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this is all of my faves they're very special

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I worked on fanfiction now, and it makes my brothers and sisters of deviantart smile. I love to role play with people to put together the pieces for stories yet to come.


The young ghostbusters
The young Ghostbusters and ecto-1 by GBMelendez23k
The young ghostbusters anyone?
Spengler by GBMelendez23k
Venkman by GBMelendez23k
Stantz by GBMelendez23k
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Who you gonna call? 
Vampire slaying time
The vampire's victim chains revamp by GBMelendez23k
Vampire King's roses revamp by GBMelendez23k
Vampire slayer force four by GBMelendez23k
Vampire slayer force four: the origins by GBMelendez23k
In this new series, it's about a group of vampire slayers saving the United kingdom from the evil vampiric dynasty. The essence of surviving the vampiric apocalypse is by using the proper equipment to slay the bloodsucking creature. 
My artwork
Taylor and Patrick to the rescue WIP by GBMelendez23k
Hottie Patrick finished result by GBMelendez23k
Space chase by GBMelendez23k
taylor with hair down by GBMelendez23k
Pretty boy Patrick by GBMelendez23k
It was based on the chronicles of my current project Mk: the next era 3 part 2
Character concepts
Character concepts 1 by GBMelendez23k
Mod by GBMelendez23k
Alexis by GBMelendez23k
Taylor and Patrick wip by GBMelendez23k
Since I decide to make character concepts as commissions, it's very imperative to pay points to my points bar. I'll also continue with requests and the story too.
Doctors of the special forces pages
Doctors of the special forces page 5 by GBMelendez23k
Doctors of the special forces page 7 by GBMelendez23k
Doctors of the special forces page 8 by GBMelendez23k
These pages are part of my new segment called Doctors of the Special Forces. 
Frozen by GBMelendez23k
If you love Frozen so much, I will happily post it 
Greek mythology commissions
Hermes and Athena by GBMelendez23k
Pandora's box by GBMelendez23k
The cyclops by GBMelendez23k
Like I said again, I'm focusing on greek mythology.
More tay and pat commissions
The close up by GBMelendez23k
The sky looks beautiful by GBMelendez23k
Patrick's corsage by GBMelendez23k
Smitten rose by GBMelendez23k
Gazing at each other's eyes by GBMelendez23k
Calling all hearts 
commision 1
The greatest Taylor and Patrick picture by GBMelendez23k
The group by GBMelendez23k
The group FULL pic by GBMelendez23k
these are the latest projects I worked on in regards of artistic ability. 


Laughing Octopus by ScorpiiLupi

This is awesome in my opinion. I'm planning to become a better artist like you, but for me, I always have to practice a lot by putting ...

Green Eyes by ochopanteras

three words i will best describe this artwork: brilliant, awestruck, creative. you look like a smart one, i found your work of art very...

The BASICS : Folds + Wrinkles by Shattered-Earth

what i love about the folds and wrinkles are that they specifically work for making texture of the clothing whereas i study from its me...

Frozen : Elsa by kelogsloops

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Galactic Hallucination by ScorpiiLupi

space, the final frontier. The colors and values of these planets meant a lot to the solar system. frankly, i learn these terrestrial p...

Luner and Shadow WIP by Tonic-TF

Romance is the air for both lunar and shadow, the two star crossed lovers, in this modern earth. We imagine our Shadow being the prince...

Countdown to Specter Stoppers

Up next

Weapons no for Specter Stoppers
Individual posters of them.
Their villains
Group poster

October 1-31

The beginning of the Specter Stoppers story


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Yes! Mk: the next era 3 part 2 is the number one project in deviantart history
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Today is the anniversary of the mortal kombat 1995 movie
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We're counting down to the anniversary of the mortal kombat 1995 movie
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Jarlos Kiss, Kendall-City Is Ours


Imagine you are a victim of the Taye stem, and you were in an aura that causes you to turn you into a tree.
It's 121 years into the future somewhere in Japan, and everything around here seems serene until a massive pulse implodes the area, unleashing a psychic lash to awaken the dead. The monolithic corruption is in the works of a sinister evil whose plot might pervade, for a pair of ghastly entities, A bull-liked entity and an horse-liked entity in matching kimonos, glide downward to the tree branches watching a deathly stem's pulse harness the area.

"Shun Gozu, we have awaken the Taye's stem, and it is working. It has consist our combined dark energy to manifest the entire population." The first underworld guard neighed.

"Shinigami tazurai would be pleased with us after unleashing his pulse of dark energy to storm the city." The second underworld guard prompted, "ambience has its benefits through prosperity."

They gallop out of the park regions in plaguing more of the island's population with their psychic epidemic. As they return to the other side, the guards enter the castle on account of their plot disclosing for their emperor.


The sun rises on a warm day in a small town of Takayama, and the forests were discreet and serene due to the regions' solitude. Furthermore, there were myriad people walking to perceive the nature of the hamlet. A young ginger-haired man gazes at the trees to see if there were any psychic fiends among the area. He's currently in his teenage years and is the youngest of the troop, and he's the brains behind the entire operation. He has beige skin, his eyes are crystal blue and buttoned nose. He fixes his jet black beret and light brown vest underneath his grey sleeveless shirt. He has thick lips, and his boys is slim and in balanced control. He performs a secret knock on the door, and a black man opens the screen revealing his stern eyes.

"Password?" A masculine voice asked.

"Kurama," he answered, and the other opens the door. The other male is dark skinned, his hair is quaffed to curls, he has almond brown eyes, bulbous nose, thick lips. His body is well built despite the scars he received even two lashes on his left eye. He wears a navy blue vest matching his cargo military pants, a red tank top with light blue accents, and he donned twin hybrid gauntlets. His arrow cannon is attached to his back.

"Ok, come on in, Rory. Did you collected the psychic energy of these experiments?" Zach quizzed.

"Affirmative, Zach, I knew how Dr. Kazumachisthui has developed these experiments?" Rory replied.

"Where did you find the sample?" he asked.

"The bio-chemicals laboratory. The doctor has murdered dozens of his fellow workers in developing a caustic experiment to wipe out the entire population. This doctor is definitely a psycho. Perhaps this was an example of a clue?" Rory pointed out, donning his leather gloves.

Bio-chemicals laboratory? Now that we know dr. Kazumachisthui is up to something no good, there might an explanation for this. Zach wondered.

"I'll just text Efrain if he's awake," Rory replied to Zach.

At the small house apart from the imperial palace and connected to the headquarters, inside a room, the Sony Nature Sounds alarm clock rings in a nick of time as it plays its Japanese music. A masculine right hand turns off the alarm, and he removes the covers to reveal his face. A young man in his early 20's with long cherry red hair and pale skin opens his brown eyes, and he leans his upper body upward. He dons his rectangular glasses and stands in the mirror, for he slept in his underwear last night. His Samsung Galaxy 7 cell phone vibrates instantly, receiving a text message from a young boy with a beret on his head despite the pixel on his phone screen.

The text messages in Japanese meaning, are you ready, Efrain?

For what? He sends the text message with a grin in Japanese.

Specter stopping, of course. Another message appears in his phone.

I'll be there with Dahlia in a few minutes. he texted.

"Efrain," a feminine voice called, and a young woman with wavy rapunzel yellowish orange hair appears semi dressed in her full gear. She wears her hair to two buns despite the chopsticks, leaving the majority of it loose, and she donned her butterfly glasses and lavender gauntlets with her stickers. She dons her silver triangular earrings for each ear.

"Yeah Dahlia," he asked, turning to his cousin despite the fact of the latest activity going on in the area and sweats a bit.

"Did you receive the message from Rory?" she questioned her cousin.

"Of course," he shrugged. What kind of message Rory is giving me?

"Well, what did he message?" Dahlia queried, donning her light gray knife-pleated skirt with Japanese patterns around it. She fixes her hot pink bow tie and her shirt collar. She dons her hot pink knee-high socks with blossom accents and dove white high-heeled boots. Therefore, she appears fully dressed in her outfit and packs her tessens.

"He says to meet him there downtown, and I see you suited up. I also have to suit up as well." Efrain replied.

"I'll be downstairs if you need me," she replied, leaving the room for her cousin to get ready.

The bio-chemicals laboratory? I don't understand any of this! Sounds awful than the Last mission. he wondered.

Efrain opens the drawer to reach for his blush red sleeveless shirt, dark red cargo pants, his pastel white slippers and his aquamarine sleeveless robe with a pastel yellow gargantuan bow on the back to carry his sword. Efrain places them in his bed as he ambles to the bathroom to shower; in addition, when Dahlia hears a knock on the door, she opens to allow Preston inside the lair alongside Rory and Zach, for he brought breakfast for the team and drops it off at the table. Preston, a brunette haired brawler, is another boy Dahlia admired, for he has his sleeveless leather jacket on to show her respect. He wears a white tank top with a pair of dog tags around his neck; in addition, his right arm consists of a tattoo of a Phoenix and on the left, and he has his fingerless gloves on despite drastic measures with the demons he tackled. Rory unwraps the plastic bag to reveal a loaf of French bread, and Dahlia uses her fans to dissect the bread and places three pieces to each of the five plates. Zach, their ranger, passes the plates to each of the members, for Rory catches two plates as the others catch one.

"Morning, did you receive the message?" Rory grinned, dusting off the mold with his beret and places it back on his head.

"What message?" Preston ranted, "you haven't posted anything in my phone, and you are saying about a message." He gritted his teeth and breathed heavily.

"Hey! It's not like you didn't care." Rory responded turning his back.

"What kind of things are those in your hand?" Preston asked.

The stench of the chemicals? the bio hazards? What a pain? Rory thought.

"Speaking of which, where's Efrain? His breakfast is getting cold." Zach replied.

"Gearing up," Dahlia answered.

"Don't be serious all the time Zach, I have his plate in my hand." Rory responded, placing it on the table.

Back at the bathroom, Efrain opens the shower screen to rid the steam and turns off the faucet on his left and exits from the shower. He wraps his nude body with a towel and another to dry his hair. He exits from the bathroom to his room.

Where'd I put my glasses? Efrain wondered, and he squints his eyes to search for his rectangular black/crystal glasses from Versace. He grins and reclaims his frames, so he donned back his glasses. He drops his towel and dons first his undergarments; he buttons his blush red sleeveless top. Efrain dons his mahogany cargo pants and dove white slippers.

"Any sign of paranormal events?" Dahlia asked, fixing her butterfly glasses as she studies the tubes consisting a sample of the chemical.

"Yeah, I just tackle a horde of Goryō on the way here. Man, these fiends put up such a fight," Zach answered.

"That got us into trouble the last time since the trouble with the kudans." Preston replied to the others, "and it's all Rory's fault."

"Hey!" Rory exclaimed, gawking at the brawler.

"Oh," Dahlia and Zach responded in unison.

"But how is this relate to the experiment Dr. Kazumachisthui created if you two accuse each other?" Zach questioned.

"Exactly, Patrick VIII is counting on us to protect the good people of Japan." Dahlia replied.

"You and your little toys," Preston accused.

"They ARE called gadgets," Rory insisted, and they hear footsteps coming from the stairs. They are Efrain's footsteps, for he's fully dressed in his gear after a steamy shower. He ties his hair to a loose ponytail after brushing it, and a young marmoset in rosy pink uniform.

"Good morning, commander," Janet saluted.

"I know how the reason the doctor has conducted an experiment to wipe out the civilians." Dahlia prompted.

"We're going there," Efrain replied, donning his silver arm bracelet and aquamarine gauntlets.

"But sir there's a risk that dr. Kazumachisthui has conducted an experiment for a fiend we haven't figured out yet." Zach stated.

"that gives me an idea," Rory replied, disclosing the accessible information from his eyepiece, and Preston breaks the table in frustration deterring Rory.

"Preston!" Efrain exclaimed, and he sighs in disappointment, "listen, the experiments Dr. Kazumachisthui are nothing but assholes. If we're able to cease his creation before he manages to spread it, then we'll quell his spread."

"We're doing our best to compel this spread," Dahlia replied.

"Efrain, there's something strange hacking into our corridor." Rory stated from his computer database system from his eyepiece.

"I thought so, this has to be one of his twisted experiments." Efrain concurred.

"Be careful Efrain, remember the Toltuluo incident back in Kyoto." Rory stated theoretically, "trying to refrain such residual impact not only effects the stability, but every hormone in your body bursts through vice versa. Despite the readings from the chemicals, it can cause ten times the damage than the bubonic plague."

Bio chemical hazards, this is bad than I sought. he pondered.

Suddenly, they hear the inorganic stems from a different dimension sprawling through the corridor as the emergency alarms wail. The team races to the corridor and witnesses a horde of honnari, consisting thirty of them, exuding from the rotted organs, and the members got into their fighting poses quickly. In addition, Efrain draws out his Yukonamo sword though it's not in full power since the Kyoto incident. Preston readies his battle gloves, and he glowers at the fiends immediately. Dahlia readies her tessens, for the first and second honnari breathe heavily despite their lust for cornered prey. Zach aims for the fiends with his arrow cannon, and Rory has gotten his back. The first and second honnari screech to attack Efrain, but he deflects their attack as his sword lashes sonic wave. The beam wipes out the two honnari, and Preston throws the third honnari to the ground and cross punches it in the face three times. Dahlia throws her tessen to create damage on the third honnari, and she scoop kicks the enemy three times. Her tessen slashes the other honnari leaving blood around them, and the tessen returns in her hand. Rory shin kicks the fifth honnari, and he straight punches it in the jaw, messing up the jaw line; in addition, he eagle claws the fiend in the nose though it doesn't have one. The sixth and seventh honnari screech bitterly, but Rory jump spin kicks them to whisk away the organs. Zach fires his laser arrows to pin down the third honnari before it unleashes its attack on him. She cartwheel kicks the fourth honnari, and Efrain cleaves the honnari with his mystical shinken. His sword lashes a pulse to shatter the eighth honnari, and Preston draws his fist to deliver a bolt to eliminate the first and second honnari. The ninth honnari scratches him in the back, but he deflects its attack and counters with super leopard punch, whisking it to its dimension. Rory spin double kicks the tenth honnari and breaks its spinal cord with his wire slamming it. Zach blasts his arrow at the tenth honnari as he shoots it in the head. Dahlia triangle punches the tenth honnari in the face, fracturing the facial structure, and she drop kicks it down to the ground. Her tessens appear in her hands; Efrain dragon slashes the eleventh honnari in the ribcage, yet the twelfth honnari appears from behind him and attempts to claw him viciously. He parries its strike with his sword with his full strength. Dahlia back flips and throws her tessens at the fourteenth and fifteenth honnari causing major damage as they circumvent. The winds blow them upward, and Efrain shields himself from the gust even Rory activated the barrier.

How did it do that? Efrain pondered, and he back slices the thirteenth honnari. His sword begins to illuminate due to the energy it consisted. The fiend charges toward him until he summons a spiral fireball from it. The fire bursts through the thirteenth honnari as it collapses to the floor.

On the other hand, the fourteenth honnari augments its hand to grasp Efrain, crushing his body until Rory blows its head off with his plasma gun. The fifteenth honnari performs its telekinesis at Rory and Efrain slamming each other. Both of dahlia's tessens cuts off its skeletal hands, and she throws another of her tessens at the fifteenth honnari to free them. Efrain slices the fifteenth honnari in half. Rory cartwheels forward and shoots the sixteenth honnari with his gun, and Zach reloads the ammo from his arrow-cannon. Preston vertical punches the seventeenth honnari, and he jump-spin axe kicks the honnari, sending it upward to the sky. He super jumps to resume attacking the eighteenth honnari in the back, and Rory zaps his fire power. Preston cartwheels backwards and throws his fist to the ground lashing a smash bolt to strike down three more honnari. Dahlia clips the twenty-second honnari, and she butterfly kicks it and then straight punches. Her tessens return in the palm of her hand, and Efrain slashes the twenty-third honnari and summons a pulsar wave to disintegrate the monster permanently. The other honnari shoves Efrain into a wall, and Efrain stands up quickly and cuts the twenty-fourth honnari in half. Dahlia evades the throws the twenty-fifth honnari unleashed as her tessens returned in her hand. In addition, she cut opens the chest and dissects the fiend.

Rory double kicks the twety-sixth honnari in the jaw, and Preston eagle claws two more honnari and scoop kicks them to the ground. Zach aims for two more honnari using a plasma arrow from his arrow cannon. The two honnari screech in agony due to the pain; in addition, the tessens slash them and return in her hand after a brutal fight.

"That was too easy than we expected." Dahlia replied, shoving her tessens back to her sheaths.

"We have to figure out the reason for this unsuited dilemma Kazumachisthui created." Efrain prompted, "Rory, do you have any update on this quixotic spread?"

"According to these psychic readings, this unlikely pandemic can manipulate its toxic chemicals, engendering a horrendous touch upon the territory." Rory answered virtually, and the team witnesses another round of monsters entering from the grimly shadows. Indeed, ten twisted amoeba monsters engulf the corridor as the team readies itself for another encounter.

Where are these guys coming from? Efrain pondered.

Rory projects his virtual scanner to ascertain the monster's identification; systematically, it amplifies if the fiends entailed in the chemical spread. The first amoeba pounces on Rory, and it leaves its smudge on the machinery. Rory evades its slimy attack, and he leopard punches the amoeba. However, his left arm is stuck into the amoeba as it hurls an effulgent spiral bolt at him, sending him flying to a set of computational systems. Preston glowers and charges at the fiend; indeed, his alpha MMA delta gloves accumulate a pulse of positive energy to dispel the first amoeba before it even generates its duplicates to surround the corridor. Dahlia throws her tessens to impair the second and third amoebas, and she dashes to help Rory until the fourth amoeba hurls its saliva. Zach fires his blazing arrows to harness the accumulation of energy from the amoeba, for the firepower damages its health. Rory fires his flaming bullets at the amoeba, and the third amoeba monster strikes from the shadows and hurls its saliva at both Dahlia and Zach. Rory activates the barrier to defend the others, and Efrain cleaves the third and fourth amoeba monsters until they transform into its grotesque form. Preston uppercuts the fifth amoeba monster as the plasma bolt shatters the fiend; in addition, he switch kicks it causing a defeat to the monster. Dahlia summons a gusty wind to ascend the sixth and seventh amoeba monsters, and she throws her tessen again as it forms a fiery vortex to inflict the enemy. The blaze harnesses the amoebas' physical appearances, and the tessen returns in her hand. Efrain crosscuts the eighth amoeba monster with his sword, and Zach launches a fiery arrow at the two amoeba monsters causing them to collapse to the ground. Therefore, the specter stoppers defeated the amoeba monsters as Rory justified the computational systems of the corridor. Efrain places his sword back to his sheath as he and the others approach to their friend.

"Something is fishy around the room I even doubt on the predicament." Efrain pointed out.

"Is it dr. Kazumachisthui trying to sicken others?" Zach questioned.

"More than just that, I believe he has prepared possessed mosquitoes to increase its seed of evil." Dahlia answered.

"Not unless I sting their asses." Preston replied.

Possessed mosquitoes? Seed of evil? Dr. Kazumachisthui is hiding something, and it resulted as a possible psychic attack. Efrain pondered.

"Rory, do you have any information on the seed of evil?" Zach asked.

Rory locks the systematic coordinates to indicate if the seed of evil Dr. Kazumachisthui has affected the forests instead of performing a hand stand to verify any information, and the virtual monitors pop up displaying relevant facts.

"It says the seed of evil burgeons its horrid roots to destroy the town and absorb the souls of people if we don't cease its abduction. As a result, his doings were the works of another evil being. Perhaps it has to be the doings of a psychic creation. If we were able to carry it out, then we must take action." Rory prompted.

"There's not much time left, is there any solid proof?" Preston asked.

"Judging the conversation on this horrid call, it would mean that a fiend is stalking on us." Rory replied. Suddenly, one of the honnari, which was passed out after a ghastly battle, rises to its feet gazing at the team to even the odds.

"Efrain, watch out!" Dahlia exclaimed.

The fiend glides viciously towards Efrain augumenting its fingernails, but he swings his sword to summon a blue fireball to shun the honnari. It twitches toward the stoppers directly and gloomily, and Efrain points his yukonamo sword at the Honnari despite the drastic measures of an unknown fiend. Moreover, Rory places laser cuffs on the honnari as he and Zach drag it upward.

"Let me go!" the honnari barked.

"Say, one of them just talked." Dahlia responded.

"I bet she knows who is this mysterious enemy." Preston replied.

"Unhand me, you bastards, I will do anything. Anything!" she growled.

"Then why are you here?! You destroyed our systems, you hacked our systems, and you produce creatures for sabotage. If you want to see tomorrow, then you will ask why?" Efrain scowled.

"I don't know anything about this. Let me go!" The honnari exclaimed.

"Tell me what's going on? Who brought you here? Why are you involved in this affair?" Efrain questioned.

The honnari coughs and whoozles, "Shinigami Tazurai."

The team members gasped after she revealed the name of the fiend other than the insane doctor. She vanishes herself into thin dust, blinding the members. They cough as Rory activates the hand fan even Dahlia uses her tessens to clear the smoke.

"She's gone. Is everyone ok?" Efrain asked.

"What was that?" Preston queried angrily.

"Let me get this straight, a miscreant named Tazurai is behind all this pandemonium. He absorbs the souls of his victims?" Zach asked.

"Correct, I have analyzed from the history books he wanted to absorb the souls of the people here in Japan." Rory answered, "he and Dr. Kazumachisthui developed this experiment together, for they produce these monsters, connecting to the pulse of psychic energy to obliterate humanity."

"The end of the world." Dahlia gasped.

"That's terrible," Efrain replied, "if this tazurai is plotting to avenge the area, we must quell his relentless horror, bringing him to justice."

"Hey guys, I found this message after your battle against these phantoms." Janet called, and she hands them the message. The crew notices the message is written in japanese, and Efrain notices their next quest might be another of the doctor's doings. "I wish you good luck you five on all your journeys." Janet exits to the main database station to repair the corridors for the maintenance system.

"So, what are we supposed to do?" Zach asked.

"Stop Tazurai." Dahlia answered.

It must be one of Dr. Kazumachisthui's plans to lure us down. I don't cherish how his schemes repulsed. Efrain wondered. This message means another thing, but it has to do with his works for Tazurai. He won't be getting away with this.

"Ok guys, we must catch Dr. Kazumachisthui before he causes even more trouble." Efrain stated, "Come on, we better start searching for him at the woods."

"I guess this is go time," Zach suggested, for he and the others follow their friend.

A young woman in a red crop top and high pants with sharp teeth stalks upon the team members exiting from their basement, and she squints her yellow eyes to determine if they are her most common prey. Her pointy fingernails carve the bole lustfully, and she sprints away from view. Preston turns around knowing he was being watched, so he erased it from his memory and continued following the others.


In an obsidian castle from the other side, a shadow reaper, fully fleshed in a skeletal helmet, approaches to his onyx structured throne, watching from his mirror. One of his henchmen, a middle aged male with a green face and pompadour dressed in a black tuxedo, approaches to the throne room with news based upon the genetic experiments the doctor has conducted. The reaper, in addition, perceives the souls he has collected according to his gargantuan accumulation.

"Has the disease the doctor terminate the population, Chun Taozi?" Tazurai questioned him.

"Of course master, Shun Gozu and Shun Mezu abated the positive energy of the city. In addition, the doctor conducted the seed of evil." Chun answered with a grin.

"Just as I pleased, the stem's pulse has harnessed the human world, for these boundaries belong to the Fujitsu dynasty. The Taye stem's growth is the beginning of the end for the human world. With its absorbing power, I can defeat even the gods." Shinigami tazurai responded, "Chun, how long will the Taye's stem cell assimilate the souls of the victims?"

"3-5 months, and it will be war all over." Chun answered darkly.

"Excellent. If I transfer my people to the human world, the stem will even obliterate the humans and conquer the realm." Tazurai grinned evilly.

"Sir, this mission is in greater detail," Chun replied, and the two underworld guards enter the throne room.

"Ha, Shuns Gozu and mezu, how delightful to see your faces in front of me? Do you confront any of whom?" Tazurai questioned.

"We come across one, sir. His name is Efrain Spearer, he's the commander and leader of a group known as the Specter Stoppers, and he wields the yukonamo sword." Gozu answered.

"Efrain Spearer? Sounds inevitable. I want to learn more about this young man and his crew. Is Mayku Kuchisake-onna in the forest region? I have something for his brawler friend to whom she desired mostly." Tazurai grinned.


When entering the lethal Japanese gardens at such timing, the team approaches to the grasslands. The atmosphere is surrounded with bamboo, and the voices were heard to mock two of whom.  

Something has caught my skirt. Is it a tree branch? It can't possibly be. she thought. Dahlia feels a branch has caught her gray skirt, and when she turned her head, it was just Preston teasing her. "Preston, come on!"

"Is it the skirt you want, the skirt you get." Preston replied. He releases it and whistles a tune, and she snatches the part of her knife-pleated skirt.

"Hey guys, quit screwing around and get over here." Zach called, and dahlia and Preston approach to him and the others on examining the message Janet handed to them earlier.

"It must be a hidden message that wanted us to venture there. Someone needs our services." Rory stated.

"A village," Efrain whispered somberly, and he gazes at the bamboo if there are chances the occult plotted a rousing grudge.

Rory hears the sound of the occult wandering the bamboo areas, and he and the others gawk quickly despite their gliding and hostilities. In addition, a horde of mujinas and nogitsunes, consisting twenty of them each, surround the members surprisingly. Efrain's sword illuminates as the three mujinas scurry in lusting for their prey. Preston powers up his battle gloves and launches a power punch at the first mujina. It dodges the flare and claws Preston powerfully and Rory affectively. Zach fires his laser arrows to pin the first mujina, yet it stands in the battlefield until Preston performs a 3 hit-combo consisting a drop kick and double uppercut. Dahlia attacks using her tessen in her right hand and scoop kicks it to the ground. The first nogitsune uses its tail to cast a spiral fireball at her, and Efrain performs pure strike at the first nogitsune and cuts horizontally. Therefore, the damage harnessed the first nogitsune as it collapsed. Rory cartwheels forward and lunge kicks the second nogitsune in the back, and he back flip kicks it in the jaw. The second nogitsune twirls its flaming tail and casts blaze at Zach directly. Preston butterfly twist kicks the second nogitsune in the back, and he sends it flying and aerial cuts the Yako fox and then rear elbows it. The second mujina claws Efrain in the chest, but he deflects using his sword and performs whirlwind at the mujina. The third mujina charges toward dahlia, but she sends her tessen to impair the fiend along with the third nogitsune. Rory spin kicks the third nogitsune, and Zach launches his steel arrow to pin the fourth nogitsune. In addition, a smoke bomb is shot in the air blinding the horde of ghosts refraining from attacking the team. The members, except Preston who's searching for someone stalking him, cover their faces while coughing, and a shadow of a young girl with cat ears and lavender kimono helps escort the four members expeditiously from the battlefield. She takes them to the village, and Efrain catches up to the young girl. She has light grey hair, and her skin is ivory white. She has dark brown eyes and thick lips, and she wore two necklaces in her neck. One of which is beaded, and the other is part of her family tradition.

"Wait!" Efrain gasped, and the three others and he rest at a temple closer from the gardens.

"Hold on, where are you taking us?" Rory questioned.

"To the village of course." she answered, studying their appearances even the sword Efrain wielded, "so, you're the one with the Yukonamo sword."

Is she talking about him? That means he was a student. Dahlia thought.

"Yes, I do. I'm Efrain Spearer, that's Dahlia, Rory Stars, and Zach." he introduced himself to the young girl.

"I'm Ume Netanyahu." she introduced herself to them.

"Everyone is here except, where's Preston?" Zach asked, and the others are searching for him.

Preston is somewhere there, but with whom? Efrain pondered.


Preston takes a hike at the bamboo regions to clear his mind from the battle until he comes across a sleazy woman whose intentions desired for him. Deceased bodies and dismembered parts were embellished to seemingly make the forest terrifying. She has ebony black hair tied to a long ponytail, she wears a lemon yellow crop top matching her high brief pants, leather black high kneed boots, and her face is scattered with slit-carnivorous teeth surrounding her right cheek though she covers most of her face with her mask. Preston glowers at the female miscreant.

"Preston Vaughan, I have waited for this moment to come." the woman grinned evilly, folding her arms together.

"Mayku," he scowled, standing in his fighting pose.

"No more tricks, you're mine now." she grinned, and she opens her carnivorous teeth.

"Now it's time for you to pay for your crimes you commit," he said.

Mayku elbows his chin fiercely, and Preston back fists her nose and back knees her. She scratches Preston in the chest and nudge punches his jaw. Preston hook punches her left cheek bone and super uppercuts her chest. She nabs Preston's arms, and he back flip kicks her head. Preston performs a flying jab punch at her causing the nose to bleed, yet Mayku cackles nudging her head towards him.

Damn it! She is resisting my attacks. It can not possibly be. Preston wondered.

"What's the matter Preston? You have seen a ghost lately." she cackled.

"Hey, not to be a bitch." Preston scowled, "so, you were looking for me."

"This is my favorite hangout, and can't you see, I decorated the place myself. You're as dangerous as the demons assumed." Mayku stated.

"You're going to regret this!" he growled, and he launches a nova bolt from his ultra MMA gloves and hybrid gauntlets. She dodges his attack, and Mayku points her needles at Preston.

"Now," she grinned, and Preston charges toward her and punches her powerfully in the face. She screams in bleeding rage and throws her needles at him, but he deflects them expeditiously.

The needles dissipate into mist, and Preston performs his torpedo double punch and cartwheels forward. Mayku growls and pierces through him; in addition, she slashes him in the chest and right arm leaving scars. She draws out her knife and stabs Preston in the stomach; on the other hand, Preston throws his fist to the ground creating an aftershock. The ground trembles as she slips uncontrollably. Mayku feels dizzy due to the trembling grounds, and Preston charges toward her launching a cosmic jab. She removes her mask and sticks out her demon tongue and captures Preston around the waist. He struggles to break loose as Mayku's tongue throws him into a pile of baboon. Preston double kicks upward and rubs the blood from his mouth, and he throws a deceased body at her. He pounces at Mayku and jabs her in the face. He cartwheels backwards and stands in his fighting pose; in addition, Mayku crescent kicks Preston in the face, sending him to a tributary. Splash! He fell on his butt and gawk at her. She cackles demonically and straight kicks Preston, causing him to cough out blood from his mouth.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you to keep your hands to yourself?" she cackled.

She's powerful, and her abilities surpassed mine as I suspected. Preston wondered.

"Oh, your are as foolish as your friends." Mayku grinned.

"I thought you were as pleasant than I ever expected. When I find that in the history books, I noticed you were a human." Preston replied, "tell me why is Shinigami tazurai plot to kill us? What is his purpose? What damn thing he's obliterating right now?"

"I will tell you after your demise," she snarled, drawing out her needles and throwing them at Preston. However, her needles missed as Preston dodges them.

"I have to say Mayku, that's not how you answer my question." Preston replied.

She lunge kicks preston in the chest, sending him flying to a set of bamboo, and he flutter kicks Mayku's chin five times; moreover, Preston rises to his feet quickly and spin torpedo kicks Mayku in the back. Mayku throws a ten foot vase at him, and Preston dashes toward her and performs a spiral punch at the her chest, causing her chest bone and ribs to shatter on the inside. In addition, he double punches her head, causing the skull's facial structure to damage gradually. It drifts her ten feet away, and he superman punches her jawline. The four others alongside Ume rush to where Preston is located, and they halt in shock. Mayku nudges her bleeding head cackling and faces toward Preston.

"Come on!" Preston grumbled.

"When do boys like yourself relinquished?" Mayku asked devilishly, "you think I'm pretty."

"Preston, go for her head." Efrain commanded.

"I got this, commander." Preston replied with a grin.

"Watch out!" Dahlia shouted.

"Funny how you ask Mayku, your ancestors has given victims a question that isn't necessary." Preston replied with a grin, "you have murdered children in the past --especially my younger sister-- when they thought you weren't pretty. Everyone else whom you expect answer positively, you got it all wrong."

"How about now!" she exclaimed, charging towards Preston with her slit mouth open and takes her knife out of her hand attempting to stab him.

"Sorry lady, but you're not my type." he replied.

Preston, on the other hand, deflects her attack and straight punches her chest leaving a hole. It bleeds nonstop as she cringes, and Preston points his arms together and blasts a smash bolt to blow her head off. The team cheers for Preston after surviving the fight against Mayku, and the brawler covers the wounds he suffered from battle. Rory hustles to aid him, and Ume turns her head to him. On the other hand, Mayku's mutations reformed together as her ghostly body roams away from the forests. Efrain approaches to the blood she leaked as Rory collects another sample from it.

"Does this sample mean anything?" Rory asked, passing the tube to Efrain.

"Kazumachisthui." he scowled.

"Is that the guy you were searching for?" Ume questioned.

"Affirmative, he has developed an experiment to manipulate a virus based on his psychic creation. For now, preston's in critical condition, and we must get him back to the temple." Rory answered.

"Who's Preston?" Ume asked.

"I am," Preston answered.

"Specter stoppers, let's leave." Efrain replied, and the others and he exit from the bamboo grounds to the temple Ume is leading.


"Preston, that was awesome. How did you..." Dahlia asked.

"Save the conversation for later," Preston replied.

"I was hoping we might collect samples of this twisted experiment he was harnessing." Dahlia replied.

"I'm glad I beat the hell out of Mayku and for good." Preston replied.

"Preston, did I remind you she's one of Kazumachisthui's experiments?" Rory stated.

"Um, no. I don't." he answered. 

Another of his students pours hot water to the bowl to cleanse the wounds Preston was suffering after his estrange encounter with Mayku. He places the hot towel to lave the blood from his arms, and Preston eases himself upward despite the dressing wrapped on his torso to inhibit the blood from leaking. Efrain flashes back to the earlier battles that the experiments are lashed from the Taye stem, for it has developed the energy of the deformed ghosts to bolster its gradual mutation. He recovers his sanity despite the pressure from his excruciating pain. In addition, Dahlia turns her head quickly to her cousin knowing something a matter.

"Efrain, what is it?" Dahlia asked.

"Stronger energy, the stem is reaping thousands of innocent lives." Efrain answered, recovering his sanity.

"You envisioned it?" she questioned.

"Yes," he whispered.

The team sits down on the pillows waiting for Ume to return with something she rendered for battling the monsters destroying the gardens, and Dahlia studies the spatial decorations of the room. Rory studies the message completely on account of the Japanese letters he's trying to translate with his computer systems. There were ancestral scrolls pinned on the walls and katanas placed adjacent it. Ume opens the screen doors with a tray in her hands carrying the soups she fixed, and she approaches to an elderly person behind the screen doors.

"Master Takahashi, I have brought you help in searching for your youngest student," the girl responded.

"Thank the Elder Gods," an elderly male in a russet and maize kimono praised with a grin, rising slowly to his feet and ambulates 2 feet toward the team. He's in his late 70's, and his platinum white hair is tied to a ponytail and lower extensions are loosen. "I'm humbly surprised you came to our village. You have done well Ume."

"Master takahashi?" Efrain responded, approaching to the elder, "15 years ago, you instructed a young boy to become one with the skill in becoming the best swordsman."

"Yes?" he asked.

"I was that young boy, master." Efrain answered, and the three others seemed surprised even Ume believes his side of the story.

"Efrain," he gasped, for the master studies his appearance, "my, it's been fifteen years since I last saw your fresh face. You look just like your father."

"Did he say he looked just like his father?" Preston whispered.

"Ssh." Dahlia shushed.

I suddenly started to realize Efrain was actually his first student. It looks like he and his friends might help us in rescuing our friend. Ume thought.

"Master, what do you know about Shinigami Tazurai?" he asked.

"Ken Fudo, one of my new students, and his older brother Akira were missing. Dr. Kazumachisthui's plot with Tazurai has engulfed when the Taye Stem implored to our area, absorbing the souls of the victims who presumed dead during the battle. He started the war when he summoned his malevolent spirits to uproar." Takahashi answered.

"How is this affecting here?" Efrain queried.

"The roots absorb the energy of the dead to wreak havoc," he stated, "I knew I didn't have the strength to battle tazurai neither does your father."

"What happened?" Efrain questioned.

"He lost the battle," takahashi answered, and he gasps even Dahlia seems horrified, "not only it's a consequence on how Tazurai seeks in his grasp power, but he plots to overrun those who opposed him."

It couldn't be. I thought my father would return after the war, but Tazurai murdered him in the battlefield. Tazurai will pay for my father's death, and he knows it. Efrain thought.

"We're sorry for your loss, man." Zach replied, touching Efrain's shoulder for comfort.

"No, I knew my father had fought battles in the past, and he's the reason he was a great warrior." Efrain replied.

"Ok gramps, what do you want us to do? Save your student and his brother." Preston asked.

"Of course, now go on." he answered.

"Here Ume, use our communicator to reach contact with us." Rory replied, handing Ume his hand communicator.

"I never seen this in ages, but thank you. I'll meet you at Tokyo tower during your quest, Rory." Ume answered, and she glowers at Preston, "move it sledge butt."

Sledge butt! Is she?! Gah! Preston thought.

"What are you standing around for? Come on!" Zach exclaimed.

The team exits from the temple after hearing a tragedy of Efrain's father despite Shinigami Tazurai's wrath, so they resumed their adventure in ceasing Kazumachisthui from conducting anymore experiments.
Specter Stoppers ch. 1
My first anime chapter story, and I published the first chapter.
The first chapter is done in writing form. I'm now starting the comic strip. 
Efrain spearer modeling by GBMelendez23k
Efrain spearer modeling
He's modelling.
Dahlia: (reads steamy dreamboat magazine)
Rory: say dahlia, what are you reading?
Dahlia: the latest issue of steamy dreamboat, Efrain is on the cover of the magazine.
Rory: really, I didn't noticed he's good at modelling.
Efrain Spearer returns from his meeting.
Efrain: is that the latest issue of steamy dreamboat? Is that me? Yeah, it is me.
Dahlia: you're a good male model, cousin.
I have learned the ways of the anime nation, and it feels so good. The anime I'm writing is the Specter Stoppers. It talks about a group of five phantom hunters ceasing an evil reaper from conquering japan with his reign of terror. There will be a lot of action, some comedy, villains, allies, stages, etc. The anime takes place 123 years from now, and it will knock your socks off. Some anime help me put together the project were inuyasha, cowboy bebop, space dandy, bleach, death note, yo Kai watch, and samurai jack. Plus, the action of the anime inspired me to put it together. Fortunately, the story will come out in around early October or late september. For now, I'm starting roleplay if you are fans of anime.
I knew three of which for me consists action, so yeah bleach, inuyasha, and dragon ball z were among three I knew.
5. Cowboy bebop
4. Inuyasha
3. Parasite 
2. Yu yu hakusho 
1. Space dandy

Tell us your top 5 anime 
My favorite thing about the Olympics is watching the swimmers completing for the gold especially Michael Phelps. I always knew the United states have won again since the 2012 London Olympic games. What are your thoughts about the games?
I wish they want to extend toonami into 5 hours instead of 3 and a half hours, and I wish there will be more anime. What are your thoughts about this?
Team USA holds strong in the lead with a total of thirty-two medals follow by China with twenty-three medals and Japan with eighteen.
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Which new Ghostbusters character nailed the movie? 

3 deviants said Jillian holtzmann
3 deviants said Patty Tolan
3 deviants said Kevin Beckman
No deviants said Erin Gilbert
No deviants said Abby Yates


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:iconbeautifulkendallplz: best pic ever because it's my favorite. My roleplay is :#mkthenextera: are you capable to learn more of the story.

it's always wild when i get to know deviantar from the very beginning, and i realize it was a blast.
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