.

Ken approaches to the computer systems for the freezing container, and he presses the buttons to connect with the system gradually. In addition, the screens pop up virtually on account of the accesses to the main system, and he sits down in the chair adjacent him. He reaches access intellectually to the central computer for the freezing chambers; indeed, the hybrid doors open up for the container, and the interior of the chambers is embellished with nitrogen surrounding the pigment of the plants. Indeed, the subzero temperature stimulates Akira's senses, and Emiko predicts from her vision the nitrogen particles manifest the body of Suijin, freezing her due to the amount of water she is manipulating. She flashes back to the present, and when Akira enters the chamber with Suijin chasing him, Ume closes the gate for the container. Akira escapes from the container in time as the door closes on Suijin-chan; in addition, the nitrogen freezes her aqueous body due to the temperature decreasing, and Ken locks in the coordinates to commence the freezing reception. Suijin screams in agony despite the gelid feeling inside her body.

"Adios," Akira responded, resting his head with his hands.

"Does it mean she's going to be taken away by the Hikaru Valley police?" Ume questioned.

"Nah, I called the museum corridor knowing there's an available ice sculpture, so she'll be fine." Akira answered.

"So, she's posing as a masterpiece." Ken replied to the others.

"Yes, and then she goes to prison," Ume answered.

"That's ashamed," he concurred.

"Beautiful ice sculpture, ready to go." Topi grinned, hopping happily and kissing Akira on the cheek.

"Topi," Akira exclaimed, shoving his lips away from his cheek even Emiko is giggling with him.

"Now what, big brother?" Ken questioned.

"Let's get out of here and find the others." Akira replied to them, and the supporters of the Specter Stoppers hop on the elevator to the central sector.

In addition, the five supporting people hang on to the elevator that leads them to the next room, and Ume perceives if there are anymore genetic experiments creeping the area beyond the transfixed corridors. Conversely, they flee from appearance due to the levels of tremendous fight, for the events of horror elevate according to the records consisting of enstranged phenomenon.


Back in the obsidian castle, the evil Tazurai and his henchmen talk amongst another in their proposal to induce the fortitude of the Taye Stem and another round of reaping plants to harvest the souls of these people.

"Have you found where we are searching for, Chun Taozi?" Tazurai questioned.

"Yes master, we developed the seed of evil to possess human life forms. The origins just stated an alchemist by the name of Moto Zumate has occurred from this woman by the name of Kioyaka." Chun Taozi explained to the two of them.

"Kioyaka, this siren attracts her victims into doing horrid things, and its the only possibility to have the world within our hands." Lady Taki stated to him.

"On the other hand, we lost Suijin Chan in the freezing unit, and we didn't hear any updates about Chikyūko." Chun Taozi responded.

"Impracticable, why didn't they need my every order like others used to," Tazurai sighed in disbelief, "so, about Lady Kioyaka."

"Precisely, this woman can even the odds with the Taye Stem's possession, and she's awaiting upon their arrival." he responded to the mistress.

"Indeed, so inform both Shun gozu and Mezu on our plot," Tazurai stated.

"We'll do your highness," Chun Taozi replied, and he exits from his throne room to deliver the speech to the underworld guards to hear regardless on the procedures for their diabolical plan.


Back in the southern corridor of the auto-plant, inside Mothrahaha's lair, Preston evades the swarm of razor moths darting towards him, and Mothrahaha casts her crystals to slash them. Rory throws his clipper-rang to slash her left hand, preventing her from conjuring her henchmen, and he performs his signature move, his 90-degree bicycle kick. Mothrahaha cackles when he delivers the attack move, and Rory glowers at her despite her reflexes as a moth ruler. In addition, she controls the swarm to attack them, but Rory locks in the coordinates to send his specter drone to eliminate the swarm with its rapid guns. The damage impairs Mothrahaha with a lash due to various traps he implemented to demolish the swarm. Zach whacks the razor moth in the head with his bow, and he shoots his arrow at the razor moth in the head and slams it to the ground.

How many of these moths can she summon? If I don't desist her from summoning anymore pests, then they might overpower humanity with its colony. Rory pondered.

Preston roundhouse kicks the razor moth in the face, "how many of these guys can she summoned?" He performs skydive drill punch at one of the collymoths begins him and then roundhouse kicks.

"I'm not sure, Preston, but the possibility might be endless unless Rory can cope with the situation." Zach responded, firing his hail of arrows to pin the entire swarm.

Preston performs his drill punch on the other collymoth heading towards him, and he performs his front flip kick. Zach whacks the second collymoth with his bow, and he presses the red button and fires his energy arrow from his mini-arrow cannon. In addition, the collymoth lashes its tongue to inflict Zach, and Preston speeds towards the collymoth and delivers a fiery straight punch to the face. Rory charges towards Mothrahaha and throws his clipper-rang to inflict damage to Mothrahaha. On the other hand, she lashes her wings to send Rory flying to the ground, and she casts miniature crystals to inflict him. In addition, the crystals form into a blade as she slashes him. Uniquely, it lessens damage to him effectively, and Rory is holding on to his ground and activates the barrier to shield himself from her attacks. In addition, Rory grabs her by the arm and throws her into a broken wall made out of crystalline features, and Mothrahaha blinds him with her lustrous shards and uses her wings to blow him off.

"Poor pathetic little man," Mothrahaha smirked evilly, "your little gadgets can't touch me if you can't think of a strategy." She shatters his clipper-rang and grabs Rory by the hand, but he throws in spray to blind the fiend, "what's the matter? Is your equipment failed to exterminate my kind."

"Rory, don't give up!" Zach called, and Rory coughs out blood from his mouth.

This feline is hurting our friend, and I loathe how she's trying to put him down. Preston pondered.

Rory eases himself to his feet due to the damage the moth queen implemented upon his standards, thinking of another way to eliminate the woman behind the entire swarm. In addition, she screams in agony as Rory performs his twist punch at the fiend, and he knees her face shattering her nose. Zach shouts giving him the motivation he needs to dispel her swarm of exordinary alien moths from lashing the area. Preston bangs his fists shouting for Rory not to relinquish, and he sees the others coming.

"Preston, we did it, we survive the west and east corridors' lashes of attack." Ken called.

"Guys, I'm glad to see you." Zach responded, and Emiko receives another vision from the future of Mothrahaha nesting Rory in her silky cacoon. It impacts her mind painfully due to the effects of the battle. Rory screams in pain due to the damage Mothrahaha lessens on him, and she shoves him to the ground

"Rory's in trouble," Ume responded, and she turns to Akira, "you have the firearm with his initials on them."

"Yes, I have it with me." Akira replied.

"Give it to Rory, quickly." Ume responded.

"Rory, catch!" Akira shouted, tossing the firearm to the young tracer, and Rory retrieves the weapon to adjust its firepower. 

"To the end of humanity," Mothrahaha laughed, encrusting her silky powers.

Rory projects his firepower for his weapon he'd originally designed when he became a Specter Stopper, and he unloads the unused firepower and loads the blazing fire sparks. She laughs gliding towards him with her silky hands shown, but Rory fires his spark to shatter away the silk surrounding the atmosphere of the south corridor. In addition, the sparks incinerate the silk without melting the circuits. She laughs evilly preparing the silk to ensnare Rory, but Mothrahaha gasps when the blaze demolishes her silky caccoons. The fire blazes the area, and the supporters quickly evacuate the south corridor. Zach presses the red button and shoots his water arrow to extinguish the flames from the hybrid circuits to resume its  highly advanced functions. Rory stands to his two feet covering the wound on his left shoulder, and he readies his bullets to aim for the fiend. In addition, his drone appears in the battlefield in need of his assistance.

"How dare you interfere with the ruled of the colony?" Mothrahaha glowered.

"You're no longer taking the throne," Rory scowled, and his drone collides with Mothrahaha impairing damage upon her.

"Come on, Rory. Hit her back!" Topi exclaimed.

He performs a double cartwheel to inflict damage towards her, and Rory performs double roundhouse kick on her causing damage upon her face. indeed, a big cut lashes her face due to the redness Rory left upon her. Mothrahaha screams in rage and shoves to a wall but missed, and Rory cartwheels his way to even the odds with her and throws his Pyris grenade at her mouth. On the other hand, Mothrahaha shields herself from the grenade, but his returning clipper-rang stabs Mothrahaha in the chest, leaving a major hole in the ground. She collapses to the floor defeated, and Rory collapses to his knees breathlessly.

"You defeated me," Mothrahaha responded, "I didn't notice you have something within you that eliminate the entire army of reaping plants. I gave Tazurai my word, but he wanted his enforcers to invade the Earth so he can conquer all. Gerard Spearer, a man whom everyone admired, saved dozens of lives of these people."

"Efrain's father," Zach replied.

"Yes, he is a courageous man and a noble gentleman. The only option to defeat Tazurai is by purging the Taye St-st-stem from corrupting the entire galaxy; he and I were close regardless on....the...effects happening in our world. Now I-I have betrayed Tazurai the last time, and this is how my life ends here in my lair peacefully. When I put there with your father, Patrick Spengler, and Gamaka, I notice I wasn't going to fit in. I first fought Kioyaka." Mothrahaha responded.

"If you were one of his father's closest allies, why did you tackle against us?" Zach questioned.

"I was forced to he-he-heed Tazurai's orders after Gerard's de-de-death, and my.....heart is.....torn apart. I ignored my brothers, for they were selfish by my....alliance. Bara the flower Sybil has caused me to lose myself with ....her confusion, and I lost everyone. She's in the Kyoto gardens with her ar-ar-army sh....she rounded. Now I' from.... his.....curse. Farewell Specter Stoppers, you.....shared your fate upon.... the universe as I have." mothrahaha spoked her last words.

"Mothrahaha," Rory responded, lowering his head feeling the shame in him, and the others approach to him feeling their pity.

Who is Bara? Why did she casted a curse on her? Is she having a stronger relationship with Efrain's father in the past than Princess Yuiha's sister? I'll find who is her in my computer files to ensure her location so I can report to Efrain on the impact going on. Rory pondered.

Boom! The three Specter Stoppers hear a blaze threatening the circuit systems, and they notice the south corridor is beginning to shatter itself due to the damage it lessens. The members rush to escape from the bursting flames shattering the halls, and they fetch the others to escape from the combustion demolishing the machinery. Ume teleports everyone out of the south corridor before it domestically explodes causing the fire to burst through the corridor sections. They survive the battle though it's a compelling one. Rory places the firearm he'd built back in his holster and glides with the others to the next corridor floor.


Back in the netherworld, inside the obsidian castle near the northern region, Shinigami Tazurai catches sight of his virtual mirror to note his task is active according to the reports his guards postponed. Lady Taki, by the same token, appears to his throne room with her current updates from the Taye Stem, yet the Specter Stoppers and their friends strive to encounter the impracticable in the area.

"Have you heard from Chun Taozi on the update of Dr. Kazumachisthui's plan?" Tazurai asked to his underworld guards.

"Yes, sire, the processes will soon be complete," shun Mezu replied.

"Shun Gozu, how long will our forces will dominate the entire universe?" Tazurai questioned.

"twelve weeks to be exact, sir." Shun Gozu answered gloomily.


Efrain and Dahlia approach to the bottom floor with the princess and discover the energy of the auto-plant's core illuminating through the surface after confronting a round of spinners and amoebas, in which Majin Ren has summoned to taint with the crew members. Efrain studies the switch firmly and turns to the others. In addition, his hand grasps the switch and pulls it down so the power can shut down automatically. In addition, everything surrounding the downstairs area flashes off --especially the dysfunctional circuits to interact with the system's functions. On the contrary, a flashing streak illuminates the surfaces, and he receives a broadcast from Rory.

"Did you shut down the system?" Rory broadcasted.

"Yes, and we tackle monsters on the way here." Efrain answered.

"I have picked up the facts about another enemy in our hands, and I deemed she's somewhere near a town of Kyoto." he responded.

"What's the enemy's name?" Efrain questioned.

"Bara is our next target after Dr. Kazumachisthui." Rory answered, "meet us back at the central corridor. We found our target, and the fiend is not alone."

"More monsters, I thought we got rid of them." he replied.

"There's more to it than we expected," Rory replied.

"Let us leave this unorthodox territory," Efrain replied, and the ladies and he hop on the elevator that takes them back to the central corridor where the others are waiting for them in hopes of coping the evil dr. Kazumachisthui.
The Specter Stoppers ch. 9
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne, Spade Harrison, and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 6432 words. September 30, 2016

The team returns to their base in Takayama after experiencing the feeling of unnatural causes of the Taye stem to overrun its power and reclaiming the pages of professor Guka's research about the Calyssid Terraraptor, a pseudoscientific research of a ghostly alien that entered the planet, and Rory hears a knock at the door when surveying the reason for the cause of the arid impact of the Taye stem's occurrence since Efrain defeated Dr. Kazumachisthui in battle. Rory projects his microscope to analyze the result of the corruption, and Akira Zhoushite appears to his laboratory with the latest samples from the bio-chemicals laboratory, the seedlings in which the reaping plants have exude in existence. In addition, he skims through the article of the Reaping Revolution based on its resources from the computer he skimmed. Indeed, the foe is planning to revive the revolution by unleashing its formidable power to destruct the entire territory. 

"Here it is, professor. The Reaping Revolution happened during barbaric Japan when the Honma clan engaged in a strife to save humanity from the Calyssid Terraraptor due to its interconnection with Kioyaka and the Taye Stem. Indeed, they were a part of the JEPA organization to extinguish the provocative spread." Akira lectured. 

"Interesting," Guka nodded. 

"Indeed, the Honma clan's sole purpose is to defeat the other clan from a different galaxy, the Zedong clan, for the circumstances of the war impacted through the entire city when the Taye Stem implemented its power from its crespucular roots shattering us through the speed of light and spreading the disease from its psychic development." Rory prompted. 

"I have heard the news about the deadly spread increasing throughout the entire process. Now don't tell me you're going to stand and wait for the last minute." Akira replied.

Rory opens the door for Akira, "when the going gets rough..." 

"He's super tough," Akira grinned. 

"Ok, tell me what have brought you here before me in my lab, Akira Zhoushite?" Rory grinned. 

"I was dropping this off at your desk of your laboratory, for this will give us the further evidence of these reaping monsters we're battling right now. It states here in the article a majority of people have encountered the reaping plants, and a minority of the people's souls were reaped. Not only it impacted our home in Takayama, but..." Akira articulated.

"I know, it permeates the entire country." Rory stated, and he squeezes the eye-dropper to interact with the sample. Therefore, the sample of the chemical toxins interacted towards the drop. He pulls out his 90-page subject notebook and begins jotting down the relevant information of the spread.

"Then how do we verify if the fiend Tazurai is up to something much diabolical." Akira replied, "so, what place do we must go to cease the rest of the Taye Stem from harnessing the entire Earth, causing the Earth's core to fall apart. Is that what Mothrahaha mentioned before the events impacted our life?" 

"Indeed," Rory answered, and he jotted down a diagram of a strategy in ceasing the reaping plants since shutting down the first Taye Stem, "as a professor of English Literature, I understood the aftermath of any predicament happening in the country. Think of this as in you were in a subway station to encounter an estranged phenomena lurking from the shadows. When you take the stairs to the path where the outbound train is taking, you are confronting a horde of anon, the ghosts that are inside the subway halls are destined to visibly confront them. When you battle against the anon, you must understand its weaknesses and eradicate its negative energy thus capturing the anons into the specter container. Do you understand what the process of this mean?" Rory questioned, for he doffs his reading glasses despite the last part of the experiment's independent variable. 

"Processes of determining the events that are omnipresent is where we can find the person and cease the Taye stem to rescue Moto before tackling Tazurai." Akira concurred to the response Rory mentioned. 

"You exceed strongly when we gather the excruciating facts about Tazurai's desire for pandemonium." Professor Guka concurred. 

"By the way, about the person inside the silver chest. What the name of the person? Who ensnared her?" Akira questioned. 

"Let me track down the name of the person in my microcomputer file and skim through the person inside using x-Ray mode," Rory responded, clicking the mouse to identify the name of the person inside the chest. 

"It's a girl," he said. 

"I can see it's a girl, Zhoushite." Rory replied. 

"Hmm, she looks familiar comparing to the events happening as of late," Gūka stated. 

Why did they keep a girl in a titanium chest? Who could've done this?  Rory wondered, and the information prints from his telegraph. In addition, he observes the relevant information on the female,... In this portion of the investigation, it comes to disclose an unlikely foe has kidnapped her. Rory clicks on the facts and articulates, "Her name is Nina. She is the youngest of the Spengler lineage, for her childhood memories are impure due to her parents' decision on having her to marry David Davies. Indeed, she wears a golden blonde wig to conceal her identity from being seen by authorities of her family. Therefore, she ran away from home despite her horrible past so she would renovate another life." 

Nina? She might be the one who would help us, but why is this David Davies kidnapped her? Does he have an allegiance to Tazurai? Akira wondered. 

"It assumes to my thoughts the impact of the main sources," he stated based on the information he have gathered. 

"Something is fishy among the events that are currently happening." Akira stated. 

"What did you probed?" he queried, studying the sample cunningly in resemblance of the prolonged evil its microorganisms possessed.

"It appears an estranged phenomenon has engulfed through the graveyard at the essence of a greater number of people inside there." Akira stated. 

"Another threat of supernatural bombarding the gates of Tokyo especially the boot camp where over seas marines studied." Rory resonated based on the relevant information from his systems to disclose the information of the boot camp, "we'll investigate after we divest the second variation of the Taye Stem in the Kyoto gardens and cease Bara." 

"How did you became a professor?" he inquired. 

"Learning linguistics, having an ability to create ways to understand the human emotions according to my studies of physics beforehand. When I graduated from college at the age of 2, I thought my knowledge has got the best of me for a long time. I became interested in reading different kinds of books that resemble to not just studying English literature but the paranormal." Rory responded, shoving his glasses back on, and Zach enters the room with the information of the fiend Kioyaka. Indeed, the thought of the Taye stem's history seems incompatible to the events that happened since feudal Japan. 

Graduating at a young age is one thing I never had but Rory had on account of his knowledge. I wish I was as brilliant minded as he is though my linguistics aren't adept. Akira thought. 

"Ok guys, I received a call from the emperor of Tokyo, and he's requesting upon our services." Zach responded to him.

"Another possible threat in the outskirts of the town," Rory responded.

"All we figured is Majin Ren is not working for neither us nor Tazurai, and what did he mean by rogue?" Dahlia replied. 

"I assume this was petty though the evidence of Bara's whereabouts might indicate that she's ravaging in the northern section of the Kyoto gardens," Efrain stated. 

"When we find Bara, she's so going to pay for the damage she caused," Preston scowled. 

"After we visit the emperor, we're finding her in the Kyoto gardens," Efrain coaxed. 

"But how is the Taye Stem representing fear to the good people here in Japan?" Zach questioned. 

"Sounds like one answer we must figure out for ourselves," he stated. 

"For now, I just take my leave because I'm about to show my fellow archaeologists the discovery of the lost Terraraptor," the professor responded, and he leaves the corridor of their headquarters. 

The Reaping Revolution is using the Taye Stem as a symbol of pure destruction to the area. Not only it penetrates its unlikable force here on the planet Earth but outside. I assume we question the emperor concerning the alien ghosts and space demons are entering to overrun us, but does the pandemic effects mortal lives, not really prior to the essence of that. Zach wondered. 

"It might be due to the reports of an alleged suspect such as Bara though she is on the look out for those who were on the lookout for her victims that are under her spell. What do you suggest?" Akira questioned. 

"Professor Gūka suggests the feeling of sadistic aftermath when the irrelevant course of action Majin Ren imploded." he stated. 

"Hmm, I doubt the essence of the impact might trigger the territory," Akira replied, and they hear the alarm wailing. In addition, the two others and he rush to the main corridor. 

"What do we got?" Efrain questioned.

"It seems the modest proposal from my chemical analysis of the Taye Stem's endotoxins," Rory replied to the others, collecting a sample of its replica based on the detailed reference, and he perceives the result of her whereabouts might indicate her next possession. 

"We also got a call from the Emperor of Japan, he wants us to meet back at Hikaru valley." Dahlia noted. 

"The emperor," Efrain questioned to the others. 

"He wants us to meet him at the Hikaru Valley center," Dahlia reported to her cousin. 

"Ha, a double meeting. Shall we go?" Efrain asked, donning his aquamarine robe. 

After hours of research on both the Reaping Revolution and the Calyssid Terraraptor species had come into progress, Rory and Akira exit with the others to return to the Hikaru Valley center by automobile to meet with the emperor. In addition, they approach to the lower level of their base to find their mobiles. Akira drives a crimson Honda, and Efrain drives his Lexus NX. Efrain straps himself in his driver's seat as the others enter in his automobile. Akira projects his side mirrors for his Honda to be on the lookout for any enemy borders, and Ume enters in the passenger seat alongside as Topi bounces into his seat. In addition, the ramp for the lower level corridor appears for the two vehicles to exit from their base to set back to Hikaru valley. In addition, they trek through the forest region until company emerges from the depths of the area, a horde of gargantuan Karas-Poways, a rectangular, grayish, roundfaced entity living near the impending shadows, consisting three of which. In addition, Zach shoots his rapid fire power from his mini-arrow cannon and pressing the red button from his bow to target the first ghost from the roof. In addition, Efrain drives the automobile to shake off the entities from shattering the automobile without losing Zach. Rory locks in the coordinates to send his specter drone to assist Zach in taking down the monsters. In addition, the specter drone zaps its lasers to inhibit the first Karas-Poway from unleashing its attack. In addition, the damage harnesses the first entity, whisking it to ashes. The second Karas-poway hurls its blue laser to inflict the Lexus NX, but Rory locks in the coordinates to summon a barrier to shield the vehicle from taking damage. In addition, a gargantuan shuriken impairs the second Karas Poway directly. Indeed, she wants to assist both Zach and Rory so they can eliminate the fiends faster than possible. Ume throws her shuriken at the third Karas Poway, and Rory's drone launches its rapid fire on the second Karas Poway. In addition, the Specter Stoppers defeat the three entities in time and proceed to the cavern where they founded Ken, and Akira switches on the headlights to illuminate the surfaces. Efrain also switches on his low-beam headlights to illuminate the impending shadows. Rory's specter drone disappears to base after tackling three entities after scanning its fragile appearance to reveal his characteristics. 

"Gosh, do we remember the route back to Hikaru Valley in this dark cavern," Dahlia responded. 

"I thought so, we'll trek through the area," Efrain replied, checking his side mirrors to ensure none of the alien ghosts approach behind them. 

Akira's Honda leads Efrain's Lexus NX to the path where Hikaru Valley is located, and the sound of the apparition's moans reverberate through the area. Another horde of ghosts triggers in the cavern, a horde of laser moths, consisting three of which. In addition, Rory activates the barrier to shield the automobile from heavy damage the laser moths will implement upon the area. The first laser moth hurls its greenish laser to cause damage to the vehicle. In addition, Ume augments her shuriken and throws it on the first laser moth to inflict ten times the damage. The first laser moth collapses to the ground due to the strong damage Ume's shuriken implemented; moreover, Emiko senses another future vision that the Taye Stem destructs the entire area when burgeon and a pair of red eyes shown in the figure. Emiko shakes off the stress she is suffering from due to the events of the revolution. Rory's specter drone zaps its plasma fire on the second laser moth as Zach fires his arrows on the third one. The third laser moth performs its gusty wind, the similar move the other alien moths performed when Rory and the others tackled at the south corridor of the Autoplant laboratories, on Ume directly and barbarically. She holds on to her ground, and her shuriken damages the second laser moth to its demise. Zach's arrow pins the third laser moth, and the entity struggles to break free but failed due to the blue blood leaking from its side. In addition, the Specter Stoppers survive their battle against the laser moths. Efrain turns the steering wheel to the right and finds the exit to Hikaru Valley. 

As they arrive to Hikaru Valley in time for their visit, the team members exit from Efrain's Lexus NX to join with the others at the library center. In addition, the Specter Stoppers members appear in their full uniform, and Preston snores a bit until Dahlia elbows him in the chest, waking him from his nap. By the same token, the prime minister, Keizō Ishiyama, appears to the left hand of the center. Efrain catches a glimpse of the prime minister on account of the preparation for their visit being faltered, and he raises his right eyebrow despite the awkward moment. Dahlia watches the prime minister setting up the rug for the emperor to make his royal appearance, and Rory shakes Preston awake to progress their visit. Zach turns to Efrain in hopes of collecting further evidence of the impact. Topi and Ken stand quiet as Akira heeds his attention to the notes from the murdered young people in the Reaping Revolution. 

"Presenting, Emperor Jei Kayama." The minister Keizō stated. A man in his mid-50's enters dressed in full black business wear into the section of the library. 

"May we be in the service, your highness," Akira questioned. 

"Is there a specific reason for this?" Ume questioned Akira. 

"I'm looking for the man by the name of Efrain Spearer," emperor Jei stated, and he gazes at the red haired Specter Stopper. 

"That would be me, your highness." Efrain responded, showing his respect to the emperor by making a big flourish. In addition, the others show their respect for the emperor on account of the royal meeting, "you need our assistance in something, sir." 

"Yes, I humbly suggest for your assistance." The emperor responded to the specter Stoppers, "the rest of you are his assistants?" 

"No, we're his team-mates," Zach answered. 

"Let's get down to business. Describe the situation going on here." Efrain questioned. 

"About three months ago... A horde of malevolent spirits are haunting in this area, and they made the basement here their headquarters. Our librarians were missing when they approach the basement; three of whom work here." The prime minister stated. 

"Missing librarians, I can't wait to catch a studious glimpse of these things," Dahlia replied. 

"You want us to go down there. You know I'll just let the monsters eat you," Preston responded.

"We'll pay you all dearly for your services," the Prime minister replied. 

"You will?" Dahlia questioned. 

"Hey, that's not my problem. That's your problem. If the monsters are gobbling up the bookcase or either, call the paranormal investigation services." Preston stated. 

"No one is eating anyone," Efrain stated to Preston, and he turns his head to Rory, "what's the status of this area, Rory?" 

"It appears a horde of hidden apparitions are called the Crypanurite. They are a species of apparitions that ramble from wall to wall in search for their victims by terrifying them. Just like a normal ghost, they can transform into their monstrous forms to possess and abduct their victims instantaneously, and the nervous systems will breeze through sub-zero temperature." Rory stated. 

"Ghostly possession," Dahlia pointed out in shock. 

"Precisely," Rory nodded. 

"So, where are the librarians now?" Efrain questioned. 

"They're at the sub-basement, that's where you five must eliminate its nucleus," Rory answered. 

"I supposed we'll handle this discreetly," the prime minister Keizō replied. 

The nucleus of the Crypanurite seems to be another of Tazurai's henchmen though they're not possessing the Taye Stem. Efrain wondered.  

"How do you wager this, old man," Preston responded, fixing his gloves. 

"You can count on us, sir. We handle new species of ghosts," Zach replied.

"No problem. You can rely on us. Although it's utterly supernatural to that those ghosts are hiding in the shadows. Usually there are ghosts wandering through places aimlessly." Efrain responded. 

"How would I know? Please eliminate these evil space ghosts. We beg you. Don't forget we're paying you for your services." The prime minister responded in shock. 

Missing librarians? Crypanurite ghosts in the basement? Something is about to happen in the basement, and I doubt it won't be facile than the Taye Stem. Efrain wondered. 

"Rory, you take the others to investigate the sub-basement and basement of the library. The rest of us will take the control room," Ume replied, "your highness, Mr. Prime Minister, if you please come with us." 

"Ok, fine. Be careful here," Rory stated, "this area consists massive concentration." 

"We shall rid these monsters so we can find answers to this mystery." Efrain responded. 

The Specter Stoppers exit from the spot where their royal visit is taking place; as for the others, they hang in the library's control room to keep close contact with the team. Akira draws out the keys for the control room to unlock the door, and he opens it, finding a bookshelf consisting ancient mysteries of Japan. Topi feels his teeth chattering, and Ken shushes his friend to refrain himself from shaking in trepidation. Ume catches a glimpse of the area to verify any suspicions; in addition, Akira accesses to the surveillance computers of the library to connect with the resources of the library and track down the location of the alien ghosts. 

"Systems online," Akira broadcasted, "Efrain, Dahlia, Rory, Zach, Preston, I logged in to the computer system for the library. Are you there?" 

"Yes, Akira, we're here at the entrance for the basement," he replied, "can you explain the nucleus of the Crypanurite?" 

"The nucleus is called the IgglaEcto," Akira answered, "the Igglaecto is a rare species of ghostly alien from planet Darnom that generates the Crypanurite into doing its felonious works. They are haunting every building even in outer space. Similar to the boogey man, it haunts everybody in their dreams." 

"Darnom," Efrain questioned. 

"Let me guess, they induce fear in their minds like inducing the spread of disease," Rory broadcasted. 

"Bingo! You guys might tackle this guy as quickly as possible," he responded. 

Akira clicks to examine the areas of the basement to verify the incidents happening, and he witnesses a roaming spirit entering the area. Ume gapes when she discerns the creature despite its characteristics, and Efrain and the others descend to the basement. 


Meanwhile, back in the netherworld, inside the obsidian castle, Chun Taozi snatches a fly with his pitch black chopsticks and throws the dead insect out of the window. 

"I reckon the warlord might be pleased when the Taye Stem is in the maximum." Chun Taozi responded to himself, and he stands from his chair and inspects the halls, "I suppose I have enough allies for once." He approaches to the throne room with his documents based on the updates of the Taye Stem plus the location of the titanium chest consisting of a young woman inside. In addition, Kioyaka stands on the left staircase adjacent Tazurai's bust. 

"Hi there," Kioyaka greeted, and it deters Chun Taozi when he witnesses her presence, "dear me,  did I startled you?" 

"Startled me? You amazed me throughout the process. So, you are hoping to restore the Taye Stem's power to infect everyone and take over," Chun Taozi replied. 

The evil Shinigami Tazurai approaches to the staircase seeing the two figures interact with one another according to the ratings of the Taye Stem's power. 

"I see you met Kioyaka, the woman who brought the Taye Stem into existence,"  Tazurai greeted. 

"Master, are you insane? Bringing people from the past into our timing causes a paradox into our world, and it could impact everyone." Chun Taozi groused. 

"Nonsense, I assure to you she is the reason she burgeoned the Taye Stem and controlled the Calyssid Terraraptor to destroy the Honma clan during the Reaping Revolution." Tazurai replied to the minister even the underworld guards. 

"You're right, you have the power to do anything," Chun Taozi stated. 

"Tell me, do you know where your role in this affair have prevailed?" Takiyasha-Obake questioned. 

"Role? Let me ponder, I'm in this castle to share with the master on my ideas to trigger the population," Chun Taozi answered. 

"So, is the Igglaecto inside the Hikaru valley," Tazurai queried to the messenger. 

"Yes, my lord. The Igglaecto is generating its army to haunt the library, and the Taye Stem's energy increases its strength to shatter humanity." Chun Taozi replied. 

"Sounds inviting," Kioyaka grinned. 


Back in Hikaru Valley center, during their visit from the Emperor of Japan, Preston leans toward Rory to whisper a question to him on account of the descriptions of the Calyssid Terraraptor. Akira approaches to the lettered bookcase to research deeply on the events of the Reaping Revolution based on the evidence he gathered. Ume and the four others examine the library for any suspicion, and Akira examines the pages firmly to evaluate the reason for this unorthodox phenomenon to indicate the professor's proof of the Taye Stem's connection with the Calyssid Terraraptor is correct. The Specter Stoppers approach to the door for the basement as Rory indicates from his wrist scanner any suspicion of the ghosts; therefore, they witnessed the eerie feeling inside the basement. Preston squints his eyes readying his fists to engage in combat, and Efrain pulls out his yukonamo sword to note if the foes emerge from the impending shadows to cope with them. In addition, the first round of Crypanurites emerges from the grimly halls seeking for an eerie encounter. Fifteen of which appear from above the surfaces, and the first Crypanurite gives an evil eye on Preston. Zach fires his steel arrow in the first Crypanurite by pressing the red button from his hybrid bow, and he whacks the first Crypanurite in the jawline three times. Dahlia throws her tessens to inflict second Crypanurite with her lunar slash, and Efrain cleaves the first Crypanurite with his crescent cut to impair it. In addition, the crescent cut vanishes the first Crypanurite, and the second Crypanurite performs its air breath to inflict Efrain. Rory throws his Pyris grenade to impair the fiend, and he fires his plasma gun on the second Crypanurite. Efrain performs his tornado cleave on the third Crypanurite, and Preston performs his aerial uppercut to inflict damage to the third Crypanurite. In addition, the ghost disappears into thick air due to the strong pulse from his laser MMA gloves. The fourth Crypanurite shoves its ghastly claw on Preston, but he performs atomic blaze punch on the entity. On the other hand, the ghost performs its power breath on Rory, breaking the barrier, and he falls on the ground despite the damage it has done. Zach uses archer's prowess to inflict damage to the fiend. The fifth Crypanurite lunges its hand on Dahlia, engendering horrendous damage to her on the behalf of the battle. Dahlia performs her technique flamingo's grace to heal Rory, and Efrain performs his double crescent cut on the fifth Crypanurite. In addition, the fifth Crypanurite disappears in defeat, and Preston performs his skydive drill punch to inflict damage to the fifth Crypanurite in the face. The effects of the damage penetrate through its senses. On the other hand, the sixth Crypanurite summons its gash wind attack on Preston directly. 

Preston shields himself from the winds, and he double jabs the enemy in the face. Efrain dash kicks the sixth Crypanurite and performs CAS on the fiend. Dahlia removes her blossom from her hair and performs blossom aura to stun the foe. In addition, the fiend disappears into thin dust, and the seventh Crypanurite unleashes its tentacles and attack Preston and Efrain. The eighth Crypanurite gives an evil eye on Zach, and Rory summons his drone to the field in helping him. Rory throws his clipper-rang on the eighth Crypanurite and performs his double cartwheel on the eighth and ninth Crypanurite. Zach twirls his bow and buffets the eighth Crypanurite, but he missed suddenly. 

Damn it. I missed. What kind of ghosts are they? Zach wondered, and he fires his hammerhead shark arrow to pin the ninth Crypanurite. 

Zach shoots two arrows on the eleventh Crypanurite and performs sniper shot on the tenth Crypanurite. Dahlia throws her tessen to inflict damage to the tenth and eleventh crypanurite, and her tessen returns to her as her left hand catches it. Efrain slashes the tenth Crypanurite, but he missed suddenly as the tenth Crypanurite scratches him. Preston performs his fiery backflip on the fiend, and the tenth Crypanurite disappears in thick air due to its defeat. Dahlia cuts the eleventh Crypanurite basically and throws her tessens to perform inside horizontal flip. Efrain thrusts the twelfth crypanurite's needle-liked claws and cleaves it horizontally, and Rory darts toward the thirteenth Crypanurite and shoves his grenade on its slimy tentacled mouth. In addition, it explodes leaving the thirteenth Crypanurite to vanish. Efrain defends himself from its needle-liked claws and lashes upon the fiend with double blade strike, and his bisected Yukonamo sword impairs the Crypanurite. He merges the bisected swords back into a whole and positions himself. In addition, he performs his thunder lion slash to shatter the thirteenth Crypanurite into thin air. Zach points his bow and arrow to shoot his hail on the two remaining Crypanurites, and the hail of arrows pins the two Crypanurites directly. In addition, the members of the Specter Stoppers survive the battle and made it victorious. Efrain places his sword back to his sheath, and Dahlia flips her tessens upward to make an aerial 180-degree turn. Rory picks up a significant reading from the area, and Zach scouts the surfaces to ensure if there is evidence that leads to the sub-basement. 

"Seems oddly fragile," Rory replied, "I'm picking up a signal from my wrist scanner on a potentially dangerous threat they're imploring." 

"Oddly fragile, hmm," Preston responded. 

"What kind, Rory?" Efrain questioned. 

"According to these ESP readings, there's an excellent chance of catching the mysterious felon before it rambles through vice versa," he replied. 

In addition, another round of Crypanurites emerges from the shadows, consisting five of them, for the team tackles the other round of ghosts before proceeding to the sub-basement to exterminate its nucleus, the Igglaecto. Dahlia stabs the foe with her tessen and opens it up; in addition, she performs an open fan punch on the first Crypanurite and lashes with her rapunzel hair whiplash. Efrain slashes the ghost with his double crescent cut, and the ghost disintegrates from view. The second Crypanurite throws its claws on Efrain, and Preston shoves his fist upward to the fiend and delivers a fiery backflip on the enemy. The second Crypanurite disappears in thin air, and the third crypanurite roams through the ghastly surfaces and summons its gusty winds to implode on Rory. In addition, Rory activates the barrier to shield his team mates from taking damage. 

Preston throws his fist upon the third Crypanurite, and the fiend disappears in defeat due to the pulsar energy from his gauntlets. Dahlia performs an open fan punch on the fourth Crypanurite to inflict damage to the heathen, and Efrain slices the fifth Crypanurite with his sword three times and slashes vertically. In addition, the fifth Crypanurite disappears in defeat, and Dahlia throws her tessen to inflict damage to the last of the Crypanurites. The team survives the second round and descends to the sub-basement to efface the monstrous nucleus. Indeed, the nucleus manifest the glass containers, for a pair of luminous yellow eyes open up. Back in the control room, Emiko senses an event from her future vision a monstrous entity, and it pounds her head effectively and lethally as she recovers her sanity. 

Ken glances at her and asks, "Emiko, what is it?" 

"The feeling I have sought," Emiko responded. 

"What feeling?" Ken questioned. 

"Yeah, what?" Topi repeated, and he sneezes abruptly due to the dust from the books, "I'm sorry Ken. Gosh, me and my inept allergies." 

"Gesundheit," Akira responded when monitoring the action. 

"Thank you, Akira." Topi replied. 

"So, where are they after now?" Ken asked his older brother. 

"It seems they are at the sub-basement right about now, facing the nucleus of the Crypanurite, the Igglaecto." Akira answered. 

"Yeah, we knew that." Ken nodded, and it feels like something is haunting them. A weave of ecto-weavers crawls through the area, and he lifts his feet and fears, "eew! What are those?" 

The three ecto-weavers crawl through the opposite walls, "exterminate those pests!" Ume contended, chasing after the three ghost-liked alien spiders. Akira and the others help Ume divest the spiders until the three crawl out the door. 

"Are those guys from the library?" Topi questioned. 

"No, it might be a ghost alien species that we believed are extinct 200 years ago here in Japan. They're called the ecto-weavers." Ume implied. 

Back in the sub-basement of the library, the Specter Stoppers approach to the area where they encounter the nucleus itself, and the team suspects the fiend. In addition, the area is surrounded with organic roots, and the specter stoppers prepare themselves for a battle that is ferocious on account of the impact happening. In addition, the team hears the sound of a middle-aged woman's voice calling them on their left. 

"Help us please, we been held by the Igglaecto." The first librarian responded. 

"Mrs. Shiratori," Rory called, "how did this happened?" 

"Look out!" Mrs. Shiratori exclaimed, and the roots of an entity slaps Rory from behind him.

"What the?!" Preston exclaimed. 

Suddenly, organic roots migrate upon the ceramic tiles, and the team members hold on to their ground due to the aftershock that penetrated the grounds. Moreover, the Igglaecto reveals its amorphous presence to the Specter Stoppers despite its yellow eyes glowing, and the Specter Stoppers begin to enact on their horrific encounter due to its slender appearance. The team readies for a ferocious battle against the nucleus. Rory activates the barrier to increase the team's defense, and Efrain summons his ENC to boost the members' combined agility. Dahlia performs her rapunzel hair whiplash on the nucleus, and Preston performs his wolf's knuckle upon the fiend. Zach loads his alexandrite arrow and fires at the nucleus. The Igglaecto reproduces to form a Crypanurite to the right hand side of the battlefield, and Efrain gapes in disgust. 

Did it generated a crypanurite in the battlefield? Efrain pondered, and he performs his enhanced version of his thunder lion slash on the Igglaecto. 

Zach whacks the fiend with his bow three times, and Dahlia throws her tessens on the Crypanurite. The right Crypanurite gives an evil eye on Dahlia, and Zach fires his arrow on the  foe to pin it though it doesn't like being pinned. The Igglaecto reproduces its other Crypanurite duplicate to the left hand side, and Rory throws his Pyris grenade on the left Crypanurite, causing damage towards the fiend and disappear from existence. Efrain performs his tornado cleave on the right Crypanurite, and Preston lashes the Igglaecto with his aerial uppercut and a front flip on the Igglaecto. However, its tentacles snatch Preston's left leg and throws him to a corridor wall, and Rory throws his clipper-rang on the fiend. Efrain slashes the right Crypanurite, and it disappears from view. Rory fires his plasma gun on the Igglaecto, and Efrain performs his tornado cleave on the Igglaecto directly. In addition, Preston darts and throws his atomic blaze punch on the fiend. In addition, they eliminate the Igglaecto completely and clear the pandemonium happening. They rescue the three librarians that are trapped inside their imprisonment. 

"Thank you for freeing us, I thought no one is coming to rescue us." Mrs. Shiratori replied. 

"It's amazing Professor Gūka send you, and I admired his research on the Calyssid Terraraptor that is once under its control," a male librarian replied, "and it's all thanks to you." 

"Not a problem, Mr. Akibu." Efrain replied. 

"Are you involved in a quantum stage?" Rory inquired. 

"Quantum what?" Mrs. Shiratori questioned. 

"The pulse of metaphysical energy manipulates the area," Dahlia informed. 

"Yes, we met with Gūka, and the feeling of this causes not only here but in different galaxies as well," Mr. Akibu answered. 

"When the particles of a monstrous plant caught me the disease, I thought my life is over," the third librarian replied, "I don't remember seeing any roots, but it definitely have subshells because they were pouring down on me." 

"Subshells," Zach replied, "interesting description of the Taye Stem." 

"Anyways, you're all safe." Efrain replied. 

"Thank you, specter stoppers." Mrs. Shiratori replied. 

"Yes, we did it!" Dahlia cheered. 

"The library is safe for now, but the essence of the Taye Stem is in the area," Rory stated from his wrist scanner. 

"Thank goodness," Ms. Kamikome sighed, "is the emperor here? Did we come too late for the visit?" 

"Relax,  he's here alongside the prime minister upstairs," Efrain stated. 

"Are there anymore of these fiends that we missed?" Preston questioned, "I'm ensuring we will purge these goons if they are inside the area." 

"Normally, monsters don't wander around inhabited areas," Rory remarked, pointing his wrist scanner to indicate the derelict spaces of the basement. 

"You guys need to get up here immediately. We are suspecting another round of ghostly aliens, and they're from above the ceiling of the lobby and got away." Akira broadcasted. 

"Agents of Bara, she spotted us." Efrain responded to the others. 

"We ask the prime minister and the emperor the events that are happening in the area, and Ume questioned the both instantly. Yeah, she almost went berserk during our interrogation." Akira responded. 

"I suppose this was a laughing stock," Preston quipped, "thank goodness it wasn't me." 

"Damn easy," Topi giggled, "it was cool." 

"This is no joke, Topi." Efrain replied.

"Efrain, this is Ume. Did you find the three librarians?" Ume asked him. 

"Yes, they're safe," Efrain replied, "and they're not infected with the disease." 

"Splendid! Listen, we have evaluated the whereabouts of the enemy, and she has burgeoned 

"Alright Akira, we'll be up in five," Dahlia replied, "seems awfully desolated. Let's hurry." 

"Emiko," Efrain responded, "take Ken home. We'll explain to the emperor what's happening in the area." 

"Come Topi, Ken," Emiko replied, "Stoppers, good luck." Emiko, topi, and Ken exit from the library to teleport to the temple where master Takahashi is worried sick. 

"Ume and I are staying here with you guys to explain the result for this mess," Akira prompted, "the Taye Stem may have corrupted me and my little brother, but I devoted my life to save people from my area. The part where I grew up in deals with integrity and confidence." 

"Why integrity?" Dahlia questioned. 

"Because the lineage where I'm technically from won't be the same without it," Akira answered, "I assure this will reference the reason for the aftermath of the revolution. 

"Then so be it!" Efrain nodded. 

The specter stoppers ascend the stairs to the basement where they began their extermination of the ghosts; indeed, it comes to show the emperor fears strange things are about to eat him. The team ascends to the first floor of the library, meeting Akira and Ume alongside the emperor. 

"What's the matter? You look exhausted, did you take down these ghosts?" The prime minister responded. 

"Yes, we're going to ask you a few things that caught our attention?" Preston pointed out, and he grabs the prime minister by the shirt collar demanding an explanation, "do you know where Bara is located around here?" 

"I don't know what you're talking about," Keizō fretted, "I never met the woman." 

"Neither do I." the emperor replied. 

"Don't play dumb with me, pal." Preston scowled. 

"You tell him, preston," Ume grinned, "give him the persuasion he needs." 

"Excuse him, your highness. He's aggressive most of the time," Dahlia replied. 

"Akira, those ecto-weavers you mentioned, how did they get here?" Zach inquired. 

"Those are the same spiders I had sought when we're trapped down there," Mr. Akibu responded.  

"It might be a species of alien ghosts we thought was extinct 200 years ago as Ume mentioned." Akira replied. 

"Rory, any evidence?" Efrain questioned. 

"Sensors are indicating, Bara has summoned her flock to infect our flora." Rory articulated from his wrist scanner methodically. 

"Look, we're running out of time. Where is Bara right now since she's in Kyoto?" Efrain responded.

"Somewhere in town near here, and she has rounded up her army to haunt the area," the prime minister stated. 

"Ok, the interrogation is done. Let's get back to base to figure out deeply," Efrain responded, and the others and he exit from the lobby to their headquarters where they will evaluate in detail the prolonged mystery of the Reaping revolution. Akira starts the automobile as Ume straps herself in the passenger seat, and Efrain fixes his side mirror for his Lexus NX to ensure not to crash upon objects. The four others enter Efrain's Lexus and strap themselves in; Efrain starts the engine for the Lexus NX and pulls the lever to drive mode to lead Akira's Honda the route back. 

The Specter Stoppers ch. 11
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 6494 words. Wattpad. 9 Oct. 2016.…

Nina Spengler belongs to :iconmolzy-locke15: 
Imagine Efrain has entered a space race. Will he do it? 
Like around Christmas time when we arrive to Puerto Rico, I'm doing the Young Ghostbusters: trouble in San Juan again. 
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The young Ghostbusters cake
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2 deviants said Inuyasha
2 deviants said Death note
2 deviants said Samurai Champoo
2 deviants said Code Geass
1 deviant said Cowboy bebop
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