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The Specter Stoppers ch. 76
Last time on the Specter Stoppers, the encounter continued after Dahlia rushed to her cousin ensuring his condition physically stabilized, and Efrain stood up to his feet steadily and slowly from the ground after an uncalled for brawl. Zach decided to take things from here by confronting the adversary, forcing him to ask questions on Vinilia's venality to determine her whereabouts. By surprise, Hillary requested to join the crew in the mission. They tackled a horde of monsters, the mantle golems, despite the adversary's plan to outwit the Specter Stoppers and their friends. David Davies returned from the dead after countless years inactive, for he plotted his revenge for another time against the Specter stoppers despite the burning rage in his eyes. Rongom Supreme complained to the Phantom on the chances of destroying the team, so he and David suggested to start enacting on it. Patrick examined the pursuit to find Hillary although her absence left him little knowledge until he perfo
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 75
Last time on the Specter Stoppers, right when the action caused his plan to blunder, the Phantom isn't too satisfied with the processes of the plan going in order, for Chun Taozi suggested a plan to seek control of the planet by allowing Vinilia to take the power of the Galuzhare PyramidThe team arrived to the Tate Forest to examine the cause of the area, and Efrain catered Nina with a hero sandwich although she doesn't want to nourish herself. In addition, Dahlia severed the sandwich into fifths for the members to increase strength, yet Preston wasn't satisfied with the small piece of the sandwich. Rena grew in shock when she witnessed one of her animal friends killed due to the amount of clay harming the body. They fought a horde of ballistic monsters impacting the area, and they sorted the mystery of the impact. Efrain tended to face the fiend Shigure, but his proposal failed when the adversary knocked him out. Fortunately, Dahlia came to the rescue lending him a he
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Why did we harm our computer? by GBMelendez23k Why did we harm our computer? :icongbmelendez23k:GBMelendez23k 5 0
The Specter Stoppers ch. 74
Previously, on the Specter Stoppers, the members witnessed in their presence an athletic, stealthy, tactical young man, a weapons expert, wielding a hybrid mini-gun coming into the presence of the hills engaging in combat against the trichomes that practically ensnared them with their greasily corporeal, plant-like bodies by blasting gunshots randomly at them to release the members. Nina surprisingly understood his dynamic appearance, and Ranger Ushira felt relief of his pleasant arrival in the middle of combat. Rory exterminated the plants with a kind of weapon that he introduced to the Specter Stoppers, the plant repellent glaive. The members approach to a high-tech precinct where they can manage to encounter the rest of the monsters. Patrick returned from the steam room to meet with the others to determine the outcome of the situation, and Dave gave a present to Sylvia as a gift for her supportive and dynamic role as a leader. The Specter Stoppers and thei
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 73
Previously on the Specter Stoppers, the crew managed to sort out the mystifying feeling of a slightly mysterious encounter murderously emerging from over the edge stalking at its members during the fight, for Efrain and the four others noticed an unlikely incognito tending to ambush the members after saving Ranger Ushira from a barbaric weave of webers. Rory frankly evaluated the analysis of the Galuzhare Pyramid to vividly determine at the nick of time to briefly explain the aspects, leading to the unmistakable cause of it. As Efrain talked to Janet on the resemblance of its unknown philosophy that likely occurred coincidentally in its method, Patrick approached back to the control room with kiss marks around his face after his full visit to the sickbayThe team confronted a round of trichomes threatening the integrity of the area.
A man appears from a hill adjacent a few cherry blossom trees and high-tech corridors wrecked when the clay first infested it
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 72
Last time on the Specter Stoppers, after an unexpectedly revival of Hillary, causing a tempestuous turmoil over whose DNA transfer to apparently impact her genetic traits from her parents, Patrick Spengler tried explaining all of this to her knowing that he must do what he has so that he can help her. Hillary murderously attacked Patrick failing to comply the fact of offering her life. Ume, on the other hand, sedated her by pinching her before the Android Medics addressed to return her to the sickbay to confirm her overall status depending on the cause of it; nevertheless, he would have explained vividly the result her DNA impacted prominently to her body. The team arrived to the planet Grensuke after journeying through hyperspace and confronting a new horde of space ghosts wandering aimlessly in the areas. Its members managed tto examine the forests completely depending on the way it has manifested, and they rescued a person in distress from a rebellious weave of webers
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 71
Last time on the Specter Stoppers, after a concise meeting with one another, depending on the source of information Patrick explained when they sent Yuki Aino behind bars gaining the knowledge of the pyramid's faces to disclose further evidence that led to the mystery, the team received forth a message from Patrick to meet him at the strategy room where the President of the Galaxies attended to explain the resemblance of the pyramid before accepting their mission. Patrick engaged in a one-on-all conversation with each other depending on the model, and Hillary ruined the conversation by urging him to focus on her instead on the mission. He generally focused on whether the consequences would affect the entire region; in addition, he was forced to suspend Hillary from animation depending on the excruciatingly tempestuous relationship they both maintained during the war. The Specter Stoppers confronted a horde of space ghosts wandering aimlessly in the interstellar regions, a horde of A
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 70
Previously, on the Specter Stoppers, the team successfully defeated the snowy fiend Yuki Aino and reclaimed all nine pieces with a new team work technique Efrain and Dahlia worked together when the three others and Neve kept the fiend distracted, Spring's Inferno. In addition, the weather sedated from the treacherous aftermath of the storm, and Neve reunited with her father after hearing the sound of his endearing voice. The team managed to free the other prisoners especially Neve's father Lorothar, and Dahlia and Neve bid each other farewell after a long mission. They also bid farewell to their fellow engineer in training Lila, for Rory transported her back to Earth to reunite with her mother who was definitely worried of her. After sending her home quickly, they found themselves an encounter lingering in the depths of outer space, another round of space rays. Preston demolished the grotesque horde in a few minutes by using the torpedoes to hit the horde of space rays e
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 69
Previously on the Specter Stoppers, the team confronted hazardous obstacles of the sub-levels after retrieving all seven pieces of the Andarayon Satellite. The team agreed with the plan Efrain shared in hopes of protecting the planet from total genocide; in addition, Roka and the rest of the army managed to help Lila with her freezing situation in her hands, a round of 55 ice men tending to trespass the ship's interior wreaking havoc upon the systems. The team's engineer in training Lila became skeptical in choosing to fight or stay as a coward, for she had the privilege by confronting a series of monsters overlapping the regions. She was too terrified to fight, resembling on her cowardice the option to protect or make a blunder. Emi had no other choice but to immediately sacrifice herself by transferring to a body of an antiquated robot that resembled a male figure whom Lila had little knowledge of but frankly
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 68
Last time on the Specter Stoppers, the team's support crew convinced the Android Medics to release Hillary from the sickbay despite the fact she couldn't handle another day, so they released her immediately. Patrick brooded on the appearance of a dark alchemist whose practices might help the team in the near future; hence, the records he experienced provided a peculiar sequence of the entire case. He also showed Hillary his new office after transferring the information he collected from the Stellar Therma; in addition to that, he warped Nina to the Cosmic Federation Base for the Android Medics to perform an operation to rid her hypothermia. The crew members encountered a horde of monsters inside the sub-levels including frost hunters, for the onset of the encounter indicated a significant warning if one crossed the path. In the end, the Specter Stoppers collected all of the pieces and freed a first set of prisoners who happened to be the enforcers of Cryasmasgess serving for the pla
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 67
Last time on the Specter Stoppers, the crew rushed an extremely freezing Nina to a near hotel in a small town of Galena after a full confrontation with a horde of blue flies. Its members collected specific evidence that connected with the manifestation of the adversary aligned with the Merging Evil itself. The team gathered all three pieces and confront another round of ice beasts and frost hunters before transitioning to the sierra to cope with the fiend himself. 
Akira discerns the files of a woman whom Patrick realized of her practices outside of the base; indeed, Patrick notices the records the mysterious figure has in her days of a chronic aspersion, and Akira pans his head towards Hillary who's breathing rapidly from the tip of her lungs. Ume pets her forehead studying her ashen face cannily to ascertain if her blood cells interact positively from the flaky white cells sprawling in her body. 
"Hillary, you're fine. It's just the case itself." Akira responded, tuc
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 66
Previously, on the Specter Stoppers, the search resumed when Lila took a break after an enhanced inventing process to repair the entire ship, and she received a call from her instructor Billy Stars knowing how her health condition stabilized at the foremost regions. She sympathized Emi's sorrow of not meeting with her parents, so she understood her feelings. The Phantrax Empire devised a plot by allowing the Phantom's enforcers to debate their proposal whether its efficacy would trigger the ice planet much longer. The team approached the other side of the caverns to explore a bit until they confronted a horde of frost cave worms along with evil snowmen. A cynic yet adorable young polar bear humanoid rescued Dahlia, and she explained why her home world is under crisis regarding the impact of the wars between the Cryasmagese and the enforcers of Yuki Aino. They battled a horde of ice beasts bringing in the chilling reception to the team; therefore, they won the
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 65
Last time on the Specter Stoppers, they embarked on a mission to gather the third along with the rest of the pieces based on the available description of them in their first stop, the caverns. Lila urged Rory not to wander off the danger zones of the planet, and Rory understood her response and left with the others to find all of the pieces. In addition, she had sought help from a deceased engineer who worked for Billy. The crew tackled a horde of monsters inside the caverns, and Patrick noticed Hillary felt better after a long stay at the sick bay but temporarily despite the lack of nutrition. After the left cavern was completely sealed, failing to catch the third part of the satellite in a faster range, the members took the other way around, so Rory used his ground drone to identify the third piece cannily. Efrain realized a mysterious owl watched the events of the search and glided away in the heavy snow. Rory discovered another way around as the radar confirmed that they founded
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 64
Last time on the Specter Stoppers, after arriving to the planet and exceeding on the entire research regarding the precise phenomena, Rory obtained in his grasp the process of surmising this relevant information to note the significance of the planet's surface. They brought aboard to the Freewill a person whom Rory's father ranked as his apprentice, Lila Lampoon, for her skills in engineering can help the team in repairing its structure. The team confronted a round of new adversaries roaming aimlessly between the winds of the interstellar medium send the interplanetary medium, whereupon the Freewill reached its destination. Rory tried his hardest to fix the other wing of the ship, and Lila rocketed it to evade the barbaric entities from threatening the entire ship completely. Rory fixed the wing in time; however, due to the crash that nearly wrecked the Freewill, the Specter Stoppers arrived to the planet at a nick of time but lost one of their friends, Professor Guka, a
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 63
Previously on the Specter Stoppers, the team's new enemy whom they knew a bit about, the Phantom instigated a plot for universal dominion by focusing on the Specter Stoppers and the power of the source on the line. On the contrary, both Rongom Supreme and Chun Taozi insisted that the kismet of the universe will revolt against the entire universe. At the library, the Specter Stoppers researched deeply about the planet itself and ways to merge together the pieces, for they designated a strategy to gather the pieces before the adversary Yuki Aino realized about it. They battled an armada of warships claiming to be pirates, and Preston experienced a vision from his past that taunted him unexpectedly, an enemy whom he believed threatened his friend from high school and a few at the bar even Dahlia, the adversary Brute. Indeed, he marked his turmoil against the adversary for the protection of the loved ones he currently has staying in the game and the ones he lost. Efrain reflected in the
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The Specter Stoppers ch. 62
Previously on the Specter Stoppers, the search for the person who understood the motives of the universe that compensated the fact the looming consequences affecting the entire interstellar medium as the particles engendered havoc at center stage of the Miyuyasha Dome. The members tackled a horde of crowd demons to save Francesca and Sebastian's outstanding concert; however, a few of the crowd demons punctured Hillary during battle, so Patrick rushed her to the sick bay of the Cosmic Federation Base. He returned to the others and met with the person whose beliefs in finding the adversary can assist the Specter Stoppers in their interstellar battle against any horde of monsters swarming in the areas of outer space. The Specter Stoppers crew agreed to embark on their journey to Cryasmasgess, for it will take them a few light years to arrive there using warp drive. 
Meanwhile, at the planet Phantrax, back in his finely enriched limestone fortress, the Phantom appro
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I worked on fanfiction now, and it makes my brothers and sisters of deviantart smile. I love to role play with people to put together the pieces for stories yet to come.


Kiss!!!! by llovesrarity Kiss!!!! :iconllovesrarity:llovesrarity 4 78 I'm afraid you're gonna die. by llovesrarity I'm afraid you're gonna die. :iconllovesrarity:llovesrarity 2 44 Young Ghostbuster by SarahMiele Young Ghostbuster :iconsarahmiele:SarahMiele 20 3 A battle of Bows and Arrows by blacksaibot A battle of Bows and Arrows :iconblacksaibot:blacksaibot 23 14 The Team (Earth-27) by phil-cho The Team (Earth-27) :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 311 15 In a Bind by SarahMiele In a Bind :iconsarahmiele:SarahMiele 14 6 Ghostbusters International #5 page 5 by luisdelgado Ghostbusters International #5 page 5 :iconluisdelgado:luisdelgado 11 2 I Got You Babe by SarahMiele I Got You Babe :iconsarahmiele:SarahMiele 18 12 Goku Old Style by rmehedi Goku Old Style :iconrmehedi:rmehedi 74 1 Caulifla Super Saiyan 2 by rmehedi Caulifla Super Saiyan 2 :iconrmehedi:rmehedi 113 2 Vegetto Blue by UrielALV Vegetto Blue :iconurielalv:UrielALV 49 2 Kale - Dragon Ball Super #2 by UrielALV Kale - Dragon Ball Super #2 :iconurielalv:UrielALV 94 11 Batman by Haining-art Batman :iconhaining-art:Haining-art 4,380 146 Batman by Mar11co Batman :iconmar11co:Mar11co 6,014 482 green arrow alt by marconelor green arrow alt :iconmarconelor:marconelor 272 2 Green Arrow... by Dave-Wilkins Green Arrow... :icondave-wilkins:Dave-Wilkins 1,253 94
this is all of my faves they're very special


The young ghostbusters
The young ghostbusters anyone?
Who you gonna call? 
Vampire slaying time
In this new series, it's about a group of vampire slayers saving the United kingdom from the evil vampiric dynasty. The essence of surviving the vampiric apocalypse is by using the proper equipment to slay the bloodsucking creature. 
My artwork
It was based on the chronicles of my current project Mk: the next era 3 part 2
Character concepts
Since I decide to make character concepts as commissions, it's very imperative to pay points to my points bar. I'll also continue with requests and the story too.
Doctors of the special forces pages
These pages are part of my new segment called Doctors of the Special Forces. 
If you love Frozen so much, I will happily post it 
Greek mythology commissions
Like I said again, I'm focusing on greek mythology.
More tay and pat commissions
Calling all hearts 
commision 1
these are the latest projects I worked on in regards of artistic ability. 


This is awesome in my opinion. I'm planning to become a better artist like you, but for me, I always have to practice a lot by putting ...

three words i will best describe this artwork: brilliant, awestruck, creative. you look like a smart one, i found your work of art very...

what i love about the folds and wrinkles are that they specifically work for making texture of the clothing whereas i study from its me...

Lovely Elsa from the hit movie: Frozen. Despite on your effort and love for this animated film, I found Elsa to be the most beautiful c...

Romance is the air for both lunar and shadow, the two star crossed lovers, in this modern earth. We imagine our Shadow being the prince...

That's one interaction that women love the most, flaming abs from men. I found this to be the exact, horny affection I just seen in my ...



Realistic Efrain Spearer by GBMelendez23k Realistic Efrain Spearer :icongbmelendez23k:GBMelendez23k 2 8 Speed of Light by lucid-light Speed of Light :iconlucid-light:lucid-light 1,112 128 Smitten rose by GBMelendez23k Smitten rose :icongbmelendez23k:GBMelendez23k 5 32 Romanic Architecture by dedeyutza Romanic Architecture :icondedeyutza:dedeyutza 82 12 Greek Architecture, Santorini by ausluke Greek Architecture, Santorini :iconausluke:ausluke 6 0 Greek Architecture by dedeyutza Greek Architecture :icondedeyutza:dedeyutza 121 5 Smith House by dedeyutza Smith House :icondedeyutza:dedeyutza 32 14 House by ArhHaralamb Georgescu by dedeyutza House by ArhHaralamb Georgescu :icondedeyutza:dedeyutza 73 9
Jarlos Kiss, Kendall-City Is Ours


New episodes of the Specter Stoppers will be returning on July 25 or the 26
Last time on the Specter Stoppers, the encounter continued after Dahlia rushed to her cousin ensuring his condition physically stabilized, and Efrain stood up to his feet steadily and slowly from the ground after an uncalled for brawl. Zach decided to take things from here by confronting the adversary, forcing him to ask questions on Vinilia's venality to determine her whereabouts. By surprise, Hillary requested to join the crew in the mission. They tackled a horde of monsters, the mantle golems, despite the adversary's plan to outwit the Specter Stoppers and their friends. David Davies returned from the dead after countless years inactive, for he plotted his revenge for another time against the Specter stoppers despite the burning rage in his eyes. Rongom Supreme complained to the Phantom on the chances of destroying the team, so he and David suggested to start enacting on it. Patrick examined the pursuit to find Hillary although her absence left him little knowledge until he performed his warping technique bringing him to the planet meeting with her and the members.

"Alright, I'll give you a head start, just this once." Patrick responded, and he levitates himself from the floor as Ranger Ushira watches the two of them practicing together.

"Alright then." Hillary nodded as she also slowly levitates from the ground.

"It's time for us to start with the basics." he responded.

"Right." she nodded.

"Follow my lead." he responded, for he pans his head towards Hillary as she literally follows along with his instruction.

Patrick lowers his head to her right shoulder and shares a satisfying smile to her when giving her the instruction of being an angel, and Rena seems to be astounded with the basic training exercise. Hillary bangs her head on a tree, and she falls to the field on her butt and sees stars encircling her head.

He glides forward taking the lead teaching Hillary the basics of being an angel, and Ranger Ushira seems to feel amazed with the knowledge of aerobics he's providing her in the neck of the woods. Efrain streams his hover-bike forward to the section of the Tate Forest and finds a base connected with the corporations interacted within the sector, and Rory lowers his hover-wing accurately and steadily to monitor the events occurring within the area depending on the continuity of the manifestation. He runs an analysis of the regions depending on the impacted photochemistry within the area invested with hallucinating effects regarding the illusions that are extremely difficult to specify eventually.

"I might fall!" Hillary screamed.

"Hang on, I got you." Patrick responded, taking her hand to help her keep flying to the distance accurately.

"Patrick!" Hillary giggled.

Incredible, not only she inherits her DNA from this fellow, but her wisdom as well depending on her skills in the battlefield. I have to admire on her skills inside and out of the grounds. Ranger Ushira thought.

A pile of rocks barricade the Specter Stoppers and their friends from their path, and they witness a figure standing barbarically through the outskirts of the forest region. The adversary casts his borders on the Specter Stoppers barricading their path. Efrain hops out of his hover-bike to engage in the encounter even Preston notices an enemy lingering in the depths of the precinct. Ranger Ushira witnesses the bionegativity of the area, and Patrick glides into the skies examining the regions depending on the innovation of the fiend's pandemic.

Something mysterious approaches through the trenches, and this one manages to stop us from reaching the base. I must prevent him from threatening the Specter Stoppers if I can verify their constant location in the botanical area. Patrick thought, monitoring his head to find the team's location and witnesses a base's beacon detecting its signal.

Patrick glides forward and lands on his feet swiftly, and Ranger Ushira rolls his eyes shockingly recognizing his presence with his radiant angel wings. Efrain glances at him and defends the others from the rocks lashing at him directly, and Dahlia sways both of her tessen fans to generate the winds to push the adversary upward to the sky and dashes to perform her tessenjutsu trick on the adversary.

"Efrain, there is a vigorous system in the outskirts of the forest bringing a mass vibration ideally to the area." Rory prompted.

"Hmm, interesting." Efrain responded.

The team confronts the fiend who causes the forests to degrade drastically according to the homicides Rory reported, for the fiend, on the other hand, performs a fiery strike to shatter the adversary's accumulation of Cosmo-quantum energy. An adversary manages to summon his power rocks to lash against the Specter Stoppers leader, and the rocks surround the entire section expunging them. Efrain darts to the adversary and performs Thunder Lion Slash to slash the figure as frugal light scatters him. Conversely, the adversary evades the sword slash Efrain performed. He generates power from his stoned fist and throws an uppercut sending Efrain to a pile of potash, channeling the rocks to impair the team members. Underneath the piles of sedimentary rocks, the figure strikes his spiky rocks to impair the members. Preston deflects the attack of the adversary and throws it back at him, and Rokku manipulates his stones to inflict damage to the members. Hillary bangs her yet again, and she nearly goes unconscious and falls rapidly to the ground.

"I knew you were going to fall for my trick." a raspy tone of voice grumbles to them, for the adversary summons a barricade made up of rocks.

"Let us through in this road!" Efrain shouted.

"I am the rock crusher Rokku, one of Vinilia's assigned enforcers, and I daresay you have entered my territory. I came to avenge my brother. The reason the war has endured because you killed Shinigami Tazurai!" he grumbled to Efrain and the four others.

"A sibling of the first rock brute walks by to kick our asses." Zach quipped to him.

"I have no patience for your humor." he scowled, clenching stones formed from his right hand.

"Tazurai's ways are evil, same goes for Vinilia and the Phantom." Efrain responded.

Rokku throws his rock slide to attack the Specter Stoppers members, and Efrain pounces to the ground to evade the smashing sedimentary rocks from rampaging the members. Preston shoots a glare at the adversary tending to demolish his energy, and Rokku smashes his fist to the ground generating the rocks by levitating its minor chunks to the air. Rokku dashes to him and throws a rock slide to inflict damage to him, and Preston delivers a circular kick to the adversary and performs his Skydive Drill punch to grind the fiend. Conversely, the adversary throws his earth spikes to damage Preston severely in the face, leaving scars on the right side. Preston shoots a glare at the adversary and dashes toward him striking with his fist of the concrete. Rokku drills his head to the dirt excavating to mantle himself from the punches Preston performed. Patrick zaps his holy lightning at the aperture he left and pommels the fiend with his Helioraika staff. Efrain dashes toward the fiend with his sword to inflict damage and delivers a snap kick to the facial structure, and he stabs the adversary straight in the abdomen region and perform his Galactic Blade sword technique at him. Rokku manipulates his rocky material and sledges Efrain with his rocky hammer to bruise him, and Dahlia dashes to the adversary with both of her tessen fans to pommel the fiend. Rory throws his projectiles to shatter the energy of the adversary, and Rokku deflects the projectiles and pounds him with his steel fist sending him to a coniferous tree. Patrick concentrates on his light energy and blasts his heliosphere to hit the adversary to discharge his energy.

Ranger Ushira draws out his hat and tosses it towards the figure to lash the adversary swiftly to inflict damage to him, and Rokku thrusts his hands to the ground summoning earth spikes to inflict damage to the Specter Stoppers. He shields himself from the spreading through the surfaces in which disintegrate the bonsai trees. Efrain shields himself from the pebbles entrapping him and his crew mates, for he notices the the homicidal expression he wears to verify the lust for his victims. The adversary thrusts him to a wall, and Ranger Ushira throws his projectile to lash Rokku through its encrusted face. Rena transforms to a raccoon and strikes Rokku with her right paw and flips the adversary with her tail, but the adversary snatches her tail and whirls her rapidly to the monolith. Rena shakes her head from the vertigo stimulating her mind and feels bruises in her body, and Dahlia generates the power from her tessen fans by unleashing transparently radiant blossom petals to streak the adversary. Rudgher switches to a different beam aiming at the adversary tactically, and he blasts his sonic mini-gun to catch his attention, unleashing the sonar waves to lure the adversary.

Efrain dashes to the adversary and performs crosswise slash to inflict damage to the fiend, and Rokku throws an earth spike to hit Efrain in the abdomen region sending him to a tree with lesser fungus. Patrick boosts everyone's ability with damage booster at 80%, and Preston's lobopulse surrounds his body and dashes toward the adversary performing his spinning arc kick to pommel the adversary until he grasps his left leg. He throws a roundhouse punch to the side whisking him to a bush, and Zach performs sniper shot at the adversary by tactically pinning his weak spot despite the abnormal behavior that embodies his character.

"Patrick, I can't do this...." Hillary muttered.

Efrain shields Hillary protectively to deflect the ballistic attacks the adversary made with his earth-like powers.

That guy tries to get his hands on the pyramid, and I can't let that happen. Efrain thought, and he performs squinting cut on him.

"Why did you do that?" Hillary asked.

Rokku's body is made up of rocky material, and the variations he carried came from his ancestors. I wonder how he keeps his word for Vinilia depending on the role he and Shigure agreed on. Dahlia thought.

Patrick rushes to help Hillary during the confrontation, and he places his hands on her chest as the electricity accumulates shocking her neural system to function properly. Dahlia opens both of her tessen fans and flips them clockwise to generate the winds rapidly, and Rokku deflects the winds and drills the ground with his head to avoid the winds tactically. Ranger Ushira throws his hat to the ground performing buzz saw slash waiting for the adversary to make his sudden attack. Zach points his energy arrow tactically and and narrows his eyes on the apertures he left, and Rokku springs out of one of them and pommels one of whom with rocky fist. Therefore, he hit Preston in the rib cage, and Preston shoots a fiery glare at the adversary with the lobopulse increasing strategically to carry the attack. Moreover, the buzz saw hat lashes Rokku in the chest, bringing the pain to him. Rokku growls angrily and throws a rock slide at the Specter Stoppers directly, leaving contusions and bruises around their bodies until Patrick conducts his energy to create a heliostatic pulse and blasts it at the adversary causing the particles to diminish half of his negative energy.

I can't do this. I give up! Hillary thought as she doesn't move off the ground.

"Where's Nina?" Patrick inquired.

"I don't know." Hillary coughed.

"Hillary, there has to be a way." Patrick responded, informing Hillary not to forfeit her destiny.

Rokku throws a flying rock to hit Patrick murderously to a wall, and he screams in rage despite his sense of encounter.

"Incoming!" Rory shouted, and he activates the barrier to deflect the rocks from hitting the others injured in battle.

Rena's nature aura increases around her body, and she transforms into a squirrel and speedily attacks the adversary until the fiend thrusts Rena into the ground changing back to a human. Dahlia dashes to the adversary with both of her fans in hand generating radiant petals and sways them to generate the wind power at the beast. Rokku creates a barricade and throws en earth pillar on Dahlia inflicting damage to her, and Zach swings his bow to attack the adversary dynamically. Rokku pounds Zach with his head sending him flying to an oak tree, and Ranger Ushira throws his hat at him manning the projectile rapidly forward to inflict him. Rokku throws his head to the ground creating an earthquake on them engendering the destruction, and Preston jumps upward to a tree avoiding the aftershock and performs Skydive Drill punch to inflict damage.

"Look out!" Hillary raged to Patrick jumping in front of him to protect him.

"Hillary!" Patrick exclaimed, and he feels pain in his abdomen region despite the blood drenching from his white jumpsuit. He places his hand to heal the wound mystically and feels a pang, and Dahlia gusts the adversary with floral tempest to lash the adversary in the face. Rokku throws his hands to the ground inflicting damage to her roughly, and she opens her umbrella shield to deflect the fiend's attack clenching to her common ground.

This is absolutely bad when I first enter the forest, and Vinilia has done something. This is all my fault because I have entered the wrong place at the wrong time. If anything happens to her, I won't ever forgive myself. Patrick thought.

Efrain dashes to the adversary with his sword in hand and performs his octagon strike swiftly, and Rokku evades the sword slashes expeditiously and drills his head to the ground lashing rocky spikes to inflict damage to him. Preston breaks through the spiky rocks with his fists and performs his spinning arc kick to the adversary in the face sending him flying to the grass. Dahlia spins her body rapidly performing her ellipse whiplash to inflict damage to the fiend, and Rokku drifts to the opposite side catching a glare at the Specter Stoppers. Rena transforms into a skunk and sprays noxious fumes on the adversary scattering his sight. Hillary starts to choke out blood trying steadily to stand to her feet. Rokku screams in full rage, for the boulders plummet to the encrusted grounds and throws an earth spike on Dahlia damaging her. Efrain slides forward and cuts the fiend horizontally, and Ranger Ushira throws his tacks to the floor awaiting to gash the adversary. Rokku uses his drill to burrow into the ground and lashes earth pillars at the Specter Stoppers leaving scars over them, and Patrick concentrates on his healing technique and heals the members and Rena, who's taking a savage beating from him due to the boulders smashing together. Rokku lashes Preston critically with his drilling head, and Preaton shoots a glower at the fiend. Rudgher shoots his gunfire at him pinning him, and Rokku inches forward extremely and excavates to the ground tricking him and pops out of the hole crushing Rudgher leaving heinous wounds and bruises all over his enfeebled body.

"Takial, watch out!" Ushira advised, and Rokku spears Rudgher to the floor as Patrick seems petrified despite the unlikely encounter.

"Rudgher!" Efrain exclaimed, and Rokku dashes toward him until Rudgher blasts his minigun to attract his attention.

"Is this was your idea of an excuse, then consider it done!" Rokku bellowed, glaring at Rudgher despite his lust for vengeance.

"Patrick." Hillary whined clenching onto her waistline.

Patrick places his hand on her waistline to cure her wound by concentrating his healing energy, and Rory cartwheels forward aerobically to evade the rocks from inching him.

"You're injured too." Hillary whispered.

"Not in my watch." Rudgher scowled, and he pommels the adversary with his gun and swing kicks him in the facial structure. He elbows the fiend and socks the adversary straight in the chest shattering his earth-like armor, and an infuriated Rokku counters him.

"Afraid so. Luckily, I used my power to repair the wounds I have from my body." Patrick responded.

"I wasn't expecting an encounter even a second one in my life, and Zach decides to take it seriously." Dahlia stated.

"This guy tries to trick him into falling for his tricks." Preston nodded.

"I reckoned Zach would handle Shigure himself though he didn't done so from the start." Efrain concurred.

Of course, Shigure is planning to prevent us from reaching sector HZ, unleashing more pandemonium in the aggressive lines of the area especially in the exterior.
Rory thought.

Rokku screams in rage and drills his head to lash him barbarically, and Efrain guards himself with his sword and shield. Dahlia slashes the adversary with both of her fans to inflict damage to the figure and delivers a flying knee kick castigating the fiend. Ranger Ushira and Dahlia throw their objects to lash Rokku directly leaving huge scars on him, for the blades carve the desiccated texture of his body diminishing his energy. Zach shoots his triple energy arrow at the adversary but missed when Rokku throws a rolling rock on him and alters his variation to black earth mode by altering his armor to magma mode, and he smashes his drilling head to create an earthquake, causing the tectonic plates of the planet to shatter through the rocky roads. In addition, Rokku feels the vertigo in him due to the floral strikes Dahlia has left, and Rena glides downward by turning herself into a squirrel and speedily assail the fiend by scurrying around. Rokku collapses to the ground after a frustrating encounter with the Specter Stoppers. From behind the bushes after being compelled to answer their question regarding the cause of her manifestation overlapping the grove, Shigure manages to make an attack by manipulating the air and surfs toward Zach straight. Patrick glides with Hillary clenching tightly and steadily to her, and he zaps his lightning on Shigure catching his attention. Rudgher feels pain in his joints as Rena and Ushira lend him a helping hand despite his injured right leg he received during his encounter with Rokku, for the earth spikes left dotted wounds. Rokku flees from the battlefield quickly leaving the others off guard.

"Have no fear, we'll meet again someday, Specter Stoppers!" Rokku exclaimed.

"He's gone," Patrick replied, "I have suspected he might once again have his vengeance against us."

"You said Rokku and Chikyūko were brothers, didn't you?" Efrain asked Patrick.

"Yes, that is correct." Patrick nodded.

"I wonder what brought this brute in front of us." Dahlia responded.

"I was this close to knocking the day lights out of him, damn!" Preston exclaimed.

"Preston, I understand how terribly close you want to get him, but all we are fretting on is the Galuzhare Pyramid's fate. Ushira, how much closer do we have to prevent the tortures enveloping in?" Efrain inquired.

"Approximately comparing to the distance from where we are." Ushira answered.

"I knew this was gonna happen." Hillary growled placing her palm over Patrick's cheek.

"Say, where's Zach?" Dahlia inquired, and Patrick points dramatically witnessing a turmoil in the continuation.

Shigure absconds from the action until Zach notices his presence emerging from the bushes and chases after him. Zach turns around unbelievably when noticing he wasn't ready to give up, for he re-encounters the adversary extremely. Zach shoots his energy arrow to pin the fiend but missed miserably when Shigure teleports with his air to distract him entirely. Efrain and the others watch the encounter between Zach and Shigure transpiring in the opposite corners. Dahlia and Rory witness the confrontation as well, for Shigure demeans the chances of the memners in placing the pyramid back before Vinilia tends to wreak havoc on the universe by absorbing the power.

The Specter Stoppers ready themselves for a battle against the diacritical adversaries that triangulated around the bonsai trees, for they renovate on a strategy to efface the creature from destructing the regions. Ranger Ushira trails the northern section of the Tate Forest in accustoming the information to critically prove the aspects of Vinilia's advent. The other Specter Stoppers advert the agnostic impact that she exerted to the area to plot her strikingly homicidal expression on her face. In fact, she manages to chin and the rest of the leas, and Rory analyzes the areas sprawling in the regions. As they slink to the mangrove, Rory examines the foliage despite the smudges around in which indicates the surveillance of Vinilia's whereabouts, and the raspy voices reverberate through the shrub layer. In addition, the commotions allegedly rasp the attention of its inhabitants even Ranger Ushira perceive in his tracking device the communication of the diacritical aspects at the correlation. He begins to recommend on the suspense fully hems in the entire exterior depending on the structure of the territorial integrity.

The Specter Stoppers land on their feet safely and confront the figure despite its horrendous impact on the surface, for they begin in their battle against the ash tree on their left. Based on the relevantly accessible information from Rory's tracking glasses, the steam exudes upon the distant ranges of the forest to subdue the hamlet inhabitants. A round of gaseous wispers, vaporous apparitions that sizzle through the area, surrounds the Specter Stoppers fixedly, for they battle against the wispy figures rambling the sites of the regions. A round of green smoke ghosts lingers in the subordinate regions. Rory fixes a scan to identify the name of the figures, and his tracking glasses to indicate the presence of the figures. Preston cartwheels forward to pommel the shadowy figures and performs nova geyser to inflict damage to the adversary, and Efrain performs his razor wind to buffet the creature. In addition, the lashes of the blade demolish the wispy figurine stalking the region, and a horde of ghastly green figures, the smoke wasps, springing toward the Specter Stoppers. Efrain grasps his sword and slashes the fiend obliquely, and the adversary collapses to the ground. Rory cartwheels forward to the other side and draws his photon pistols from his twin holsters to shoot at the adversary. Zach flips himself sideways to evade the adversary and then performs critical shot to pierce the creature. Preston performs catapult kick to the green smoke ghost, but the beast lashes its gaseous smog on Preston, blinding his sight of the monster on the accord of the negation. He sways his right arm to clear the verdant smoke from his sight, and Preston enacts on his encounter and activates his gauntlets, for the energy negates the adversary from the center of the interval environmentally. He opens his eyes slowly to regain his sight, and the malefic beast assails him in the front, drifting him to the center of the mangrove. Dahlia sprints to the figure and gyrates both her tessen fans to strike the adversary. The wispy figure fades away from the battlefield and blitzes against Efrain with wispy rage, and Rory zaps his photon pistol to inflict damage to the figure, and Dahlia throws her tessens to inflict damage to the fiend, causing the energy to decrease gradually. The wispy figures ramble through the area fiercely, and the first of the wispy figures lashes its ominous cloud of gust on Efrain blinding him. It exudes its wispy arms to assail Efrain directly, for it inflicts damage to the Specter Stoppers. Efrain slashes the green ghostly wisp bravely with his sword by emanating energy to afflict it. The green wisp adversary dissipates from existence, and the second green wasp hurls its beam to hit Dahlia effectively to inflict damage. Preston streams to the adversary and performs his Lone Wolf's Geyser, for the ability sends the wispy figure upward. Efrain swings his blade to perform a cutting wave on the adversary. Rory throws his monkey grenade to stun the figure although the figure tricks him by creating a hole to evade the projectile, and the grenade explodes hitting a coniferous ash tree. Zach shoots his net arrow consisting proton energy to discharge particles on the adversary, for the wispy fiend disintegrates from the proton particles surrounding its target. The figure transforms into a gargantuan wispy hand and hunches Zach to the ground, and Rudgher Takial shoots at the figures with his plasma mini-gun to target the adversary propelling the figure away from his post.

"Time to make this gas into a solid." Preston smirked, for he clenches his fists and recklessly sprint toward the adversary. In addition, he powers up his gauntlets and throws a falcon punch lashing a plasma spear punch to blast the brute, and the green wisp screeches painfully and streams toward him by generating its power with the protons conducting together to form a powerful spark to discharge the particles on the adversary as the adversary glowers at Preston.

The seventh green ghost transmutes into a gargantuan hand to lash Ranger Ushira in the rib cage, and Rudgher blasts his sonar waves from his gun drifting the adversary away. Rena transforms into a wolf to gust away the adversary from her presence, and Dahlia spins both of her tessen fans clockwise to gyrate the eighth and ninth green ghost before they inch to attack her swiftly emerging from the impending shadows.

Yes, now these guys can feel something I have planned. Soon, they will be at their range
. Preston thought.

Shigure watches the team in action and absconds from the shrub layer without detection. In addition, Preston turns his to the brute as he performs aeroportation to make himself disappear in dense air. Ranger Ushira catches a glimpse of the adversary and streams to catch him, and Shigure scurries away from the battlefield. Dahlia throws her tessen fans to inflict damage to the green ghostly wisp, for the adversary dissipates from its presence. In addition, the adversary dashes to her and throws her into the ground roughly, and Zach shoots his triple arrow technique to pin Shigure though he suddenly missed when three of them pin the wall. Shigure dashes speedily to pommel against Zach with full force, and Zach deflects the wind ball with his Badass Betsy defending himself. Shigure pressures the force harder as Zach holds on to his ground firmly, colliding their forces at each other. Zach pushes the adversary from his ground tightly with his full accuracy, and Shigure generates the wind power to gyrate him with its speed gusting at 16 mph. He dashes to cease Shigure by performing critical shot at him, but Shigure uses his winds to dissect the arrows and thrusts him to the ground with full force.

Efrain sways his sword by emanating energy to afflict the adversary, and he springs to action against the fiend. He swings his arms to hit the adversary; on the other hand, the fiend sends Ranger Ushira to the platform roughly feasting its ravenous eyes, and he shakes off the vertigo inside him reclaiming his consciousness. Dahlia swipes her fans to inflict damage on the vaporous fiend, causing the proportionate accumulation of smoke to decrease due to the immense throws attributed to the wind. She spins both of her fans horizontally engendering high speed gusts to clear it away. Efrain pounces upward and draws his Yukonamo sword to the ground summoning a thunderous thud to dramatically efface the adversary from his sight. Preston sprints toward the smoggy adversary, and the fiend lashes him with its claws to increase damage, leaving an immense scar on his left bicep underneath his crimson long sleeve. In addition, the adversary approaches to Ranger Ushira sleazily and draws its attention towards it, and he approaches to the smoggy figure to whisk it out. Efrain sprints to the adversary and prods five times with his sword to ail the ghostly wisp expelling it from the battlefield. In addition, he spins himself to lash the figures that cornered in on the area. Preston throws his power fist to inflict damage to the wispy figure, and the green wisp disintegrates from the horizon. Efrain performs Lion's Blaze to inflict damage to the seventh green wisp, and the fiend lashes its ghastly wisps to hit the Specter Stoppers members. Zach draws out one of his energy arrows from his arrow launcher and performs critical shot on the adversary to pin its shoulder directly; in addition, the seventh green wisp transforms into a hand and pounds Zach in the chest sending him flying to the other side. Rory performs a monkey kick to the eighth and ninth green wisps, and Zach shoots his energy arrow performing sniper shot to pin the adversary in front of him, inflicting much damage to its ghastly particles although the ghosts manage to thwart his attack. The green wisp transforms into a giant hand and slaps him to the ground, and Zach rises to his feet swiftly justifying his aim cannily and shoots his energy arrow targeting the green wisp using the advancements of the projectile to inflict pain on the green wisp still chasing after Shigure. In addition, the green wisps lash Dahlia when morphs into a gargantuan fist to inflict damage to her. Dahlia rises to her feet expeditiously and stabs the green wisps with the strong winds aligned with the radiant petals to inflict damage to the fiend. The green wisps encircle Efrain and lash their psychokinetic attacks on him sending him flying to a tree, and a young woman inside a sphere races to the battlefield steadily manning the controls to help the others. Preston dashes toward the adversary and delivers a striking fist of the concrete to strike the green wisp, making it disappear. Both Dahlia and Efrain generate each other's wind power, for they sway their weapons to whoosh the wisps away. Thus, they eliminated the green wisps from existence and clear the area.

Hillary feels pain in her chest, as she realizes the source interacting with her from Nina. A horde of girolle entities, seven of them, has sprung from the ashes of the ground exchanging its glares at the members. Patrick conducts his light energy from his staff to lash the adversary in the face. Zach seems aware that the adversary has wandered in the outskirts of the area, and Rory throws his Pyris Grenade to scare away the girolle entities regarding the weaknesses his tracking glasses confirmed.

"All right, Winfield, this time it's you and me once more. No more tricks, just you and me." Shigure grinned, and Zach shoots a glare at the fiend despite the foul tricks he plans on his sleeve.

"Be careful Zach, this guy has ten times the wind speed as a typhoon." Dahlia responded.

"Are you positive?" Efrain questioned him, and Zach points his arrow straight to aim for the adversary.

"Efrain, promise me this. No matter how hard I have tried. The ones I admired much will always be those who understood." Zach stated.

I can tell Zach's response to Efrain makes more logic, and the sense I experienced could mean he vows to counter against Shigure once again. His focus is accurate, but this isn't it, it's his attitude. He has the courage to focus on his encounters major and minor, but his skills have changed. He utilizes his techniques carefully by proving himself. That pretty much covers it. Patrick thought.

"Zach, focus on your aim." Efrain responded.

"I got this, Efrain." Zach replied, adjusting his Badass Betsy tactically to face the adversary.

"You were foolish enough to cease Vinilia." Shigure stated.

"But I'm not foolish to face my enemy." Zach responded.

Shigure generates his wind power and lashes at him and delivers a hurricane kick in the face. He snatches Zach's arm and throws him to the floor roughly. Zach dashes to him and swings his bow vertically in the chest, and he pommels Shigure in the shoulder but missed. Shigure teleports himself behind Zach and throws a snap punch at him and a wind beam sending him to a wall. Crash! He collapsed to a wooden deck, and Zach shoots his serpent's bite arrow until Shigure appears behind him delivering a palm strike to lash him to the ground.

Hillary watches the battle before clenching her chest in agony.

Patrick rushes her out by flying out of the battlefield, and Efrain glances at the two gentlemen opposing each other despite the expression on his face. Dahlia covers her eyes in shock, and Rory feels the essence of their tension increasing. Preston seems not impressed with the fiend's existence. Ranger Ushira and the two others stand there broadly.

"I haven't had the chance to teach you how to fly." Patrick stated, and he rubs his face to hers.

Zach defends himself from Shigure's wind beam, and it thrusts through him causing damage to whisk him to the ground. Dahlia rolls her eyes, and Preston's jaw drops in disgust. Rena rolls the dressing to Rudgher's injured arm, and Rory calculates a possibility of Zach's survival if his re-encounter.

"Patrick! Don't! I have to fight!" Hillary screamed.

"But why? I'm not even fighting." Patrick responded.

"But I need to fight!" Hillary replied.

"Hillary, let Zach do this. I understand you want to fight as much as Nina does, but the Stoppers have to do it themselves." Patrick responded, and he helps Hillary up teaching her how to fly.

So I won't lose, and I must focus.
Zach thought to himself, and he takes direct aim cannily.

"Zach, don't let Shigure get to you." Efrain advised.

The sphere appears in front of Efrain gently, and inside, it was Nina urging him to protect her.

"Yes, Nina?" Efrain questioned her, sharing a glimpse of her.

Zach defends himself with his Badass Betsy, and Shigure throws a snap punch at him directly in the chest and double-kicks him to a glade roughly. Dahlia closes her eyes compelling herself not to watch the turmoil, and Preston grows furious seeing Zach getting threatened by Shigure. Zach eases himself slowly and steadily to his feet despite the lethal attacks.

"Protect me..." she cried, resting her head to his chest.

"Don't worry, I got you." Efrain replied, placing his arm around her.

Zach dashes toward Shigure and shoots his arrows randomly, some of them hit him. Shigure strikes his elbow on Zach roughly and sends him flying to the wall. Dahlia and Preston duck from a flying Zach sent to a wall, and Shigure thrusts his knee hard on Zach hard six times. The adversary thrusts his knee again at Zach causing the damage to him, and Ranger Ushira watches in desperation a way to cease Vinila's torture depending on the number of monsters emerging from the shadows. Efrain carries Nina out of the turmoil, and Patrick holds on to Hillary's hand tightly.

"Zach, look out!" Ranger Ushira exclaimed, and Shigure lashes toward Zach but missed when he climbs to a wall with his feet and shoots his energy arrow to pin the figure. Shigure casts a wind pillar to distinguish the energy.

This is bad than I believe it. Shigure has managed to counter my arrows, I must think of something qui
ckly. Zach thought.

Zach gets hit in the face with a sign he used, and Shigure drifts him with the wind beams to send him upward rapidly. Zach shields himself with his bow and pommels his face three times and a swing kick to the chest. Zach shoots his arrows randomly to the adversary trying to capture his attention, and Efrain rolls his eyes in confusion yet hoping for Zach to survive the encounter. It seems Zach is thinking of a strategy to confront the adversary in hopes of survival. How will he manage to cease him from blasting his rapid winds? What different strategy does he have to fight back against Shigure? Is Patrick's prediction true? Is the entire region in greater peril? Find out in this next action-packed episode of the Specter Stoppers.
The Specter Stoppers ch. 76
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 5998 words. Wattpad. July 11, 2017.
Imagine Trish and Jason accidentally shut down the containment grid. 
Jason: oops.
Trish: we're screwed. 
Meanwhile, young Peter and young Winston play video games as Deborah, young Egon, young Ray chill out. 
Deborah: I'm filing the records on paranoia from our ghostly trip. 
Ray: how much exactly? 
Deborah: much. 
Winston: did you check downstairs? 
ray: I smell fire. 
All 5: the grid! 
The members rush downstairs as they hear the alarm sounding and Trish yelling for help. 
Happy Independence Day to all of you Americans out there, we made it. The day of how the United States was established. We're celebrating America with fireworks and a barbecue, you know you want to hear. Huzzah! 

Last time on the Specter Stoppers, right when the action caused his plan to blunder, the Phantom isn't too satisfied with the processes of the plan going in order, for Chun Taozi suggested a plan to seek control of the planet by allowing Vinilia to take the power of the Galuzhare PyramidThe team arrived to the Tate Forest to examine the cause of the area, and Efrain catered Nina with a hero sandwich although she doesn't want to nourish herself. In addition, Dahlia severed the sandwich into fifths for the members to increase strength, yet Preston wasn't satisfied with the small piece of the sandwich. Rena grew in shock when she witnessed one of her animal friends killed due to the amount of clay harming the body. They fought a horde of ballistic monsters impacting the area, and they sorted the mystery of the impact. Efrain tended to face the fiend Shigure, but his proposal failed when the adversary knocked him out. Fortunately, Dahlia came to the rescue lending him a helping hand.

Efrain inhales the oxygen through his lungs steadily and exhales the carbon dioxide after Dahlia save him bestowing strength to abstain the heinous pain he received from him as he encounters the windy fiend and Vinilia's entrusted enforcer, Shigure. Preston cracks his fists and generates the blue fire from his right hand to manipulate the energy from his gauntlets to strike the adversary. On the other hand, the fiend dodges his Wolf's Knuckle and generates the power from his hands with the concussive fore adapted.

"Ready for your thoughts, chief!" Shigure grinned to him subtly.

"I'm not going to settle for the immense torture, so where is..." Efrain scowled, easing himself up until Zach places his right hand to halt him.

"Hold it, Efrain. Let me battle Shigure," Zach responded, "Besides, I think it's time that I lend in on the offer."

"Zach, ask if he knows where Vinilia is so we can find her." Efrain responded to him, and Zach adjusts his Badass Betsy to increase its tendency by improvising its internal platinum structure.

"Don't leave me!" Nina's voice cried out.

"Nina, I'll be fine, it's just he shoved me hard into a wall." Efrain responded.

A sphere rolls in the opposite direction streaming 51 mph towards Efrain, and Preston catches a glance at the sphere coming in even Rory pictures her advent in the outskirts of the base.

I understand how he manages to take on the adversary, yet I have no significant reference to why Efrain steps down allowing him to take over. Rory thought.

Zach readies his bow to aim for the adversary, and he points his bow to aim for the adversary cunningly with his full attention. Shigure crosses both his arms together and shares a grin watching what his encounter will bring to the table depending on the strategy he's planning tactically.

"I daresay I wanted to face the swordsman in combat, but he sends me a mere archer." Shigure smirked.

"Did you guys miss me?" A feminine voice asked.

"Nina, how did you get back here?" Efrain questioned, and she shoots a rhetorical smirk at him.

"I'm not Nina." The woman replied. She took of her helmet and shook her blonde hair, it was Hillary.

"Hillary?" Dahlia questioned.

"That's impossible, I thought she was at the Cosmic Federation base." Preston scowled.

"Perhaps her traits she carried from Patrick provides her the tendency to help us with our mission depending her stamina and endurance." Rory stated to them theoretically.

I haven't seen a young valiant woman tending to accompany the Specter Stoppers. I find her a fascinating person and marvelous as well. Ranger Ushira thought.

"Ranger Ushira. Is that correct?" Hillary questioned him.

"Yes, I am. Ms. Spengler." Ushira grinned.

"Pleasure to meet you at last." Hillary smiled back.

"Same to you, dear." he smiled.

"Wow, I'm impressed how Hillary's confidence has made the team feels stronger." Dahlia responded.

"Her kindness and gratitude offer them and us the opportunity to stop Vinilia." Rory added.

"If only Patrick is here, he would've just experienced her majesty." Efrain nodded.

"I'm guessing he got lost." Preston quipped.

"Not helping, Preston!" Efrain barked.

"Patrick, he never gets lost. I can try connecting to him through my mind." Hillary stated.

"Can you do that?" Efrain questioned.

"I can." Hillary replied

"As I was saying, Patrick is searching for you." Dahlia responded.

"He is?" Hillary asked, "I managed to get out. Couldn't stand one minute. Also, wanna see something new?" As she says, the dove white feathered wings appear majestically on her back as well as a halo depending on the genetic traits developing from Patrick's overall DNA adapting to hers increasing her hybrid powers.

Is it just me or did Patrick did a sickly twisted social experiment to her? Preston thought.

"What do you think?" Hillary asked.

"Fascinating, I thought scientists didn't make these kinds of changes." Efrain responded, studying Hillary's consecrated appearance.

"Lets see how well you do?" Efrain questioned.

"Who was that in blonde?" Ushira asked.

"That's Nina's older sister, Hillary." Dahlia answered.

Zach encircles the adversary as the fiend did the same fiercely, and he spins his bow and points it to the direction he was facing. Shigure generates the wind power from his hand with the concussive force by whirling his right arm and throws a punch at him, and Zach clenches to his ground accurately and tilts his head toward the adversary. He shoots his arrow at Shigure performing his critical shot to pin the fiend across the shoulder, and Shigure growls at him savagely knowing Zach is planning a few tricks on his sleeve by taking his aim on the adversary with a few energy arrows he drew from his quiver. He whirls his arm and thrusts his fist at him but missed when Zach leaped into a wall, and he shoots his energy arrows at Shigure pinning his shoulder tactically with the volumetric force draining his energy. Shigure glowers at him and gyrates the wind power shoving Zach into the right corner of the trees containing phytogens, and Ranger Ushira glances at him despite the strong wind power he has critically accumulated in his right hand to degrade his strength and accuracy to him.

This encounter reminded me of my first days of training, and Rudgher had taken it easy on me during combat practice. Am I visiting the same kind of moment? Or is it completely different? I wonder how he came across with all the trees surrounding the area. Ranger Ushira thought, watching the entire battle between Zach and Shigure.

Zach leaps upward and clenches Shigure with his bow and throws him to the ground, but the adversary disappears from his eyes suddenly and throws his spiral wind to throw hit him in the back sending him flying to a pile of coniferous trees with bipinnascent leaves. Zach collapses to the ground hard and eases himself back to his feet swiftly, and Dahlia gasps shockingly watching the encounter to assume the action. Shigure generates the wind power to draw Zach savagely and compresses the gusty winds to send him to the opposite corner. He slams Zach into a tree bark and drifts him to the bushes, and Shigure twists his arms brutally together barbarically and flips him to the geographically encrusted ground. Shigure inflicts damage to Zach by compressing his shoulder tightly, and Dahlia conceals her eyes from the torture he's suffering domestically during his encounter with the windy fiend.

"Come on, Zach!" Rudgher exclaimed.

"Don't give up!" Efrain shouted, and Zach feels himself picking up the pace and pushes Shigure with his strength. On the other hand, Shigure teleports himself with his wind power to evade the attacks he performed fleeing from the battlefield.

"Probably," Efrain frowned.

"Perhaps, I can use my Flamingo's Blessing to heal Zach." Dahlia responded.

"That's it! I'm going in! If this threatens Zach, then he will not condone my behavior!" Preston shouted, and Efrain halts Preston from inching him.

"Stay there." Hillary ordered as her wings started to radiate vividly.

"Stand down, Preston! It's Zach time to stop the adversary on his own. Besides, he unleashes the Serpent's Bite Arrow technique, and I want to see that again," Efrain responded, "Hillary, should I entrust you to spiritually call Patrick? Can you do that?"

"I can." Hillary replied, and she manages to spiritually contact Patrick in the depths of outer space.

"Coward!" Preston shouted angrily, and Shigure jumps upward watching the Specter Stoppers caught off guard. Dahlia rushes to an injured Zach despite his shoulder dislocated from his joints, and she performs her Flamingo's Grace to heal the inside injuries from his right arm by waving her right tessen fan downward sprinkling pink dust to subside the injury.

"Guys, I'm sensing something coming from the boundaries." Rena responded.

"What kind?" Efrain inquired.

"Green ooze." she answered.

"One of the genetic experiments from the laboratory, this doesn't seem swell than we experienced." Rory explained to him.

Shigure tends to send any of his guys that dwell in the shrub layers, and whatever that guy wants, I'm not in the mood for his games. Zach thought, and he rises to his two and readies his Badass Betsy and energy arrows.

The Specter Stoppers crew tackle a round of belligerent entities, green slime, and they notice the feeling of a possible encounter lingering hereby the area entailing the manifestation. Dahlia readies her fans to attack the adversary, and Efrain draws out his sword to engage in combat against the brute. The first of an anonymous group of belligerent entities strike toward Rory with its spinning fireball, but Rory defends with his barrier and lashes using his tonfas to buffet the creature. Indeed, one of the figures is cloaked with jet black wrappings. Rory recognizes the figures' eyes glimmering to the dark, and the distance of the forest setting enshrouds the area trampling both Rory and Ranger Ushira for a moment to indicate the aftermath of the incident. Ranger Ushira kicks the first belligerent adversary in the shin and slaps its face powerfully. She stabs the adversary with her fan and drifts it out of the battlefield, and the first of its kind collapses to the sediment despite the damage she performed on the creature and butterfly-kicks the figure to the opposite corner. She twirls both her tessen fans and closes them; in addition, she stands in her fighting pose and the adversary powerfully. The first of the shadowy figures behind the camouflage, and it interprets the creature to be in a form of a skeleton covered in radioactive lava as well as its separate body parts. Rory activates the coordinates to launch the Pyris Grenade to blaze the figures. A round of mantle golems, the fiends encrusted with molted mantle, besieges the Specter Stoppers and Ranger Ushira. Zach buffets the adversary with his long bow, and Ranger Ushira jumps and kicks the figure's face, drifting it to the ground. Rory darts to the figure after collating the information of its appearance, and Preston accumulates the light energy from his gauntlets and attacks the first figure using his photon blasters. Ranger Ushira shifts the corner and oscillates his rangers hat to slice the mantle golem in half, and he delivers a front flip to lash the adversary and shakes off the crippled rock from his hands. Ranger Ushira shifts himself to the direction where the first mantle golem is attacking throws the first mantle golem to the ground aerobically. The first of the figures careers toward Preston, but he evades the throws the fiend performed and performs an aerial uppercut on the slime creature using the blaze to incinerate it. The adversary, according to the information displaying virtually in Rory's tracking glasses, emerges from the area. Dahlia high kicks the adversary in the jawline, and she stabs the adversary with her tessen fans. She pommels the adversary by slashing the figure powerfully; in addition, Ranger Ushira double fists the adversary in the face and dashes to the adversary swiftly and throws his ranger hat to lash the entity. Rena knees the first mantle and calls upon her avian friends. Preston performs a fiery back-flip on the beast and then performs his power fists to belabor the beast's jaw structure, whisking the creature with a spinning arc kick to blitz the adversary. Dahlia performs tessenjutsu to lash against the bestiary and generates her wind power to gust it; of course, Dahlia spins with both of her tessen fans to slice the shadowy figures as they return in her hands, and she whirls her body counter-clockwise slashing the ballistic fiends to leave punctures and scars around them. She flutter kicks the adversary straight to the chest and slices the shadowy figure causing it to vanish due to the vernal effects of her fan blades. Efrain performs crescent cut to demolish the ballistic creature and lunges the adversary. Preston adjusts his gauntlets sharply to perfect its accuracy and lashes at the adversary with plasma spear to eliminate it, and he kicks him in the face to fracture its jawline. He sprints to the figure and performs a double kick to the adversary directly and blasts his Lone Wolf's Geyser to send the fiend upward to the troposphere. He push-kicks the mantle golem to the other direction coarsely twelve inches apart from him. The energy of the mantle encrusts due to the impact of the geyser, and Ranger Ushira tosses his hand to strike the fiend. Dahlia generates the wind with both her tessen fans to gust away the adversary, and Efrain swings his sword to emanate energy beams to the adversary by inflicting damage to it. He jumps forward to strike the adversary by afflicting it with his delto wave, and the sword's power via the sword beams inflict damage to the adversary. The delto wave shatters the adversary across its structure, and Efrain dashes to the fiend and delivers a gash of lightning cuts to inflict damage to the adversary swiftly regarding the potency of the curvaceous sword lashes that inflict much of the damage in one blow. He stands in his feet expeditiously grasping his sword and strikes the adversary with his squinting cut; in addition, Efrain swings his Yukonamo Sword to perform a cutting wave on the adversary by emitting energy to capitalize the adversary, and the power of the blade incises the brute into miniature pieces. The other mantle golem extends its savagely igneous arm to pound Efrain whisking him to an ash tree. The damage highly sustains through the mantle golem as the adversary pommels Preston in the chest, drifting him to a pike of tulips at the angularity of the fracas; furthermore, Preston strikes the igneous scraps from his face and breathes heavily to inhale the oxygen through his lungs increasing the enhanced durability. He pounds the adversary straight to its extremely igneous mantle although the heat courtly ail Preston's arm effectively, and the adversary throws its igneous fists to pound Preston. It misses when Preston performs a fistful of punches to capitalize the figure, and the mantle golem forms its blazing right arm to pommel Preston to an ash tree whisking him to the floor. Dahlia shoots toward the adversary and throws her tessen fans to directly hit the mantle golem, causing the blades to detrude the figure as they aerate the sky. As the tessen fans return in her grasp, she charges toward the adversary and strikes the adversary by sweeping her performing a turbo-strike directly. Efrain sways his sword to unleash the gusty winds on the figure directly, and the sword beams inflict the fiend. Efrain switch-kicks the adversary and performs Thunder Lion Escalation at full power to inflict the mantle golems, for the lightning inflicts the figure by gradually diminish its energy. Zach jumps upward from a tree branch of one of the plum trees adjacent the other trees and shoots his energy arrow to pierce the adversary directly. He whacks the figure with his bow to inflict damage to the figure five times and throws a double kick to its molten structure. Dahlia performs her blossom aura on the mantle fiend to enervate its ghastly energy; in addition, Dahlia throws both of her tessen fans to inflict pain on the adversary and delivers a circular kick to the face. Preston throws his power fist to inflict damage to the sixth mantle golem, and the adversary gashes its crusted gist towards Zach punching him to the opposite corner. The seventh mantle golem pounds Efrain in the chest pushing him to the corner of the coniferous trees; in fact, Efrain feels the damage the adversary has made on him and springs to his feet actively. Preston dashes to the adversary and performs Lone Wolf's Geyser to inflict damage to it strongly, and he thrusts his left knee and delivers a roundhouse kick five times for each leg. He snatches the bestiary in its molten rocky arm and delivers an aerial uppercut to the core, and Efrain performs Galactic Blade by performing four slashes and a spinning blade as the sword radiates constantly to implement the damage. Dahlia performs her Soaring Flamingo by performing a z-slash and a swiftly gusty wind with pink sprinkles to strike the molted figure. She performs her floral tempest by releasing the petals to encircle the adversary straight to its core. Rudgher blasts his sonic minigun to inflict damage to the eighth mantle golem; Dahlia lashes her winds to send the fiend upward to the sky, and Rena swings her stick to inflict damage to the figures although the figure heats away the model, bringing forth the mass heat to the her. Rena delivers a swing kick to the adversary and delivers an elbow to send the adversary upward.

I completely forgot mantle golems can burn through solid objects especially my bo. Rena thought, and she dodges the fists of the adversary and delivers a spin kick to the chest, drifting the adversary to the fiend foundering it to the ground.

Ranger Ushira slices the adversary with his razor ranger hat, and he spins himself to increase damage to the mantle golem without catching fire. He removes his hat from its splitting head and performs a spin kick to the mantle golem; in addition, the adversary cringes in pain due to the sharp edge. He knees the adversary in the jaw and strikes the figure with his hat, and the mantle falls apart engendering the igneous fire to inflict damage to him. Dahlia generates the petals from her blossom to lash the adversary and spreads her petal storm to surround the adversary with pink aura; moreover, transparently efflorescent petals decrease the accumulation of negatively charged energy to the mantle golem bringing its finely richest scent of the figure. The other mantle golem transmutes its igneous fist to pound the adversary, and it summons its gash of magma to inflict damage to Rory. Efrain swings his blade to perform his thwart cut on the adversary, and he dashes toward the figure and slashes the fiend five times rapidly to inflict damage to the golem. Preston dashes to the adversary and throws his Plasma Spear punch powerfully to send the figure flying to the other side of the mosaic frieze adjacent a couple of trees; effectively, the fiend incinerates the trees with his gooey hot mantle. Rena grabs a branch and swings upward to the upper branches of the tree evading the mantle, and she transforms into a bunny to pounce at the figure and speedily attacks the mantle golem whirling around the adversary. Rory throws his nitrogen glaive to freeze the golems completely, and the golems screech horrifically due to the cryogenic particles harnessing the adversary.

These guys burn everything they see, and I'm not condoning the kind of action even longer although the nitrogen glaive prevented them from threatening the Eco-regions. Efrain thought.

Efrain swings his Yukonamo Sword as the genetically produced cosmic rays impair the fiend, for the slime creatures cringes and collapses to the sediment leaving its greasy smudge on drenched soil. Ranger Ushira delivers a lunge kick to the shadowy figure despite its enhanced senses. Preston delivers a vertical blow to the fiend and then performs his drill punch to castigate the slimy brute. The first brute strikes its blade to inflict damage to Dahlia, and Zach shoots the arrow at the slimy brute. In addition, the Specter Stoppers engage in combat, for Zach shoots his energy arrow straight to the heart. He buffets the adversary with his Badass Betsy bow deluxe, and Zach buffets the adversary swiftly and hunches the figure to the sediment. He prods the adversary five times and high kicks it, and Dahlia throws her tessens to inflict damage to the adversary. She generates the wind with both her tessen fans and throws them to damage the fiend, and Efrain performs his rapid strike on the figure to shun it. He dashes to the adversary and then performs his cosmic sword beams via the space of the area. He strikes the figure with his Yukonamo sword to lash the adversary, and it inflicts damage to the beast. He performs dash kick to shift himself to the opposite direction and swings his sword horizontally to lash the adversary in the chest. He performs a rising reverse strike to the adversary via the power it has consisted. Efrain performs his rapid sword strike to impair the second and third brutes powerfully, and he slashes the adversary to inflict damage. Efrain swings his Yukonamo sword to expunge the figure swiftly, and he performs his Ring of Fire Slash to demolish the ballistic creature. Indeed, the prolonged manifestation implodes through the fiend directly to the area. He swings his sword to strike the adversary swiftly, for the Ring of Fire Slash inflicts damage to the villainous adversary straight to its bodily structure, bringing pain to the figure. He gashes the adversary and performs a double kick on the adversary. The fiend streams toward the team and strikes its slime to ooze around the Specter Stoppers; in addition, Rory attacks the adversary by using his laser tonfas to strike the adversary. He oscillates his tonfas to inflict damage to the shadow figure; conversely, the slimy brute splashes its body to rot the ooze on Preston and Efrain leaving it over them. Zach performs his slap shot by swinging the tip of his bow at the fiend's head causing pain to it, and he lunge-kicks the adversary drifting it to a wall. Zach slaps the fifth slime to inflict damage to the adversary, and it screeches horrendously due to the pain it suffered physically.

Efrain dashes toward the figure and performs octagon strike to slash the adversary directly, and the adversary screeches painfully and lashes its sticky ooze to glue over the entire fiend. The other sticky ooze spreads around the regions greasily, and Rory throws his nitrogen clipper-rang to spray the nitrogen on the slime brutes solidly. Preston throws his plasma spear punch destroying the slime brutes, and Shigure attempts to crawl away from the battle until Rudgher stomps on his left hand hard compelling him to scream for clemency.

"Where's Vinilia?" Rudgher questioned, clenching the adversary by the neck urging him to talk.

"I don't what you're talking about you freak!" Shigure shouted, shoving his fist on him, but Rudgher coils his right arm forcing him to talk on her location.

"Where is she?!" Rudgher exclaimed, and he steps on his hand harder, "answer me!"

"Ok, she's working on a plot somewhere in Hirika Forest near sector GW. I swear, that's all I know!" Shigure exclaimed, and Rudgher grasps him tightly by the neck. Efrain places his right hand on his shoulder urging him to end the torturous assault, and Rudgher releases his neck and understands his suggestion cannily as the officers escort Shigure to the prison cells for the crimes he allegedly committed due to the havoc he has done.

Zach feels sever pain in his abdomen region and shoulders as Dahlia and Efrain aid him to his feet gently. Preston generates the power from both of his gauntlets and performs Wolf's knuckle by lashing blue flames to pommel the adversary; on the other hand, the adversary refrains the blue fire from causing damage to him and throws it accurately back to him. Preston dodges the blue flames nearly bursting the inhabited trees, and Efrain draws out his sword and pins Shigure to an eminent wall made in relinquary.


Meanwhile, at the Phantrax Fortress, proposing of a new plan on corrupting the source's power to alter its fate.

"How could Shigure was compelled to tell where Vinilia is practically located? The blockhead!" the Phantom raged.

"Master, Vinilia send Rokku to avenge his brother's death, and it's a rumor they are both exactly alike depending on the continuity of the manifestation to dehumanize the population of the planet." he responded.

"Can I please have a moment to think of a better plan to clench the source?" The Phantom questioned, but he realizes of the suggestion.

"What the hell?" Chun Taozi questioned, and he recognizes a familiar face behind the impending shadows tending to steal Rongom's chances of his long-awaited quarrel with the Specter Stoppers.

The Phantom shares a satisfying smirk despite the alignment he generally made, and he beckons the incognizant entity into the room. Rongom Supreme gapes at the figure walking into the room and is struck by his darkly presence.

"I daresay, you made a mortally good entrance to negotiate with our planning, hmm." The Phantom smirked.

"My sister got killed because of them." He growled, stomping his right foot to the ground demanding an explanation.

"Sire, perhaps David can help us with our problem." Haitari suggested.

"Sire. You said I was getting my moment. Why handed it to him?" Rongom questioned sadly.

"I entrusted him for his motives in our plan." he answered.

"No fair!" he exclaimed.

"Good luck, Rongom. Next time." He grinned, folding his arms together.

"Why do you have to steal my spotlight?" Rongom whined, and Chun Taozi sweats a bit despite the tension between the two.

Truly satisfying his character arises, so I can deal with it. Chun Taozi thought.

"If you want to go, then go." he suggested.

"Enough," the Phantom raged, and he cooperates for a moment, "David, since you bow to have your revenge, I think it's your perfect opportunity."

"I'm planning out my attack. I'm staying in the shadows until I'm ready. Therefore, Rongom can go." he assured.

"Me?" Rongom pointed out.

"Of course, you idiot. You agreed with him on your opportunity to fetch them, remember?" Haitari inquired.

"Oh." he sighed. 

"Yes, now go." David hissed.


Patrick takes the elevator to the United pursuit, one level down of the sickbay, and he ignores Dave's apologies and continues to find her when Sylvia and the others thought he was actually lying to them.

"Hillary," he whispered, calling her name, and he pans his head to catch sight of an incognito emerging from the depths of the corridor.

A ghost of a male figure called to him with feathered wisps surrounding his radiant body, for he reveals his astral presence to him cunningly.

"It's you, Moto." Patrick responded, feeling his cardiac muscles pause when recognizing his benign face in the area.

"Patrick, you must share your honesty with Hillary. You're the only person who entrusted her from the inception. She's at Grensuke taking a new direction." Moto requested.

"Wait, I don't understand what you mean by this, where did you go?" Patrick questioned, feeling utterly confused with the process of finding her.

"At your side as always. Listen, I understand how your emotions toward her makes you feel like you're in a surrealistic world. In order to paint the picture, you must fill in the hole." he responded.

"I must head to Grensuke to find Hillary." Patrick responded, and he places his two fingers to the right side of his forehead and warps to the planet. He teleports to the planet Grensuke so he can search for her in the depths of the planet's atmosphere.

The Specter Stoppers encounter a round of monsters streaming from the depths of the forest east from where Patrick is standing prominently, and he glides to the bushes to search for her ensuring none of the monsters threaten her effectively. A feminine figure rides past him at full speed on their motorcycle as a purple helmet was covering her identity, and Patrick glides to the other side of the forest verifying her presence.

"Hillary?" Patrick questioned, glancing his head dizzily to find her including the stellate bushes.

I'm theoretically starting to feel my anxiety increasing despite my lack of direction. Patrick thought.

"Patrick, we got our answer from Shigure. Zach convinced him to reveal her whereabouts." Efrain responded from his wrist communicator broadcasting virtually from the Tate Forest.

"Great, I'm here at the planet as well." Patrick responded.

Patrick monitors the medifixed boundaries to embark on his search for Hillary, for the voice of Moto respectively guides him to where Hill and the others trailed with arboreal tendencies. He lands on his feet swiftly knowing that his suspicions find the Specter Stoppers encountering a horde of ghosts, a horde of 12 terror weeds, wandering the surfaces of the Eco-regions, and Patrick lifts his right arm to cast smite to blind the figures. Efrain charges toward the first terror weed and slashes the figure with his sword diagonally, and a heavy gash appears at its stem harnessing the rubious adversary. The second terror weed extends its fiery thorns and inflict damage to him, and Rory throws his clipper-rang to congeal the second and third terror weed refraining them from making moves. Dahlia throws both of her tessen fans to inflict damage to the third terror weed with the blades impacting its unlikely photosynthesis; moreover, the sharp blades induce damage to the figures as they dissect the figures. The second terror weed lashes its fiery thorns to pin Dahlia, but she counters with both of her tessen fans and zooms toward the figure with the herbal scent around her. She generates the power from the blades and gusts away the figures directly leaving its auxiliary buds without fiery thorns. Ranger Ushira throws his hat to inflict damage to the adversary, and the fourth terror weed sprawls its fiery thorns on Dahlia. Zach swings his bow to inflict damage to the figure leaving gashes on the figure, and Rena snatches the fifth terror weed without touching its igneous thorns and tosses it to a coniferous tree. Preston throws his punches to the adversary by its core, and the sixth terror weed extends its thorns to inflict damage to the Specter Stoppers. The seventh terror weed lashes its fiery thorns on Preston directly, and Efrain performs his Plasma Crescent sword technique by swinging his sword powerfully to send the figure flying from its growing spot. Dahlia generates the wind power from both of her tessen fans to inflict damage to the adversary, and the sixth terror weed screeches painfully due to the excessive fire, spreading its blades and leaving scars physically on the figure. The seventh terror weed strikes its thorns to inflict damage to the figure, and the eighth figure lashes its fireballs on Preston. Zach concentrates on his aim and shoots his energy arrow to pin the adversary straight in its core, and Dahlia throws her tessen fans to generate the petal power to hit the figure directly in the stem. Rory leaps to the other side and blasts his photon beams on the ninth and tenth terror weeds incinerating the flames on the adversary. Preston throws his power fists at the adversary straight in the facial structure damaging its petals, and the tenth terror weed extends its spikes to inflict damage to Preston. Zach shoots his hail of arrows at the adversary and swings his bow to hit the figure straight in the facial structure, and he leaps to the other side and spins his bow counter-clockwise to pommel the adversary. Ranger Ushira throws his hat to eliminate the terror weeds by using his technique buzz-saw slash on the figure.  The adversary screeches angrily and extends its thorns to 

"Is that?" Hillary asked the team, "Patrick?"  

Note to self: when Hillary tends to make her mind read, Patrick arrives quicker than the speed of sound. Efrain thought. 

"Hey Stoppers, how's it going?" Patrick smiled.

"Hey there, Patrick." Zach responded.

"Hi Patrick, you came in time. I thought you were at the office monitoring us." Dahlia grinned.

"Well, I came here to find Hillary." Patrick responded.

"So, you're in this mission, too?" Efrain inquired.

"Exactly," he nodded, "I have analyzed the outbreak occurring in the region, and I found specific evidence of Vinilia's torture depending on the planet's evaluation." 

"This is the guy they talked about." Rena responded to herself.

"Amazing elegance and grace." Ranger Ushira responded in awestruck.

"you know about Patrick Spengler, Ushira?" Rudgher inquired.

"Yes, I have read through articles on how he and Efrain's father Jerry..." he nodded.

"Jerry, you thought my father's name is Jerry? it's Gerard." Efrain corrected him.

"Still, I understand the history of how he died." Ranger Ushira replied, "Overall, I saw one of his videos when I was just ten years of age, and his loyalty is well suited." 

Publicist. Preston thought, sharing a glare of him.   

"There you are, I'm looking everywhere for you. Are you alright?" Patrick inquired, "and Nina?"

"We transferred her to the base," Rudgher responded.

"Here she comes." Efrain responded, and the remotely controlled sphere streams forward to where Efrain and the others tackle the terror weeds. Zoom! Efrain watches it picking up the pace as he approaches to her swiftly.   

"There's no need to worry about me Patrick." Hillary smiled.  

  "You do now?" Patrick questioned in astonishment, and Preston clears his throat calling their attention. 

"Guys, we forgot the point that we have an urgent mission in our hands." Efrain responded.

"Of course, I assigned the mission for you." Patrick frowned, forgetting for a moment on the process of effacing the adversary from threatening the planet with her execrable outbreak.   

"Why were you looking for me, Patrick?" Hillary asked.  

"Your father, Dave, supposedly know where you are, and he lied to me about your location. This is why lying is NO good." Patrick responded.

Efrain hops into his hover-bike with Nina joining him for the ride, and Preston climbs into his with Zach on the sidecar and Dahlia in the back. Rory takes his remotely controlled hover-wing to scrutinize the spaces of the forest region for any more threat.   

Patrick begins to sense someone from his future vision a young man from behind Vinilia facing the Specter Stoppers, and he shakes off the horrifying fate from his vision and floats upward.  

"What is it?" Hillary fretted.

"I'm sensing someone triggering in the woods, and I think he's following us." Patrick answered.

"Who? Can you tell?" Efrain asked, broadcasting from 3 feet from the Tate Forest regions.   

"Let's go." Hillary suggested.

Patrick nods his head and levitates himself from the ground to join the others on their way to the other portions of the forest, and Efrain leads the way by rolling the handlebars to increase the velocity of the hover-bike. Rory peers through the shrub layer to indicate where the trail constantly leads to in the fraction of the desolated area.   

"Patrick!" Hillary called, "I can't fly yet!"

"oh, I see." Patrick frowned, and he contacts Rory to take Hillary with him, and Rudgher takes his Rud-tank to the direction where the others are heading.

"But I want to fly by you." Hillary frowned as well.

"Are you sure? From my entire perspective, you need the whole training to enhance my skills." Patrick responded.

"Patrick has a point. Since you're a hybrid, you must develop its full traits." Rory added, and he sneezes abruptly at him, "Patrick, I regret sneezing at your presence."

"Bless you." Rudgher responded.

"thank you very much." Rory nodded.

"We forgot Rory is allergic to pollen." Dahlia responded, and Rory sneezes again dud to the occurrence of the pollen broadcasting from Preston's hover-bike. 

First, Dahlia with the chilling reception at Cryasmasgess; now, Rory with the pollen problem here. What more can we possibly get for this? Preston thought. 

"Just teach me, please." Hillary begged.  

"Alright, I'll give you a head start." Patrick responded, for he levitates from the ground and glides forward.   

After successfully finding Hillary at planet Grensuke where the Specter Stoppers participate on their mission to return the Galuzhare Pyramid to its domain without Vinilia threatening the area, Patrick has agreed to teach her the basics of being a space angel. What challenges do our heroes have to prevent any threat from harming the forest? the answers to come, on the next episode of the Specter Stoppers. 

The Specter Stoppers ch. 75
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 6171 words. Wattpad. July 3, 2017.…

Previously, on the Specter Stoppers, the members witnessed in their presence an athletic, stealthy, tactical young man, a weapons expert, wielding a hybrid mini-gun coming into the presence of the hills engaging in combat against the trichomes that practically ensnared them with their greasily corporeal, plant-like bodies by blasting gunshots randomly at them to release the members. Nina surprisingly understood his dynamic appearance, and Ranger Ushira felt relief of his pleasant arrival in the middle of combat. Rory exterminated the plants with a kind of weapon that he introduced to the Specter Stoppers, the plant repellent glaive. The members approach to a high-tech precinct where they can manage to encounter the rest of the monsters. Patrick returned from the steam room to meet with the others to determine the outcome of the situation, and Dave gave a present to Sylvia as a gift for her supportive and dynamic role as a leader. The Specter Stoppers and their friends encountered a savage horde of forest predators before reaching the point of the intersection where Vinilia left her trail and saved the workers under the mercy of her treachery. They also encountered a horde of Beoweers, a mixed breed of monsters with the characteristics of all three animals: a bear, an owl, and a deer. Patrick reported to them on allocating them to the base nearby, and the Stoppers understood the objective of the mission. 

The Phantom catches a glare from his monitor watching the events of the Specter Stoppers surpassing the eastern portion of one of the planet's suicidal forests in devising a proposal, expanding discord to the planet as Vinilia recently requested, empowering the corporeality of the bases with catastrophic residue. Indeed, he sees Preston takes his hover-bike for a ride to investigate deeply on the actual murders of the victims. He turns to his henchmen bearing with him on their sinister plan to get the team into his grasp and corrupt the source Nina contained. He spends countless hours exceedingly perusing an attack on the Specter Stoppers based on his beliefs of the pandemonium, for the Phantom sits in his throne pondering of a logical plan to clench his hands on the universe. In addition, Rongom Supreme suggests for the next plan to be at the center of the area with a demonstration to his evil plan, and Lady Takihasha-Obake files her sharp nails to perfect the composition inversely proportional areas to the universe and its lethal effect in the territory. Hence, the plans for the Merging Evil to permeate the universe is at its abnormal state depending on the outskirts of the area to acquire its decoratively embellished features to create its dynamic approach similar to the previous plans he has improvised.

"Those Specter Stoppers have foiled my plans and ruptured my successes. Those fools!" The Phantom raged.

"My lord, perhaps you can find this usual when the Specter Stoppers will investigate what we have to threaten the pyramid schemes." Chun Taozi responded, and Rongom Supreme turns to the others agreeing with him on their plot to terrorize everything in its formidable path to capture the source and destroy humanity.

"Great, I'm hearing it." he frowned, sitting in his chair audibly listening to his humble minister giving the scoop of his barbaric proposal.

"Since the members are heading to the Tate Forest to investigate the outbreak, perhaps it will be our opportunity by allowing Shigure encounter either of whom. In addition to that, we can endanger the planet by having Vinilia grasp the Galuzhare Pyramid. The Specter Stoppers will die trying to defend the good people of the planet." Chun Taozi stated to him, and the Phantom seems astounded with the description he has given to drag the members into one of the fiend's tricks. 

The phantom proposed his attack by using his strategy, allowing the army to beleaguer the area. It will not only effect our plan for invasion, but it will 

"Listen up," Haitari responded, for she approaches to the stands to bestow the orders to the Astro demons, "the master is trying to map out a plan to closely monitor on the enemy." she stretches her arms to give them the order depending on perhaps the widely ranges encompassing the detailed information on the 

The astro-demons and the enemy space ghosts chant surprisingly when their tribe leader emerges from the cathedral hoping his words on tackling the Specter Stoppers; in addition, Rongom Supreme seems aware of the bystanders drifting to the war to annihilate and dominate the rest of civilizations. In addition, he refrains the raucous chants of the astro-demons increase dramatically to demand a possible outcome of the impact. Haitari attaches her fur scarf to make a fashionable sense to herself, and Rongom Supreme turns his head to the others agreeing with her tactical sense of strategy to instigate a plot to threaten humanity under a single range. 

"I can well imagine the Galuzhare Pyramid unsealed releasing catastrophic energy to devastate the planet's biosphere as a result of the portal opening to deploy our army." The Phantom grinned. 

"Indeed, your lordship." she nodded.

"Splendid, with Vinilia keeping track on her targeted possession as a symbol that would result revealing the secrets of the Galuzhare Pyramid to usurp its full enigma." The Phantom grinned.

"But how, master?" Chun Taozi asked.

"By haunting the young Nina of course." he smirked, folding his both hands and watch the action in his projector feeling his sighting of his vendetta impacting the source's power in her vicarious event of the pyramid itself. 


The Specter Stoppers stream into the intersection drifting to their next objective yet before managing to efface the tortures that Vinilia engendered in the turbulent ranges of the precinct, and Rudgher allocates 5 corporately stable systems to operatives determining if the sources, though functional and fully available, impact a subcurrent of display. Rory draws out his binoculars to a spy the ranges of the district and discovers a nearby base adjacent the blade, and Efrain nods his head agreeing with him on bringing forth the valid details in their clairvoyant search for sector HZ based on the schematic map of the regions. As Rory mans the hover-wing forward to an abandoned pod to confirm the reports of the plague, he scans his DNA entirely to bestow access evidently. In addition, the technical support systems evaluate predominantly the overall knowledge of the Galuzhare Pyamid, and he switches on the back up generator systems to function with the planet's surface. 

"Rory, what are you doing?" Dahlia questioned him. 

"I'm connecting the interactive computer systems to determine if the enigma of the Galuzhare Pyramid has a possible theory to vividly confirm its detail before we proceed further. The purpose of its domain explains the configuration consisted of its grainier approach. Because the absence of the pyramid dehumanizes society, Vinilia manages to isolate the Eco-regions besides using the power of its source to demolish every living being in the territory." Rory prompted. 

"Fascinating." Ushira remarked. 

"We already know that kind of logic, Rory, but what resembles its tendency to become unexpectedly fortuitous?" Efrain inquired. 

"Intermittently, all the acknowledgement incur in its domain coated with crisp symbols annexed within its symbols characterized to reduce the elevations regardless its magnetic field, and the atoms within the light source will potentially cause yet a radioactive decay." Rory informed. 

Similar to the Merging Evil's streak of madness. I doubt it would threaten across the circumstellar regions depending on the number of planetesimals occurred in the Sogolis system aligned with our solar system. Recently, I can tell by the way it has shown on the monitor the impact of the interplanetary systems. Zach thought.

"Say what?" Preston gaped. 

"That's how the atoms transfer its daughter atoms to expand its potency, and it literally causes a dangerous occurrence." Dahlia emphasized. 

The entire forest is enclosed with high-tech systems to interface with its support. Saving the hostages was acclaimed as a good deed by confronting hostile figures or people opposing them, for they confirm the regulations of being the defenders of the galaxy. Rudgher scrutinizes the tendency of the forest in his monitor virtually to standardize the the main systems improvising manually its tactical controls. Efrain hears someone's stomach grumbling forcibly, and Preston and he turn their heads toward her. 

"Efrain, my stomach hurts." Nina groaned.

Rena draws out a provision from her sturdy backpack and picks up a hero sandwich. She hands it to Nina so that she won't get too hungry. 

"I'm fine." Nina insisted. "You eat it."  

"How about we divide the sandwiches into fifths?" Zach suggested.

"Getting the small piece of the sandwich? As if." Preston chortled.

Dahlia throws the hero sub sandwich upward and throws her right tessen fan to cut it into fifths, and Efrain catches them dynamically from falling to the mosaic floors of the pod and hands them to the others. Preston frowns at the idea of having a 6 inch foot long sub, and Ranger Ushira shakes his head with a pleasant smile. 

"But I'm not hungry." Nina sighed. 

"Great, now I get the smallest piece of the sandwich, again!" Preston barked.

"Suits you." Nina giggled, and Preston shoots a fiery glare at her and grasps his fist at her.

"Shut your mouth, ms. Nudypanty, I saw why I despise taking a small sandwich." Preston fuzzed, turning his back on her despite the brash comment.

"Don't be such a baby, Preston, at least we nourish ourselves." Dahlia frowned. 

"Maybe he likes that," Zach added, "in this case, we are prepared for that."   

"You wanna fight, Preston?" Nina growled.  

"Guys," Ushira shouted, breaking up the turmoil between Preston and Nina. 

"Easy," Efrain ordered, and Preston cooperates from his short temper tantrum and takes a deep breath releasing the stress out of him.

"Seems isolated when we first experienced its first appearance regarding the substandard ratings of the infestation penetrating across the sector." Rory confirmed from his tracking glasses methodically, for the resemblance of the forest base notes a significant impact of the area.

A group of battle ships streams to the zenith vigorously defending the innocent from enemy fleets including a satellite constructed to signal for the pyramid's return. In addition, the troops part of the role in defending the people against the treacheries of Vinilia depending on the potential threat, exterminating twisted manifestations including plagued ones. Rory observes in detail the result of the mass murders in the northern portion of the Tate forest, a temperate coniferous forest at the other end of the Hinoki forest, name after a young heroine who protected its nature from the forces of darkness, and the indicative readings it comported from his tracking glasses as he and Preston study the rate of the mortality within the area. Her shrine is in the opposite side of the trees in honor of her beloved memory, and Efrain and the other Specter Stoppers study the shrine regarding how the composition is stylistically and moderately constructed. Indeed, the information of the casualties perceives the rate of which the murders increasingly result the limitless impact. Zach studies the area firmly and realizes a victim's body hanged from a bonsai tree, and he points his bow to the direction where the incident incurred due to amounts of blood dripped on the parched soil of the planet. Zach skirts the Japanese plum trees to note if an abrasive cause of the aftermath affected the coniferous forest. He tilts his head upward and spots a decipher the tone of the climate depending on the precise suspense triggering in the distance of the area. Efrain Spearer ambulates to the Eco-regions once innovated with the evidence starting to render much logic comparing to the incidence of the fiends. Ranger Ushira examines the sedative regions once impacted in the tangent of the debris. In addition to denoting the aspects of a radioactive composite of the forest to gather the evidence of the Tate Forest, for the overall evidence of the manifestation of the scenes conducted in the system. Rena finds another animal dead and feels the pain lingering despite the horrifying things Vinilia has done. She approaches to the carcass of the animal, and Ranger Ushira surveys the animal observing for any injuries. Rena surveys the result of the dead animal feeling her sympathy for the loss of an animal, and Efrain bends on one knee to study the entirety of the woods and back to the deceased animal. In addition, he and the others understand the result of the incident, and Efrain places his hand to comfort her sorrow even the most desperate times. Efrain studies the carcass and turns to the others especially Rena despite her grief, and Rudgher frowns at the idea, surveying the overdone spaces of the territory. 

Vinilia has feasted her eyes still on the artifact, and her purpose is to know its secrets in the boundaries adorned with perishable materials. This provides evidence that the allegorical symbols, including the symbols denoting not just the destruction to this planet but humanity live in it. Rory thought. 

"Someone has slaughtered one of Rena's animal friends, and this act is upon animal cruelty." Ranger Ushira responded sadly, for the others feel their sympathies for the animal. Rena cries her eyes for her lost friend, so Rory excavated a tomb to bury the carrion. Dahlia closes her eyes in sorrow and lowers her head guiltily to the deceased animal; in addition, the team feels pity for the lost of a faithful companion.

"Don't worry, we will avenge your animal friend's death." Dahlia responded, placing her right hand on her shoulder and consoles her sorrow.  

"It's not the death of these animals we have to worry about, but the species of humans are under the merge of extinction." Efrain pointed out to her response.  

"We have searched the entire forest yet there's no word on how the chemical analysis involved in the perimeter." Rory stated to them. 

"Hmm, can you analyze the data to reveal its adherence?" Efrain inquired, and Rory scans the effects that degrade the entire area. 

"This must be one of Vinilia's greatest schemes yet, and she's still at large with her act of clenching the secrets of the artifact to indicate if it has a kind of body manipulation incorporated in her ectoderm. The fiend might be up to something to condemn everything in its tendency to reveal adulatory facts." Ranger Ushira responded.

"What?" Efrain questioned. 

"Damn that fiend. She's going to regret for this!" Zach scowled.

"Yeah! When I get my hands on her, I will make her life a living hell!" Preston raged, banging his fist to the crisp road, and Ranger Ushira halts him from savagely threatening the ground with his powered fist.

"I'll strangle you first, Preston." Nina growled, and they separate Nina from Preston tending to start the feud. 

"Whoa! Preston, you don't need to get all violent about it. There are more gullible creatures Rena has regarding her.... you know animal empathy; for example, the wolves she summoned earlier during our encounter with the trichomes, and I supposed it would be somewhat difficult." Ranger Ushira shrugged his shoulders. 

"so, what do we have to exterminate the monsters before it harms humans and animals?" Zach inquired. 

"Hmm, exterminating the mutated ones." Ranger Ushira answered.

"I takes tougher guts." Preston sighed in disbelief. 

"I'm definitely speechless by this." Dahlia responded to him.

"I don't think this should explain how it has something to do with the fact that frankly associates with the kind of problem we have." Zach responded.  

"Why does Vinilia want the artifact so badly?" Efrain questioned confusingly.

"Ok, if we can observe through the stages of the area, then we can follow her trail." he responded. 

"Come on, be right." Efrain muttered to himself, pressing the buttons to reach signal to his wrist communicator.

"Guys, what is it?" Patrick questioned.

"It appears the Phantom has transported his henchmen to the Tate forest's coniferous regions, for the rotted scenarios of the manifestation. We are entering the base's corridors adjacent the regions of the forest. Can you access to Shigure's whereabouts?"

"Hmm, this doesn't look good." Patrick assumed, and Efrain turns to the others to ascertain whether the cause of the incident has acclaimed analytic observations. 

"How did you know that?" he questioned the five.

"We have discovered the result for the Phantom's unlikely reign of horror manifesting the interstellar areas of the forest starting with this bedlam." Efrain responded to the others.

"As you direct your attention to the monitor, the Phantom's outgrowth increases drastically depending on the Merging Evil's reign of terror." Rory stated. 

I haven't sworn this might be one thing I honestly believe the result of the actionable effect; in addition to this, it might be highly questionable to determine it in words. Dahlia thought. 

Rory accesses the computer data to confirm the adulatory analysis of the pyramid, and the system grids advise the others of the adversary's whereabouts depending on the fate enduring the process of the accessible systems in the precinct.  

"Hmm, sounds to me the unpredictable schemes the Phantom plotted." Dahlia replied. 

"What sort of reference do you have of the Merging Evil?" Rory questioned based on the impact of the formidable outcome of the area.

"It looks like we have found ourselves a mass hunt that entails the Merging Evil's existence." Zach pointed out. 

"Hear that." Ranger Ushira whispered, hearing zaps of lightning coming from the exterior of the base. 

"Seers." Efrain responded, and he exits from the base and witnesses the raucous sounds of thunder knowing that they hear their message. 

Rory connects with the grid systems by placing the pyramid into an aperture to mainly affix sensor grids to detect the aspersion; in addition, the schematic model of the pyramid reveals most of the writings to be considered an enigma. He drags the holographic tab to the screen after analyzing the other on the left hand side, and Preston pans his head to the others knowing the adversary has wandered in the outskirts of the eco-regions. 

The Specter Stoppers hark the clamors within the coniferous trees regions despite the levels of Tate Forest's precinct starting to conduct an elusive encounter with the morphing adversary. In addition, a round of 12 sensei seers glides from the tree branches engaging in combat, and one of the seers snatches Nina from the back.

"Efrain, they got Nina, we need to do something!" Dahlia exclaimed. 

"We're doing something alright, they made me an angry swordsman. Specter Stoppers, attack!" Efrain yelled. 

Efrain dashes to the first seer who nabbed Nina from the forearms and jostles with his sword dynamically. Dahlia draws out both of her fans radiating pink energy and spreads her petal aura on the adversary to diminish his energy; in addition, she she dashes expeditiously towards the adversary and elbows the adversary in the chest shattering the rib cage. Efrain guards the rod of the adversary with one hand with his sword and his shield virtually present in his left hybrid gauntlet. Rena transforms into a skunk and sprays a strong unpleasant scent to the third seer, and she bites the adversary in the foot and transforms back. She shares a confident gaze to the adversary and points her tail at the third seer coughing from the noxious fumes as well as his eyes shut due to the sizzling to redden his sight. She calls in two male deer to attack the seer directly with their anthers shoving the fiend into a tree, and Ranger Ushira performs a torpedo dash by sliding to the other side and performs three high-kicks to the adversary's face. Rory cartwheels forward to avoid the collisions of their mystic techniques and blasts his photon pistols to inflict damage to them. 


Meanwhile, Dave reaches broadcast towards Patrick concerning on his recent request of allowing him to communicate intentionally to Hillary. Ume continues focusing on her energy as a mixed hybrid with her eyes closed, and Janet stacks up the files in alphabetical order. He clears his throat to catch his attention, and Patrick watches the action in his surveillance monitors and pans his head slowly to him noticing his arrival.

"Patrick, Hillary's calling for you." Dave sighed.

"I noticed that, but I'm practically busy." Patrick responded.

"Just shut up and go to her damn it!" Sylvia shouted, and Patrick exits from his seat clumsily and rushes out of the control room, "Double-time it when you're at it!"

"Good grief, you Galactic Knights know how to take order very seriously." Akira frowned awkwardly, and Janet appears to the control room again to analyze the action in progress depending on the fate of its humanity emerging beyond intergalactic order. 

Ume stands up from her mat after her concentration has faltered despite Sylvia's interaction with him, and Ken approaches to the control room with Topi on hid shoulder after completing the assignment his teacher encouraged him before classes begin. 

I'm guessing Patrick should have waited for Hillary's return. Ume thought. 

"Hey Sylvia, thanks again for helping me with my homework, and I hope Mrs. Fujioko would be pleased with all you accredited it." Ken responded.

"You know what this reminds me?" Elliot inquired, "It reminded me of the time you helped Efrain with his homework."

"When he was in fifth grade, I encouraged him to study and take my advice seriously." Sylvia broadcasted.  

"I did the same with Jake. But, he never listened to a single word." Dave sighed, sitting down besides Sylvia. 

"Any word from Lily?" she inquired.

"No." Dave replied, and he lets out a sigh feeling lost of being separated from his wife whom he is partnered with since they started a family. 

She hears her communicator beeping constantly and answers the call, "Hello?" 

"Sylvia? Nice to hear your voice once again." Lily cheered.

"Lily? How's it been? We haven't talked to you in a while," Sylvia grinned, "how are things back on Earth?"

Ume clears her mind on the unnecessary confusion she's gaining, and Akira imbibes his herbal tea and shares a giggle listening to Sylvia's conversation on the phone. Topi bounces atop Akira and descries the transmission, and Ume pulls Dave by the ear demanding an explanation.

"How long Lily and you were apart?" Ume asked, pulling Dave by the shirt questioning him. 

Patrick presses the down button to call in an elevator, and a group of hunters approach beside him noticing his presence across the halls. 

I'm not sure why both Dave and Sylvia taught me into visiting Hillary again and again, I know  how I book my visit. Patrick thought, and the elevator arrives in front as he climbs inside. He presses the button for sickbay level, and an elderly woman dressed in robes on the right pans her wrinkly head towards him.

"What are you supposed to be? A reporter?" she questioned him.

"No, I'm a guardian angel." he answered. 

"I can tell by the wings and halo." The lady nodded. 

"Uh, that's my stop." Patrick responded, exiting from the elevator approaching the sickbay glancing at the Android Medics rushing their injured patients to a nearby care unit even though she didn't appear to Patrick when he promises to see her physically in person.

"Where is she?" Patrick asked.
I supposed Dave haven't mentioned to me the administration of the Cosmic Federation allocates a place outside of the satellite to Hillary, and I found that it would continue to settle the interest rate. Ume thought. 

"Where, guys?" Patrick questioned.

"The United pursuit." Sylvia answered.

"Where is the United pursuit?" Preston questioned.

"Downstairs." she answered.

"Thanks." he nodded.

"Correct. She's recovering well. Now go to her." Dave replied.

Sylvia, Akira, Ume, Ken, and Topi glare at Dave despite Hillary's new location. 

"What?" he asked.

Patrick's rendezvous with Hillary is plausible comparing to the myriad times he visited her. Under the circumstances, he show much of his compassion to her than her father does. Akira thought. 


Rudgher Takial dashes to evade the fourth seer's mystic attacks randomly and shoves his revolver at the adversary. The team members engage themselves in a battle against the sensei seers. The first seer absorbs his magical energy and zaps an energy bolt to inflict damage to Dahlia, and Efrain charges toward the adversary and performs his octagon strike to beset the adversaries that are surrounding the team. Preston charges toward the third sensei seer and throws his power fists to shatter the fiend. Efrain sprints toward the fourth sensei seer and slashes him with his sword to inflict damage, and Dahlia performs her fan erosion to inflict damage to the seer, causing the tectonic plates of the ground to vibrate effectively. The second seer fulgurates its purple lightning on Dahlia, and Zach shoots his double arrow to pierce the adversary directly in the facial structure, and he drags the fiend and slams him to the sediment. The third seer fulgurates his lightning to strike Dahlia, and Zach performs his critical shot to the fiend, and Dahlia throws her tessens to inflict damage to the adversary. The third seer inflicts damage by releasing a streak of purple lightning from his hand causing damage on Dahlia. Rory zaps his photon pistol to inflict damage to the seer, and Zach sprints forward and kicks the adversary in the face powerfully. Preston sweep-kicks the seer to the ground and throws a knock-out bolt. Rory launches his fire net to incinerate the enemy, and Dahlia throws her tessen fans to strike the adversary. She generates the wind with both her tessen fans to send the fiend flying to the other end of the surface, and the third seer teleports himself and casts purple lightning to inflict Dahlia. Efrain jostles his cudgel and thrusts off with his full strength, and he slide-dashes dynamically and slashes the adversary with crescent cut. Preston charges toward the adversary and performs his catapult kick, and Ranger Ushira flutter-kicks the adversary straight to the face. The fiend teleports himself and zaps a beam on him, but Preston deflects it with his right gauntlet boldly as the fiend lashes another set of blasts with his hand. Preston deflects them all swiftly. Rena transforms into a wolf to tackle the fourth and fifth seers, and the sixth seer summons its immensely dark lightning to inflict damage on Rory. On the other hand, Preston hurdles to the adversary and tosses the sixth seer to the floor, and he dashes toward the seventh seer and delivers a circular kick to him. The eighth sensei seer lifts his right arm to summon lightning from the sky in lashing Dahlia, but she uses her umbrella shield to deflect the sensei seer's sparks. Efrain swings his blade to perform a cutting wave on the adversary to inflict damage to the adversary, and the eighth seer evades the cutting Efrain performed and summons zaps of lightning to ail him. He performs Galactic Blade at the adversary directly. Preston throws an ankle kick to the sensei seer in the back, and he performs a plasma spear punch to hit the adversary causing the particles to discharge the adversary comprehensively. The ninth sensei seer lashes his purple lightning to inflict damage to her, and Dahlia removes her tessen fan from his waistline leaving a laceration underneath his patted robes and slashes him vertically, for the blood of the seer leaks underneath the robes. Dahlia throws both of her tessen fans to slash the eleventh seer through the medium armor leaving blood all over the adversary. Preston spins his body using his crazy legs to bruise the figure and performs catapult kick to the adversary. Rory hurdles to the adversary and blasts his photon pistols on it causing the energy to decrease the figure; in addition, the ninth seer feels vertigo inside the regions. The tenth seer lifts up its arm to zap lightning from the sky, and Efrain deflects the mystic attacks and slashes the adversary with his sword. The ninth seer conducts fire from his hand and throws it on Ranger Ushira, but he counters with gyro-throw by throwing his hat counter clockwise to lash the figure directly. Rena delivers a knee kick to the tenth seer punishing him, and she shoves the adversary with her palm to drift it to the other side. 

The adversary Shigure stalks from behind the bushes plotting his maneuver on them, and Efrain breaks the arm of the seer dislocating the joints inside the figure and performs spear slash to inflict damage to the eleventh seer. Zach lunges to the merge of the trees and draws out from his arrow launching quiver pulling out his trident arrow filled with cosmic energy, and he takes a direct aim to pierce the adversary straight in the heart, causing the cardiac muscles to overdose and eliminate the adversary. He knees the twelfth seer before he tends to make an attack on him, and the twelfth seer creates a portal to release a horde of 25 generic zombies from the sectors cornering for prey. They are described as vile creatures with a crisply decomposed body and messianiceyes, it has a putrid mongrel scent; they have clammy hands on the left and on the right lobster claws. Their crazy, messianic eyes terrify Nina; her heart is beating rapidly, and she cradles herself into a ball. Efrain points his sword fixing on the zombies, and he defends Nina protectively from the abduction that critically plagues human society. Rudgher loads the ammo to his sonic mini-gun taking his direct aim on the monsters, and Preston cracks his knuckles and dashes toward the zombies boldly to deliver a statement to the adversary. 

Seers are the things we didn't worry about, but the generic zombies are the worst. They are the beasts emerging from hell.  Preston thought, and he throws his Lone Wolf's Geyser to zap a gash on the first generic zombie straight to its body. 

Shigure unveils his presence to the Specter Stoppers with a malignant grin on his face, and Dahlia seems not thrilled with the encounter despite his treacherous doings he offered from Vinilia. He lands on his feet and generates the sumptuous wind power fully paying attention to his encounter. 

The first generic zombie snaps its arm to lash Zach, and the second generic zombie pounds its claw to inflict damage of Rudgher Takial. Rena transforms into a wolf and gnaws the second generic zombie's arm leaving bite marks all over the figure, and the second generic zombie pounds her repulsively drifting her to the trees. Rory pounds the third generic zombie with his tonfas and delivers a low chop to the shoulder blade causing damage to the adversary. The fourth generic zombie snaps its claw on Zach leaving redness in him, and the fifth generic zombie lashes its arm on Preston again. Efrain dashes toward the generic zombie on his left and performs slide-slash to cut the figure by leaving punctures on the adversary, weakening its current accumulation of dark energy. Dahlia throws both her tessen fans with the blazing, serrated blades to inflict damage to the adversary. Efrain swings his Yukonamo Sword to slash the adversary swiftly, and the fifth generic zombie thrusts its claws on Preston directly leaving punctures on him; conversely, his armor takes no effect on the fiend's lobster-like claw. Nina feels pain pounding in her stomach and on her waist and falls to the floor in agony. Efrain swings his sword counterclockwise to gust the fourth and fifth generic zombies from his sight dismembering its greasily rotted body parts. The sixth generic zombie dashes towards Rena and slams its claws at Zach leaving gashes in his torso, and Rudgher blasts his gunfire at the sixth and seventh generic zombies eliminating them. Rory blasts his photon pistols when running and performs two front flips to evade the toxic barfs the zombies hurl. Rena transforms into a wolf again and bites the seventh generic zombie in the left forearm leaving teeth marks all over, and she transforms back into a human and delivers a knee thrust through the stomach and a roundhouse kick.

"Efrain..." Nina called to him being slashed on the other side of her waist.

Dahlia performs her Flamingo's Blessing to heal the wound Nina suffered, and Efrain carries her out of the battlefield into safety before catching Shigure. Preston thrusts his fists at the seventh generic zombie speedily and strikingly, and Rory pounds the eighth generic zombie using his laser tonfas. Zach spins his bow to cleave the eighth and ninth generic zombies, and Rudgher throws his sonic grenade at the rest. Kaboom! The sonic waves hunch the zombies to the ground, and Ranger Ushira slices the eleventh through thirteenth with his lustrous razor hat encrusting the sedimentary rocks as it streams to him and retrieves his weapon swiftly. On the other hand, the other eleven rise from the ground with their bloodshot eyes fix on them. Zach jumps upward leaping through tree trunks and performs critical shot with his plasma arrow he extracted from his arrow launching quiver. The arrow pierces through the shoulder blade of the zombie causing the blood to leak and weaken the blade. 

"Efrain, Preston, we'll handle them off, stop Shigure!" Dahlia shouted.

"Right!" Efrain agreed.

"Don't go!" Nina mewed. 

I hope Efrain and Preston will catch him do that he can tell everything he knows about the slime pandemic. Nina, in fact, is also experiencing the fate as I, too, am. Ranger Ushira thought. 

Rena appears to Nina with her deer friends by her side, and the fifteenth generic zombie hisses at her and snaps its claws aggressively. Dahlia's razor star tessen slashes the ninth generic zombie drilling its back, and it returns to her grasp as she throws a triangle punch on the sixteenth zombie without getting infected. Ushira throws his tacks into the ground setting a trap on the zombies, and he gusts the winds to lash the other. Rena commands her deer friends to eliminate the nineteenth through twenty-first generic zombies, and Ranger Ushira throws his tacks to the ground to beset the zombies by throwing falcon punches at them. Rory activates the barrier to shield Nina completely as Efrain and Preston manage to catch Shigure. On the contrary, another round of generic zombies, this time 23, emerges from the portals of the forest, and Zach seems petrified of its numbers horrendously increasing. Ranger Ushira delivers a cross punch to the first generic zombie and the second in the back of him, and he tosses his razor hat to drill the third and fourth generic zombies severing their body parts. Zach jumps upward and slams the tip of his bow at the fifth and pommels the sixth generic zombie in the abdomen region, and he delivers a double kick to the seventh generic zombie. 

How many more of these guys are there surrounding us? I know this might be a zombie apocalypse happening in this forest before I even knew what will happen. Zach thought.

Efrain and Preston dart towards the adversary chasing him from every block, and Shigure summons his wind pillars striking the two simultaneously. Efrain activates his shield to deflect the wind pillars from threatening him and Preston. Shigure summons a tornado to drift the two gentlemen, and Preston shoves his fist to the ground conducting plasma power from his gauntlets and performs two plasma spear punches on the adversary but missed. Dahlia dashes toward the adversary and delivers a double fan sweep to the adversary inflicting damage to it leaving scars over the first generic zombie. Rory throws his Pyris grenade at the second generic zombie protectively guarding Nina from the zombie's stench, and the third generic zombie pinches Rory by the waist and sledges its arm to drift him to the ground. 

Where did he go? Preston thought, and Shigure throws his gusty winds to lash the duo. The adversary casts his spiral wind to gust both Efrain and Preston upward from the ground, and Efrain guards against the winds the adversary performed with shield. Dahlia slices the fourth generic zombie with her tessen fan and throws her tessen fan to strike the adversary, and she stabs the fifth generic zombie in the side and opens her tessen fan at a 90-degree angle causing the blood to pour out. Zach spins his bow vertically to pound the seventh generic zombie ten times and slaps it three feet away from where he stands. Rena elbows the eighth generic zombie in the back hard and delivers a spin kick to the head dismembering its head from its body. 

Nina quickly rushes in front of him protecting him with all her will, and Efrain gasps she enshields the high winds the adversary performed and begins to interfere with her. 

"Nina, get out of here!" Efrain shouted 

"No! You have to activate the source! It'll cause destruction and help win this fight! Yet, I nay not survive!" Nina exclaimed.

"I said, I won't!" Nina growled.

Shigure shoves Nina into the ground roughly and delivers a wind punch sending her flying out of the forest.

"Nina!" Efrain exclaimed, and he contacts Rudgher from his wrist communicator, "Rudgher, escort Nina out of here right now! She's badly bruised!"

"Roger," Rudgher responded, and a remotely controlled sphere takes Nina out of the battlefield immediately.

Zach ducks his head from the tenth generic zombie's claw and pommels it with his bow drifting it two feet away, and he places the downward tip of his bow to the ground giving him a boost by performing a flying kick to the fiend. Rudgher carries Nina's body to sit her down, and the doors seal Nina inside and strolls her away to the base apart from the battle. Efrain draws his sword from his sheath confronting the adversary. 

"Hear me, Specter Stoppers as my winds will blow you away from the forest one step at a time." Shigure responded, for he projects the jets and crushes his hands together releasing its power.

"I got him, this time" Efrain responded, "Preston, you help the others."

"Roger that, ace." Preston grinned, and he dashes to help the other Specter Stoppers and their friends tackling the zombies with his Wolf's Knuckle.

"Prepare yourself, Efrain Spearer as the winds will drive you from inside and out!" Shigure responded, projecting the wind with his hands. 

"Not while I'm around you don't." Efrain scowled, pointing his sword at the adversary. 

Shigure waves his arms to balance the wind power, and Efrain dashes toward the adversary and thrusts his sword at the fiend until the high speed winds hunch him five feet from him. Efrain swings his blade to perform a cutting wave but missed suddenly, and Shigure whirls his left arm to generate the air rapidly. Shigure throws a spear punch in the face and knees his abdomen region, and Efrain seems utterly distracted with the encounter merely losing touch of him. Shigure elbows him in the chest and thrusts his palm with his wind spiral. Shigure shoots upward planning a savage attack on him when taunting him. Efrain feels his chances of getting him is off guard, and Shigure throws a spinning pulse on Efrain sending him to a wall hard knocking him unconscious.

Dahlia gasps fearfully seeing her cousin out cold, "Efrain, no!" she rushes to her cousin after beheading the ninth and tenth generic zombies and encounters the winds of the adversary with hers with petal storm to flay him. Shigure releases the jets and grows frustrated with his encounter, and Dahlia catches Efrain's severely injured body safely. Rena morphs into an animal and hunches the eleventh generic zombie to the ground, and Rudgher uses his grappling gun to annex the hook with a pole and swings counter-clockwise rapidly. 

Efrain opens his eyes and notices his cousin carrying him, "Dahlia, you saved me!" 

"And I learn how to counteract with his winds." Dahlia added. 

Rory, Preston, and Zach rush to him dynamically after confronting the zombies. 

"Bastard!" Preston raged. 

"Efrain's defenses against Shigure when he encountered him face to face." Rory responded.

"I doubt a windy criminal can trigger against our leader, and it is really a perpetual one." Zach added. 

"Are you alright, Efrain?" Dahlia inquired.

"Yes, I'm alright just sore." Efrain responded, easing himself to his feet and tilts his head glowering at him. 

It looks like the adversary Shigure is taking the encounter for the worst, and he gusts his winds to create a storm on the Specter Stoppers causing their chances to stop Vinilia to become extremely difficult. How will our heroes especially our first in command Efrain can tackle against this ultimate foe? Will saving the forest maintain? Is the eco-regions in peril? Find out on this exciting episode of the Specter Stoppers. 

The Specter Stoppers ch. 74
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 6806 words. Wattpad. June 30, 2017.…

Previously on the Specter Stoppers, the crew managed to sort out the mystifying feeling of a slightly mysterious encounter murderously emerging from over the edge stalking at its members during the fight, for Efrain and the four others noticed an unlikely incognito tending to ambush the members after saving Ranger Ushira from a barbaric weave of webers. Rory frankly evaluated the analysis of the Galuzhare Pyramid to vividly determine at the nick of time to briefly explain the aspects, leading to the unmistakable cause of it. As Efrain talked to Janet on the resemblance of its unknown philosophy that likely occurred coincidentally in its method, Patrick approached back to the control room with kiss marks around his face after his full visit to the sickbayThe team confronted a round of trichomes threatening the integrity of the area.

A man appears from a hill adjacent a few cherry blossom trees and high-tech corridors wrecked when the clay first infested its surfaces of the forest with his mini-gun in hand, and the raspy black trichomes screech bitterly towards him, dropping the five Specter Stoppers to the ground rough. Preston catches a glance of the man who pulled the trigger on the ballistic figures, demanding for his name and role in the mass hunt.

"Who's that?" Nina asked, glancing her head towards a man underneath the gaseous particles descending from the hills stylistically with his mini-gun and leaps aerobically to the spot. As the male hunter aerobically lands on his feet with his weapon in hand. His appearance consist of maroon long hair tied to a pony tail, he has green eyes, he has a cross puncture on the right side of his face, his smooth skin medium light; he wears a dark grey mask covering the lower parts of his face and a metallic one with a communicator attached, he wears a beret atop his head, he wears a leather one sleeve jacket underneath his black tank top, and he wears a strap from his left shoulder to below the right side of his waistline of his uniform holding various projectiles in use of combat.

"This is incredible, that man actually do martial arts and wield heavy weapons." Efrain responded.

"I cherish his sense of combat, and his reflexes are faster than what Preston have technically." Dahlia added.

"Wait, Dahlia, you're saying his reflexes are better than mine? I may be relying on him, but not entirely." Preston scowled.

"At least she's honest comparing to what you owe her." Zach responded to his sentence.

"It appears his skills in gunnery have the full advantage of tackling the trichomes under one or multiple shots." Rory replied, scrutinizing thoroughly in his catalog the residue of the forest as a result of the nefarious manifestation lingering in the outskirts. 

"Then why did you choose him over me!" Preston shouted angrily.

"Maybe because you have no respect for a good woman." Zach conjectured.

"That's not what I am here for!" Preston ranted.

"Everyone," his smart-ass tone of voice called to them attracting their attention.

"About time you showed Rudgher!" Ranger Ushira replied, rising from the ground with his body covered in grass.

"Rudgher?" Nina questioned.

He looks extremely badass comparing to that of Preston and me combined, and his weaponry have enhanced a lot. The high-tech gadgets he utilized and his skills in combat, and I admired that he provided the weaponry for immediate purposes. Efrain thought.

"Are you give alright?" he asked.

"Yes, thanks a lot." Efrain responded, and the trichomes screech angrily toward the Specter Stoppers.

"Efrain! Look out!" Nina screamed.

Efrain ducks quickly by athletically leans his upper body back, and Rudgher slays the fifth trichome with rapid gunfire. Preston shoots a glare at the remaining trichomes screeching barbarically towards the members, and Zach draws out an arrow from his arrow launching quiver and focuses on his aim cannily to shoot at the figures, causing damage possibly to them. In addition, he has drawn another trimmer arrow and shoots at the rest with it, for its blades spin counter-clockwise to whittle the texture of them. Nina accidentally cuts herself on her waist line and screams painfully covering the leaking blood from her waist. Dahlia performs her Flamingo's Blessing to recuperate Nina's health although her technique has meager effect on her body. In spite of the suffering she experienced, the wound would last even longer before the source can recuperate it. Rory loads his photon ammunition and aims at the black trichomes, and the seventh trichome lashes its crinose needles on Dahlia. She deflects the attack with her umbrella shield and holds on to her current ground. She gasps for breath and glances at the ballistic figure despite its ravenous expression.

"Nina, you're supposed to dodge!" Efrain exclaimed, and he witnesses slash in her waistline badly bleeding from the inside out.

"I'll escort Nina to safety, don't do anything idiotic!" Ranger Ushira exclaimed, and he and Rena escort Nina to safety from the barbaric trichomes springing through the grasslands.

"Right!" Efrain nodded.

"I have to fight..." Nina cried.

"Not in this condition, you're not." he advised, rushing Nina to safety despite the bleeding she suffered horrifically.

"Heads up!" Preston shouted, and the ninth trichome springs toward Nina until Zach shoots his trimmer arrow to eliminate the figure immediately.

"Rory, are you sure this will work?" Zach inquired, turning his head to him. 

"Why wouldn't it?" Rory grinned, and his wrist tracker flashes to a blue color noting the projectile is in the progress of deploying instantly and mechanically. 

Rudgher weakens the other 21 to inflict damage, and he slightly slayed the twelfth through twentieth, and Dahlia stabs the twenty-first trichome in its core with her open fan leaving a laceration to impair the adversary and splits the figure vertically in half. Efrain performs a cutting wave on the other one and delivers a switch kick to its core drifting it to the other side of the grasslands. Rory tosses his clipper-rang instead of his Pyris Grenade to slice the figures although they regenerate instantly to overwhelm the members. Ranger Ushira stabs the twenty-first trichome with his hat splitting the figure in half, and serrated blades appear from its highlights. 

Efrain dashes toward the other trichomes and performs crosswise slash on them. The eighth black trichome lunges towards Preston inflicting damage, but he dodges with fiery backflip to ignite the flames on the adversary. He throws a Flare Spear punch powerfully to send the figure flying from its growing spot, separating its roots that embodied it. Preston delivers a double aerial uppercut on the ninth and tenth black trichomes, and Rory blasts his photon pistols at the other three trichomes. Rena calls in her wolf friends to assail the trichomes directly, for the pack stampedes at the 17 trichomes overrunning them, biting soft parts of its greasy body. The trichome on the right shakes off the wolves from gnawing its residue, and one of the wolves shoots a glare at the ravenous figure inducing its hairy body to lash them. Rena stabs the trichome with her bo to pierce its core inducing pain, and Ranger Ushira jumps upward and throws his hat to inflict damage to the figures in the sessions of the shrub layer. He retrieves it swiftly with his right hand and delivers a rapid spin kick to its exact core helping Rory.

"Efrain, the trichomes are fighting back. We have to do something!" Dahlia exclaimed.

"Specter Stoppers continue attacking!" Efrain commanded, and Preston generates the power from his gauntlet as well as Rory loads his photon ammunition pointing at the figures tactically.

"That's what I want to hear from the Stoppers' leader!" Rudgher grinned underneath the mask, and he loads the ammunition from his mini-gun.

Who was that guy descending from the hills? Ranger Ushira mentioned that both Rudgher and Rena might be here in this very region, and I'm highly skeptical on this kind of camaraderie. I'm guessing he is, indeed, one of us. Zach thought.

"Nina!" Ranger Ushira exclaimed, glancing at her bleeding body and calls to Efrain's attention by whistling to give his attention.

Someone has incidentally shot Nina in the abdomen, could it be a sniper? Efrain thought, glancing at the gunshot wounds harming Nina despite a certain enemy camouflaging himself to threaten the planet.

"I got your back, Rory!" Zach exclaimed, pointing his bow to aim for the adversary destructing the floral regions and shoots his trimmer arrow at the trichome straight to its core. 

"Ushira, send someone to pick up Nina, it's now or never!" Efrain exclaimed.

"She's just want to help! That's what she exclaimed." he responded. 

"Jon, it's too risky!" Efrain ordered. 

Dahlia throws her tessen fans at the adversary to inflict damage to the sixth trichome, and the blades generate its firepower slashing the figure in its body. She dashes to the other side as her tessen fans return in her grasp, and Efrain slashes the sixth black trichome with his Yukonamo sword with the thunder energy incorporated in the blade. The sixth trichome lunges its head towards Dahlia plunging her to a pole. He performs his octagon strike by slashing the figures eight times making the shape to impair the barbaric adversary. Efrain rushes to Nina immediately avoiding the collision of the trichomes. The figure evades the diagonal slashes Efrain performed rapidly and snatches him by his feet tightly twirling him clockwise, and Preston dashes towards the figure angrily until the adversary releases Efrain sending him towards him. He slide-dashes forward and performs crosswise slash at the sixth black trichome inflicting damage instantly; he knees its core and spins his sword rapidly counter-clockwise. He pierces the figure's core killing it, and the seventh black trichome swings its head to lash damage to Efrain. Zach pommels the eighth black trichome and delivers a lunge kick aerobally to the adversary drifting him through encrusted ground. Rory throws another Clipper-rang with a special brand of repellent spray annexed to its grid in exterminating plant hybrids especially ghosts with plant powers, and the eighth through thirtieth trichomes screech painfully despite the whiff of the gaseous particles harming them, decreasing the stability of them to make them weary and effectively impact its capability to harshly repulse them. The deceased trichomes founder into their flower beds after taking a horrid downfall despite the toxic chemicals of the repellent which Rory utilized to render the detailed weaponry.

"Let me guess, he brought weed spray?" Efrain questioned.

"No, my friend, it's a plant repellent, one of the new advancements Rory made in the laboratory." Zach stated.

"A plant repellent glaive? It looks rather toxin." Dahlia replied.

"Then how do you know the repellent works?" Ranger Ushira asked.

"Let's say Rory has bigger plants to kill including plant like creatures in sparse settings to exterminate its roots set within its seed." Zach answered.

I was astounded Rory has innovated his high-tech equipment to put away these ravenous monsters by thrashing them all at once. My cherry blossom abilities are radiant to confront the trichomes, but they no effect. Dahlia thought. 

"Yes, we did it!" Efrain cheered after slaying the remaining black trichomes and collected the woolongs they have dropped.

"Nice shooting by the way," Zach responded, surveying the appearance of him, "you know, I just realized who you are. You must be Rudgher Takial."

"Indeed, I am, Zach Winfield." Rudgher responded yo him seriously, and Zach's expression grows alarmingly realizing on the organization.

"You know my name?" he questioned.

"I know all of your names despite on the battles you fought including yours and your friends. This timelessly infested manifestation conveys a kind of explanation of the crisis, do you know recent activity happening here?" Rudgher questioned. 

"So far, we have since we first got here." Efrain replied. 

"Seems highly unpredictable." Dahlia frowned. 

"Let me get this straight pal, as I heard from Dahlia that you have surpassed me!" Preston accused him, and Zach sweats a bit watching the unnecessary argument. 

"Clever, but your arrogance has a flip side to your character." Rudgher smirked, and Preston grows in disgust.

"What?!" Preston barked, trudging towards him.

"I couldn't possibly ask this nincompoop to possibly take down the monsters." he gloated, and Ranger Ushira and Efrain glance at one another confusingly despite the way he bragged.

"Not even your skills perfect it." he fired back.

"Take it back!" Rudgher scowled.

"Hell no!" he barked.

"Take it!" Rudgher urged.

"Bastard!" Preston roared, and Zach and Efrain cease him from tackling him.

"Guys, you forgot we are on the same page, and if we are able to end this madness, we must focus on things paramount such as saving the planet." Efrain stated, "as well as not allowing the source's power to fall into the wrong hands. Just stay calm."


Back in the Cosmic Federation base, exiting from the steam room decorated with finely detailed woodblock prints epitomizing the early to late Asian periods to intellectually render the mystery of the Shogun period, Patrick appears in a soft, comfortable, dove white robe and slippers. He sighs in full relief and approaches to don back his angelic like uniform. His body glistens as well as his light brown hair drenched covering his face, and he soothes his hair to catch a glimpse of his cunningly stunning reflection. He shares a dazzling smile even without his glasses on his face capturing the dynamic expression, while on close borders his token of the affection evokes into the process of relation. Patrick dons back his angelic gear and leaves the bathroom with his towel in hand and wings-like hair extremely fluffy. He takes a deep breath to inhibit the stress in his body to emotionally acquired his feelings.

Sylvia helps Ken with his math homework, for she tutors him during his days outside of school. In addition, she rubricates the mistakes he made to properly comprehend with the overall math equations, and the expression problems has Ken feel skeptical in his extended response. The platform doors open up revealing Akira back from the cafeteria to indicate if the result of the universe depicted in the screen.

"How was your lunch?" Sylvia asked Akira walking in.

"It was somehow interesting. The way they served sushi seems practically different back in Tokyo. So, how did Ken keep up with his school work?" Akira inquired.

"His teacher sent him homework during break that is supposedly due this school year, and I'm helping him solve expressions." Sylvia stated.

"That sucks!" he responded.

"Sylvia. I've got a gift." Dave smiled.  

"A gift? Wow, no one has given me something special in a while. Can you describe it for me?" Sylvia inquired. 

"Wait and see." Dave replied.  

"This ought to be something." she responded, and she unwraps her present Dave gave her as a token of his gratitude. 

"Do you like it?" Dave asked.

 "What is this?" Sylvia inquired, turning her head towards him sharing her satisfying smile.

"It's Pandora accessories. Cost me a bomb." he chuckled.

"Fascinating, I like it." she grinned, and Patrick enters the base in his full gear and sits down in his seat monitoring the events pertaining the treacherous Grensuke incident that led by the adversary Vinilia.

"Oh, Patrick, you have returned." Akira inquired, and Ume opens her right eye noticing his return and continues reaching her stamina to spiritually connect with her lineage.

"What did Janet witnessed when I'm away?" Patrick asked, fixing his gloves.

"The Specter Stoppers arrived at sector GW, and they rescued one of the workers at risk." Akira reported.

"Fantastic, now I can tell why Vinilia sends her enforcers to do her evil doing in threatening the sector." Patrick nodded, and Janet receives no update coming from the Tate Forest.

"Sir, I run through an analysis of the Landecker precinct, it appears that a hidden figure originated from the outskirts of the region has expanded its species to rampage the intersection." Janet informed.

"this is bad!" Patrick sighed unbelievably, "any idea what impacted this?" 

"It appears Shigure sends his henchmen to capture the hostages," Janet informed, "veritably, there are militia thugs in every sector that kidnapped the workers running sectors GW and HZ. Vinilia's purpose provides an abstraction to terminate half of its area." 


Approaching the temperate deciduous forests, in search for clues that render the termination of the coniferous regions, the Specter Stoppers have entered the wooden cabin regions in the direction of finding where the fiends close in on its target. For instance, the log cabins has festered with the horrendously produced electron particles to distribute the energy through the composites that uniformly incorporates the forests depending on the areas subdivided with hugely amounts of clay. Efrain and Dahlia collaboratively confront the adversaries that are surrounding the outskirts of the glade, for a horde of forest predators, consisting at least twelve of them, surrounds the two cousins, engaging in a rebellious battle. The samaragdine trees were thrown down to the shrubs as a cause of the pandemonium in the outskirts of the forest base to become cimmerian, for Rory's tracking glasses has confirmed some of the arboreal monsters participating in this horrendous aftermath stravages upon the equivalent spaces near the abelia. Rory pulls the lever to decrease the velocity of his hover-wing and scrutinized the forest region depending on any clues connecting to the incident. He inserts the coordinates to examine the territory depending on the cause of the pandemonium.

Vinilia's abnormal activities relating to the likely substance surrounding the glade, and the entire forest region was astir over the chronic aftermath of Vinilia's rampage. Theoretically, she has sent these forest predators as her attackers to grasp the pyramid to usurp its energy to afflict mankind's last hope, attempting to bring in the chaos to the area by understanding its biblical roots. Unless, if the history is were to altered, then the result penetrates a series of events that led to this enigma. Rory thought, and he inputs in the system the records that innovate its continuous scientifically proportionate details depicted history of conflicts and afflictions that threaten society.

"Seems like they were sent by an army of monsters to destabilize the device in the transport control system." Rory pointed out.

"Isn't that where sector HZ has kept the pyramid in its system?" Efrain inquired.

"These sectors, in addition, contain a secret entrance leading to the precinct." Dahlia responded. 

The first forest predator feasts its eyes on the two cousins as it roams forward, and Efrain protracts his sword to confront with the first and second forest predators. Dahlia's camaraderie from Efrain encourages her to not forfeit from the encounter, and Efrain nods his head recommending the wisdom Dahlia shared and draws out his Yukonamo Sword from his sheath. The forest predators are physically described as repulsive creatures with human characteristics. The second forest predator strikes its claws against Dahlia, but she deflects the second predator's claws and slashes with both her fans to cause damage to the fiend straight to the heart and cleaves diagonally on the figure, leaving a gargantuan laceration atop the structure. Efrain slashes the fiend deducing its accumulation of energy swiftly, but the fiend hunches Efrain to a contaminated bonsai tree, shattering its sylvan infrastructure into pieces. Efrain lifts himself back expeditiously and assails the figure using his blade to excise the first forest predator directly leaving a gargantuan laceration on the figure. In addition, the beast collapses to the sediment consisting on pinnate grass and drenched soil. Dahlia opens both her tessens and slashes the figures powerfully. Efrain performs his rapid strike of his enhanced version of his Yukonamo Sword RD13 swiftly and dynamically to eliminate the first of the predators. In addition, the leader of the group dashes toward the forest predator and swings his sword to slice it, causing the predator to cringe in agony. He kicks the second predator in the groin and slashes it horizontally; in addition, the two cousins tackle the forest predators, for they surround them awaiting for their attacks. Dahlia throws both of her tessen fans to inflict damage to the adversaries; Efrain slashes the second forest predator in half and flutter kicks the fiend, separating the body parts from each other. The two cousins bolt toward the rest of the forest predators and team to purge the enemy's colonization; Dahlia sweeps the second forest predator with her tessen fan to impair the fiend. Efrain sprints toward the third forest predator swiftly and then uppercuts it to the face powerfully with his sword; Rory blasts his photon rays to impair the adversary and flutter kicks the third forest predator. Zach shoots his three energy arrows to pin the figure, and Ranger Ushira sweeps the adversary to the ground; Rory blasts his photon rays and somersaults forward to tackle the basely grotesque creatures; Zach shoots his energy arrows to engender tremendous pain to the adversary, and he eradicates the fourth forest predator using his energy arrow to emit power to the adversary. Preston charges toward the fifth and sixth forest predators with his double aerial uppercut to implement damage, and Rory swings his tonfas to buffet the creature directly and spins himself to strike the figures. Dahlia besets the forest predators with floral tempest, a tessenjutsu ability. She throws her tessen fans strikingly to the forest predators as they knife effectively and rapidly their greasily gossamer bodies to inflict damage. One of which lunges Dahlia powerfully sending her to the ground. Efrain performs a sword technique called plasma star to dispel the figure, and the forest predator screeches drastically in pain and collapses to the floor unconsciously. The second forest predator expunges its attack on Dahlia, but she deflects the second predator's claws and slashes with both her tessen fans. One of the forest predators extends its blades to attack Dahlia as it speeds toward her. She turns her head toward the adversary and blocks its attack with her umbrella shield. She pommels the adversary with her tessen vortex to engulf flames around the figure. Efrain jostles against the fiend swiftly, and Preston scissor-grabs the adversary and throws his adversary to the ground. Rory locks in the coordinates to summon his barrier to protect the others depending on the capacity of the area, and he zaps his photon pistols to gun down the third forest predator. The fourth forest predator performs its sonic screech to impair his hearing brutally, and the scream shoves Preston to a silver medallion in front of a few trees blossoming from the bushes.

Damn! That hurt! Preston thought, and he rises to his two feet swiftly charging towards the figure.

Preston throws his wolf's fury to afflict the third predator, and Zach launches his plasma arrows to pin the adversary before it reacts. Suddenly, the figure is striking out to botch his barrier, and Rory throws his projectile to strike the adversary. Rory jumps and shoots his photon beams to pin the third forest predator. Preston throws his fists to the brute powerfully, watching the particles draining to 20%, for it streams through most of the sectors. Dahlia slashes the fiend obliquely to inflict damage, and Efrain jostles against the third predator with his Lion's Blaze. Preston performs his lightning back-fist to strike the adversary without a trace. Dahlia stabs the third forest predator in the chest and sweeps her tessen fans to inflict damage to the forest predator, causing its cold blood to leak upon the area. Preston performs his wolf's fury to lash his attack on the fourth forest predator, and he headbutts roughly on the figure and spin-kicks it to the grassy leaves in front of the figure. The fourth forest predator slashes Dahlia with its spiked arms; the fifth forest predator dashes toward Preston and extends its acute claws to inflict pain to him. The fifth forest predator lashes its claws on him. Preston deflects the attacks the fiend performed and throws his Wolf's Knuckle to castigate the fiend. The sixth forest predator attacks Dahlia barbarically with its claws to inflict damage to her; Dahlia spins herself rapidly when holding both of her fans in hand. She kicks the sixth forest predator in the face, and Preston throws a Flare Spear Punch, the altered version of the Plasma Spear, to hit the seventh forest predator to engulf flames. He sprints to the adversary on the opposite corner, and he throws a double kick to the face. Efrain cleaves the fifth and sixth forest predators effectively to inflict damage, for the energy slash inflicts damage to the sixth predator and shoves it to an ash tree behind it. The seventh forest predator dashes toward Efrain and elbows his chest to a pile of mushrooms. He stands expeditiously and retrieves his sword to jostle against the seventh forest predator, for it extends its sharp blades from its gauntlet in assailing the team members. Suddenly, a wolf emerges to the predator by gnawing its right fleshy arm ailing the adversary, and the seventh forest predator leaps through a tree bole and snarls at the team. The wolf transforms back into Rena slowly, for she feels a biff around her abdominal region. Preston grows enraged and thrashed the rest of the forest predators. Rory switches to his healing weapon, the medic pistol to recuperate Rena's health. Rena struggles to ease herself to her feet despite the damage the forest predator made; in addition, Ranger Ushira rushes to her evading the attacks the other forest predators made during the encounter, and he ascertained if she's in stable condition until one of the fiends strikes against the ranger fiendishly and extracts its blades to attack. Rudgher uses his projectiles to lash the thirteen forest predators, for he uses a smoke bomb to distract the forest predators when he assails them. Ranger Ushira stands in his fighting pose to tackle the horde of forest predators, and he lunges himself to knee the adversary and slices the adversary swiftly. Indeed, he wants to protect the artifact from the looks of its composition, and he throws his hat to pommel the figure straight in the back of the adversary. The tenth forest predator performs its evil eye to distract Ranger Ushira depending on his focus. In addition, the hat inflicts damage to the figure regarding the serrated blades to the forest predator directly, and Preston throws his power fist to drift the ninth forest predator to the facial structure as he performs a spinning arc kick to the send the forest predator to the other side of the battlefield. Zach sprints and shoots a set of arrows on the rest of the forest predators. The tenth forest predator extends its serrated blades from its hybrid gauntlets slashing him murderously, and Preston throws his power fist to inflict damage to the tenth forest predator powerfully sending it to the other side. Rory readies his photon pistol to blast the adversary straight in its grotesque head, for the particles highly spread through the fraction of the area begins with its power. Dahlia performs her tessen vortex to inflict damage to the other forest predator incinerating the fiend; both of her tessen fans return in her grasp and sprints to the adversary swiftly by slashing the fiend in quarters. The eleventh forest predator lashes its claws on her, but Dahlia deflects with her umbrella shield to protect herself and slashes the adversary with her tessen fan. Conversely, the adversary breaks through the umbrella's blades and hunches Dahlia to a tree, and she receives dozen scratches from the figure plus being screeched by it. Dahlia performs her Flamingo's Blessing to recuperate her health by calling her spiritually virtual ancestor to lend a helping hand. Preston dashes toward the figure and delivers a circular knee kick to the eleventh forest predator; in addition, he strikes the forest predator's heel with his right foot and sweeps it to the floor roughly. He delivers a fiery backflip to engulf flames around the ballistic creature; as a result, the fiend founders to its knees dizzily. Dahlia stabs the forest predator with her closed tessen fan, causing cold blood to pour out of the figure, and she sweeps her tessen fans to inflict damage to the adversary by stabbing the figure across its chest. Efrain slashes the adversary and performs his Plasma Crescent sword technique by swinging his sword to inflict pain to the figure. The twelfth forest predator stretches its arm to lash a ballistic strike on him, leaving him suffer with lacerations around his body and bruises, and Preston thrusts his arm to lash the adversary in the chest directly. Dahlia performs her Flamingo's Blessing by healing Preston from the horrid wounds he suffered. Efrain swings his sword to strike the adversary in its abdomen and delivers a thwarting cut to the figure directly through its core, causing the figure to suffer and collapse to the ground. The thirteenth forest predator performs sonic scream on Dahlia inflicting damage to her repulsively, and Ranger Ushira slices the figure with his razor hat and delivers a roundhouse kick to the face. Zach shoots his hail of energy arrows at the adversary draining its energy to gradually impact the forest predators, and the thirteenth forest predator claws him savagely leaving him in low health. Rory uses his medic pistol to replenish Zach to his current health. Rudgher blasts his gunfire to gun down the rest of the of the figures, and Efrain performs his Plasma Crescent sword technique by swinging his sword to cut the forest predator inflicting damage. Rory somersaults sideways and lunge-kicks the adversary lashing damage by using his photon pistols, and the thirteenth forest predator negates the attack and throws him to the ground roughly. Rory delivers a double kick to the thirteenth forest predator, and the fourteenth and fifteenth predators give a supersonic scream on him to drift him out.

Dahlia performs her lunar slash technique by pommeling the blades to stab the figure, and Efrain performs his Thunder Lion Escalation by emanating power accurately to increase power. In addition, the thirteenth forest predator cringes and dies in a gruesome death. The fourteenth forest predator performs a sonic screech on Efrain drifting him to the other side of the trees, and the fifteenth forest predator throws its fist to drift Preston to the ground roughly extending its claws to scratch him. Preston blocks the scratches from lashing him directly, and Efrain generates the power from his Yukonamo Sword powerfully to strike the adversary with full force, and he jostles the fifteenth forest predator shoving it to the ground swiftly. Rudgher sweeps away the dust from his hands after battling the monsters, and the Specter Stoppers approach to each other speaking on ways to end the massacre by reaching the systems for the control system. Efrain places his right hand to scan his DNA for the corridor doors to find anyone at risk of homicide especially the innocent people, and he frees one of the victims at risk of homicide.

"Woo-hoo! Nice work guys!" Efrain exclaimed in relief, sweeping away the dust from hands, "you're safe now."

"Thanks Efrain," one of the guards responded in relief, "For a minute there, I was gonna die."

"Wait by the Rud-Tank, I'll escort you back to base." Rudgher responded to him.

"Tell me you will find Vinilia," he urged them.

"I'll send him to the Gruena precinct, from there, he'll be safe." he responded, and the guard hops into the tank, protecting from any harm instigated within the maintenance systems. 

"Good," Efrain nodded, "Rory, detect for any more of the forest predators located in every sector and run a full analysis of the full sector."

"Roger that, in the meantime, we can investigate the reason behind this potential threat in order to save the planet from the spread." Rory nodded, and throws his clipper-rang to run an analysis of the fiends involved in the massacre. 

The clipper-rang streams to the distance where he will evaluate the result of the impact that befall in the depths of the site; in addition, the computer screenings calculate the distances of the forest region in knowing the suspects participating in this affair manage to pull ruses inexorably against the authorities of truly nature. As the clipper-rang's antennas identify the frequencies across Grensuke's districts, the gadget detects the frequencies knowing Kioyaka has produced her malicious clay. 

The clay is produced at the caverns near the city of Elaria. That's where we can find Kioyaka. Rory thought. 

The clipper-rang not only confirms her exact location regarding the manifestation of her homicidal clay resulting the absence of the Galuzhare Pyramid, but it indicates a number of monsters and suspects they are managing to figure out where they are located. Rory's clipper-rang returns in his right hand after analyzing the result for the missing people that were camping in the woods amid the corrupted stages of the surface.

Efrain receives an incoming transmission from Patrick at the base, so he answers it immediately to give the update.

"Efrain, sorry to intrude in that timing, but it appears Vinilia's henchmen are holding the victims hostage." Patrick confirmed.

"Any idea who is involved in this?" Efrain inquired.

"A group of thugs and monstrous celullations in the onset of the precinct, it's located on your map." he answered, providing Efrain and the four others with the evidence based on the schematic information he received to the others.

A group of thugs captured the workers? This looks bad. It's a good thing Patrick verified in the map minor things happening right now. Efrain thought.

"Efrain... Do you have to go?" Nina asked, showing her sorrow towards him.

"Wait, a group of thugs threatening the entire system snatching victims?" Dahlia inquired.

"They tended to kill them as a sign of treachery, so yes it is." Efrain answered.

"Shit! This is why I get in ten times the more trouble." Preston replied.

"What do you mean?" Rena inquired.

"Whoa! You don't think it downgrades the entire computer systems that interacted with the precinct?" Ranger Ushira questioned the others.

"Technically, no," he answered, "let's wait for Rudgher to return from the precinct so that we can head to the Tate Forest to investigate the incident occurring in the Landecker precinct. Hopefully, we will rescue the workers before they act upon impulse."

"What are we about to do?" Dahlia inquired.

"Go to war." he answered.  

"I'm right with you, bud!" Preston replied.

"Me too." Zach nodded. 

The members of the Specter Stoppers to find the evidence leading to the cause of the incident, and the Rud-tank appears in front of where the others stood. The arsenal is described as an armored fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat, ten times the heavy firepower comparing to a normal tank, strong high-tech armor, and stronger maneuverability.  

These forest predators manage to get their hands on the artifact, come to think of it seems impossible to return it. They were being so malicious when it comes to the point of the homicidal mission. Vinilia's plan is under the progress, but when will it be decoded. Patrick mentioned we must investigate the Landecker precinct, for several enforcers have held the hostages.  Efrain thought. 

The team proceeds to the other side of the forest to search for the adversary; in addition, Efrain pushes the branches of the trees to clear a path for everyone in search for a near precinct intersected with the base. 

Why did she do this to Grensuke? What is her offer? All efforts were put into unraveling the mystery of its manipulation affecting the computer systems, causing a technical issue. I need find the frequencies of the abduction to analyze where Vinilia is heading for. Rory thought. 

Vinilia watches the rest of the battle and cackles evilly enticing the Specter Stoppers to her traps, and Efrain contacts the base after running a full analysis of the entire forest base interacted within its systems despite the threats Vinilia engendered, which the adversary herself affects the contingency plan that repulses the sector. Zach catches a glance of the sections that is utterly unstable especially the greens to incinerate its plants. 

That cackle. This must be Vinilia's emerging from the shadows. There's a lot of areas that deals with the kind of impact infested with her clay body, spreading the smudge all over the maintenance systems connected with both sectors HZ and GW. Zach thought. 

Rory examines the inhabitable Japanese Plum Trees to note particularly a formidable intruder involved in the events of the massacre. After a rough battle against a grotesquely lethal horde of green blobs, the Specter Stoppers proceed to the edge of the area where they will enter a barren garden that consisted of obstacles differ from the entire botanical regions. Indeed, the overall concept of the impact via the experience of a rebellious refinement. Dahlia climbs into Preston's hover-bike riding in the back of him, and Zach hops into the side car as Preston coils the handle bars to boost the velocity and drifts the vehicle forward. Rory hops into his remotely controlled hover-wing, and Ushira and Rena hop inside the vehicle safely. 

"Interesting vehicle, you have, Rory." Ranger Ushira replied.

"It's more than interesting. It's a prototype that allows me to stream through the precincts in finding any common enemy. 

Efrain and the others espy on a group of monsters that kidnapped three of the workers; one of whom loses its life. He gasps realizing the monsters have slaughtered one of them as the bestial fiends tend to do the same to the other two. One of the workers screams for help fearfully, and one of the fiends stomps him with its crinose foot encrusting the drenched grounds of the forest. Preston grows infuriated and powers up his gauntlets as the lobopulse increase his durability to aggressively engage his attack on the figures. 

A horde of a mixed breed of bear, owl, and deer emerges from the depths of the regions, the Beoweer, for its breed feasts on its target using its scent to smell its victim. In addition, twelve of which surrounds the team members, and Efrain draws his sword from his sheath and slashes the adversary. the first Beoweer performs sonic screech on Ranger Ushira flying to the other side of the ground. Preston notices blue lights flashing randomly urging him to pick one to deploy a kind of weapon to snatch the Beoweer, the alpha-winch, and he presses the button to release the grappling hook to capture the first Beoweer and drags it to the ground roughly. The second Beoweer performs sonic screech to deafen the others, and Rudgher activates the sonic blasts to send the figures flying to a wall, causing the sonic voices to enfeeble them. Dahlia throws her tessen fans to slash the figures leaving punctures and scars around their bodies, and Zach shoots his hail of arrows to pin all of the Beoweers killing them off. Rudgher picks up the woolongs from the floor and hands them to Rena for safe keeping in terms of accessing the weapons to the main computer system to supply the goods online. 

Efrain rescues the two victims lying on the floor as one sighs in relief, "thank you for freeing us, I thought no one is going to save us from these thugs." 

"Can you tell us what happened?" Dahlia inquired.

"We are standing guard in the precinct until these figures tend to attack us, and right when we were passed out, we heard a woman's grimly cackle. It's so strange, and when Shou and I woke up, we found Gauka interfering with one of the thugs. I was shouting at him, and he gunned him." 

"Oh no!" Dahlia gasped. 

"They will pay for this! All of them!" Preston frowned. 

"Do you remember what happened?" Efrain asked. 

"All we do know is she's heading to the next forest district sending her enforcers." another of the workers responded to them. 

"Where, exactly?" Efrain questioned. 

"The Tate Forest, north of the Hirika forest district." he answered. 

I understand how these officers are feeling when we rescued them, and Vinilia's presence is within these domains. I'm getting the bad feeling she is making things worse. Much worse. Zach thought. 

"Efrain, I attached the alpha-winch into your hover-bike. It is ten times stronger and much durable. As for Rory, I equipped his hover-wing with rapid gunfire, ten times the level of his photon pistols he wielded by hand. Hopefully, it takes much of the damage as possible." Patrick responded to him. 

"Fantastic, thank you very much, Patrick." Efrain responded to him, and he logs out from screen and turns his head towards the others agreeing with the process of the impact, "but one of the workers are killed by Beoweer." 

"Oh, this is bad, really bad." Patrick sighed in disbelief, "Listen, try not to get into striking full force. There's an intersection that takes you to Tate Forest. Try there."

"Rudgher, can you send someone to pick up the hostages?" Zach inquired.

"yes, of course, my friend." Rudgher responded, and he contacts the base to send in someone to pick them up and ensure to forbid the adversary's rebellious enforcers including Shigure from killing any more of the hostages. 

What do you know? Patrick upgraded my hover-wing's weapons systems, for the guns have the exact firepower to target upon multiple foes under a minute. Rory thought. 

"Time to find Vinilia." Efrain responded, and he hops into his hover-bike with Nina joining him in the back. Rory climbs into his hover-wing alongside Rena and Ushira, for he emphasizes the residual carnage at the point of disaster, which increases the slopes, causing a disarray and makes a drastic orientation. 

The Tate forest, connected with both the GW and HZ sectors, is where we are heading to in terms of forbidding her from unlocking the Galuzhare Pyramid's power, enlarging even more catastrophe. The ancient writing inside its faces embodies its mystery infused its symbolic meaning, seething with coherent letterings and pictographs, and it's paramount to keep its core seal, showing Vinilia what happens if they messed with our town. Ranger Ushira thought. 

After battling the Beoweers, the Specter Stoppers and their friends approach to the inner sector of the precinct intersected with the Hinoki Forest by taking the accessible route to the next base near the forest district north of the Hirika Forest located on the path to rid the putrid manifestation occurring in the areas. It looks like the Specter Stoppers has witnessed in terms of the investigation their next destination intersected with the districts of the forest base including the next base Patrick mentioned during their conversation. What will our heroes have to fix this treachery before it expands? Find out on the next thrilling episode of the Specter Stoppers.

The Specter Stoppers ch. 73
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 7160 words. Wattpad. June 27, 2017.…
The Specter Stoppers in Space by GBMelendez23k  just the six except for the monkey and the girl on the right. From left to right: (Preston, Dahlia, Efrain, Patrick Spengler, Rory, and Zach)
Tomorrow is the 7th adversary of how I became a deviantart member 

Last time on the Specter Stoppers, after an unexpectedly revival of Hillary, causing a tempestuous turmoil over whose DNA transfer to apparently impact her genetic traits from her parents, Patrick Spengler tried explaining all of this to her knowing that he must do what he has so that he can help her. Hillary murderously attacked Patrick failing to comply the fact of offering her life. Ume, on the other hand, sedated her by pinching her before the Android Medics addressed to return her to the sickbay to confirm her overall status depending on the cause of it; nevertheless, he would have explained vividly the result her DNA impacted prominently to her body. The team arrived to the planet Grensuke after journeying through hyperspace and confronting a new horde of space ghosts wandering aimlessly in the areas. Its members managed tto examine the forests completely depending on the way it has manifested, and they rescued a person in distress from a rebellious weave of webers, the first kind of monsters in the planet. In addition, their new friend has the Galuzhare Pyramid physically in his bag to not condone any evil threat absorbing its power. 

The Specter Stoppers survey the shrubs of the area, and Ranger Ushira turns to the others depending on ways to take a route in surveying the aftermath of wresting the manifestation; indeed, most of the clay is encrusted by repulsive enemies, of which are destined to assail the good people, will affect in the outskirts of the forest. In fact, most of the foliage has repulsed due to the manifestation of the territory, for the stakes impact upon the isolated regions severely to evoke the power inside it to configure with Nina's source. 

"Efrain, the source...." Nina cried. 

"Who was that guy following us?" Preston questioned, tuning his head to the others after discerning an unlikely presence in the area.

"That's Shigure, one of Vinilia's henchmen. He vows to clench the pyramid for Vinilia to destroy everything around the entire ecosystem despite the precarious infestation circulating the forest. 

"Contrarily, he realizes the faces of the pyramid unveils a worst kind of fate when Vinilia attempts to absorb its secrets within." Rory stated.

"No way!" Dahlia gasped sharing a glance toward the others in aghast. 

"I wonder how Rudgher and Rena have keeping up with the majority of the mission." Ranger Ushira said to himself, and Zach raises his right eyebrow confusingly regarding on the ways he's trying to communicate with the others outside of the region. 

"Who's Rudgher?" Zach inquired.

"Rudgher Takial is a friend of mine, and he's a hunter working for sector GW located near the Hinoki forest, northwest from the Dami forest adjacent a working solar plant." he answered.

"Oh, sounds fascinating you met some people outside of the forest base currently on patrol." Efrain replied, and he climbs into his hover-bike and dons back his blue helmet. 

Nina's hair begins turning obsidian black at its roots starting with her dry scalp, and she clenches her chest tightly and grabs onto Efrain's collar falling to her knees. 

Zach hops into the side car of Preston's hover-bike to join Preston and Dahlia, and Efrain adjusts his side mirrors to ensure if the regions aren't hazardous to proceed to the next forest so they can follow the route to the base. Efrain streams his hover-bike forward to go east leading the others to the direct route where Ranger Ushira suggests for them to meet with a few people he mentioned during their mission in finding ways to quell the horrific crisis in their hands. Rory mans his hover-wing forward and witnesses in his presence a trail of footprints the fiend has left on the ground, and Rory surveys the trail with his tracking glasses to visually identify the incognito secretly proposing a rebellious encounter against the planet environmentally repulse in the territory. 

Ranger Ushira pans his head towards a deranged Nina cringing to drenched soil, and Efrain receives a call from base regarding the overall configuration with their plan to efface the artless pandemonium. Indeed, they won't condone the evil Vinilia is threatening to corrupt the biblical power of the Galuzhare Pyramid. He answers the call immediately in terms of the pandemonium amounts of clay expanding in the regions, for the sample of it indicates the prediction of expanding the homicides spatially. In addition, Hinoki Forest is notorious for the potency of floriculture and study of biogenesis. Performing the myriad tasks requires to bring together its tactical procedures to protect the forest from drastically domestic flames of deforestation. 

"Janet, we are about to enter the Hinoki Forest to meet with a few Ranger Ushira mentioned." Efrain called to her.

"Fascinating." she responded, broadcasting thoroughly from the Cosmic Federation's control room analyzing within the surveillance computers the adversary's whereabouts, "Patrick is returning from his visit, and it appears he has recovered his DNA after commonly phasing with his DNA replication to bolster Hillary." 

"So, what did he say to her?" Efrain inquired. 

"He mentioned clearly most of his DNA consists a few of his arts including his prerecognition and suppressing pain." she answered. 

Patrick enters the control room a wreck with pink lipstick marks on his face and neck, and his hair is practically messy even his headphones and halo are wrecked severely leaving pink kiss marks on the wings. 

"Patrick, what happened to you?" Dahlia questioned, seeing his face and neck covered in lipstick after sorting his conversation briefly with Hillary during his visit to the sickbay. 

"Man, that was so sick!" Preston chortled, and Efrain slaps his forehead in disapproval regarding the token of the affection. 

"I don't want to talk about it." Patrick sighed in disbelief. 

"Someone's got hooked up!" Preston teased. 

"Says the man whose mother died at birth!" Zach quipped. 

"Don't mention about my mom, damn it!" Preston snarled. 

"That's kind of stupid if you put it, Preston." Dahlia stated. 

"I'm not tolerating any foolishness, this kind of Specter Stopper isn't some cutesy little asshole!" Preston raged. 

"Shh. I'm sensing something frankly closing in on us." Rory whispered. 

Shigure? Hinoki forest? Rudgher and Rena? A round of monstrous spiders we fought? A possible route to be exact to prevent Vinilia from clenching its source, and something big is happening here in our neck of the woods. Efrain thought. 

"You go tiger! You must tell us how it happened." Nina squealed.

"I said I don't want to talk about it." Patrick responded, and the four others approach to Efrain to hear his orders. 

"So, what do we have not related to your relationship with Hillary?" Efrain inquired. 

"Yeah, tell us." Nina giggled.

Efrain points to the direction to not ruin the conversation, and the others and he heed their attention to Patrick, regarding the aspects of the ecosystem penetrating effectively in the area. Ranger Ushira whistles a tune to appease his anxiety and catches a glimpse of Nina sitting down miserable next to a tree and a pile of mushrooms muttering darkly to herself; moreover, he turns to heed his attention to the others depending on the task forces they comprehend for a costly battle against a grotesquely horde of ghosts. Nina turns back to her normal self, for her hair dyes back to ginger as her eyes brown, and the others turn their attention to him. 

"As I was saying," Patrick responded, and he cleans up the kiss marks from his face and neck with a wet paper towel leaving smudge all over. Ume hands him a clean set of paper towels wet and dry to remove any stains discolored the fabric of either his dressed shirt or jumpsuit, "there are rumors saying Vinilia is infesting her clay to smudge the ecosystem starting with the Hinoki Forest. In fact, 76% of the monsters composed with clay will likely to widespread the district." 

"Even the lipstick on your face." Preston chortled, and Patrick shoots a glare at him for the harsh comment he made.

"Preston, don't get me started." Patrick advised him. 

"Ok, fine. Spoil the moment," Patrick frowned, "I was on my way to the sickbay to meet Hillary after Ume slightly pinched her in the shoulder, causing her to faint for an hour. I have retrieved some of my DNA although the rest has annexed the molecules in her body, and she dragged me closer to her face. Can you believe it? She osculates my face leaving marks all over, and I knew I wasn't expecting that kind of meeting until now."

Patrick removes his angelic headphones with a halo to fix his light brown hair, and he cleans the smudge from his wayfarer glasses with lens cleaning wipes. Zach slaps his forehead shaking his head negatively although he notices that Patrick talks to Hillary again; in addition, Efrain seems surprised when he spends his time taking his role to speak with his faithful clients. He presses the flashing green button to leave Patrick alone to clean himself up, and he turns to the others entering Hinoki Forest. 

"Dave, someone just puke all over the floor." Sylvia called, and Akira and Ume glance at a pile of alien goop on the mosaic floors of the base. 

"Ugh, I'm not cleaning that up." Ume responded, covering her nose from the mysteriously horrid whiff. 

"Me neither," Akira frowned, covering his despite water coming from his eyes and sidles away to the lunchroom. 

"I supposed I might repay her for 100% of affection," Patrick responded, and he places a white towel on the right side of his shoulder, "If anyone needs me, I'll be at the steam room." he exits the office, and Ume and Janet take control of the control room to espy the Specter Stoppers on surveillance during their mission in Grensuke. 

An anonymous alien life form, described as a round, greasy, stinky figure with antennas on its head and a gargantuan mouth, burps as its goop splashes on Dave, and the other officers serving the galaxy laugh miraculously watching him fail. Sylvia seems dissatisfied and turns to them despite the jocund matter. They mind their business simply avoiding from being caught, for they are in a quandary. She shoots a glare at the figure and compels it to close its greasy mouth from engendering conflict, and the alien runs away crying. Sylvia protrudes a kind of vacuum cleaner with it's power ten times comparing to a normal vacuum cleaner. The vacuum absorbs the goop from his face first, and she tidies his space uniform accurately. 

I supposed Sylvia hasn't have any battles in her agenda since the war against Tazurai despite she is Efrain's mother. Wow, look at her. She's as serious as her husband when they both met. It's definitely hard to convey her performance, and she seems confident not only as a mother of three but a chief commander. Akira thought. 

Sylvia draws out quarantine tape to cover up the incident, and Akira leaves the lunchroom to find Ume and Janet. 


After talking with both Janet and Patrick on the connection of the impact, the Specter Stoppers follow Ranger Ushira to the route he briefly mentioned during the prolonged massacre when he and three others split up to vividly inspect the regions of the forest. Efrain accelerates his hover-bike to survey the aftermath of the incident due to its residue increasing, and Preston streams his hover-bike forward as Dahlia grabs onto him tightly and Zach clenching to the bars of the side-car. Dahlia surveys the biota in the boundaries of the forest visually describing the biodiversity, and Preston's hover-bike lands dynamically to catch up, and Rory mans his hover-wing cannily to vividly monitor in his sensors the devolution of the trees, some of which are torn down due to the fungus infected with the clay to plague the floral regions. Efrain decelerates the velocity of the vehicle and zooms into the entrance alongside Rory with his hover-wing and Preston with Dahlia and Zach. 

Efrain ceases the vehicle from streaming and removes his bicycle helmet examining the forest district in front of them, and Preston approaches to him heeding his attention to the monitor. Efrain points to the direction to not ruin the conversation, and the others and he heed their attention to Patrick vividly going over the biostatistics of the forest regions depending on its levels of pollution increasing lethally due to amounts of nefarious clay triggering the computer systems. Dahlia rests her head on Preston's shoulder still hearing his conversation depending on the levels of torture in the area albeit kinds of modern technology subside the region to incorporate its fundamental existences. 

"Oh boy, what a ride?" Zach gasped in relief, and he removes his helmet from his head to scout the areas.

"So, this must be Hinoki forest as Ranger Ushira mentioned." Efrain responded.

"Indeed I have mentioned it. This is where sector GW is originally located when the war took effect." Ranger Ushira stated. 

"Honestly, Efrain, 71% of inhabitants visited this area to understand its cultural background and devotion; indeed, Hinoki Forest has finely enriched resources to incorporate its creation and vitality. Without its authentic beauty, half of the population will be at greater risk." Rory stated to him. 

"Sounds terrifying." Efrain nodded.

"Yeah, I agreed." Dahlia replied. 

"Do you think this place is packed with disgustingly rotten plant monsters mutated with the clay, does it?" Preston questioned the others.

"That's pseudoscientific to fully ask a question depending on the law of science," Rory theorized his response. 

"That's not answering my question." Preston shrugged. 

I noticed Rory's theory of it renders logic comparing to the latest facts of the manifestation; perhaps it might be useful in protecting the Galuzhare Pyramid. Efrain thought. 

Suddenly, a round of 12 macaroni orchids blossoms its appearance, for its phytogen if characteristics adapted with its carnivorous traits senses the aroma of the victims inching closely. As they occlude the path they manage to take transitioning to Hinoki forest, Efrain pushes the brake for the hover-bike to inhibit from motion, and he draws his sword from his sheath and hops out of his vehicle to confront against the macaroni orchids rooting the area including the monoliths. Dahlia performs her blossom aura by blowing the radiant petals on the adversary, and she performs her lunar slash by swinging both of her tessen fans top to bottom. She uppercuts the first macaroni orchid with her right tessen fan and shin-kicks the carnivorous figure; she stabs the first macaroni orchid with her left inflicting damage, and Rory dashes and hurdles aerobically to the other side of the shrub layer and blasts his photon pistols inflicting damage to the second macaroni orchid. The third macaroni orchid lashes its spiky petioles with needle-shaped leaves on Efrain inflicting damage to him, and the spikes generate its poison to attenuate its opponents. Ranger Ushira throws his hat to slice the third orchid in its earthly core, and the figure murderously snatch him by the waist and thrusts him into drenched soil roughly dragging him closer. Nina runs to Efrain and hides behind him knowing that someone was after her at the moment. He's in a world of trouble with these cryptic creatures; fortunately, his razor hat severs the spider webs entangling him, and the severed body parts fall apart instantly. 

"Efrain!!" Nina screamed, crying for him nonstop and cradles into a ball. 

Efrain swings his sword to cut the serrated buds sprawling aggressively to the direction where the fiend has lashed its serrated auxillary buds, and he slashes the third macaroni orchid with his slide-slash. Preston delivers a roundhouse kick to the first macaroni orchid and throws his Wolf's knuckle at it causing the flames to engulf it. Dahlia stuns the second orchid with butterfly kiss by spreading radiant pink dust on it diminishing gradually its pyromanic energy, and she throws a triangle punch to the second macaroni orchid straight to its core. Rory throws his Steel Monkey Boomerang to inflict damage to its stem and delivers a swing kick to the figure; in addition, he draws out his silver wire and leaps over the canivorous plant to thrust its composition inflicting much pain to it. The third macaroni orchid generates the flames from its flowers and lashes them on Rory igniting them to incinerate its deleterious flames on him. Rory throws his projectiles to lash the ballistic flora springing from an erroneous garden. Zach aims for the fourth and fifth macaroni orchids with his grenade arrow and shoots it towards the two fiends. Kaboom! The grenade explodes powerfully inflicting damage to the fourth and fifth orchids taking a direct aim, and he uppercuts the fourth orchid with his Badass Betsy bow and throws it to drenched soil. On the other hand, the two wild flowers rise from the flames, and one of which hurls fireball on him. Rory pulls the silver wires to cringe the third macaroni orchid's auxillary bud and slams it into the ground powerfully, and Efrain performs his Thunder Lion Slash by stabbing the figure in its bole and slashes it diagonally from its chest. In addition, the holographic exoskeleton inside Efrain revealing his spirit animal appears giving him the strength, and he darts toward the second orchid and slashes the figure. Dahlia draws out her serrated razor star fan and tosses it at the sixth and seventh macaroni orchids, and the fan returns in her grasp as she sweeps both of her tessen fans diagonally and doubly to cleave them. Zach shoots an arrow with an x head in it, and he takes the shot by releasing the arrow to pin the figure. 

Ranger Ushira throws his tacks to the ground harming the igneous flower fiend and performs cyclone kick to the figure directly, and the sixth macaroni orchid thrusts its spiky thorns on his feet inflicting damage. Rory summons his barrier to deflect the adversary's attack and throws his clipper-rang to lash the figure. The clipper-rang returns in his grasp swiftly, and he knees the eighth macaroni orchid straight to the face. Efrain thrusts the adversary with his sword blocking its ravenous arms, and he performs Crescent Cut by lashing a sword beam in a form of a crescent to slice the adversary. Dahlia generates the wind power from both of her tessen fans to inflict damage to the eighth macaroni orchid, and Rory hurdles to the other side of the area and blasts his photon pistols at the figures directly to diminish its negative energy. Preston throws his plasma spear punch on the ninth and tenth macaroni orchids, and Ranger Ushira performs his whirlwind flip to slash the eleventh and twelfth macaroni orchids sending them upward for Dahlia to perform her aerokinetic combat hits topping off with Efrain's plasma wind to eliminate the stagnant fire plants despite the fact the team's fire attacks is outmatched with its effective flames. 

Efrain pats her shoulder comforting her sorrow despite the insurgence of the source increasing lethally inside Nina's body; Dahlia catches a glimpse of an incognito figure streaming into the outskirts of the forest tending to plan a mischievous attack on the team. Rory points his wrist tracker to monitor the events occurring within the area. Zach readies his energy arrow aiming cannily at the illusive figure whereby it manages to expand the turmoil as a cause of the territory to be under siege. A young woman with magenta hair tied to loose pigtails watches the events of the battle seeking their full potential although she feels extremely timid speaking with other people except for the ranger himself; in addition, she stays conscious and rises from a bush gently.

Seems utterly reticent when we eliminated these inept plants, and the feeling Ushira is trying to convey indicates where we have witnessed most likely insurgent bases connected with.... Hmm, how would I surmise this research? It would take longer to improvise the full information in my tracking glasses wherein its contribution could mean it accidentally plunges off its source. Rory thought. 

Preston begins to understand accurately the reason for the eradication of human society depending on the horrendously lethal attacks breaking through the area. Moreover, Efrain and the others engage in a combat against the forest creatures in guiding Ranger Ushira to defensively protect the forest although they just hear the voices reverberating in the areas, initiating the process of combat. Rory mans his hover-wing to survey the damage in the outskirts of the forest. The Specter Stoppers embark on their mission Patrick has assigned them, and Rory analyzes in his monitor the significance of the creatures and turns to the others despite the stench of the wilderness at grave stake. The members of the Specter Stoppers understood what the President of the Galaxies explained, and the fact of the forest's devastation indicated on the monitors. The trouble between the essence of the artifact and the adversary clenching her hands on it doesn't reflects upon the stages of inhumane providence beyond the standards of the forest setting. Rory evaluates the result for the infestation of the landmark, and a deluge of clay makes him nervous for a reason. They embark on their mission to track down the felon without deviating into other areas. Preston summons his hover-bike from the engine room and hops in the vehicle to scrutinize the entire forest, and Dahlia collects the evidence from the earlier mission in the emergence of the Merging Evil. He sits down in his hover-bike and rolls the handle bars to speed forward to search for any clues familiar to the wilderness, and Efrain examines the barren regions in terms of clues they are managing to assess accordingly in persevering the pyramid regardless its finely potent cynosure. Indeed, the planet has tackled forth a round of battles within the forest region to incorporate such manifestation upon the distances, and the forest rangers are attempting to bilk the company of money. However, the result of the somatic infestation impacts severely through the coniferous regions triangulating the glade. The others explore the region to indicate the result of the impact; in addition, they begin to understand eminently the reason for the corruption, in which a kind of an arrogant figure managing to compile his/her forces to allow the conventionally the deluge of a sudden horticultural hybridization. Ranger Ushira witnesses something lingering from the shadows, for the rest of the areas engenders a much common in the course of the battlefield. Another round of webers, this time 12 of them, descends from the outskirts of the forest craving for its possession. Dahlia aerates the adversary upward from the ground and stabs the first weber in its dermal armor, and she delivers a circular kick to the adversary and performs her tessen vortex to inflict damage to the adversary. Ranger Ushira throws his clip bombs to inflict damage to the first weber and throws a straight punch to its face, and Dahlia generates the wind power from her tessen fans lifting two webers into the ground. Efrain draws out his sword from his sheath and battles the weber weave, and Rory extracts the empty ammunition of his photon pistol loading extras to tackle the fiends. The first weber spreads its poison cloud on both Dahlia and Zach causing them to feel dizzily sick; the second weber coils a stringy white web-ball and throws it at Preston. Rory passes Dahlia the antidote to recuperate her health from the poison, and Efrain hands Zach the antidote to recuperate his current health despite the blood flowing from his head when one of the severs stab him. Preston dashes to the adversary and performs his Plasma Spear punch powerfully to send the figure flying to the ground. As the stringy web shoots closer to him swiftly, he immediately dodges and throws it back towards the arachnid creature. Ranger Ushira seems to be trapped when the spiders huddle together, and he finds in his sturdy brown bag a set of tacks radiating accurately. Ranger Ushira grabs the tacks from his sturdy bag and tosses them at the adversaries, and the beams inflict damage to the figures directly to diminish the energy of the spidery figure. 

Ranger Ushira examines accurately the cabins to collect the information reported a uniformly created forces someone else has sent to plot a rebellious assault against the areas. In addition, he is in accord with the adversary's whereabouts to indicate if the cause of the area generates a portion of the heavily infested with its rebelled touch. Efrain calls to the ranger urging him to help the others and him, so Ranger Ushira lend in the helping hand by slicing the third weber in half with his hat and shoots with his left pistol. Ranger Ushira throws a spear hand strike at the adversary in the face and delivers a circular kick aerobically, and Efrain swings his blade to inflict damage to the fiend. Preston generates the blue fire from his left fist and performs Wolf's Knuckle on the figure, and the third weber spins its web to snatch his left arm dragging him roughly closer. Preston generates blue firepower from his left gauntlet and socks the figure with his Wolf's Knuckle straight in the facial structure, leaving a gargantuan hole present with green ooze leaking from its neck. The fourth weber spins its web-ball to glue Preston's feet together, and Ranger Ushira slices the figure in half with his razor hat. Dahlia throws her razor star fan to the ground allowing it to buzz vertically, and the razor star fan drills toward the adversary inflicting damage to its body. Efrain performs his Thunder Lion Escalation by releasing a pride of holographic lions emerging virtually when he thrusts his blade to the ground, causing the weave to screech painfully. Rory leaps to the other side of the battlefield and blasts his photon pistols directly at the weave, and the fifth weber conducts its venom cloud to poison him but missed. The sixth weber spins its webs to tangle Preston, and Zach whacks the figure with his bow performing cyclone spin and slaps the sixth weber in the facial structure. Dahlia slices the fifth weber with her fans, and the dismembered parts of the fifth weber founder to the floor leaving its ooze festered on the floor. Ranger Ushira draws out his twin pistols and shoots the seventh weber dead. 

"Head shot!" Ranger Ushira grinned, and he delivers a heel strike to the eighth weber. 

"Nice work, ranger!" Efrain shouted watching him attack the monsters. 

"The poison stings me." Dahlia frowned, feeling pain in her chest.

"I got your back, Dahlia!" Rory exclaimed, and he blasts his photon pistol at the weber. 

The ninth weber summons its immensely virulent poison on Dahlia, spreading its particles to harm her systems. Ranger Ushira blasts the ninth weber with his gun, and Efrain shields against the hairy, thin legs of the tenth weber guarding with his strength and slashes the creature. The eighth weber lashes its web-ball on Preston causing the stickiness to glue him, and Zach shoots his net arrow on the tenth spider with accessibly radiant protons to inflict damage to the figure. Dahlia spins her body rapidly with her tessen fans in hand and stabs the eighth weber slaying it, and Efrain performs a slide-dash and severs the eleventh and twelfth webers separating the bodies from one another. Ranger Ushira shoves both of his guns back to his holsters, and Efrain gasps for breath placing his sword back to his sheath and approaches to the others after the brael. Preston finds 5776 woolongs from the ground, and Rory gains a level after attacking the monsters. 

"Stoppers, I'm analyzing the enemy behind the devastation of the forest, and the brainwashing of the illusive state somewhere astir the intermittent spaces of the forest depending on its biodiversity. I can assure you this inevitable study probably be at a possible rate of the manifestation; hence, the fiend behind the massacre instigates a plan to afflict the law of biblical proportions." Patrick informed, and a holographic map of the entire region to point out the processes. 

"Who's the guy?" Preston questioned impassively, wrapping his arms heeding on his responses. 

Damn! I better keep close track on the rest of the information about the fate of the future. Zach thought. 

"It seems the result of the impact impulses the entire terminal system of Shigure." Rory pointed out to the others based on the samples if the cause of the murders of the area. Indeed, the artifact that consists of occult practices in the area although it renders a bit of the facts. 

"Shigure?" Efrain queried. 

"Efrain, I'm scared." Nina cried. 

"Nina, you're always scared when it comes to where we are heading to recently." Efrain responded. 

I noticed on how you feel towards all this, Nina. Indeed, this forest feels familiar. The barren trees, the hissing voices, the lack of plantation seems to look like walking into a funeral. Despite of all this, I sympathize for your helplessness during this mission to bring the pyramid back to its place. The winds blowing comparing to the way I possess its power and the chill in the air frantically similar to the cold I had back in Cryasmagess. Ironically, I have worn the frigid weather out of me. Dahlia thought. 

Preston creeps up on Nina and scares her by screeching in a ghostly manner, and he laughs joyously to make her feel uncomfortable after scaring her easily. Nina clenches onto her hair and falls to her knees crying her eyes out.

Efrain snatches him by the shirt and drags him to his face, "Preston, is that helping her at all?" 

"What? It's a joke, can a little laughter light up spirits?" Preston shrugged.

"Yes." he frowned, and he turns to the others, "any ideas on where Shigure is heading next?" 

Dahlia places her hand on Nina's right shoulder and pulls her close to console her anguish, and Zach pats Nina's shoulder softly due to her fear of letting the power collapse into the wrong hands. In addition, Dahlia subsides the power of the source inside Nina to moderately stabilize her body without the darkness corrupting her sanity. Rory studies the gilt-painted pyramid firmly to understand the concept of the universe that would incredibly bestow a kind of kismet deterring innocent people at their clemency. 

"Efrain, do something." Nina whimpered, for she feels vicarious events of the devastation incurred within its deleterious fate. 

"Of course, I can well imagine he manages to strike against all odds." Zach replied. 

"Ranger, could it be highly effective in a way it repulsed?" Dahlia queried.

"Not to the pyramid it doesn't." Ushira answered. 

That reminds me. This must be an outbreak that led to unfinished conclusions. Dahlia thought. 

"Who also is involved entirely in the center of the repulse? We couldn't verify the outcome of this dilemma by the configuration in essence of its history chronologically foretells the future." Rory confirmed to the others depending on the levels of its writing illuminating gradually.

"Vinilia." he answered.

"I see," Efrain pointed out, "Rory revealed the name to us when we arrived at the Hinoki Forest to find sector GW where either Rudgher or Rena were." 

"Hmm, I doubt this might be a precarious mission we have ever witnessed in our records, and the essence of the manifestation triggering its touch." Dahlia replied.

"The Phantom sends his enforcers to tackle the five of us without a trace regarding his sinister stratagem. Based on what I have sought, she is known for her malicious hallucinations as well." Rory stated.

"Mentally insane." Dahlia replied.

"Is this just nonsense or is it just an imperative task force?" Preston inquired him. 

The Phantom manages to summon someone of his malicious horde to plot an attack on the five of us, and the fate of the planet lies within our hands even the rare artifact Ranger Ushira mentioned to us to protect from evil hands. What sort of connection does it play in this case to be at the range of the territory? Efrain pondered. 

"The five of us explore the territory, in which embodies the substances at the perimeter of the mangrove." Rory calculated. 

"How many of which?" Efrain questioned.

"It seems to be approximately a thousand of these ghosts manifest the episodic regions of the forest." Patrick answered. 

"Thousands? Invigorating, and most of which has an exceptional to the result that penetrates the entire territories starting at the focal point of the next base. I doubt most of the monsters will saunter when carnalizing upon the other victims." Rory prompted. 

"Thousands?" Ranger Ushira questioned. 

"Ranger?" a woman called to him timidly, and he glances at the bushes from his right and approaches to her. The young woman wears pastel green patted robes and sturdy medium armor with curvaceous designs embellished around its linearity. 

"Rena?" Ranger Ushira asked, and the pink haired young woman appears to him from the stellate-leafed bushes. 

"With whom are you communicating?" Rory inquired. 

"One of my friends," Ranger Ushira answered, and he turns to her suggesting to introduce herself, "you don't have to be timid on revealing yourself to everyone." 

"Who are they?" Rena asked.

"Rena, these are the people who rescued me from the spiders, the Specter Stoppers," Ranger Ushira answered, "they came all the way from the planet Earth to help us solve this prolonged crisis." 

"Pleasure to meet you, miss." Efrain responded. 

"Whatever." Preston frowned, and Dahlia shoots a glare at him. 

"Preston, is your brain numb?" Zach questioned. 

"Consider speaking nicely, arrowhead!" Preston frowned. 

"I bet it does." Zach grinned. 

"I'm guessing she's not that sociable." Dahlia replied. 

"That's because she's laconic, Dahlia. Despite the reason she doesn't interact with people often, it doesn't technically mean she stay timid in front of others." Ranger Ushira answered. 

"And Vinilia?" Rena inquired. 

"Not yet, but we do know is the Stoppers could help us rid our mucilaganous conflict." Ranger Ushira responded. 

Thousands of which are wreaking havoc among the regions, and we needn't condone the intolerance of these empirical adversary on the behalf of our interplanetary mission. Most likely, the metal storage is where we can find the result for the adversary's whereabouts. How does the outgrowth of the Merging Evil overruns the entire area? Rory pondered, and he monitors his tracking glasses to survey the iconography of the area. In addition, he begins to get a rare sample of the pyramid to identify its relevant information about the future of humanity interacted with the source, and new details of the banded ancient writing discloses evidently beyond the boundaries. 

"Efrain! I'm gonna throw up!" Nina screamed with her voice high-pitched holding her palm at her hand feeling tremendously ill. 

The Specter Stoppers exit from the corridor of the forest base in searching for the metal storage; indeed, the circumstances of catastrophes engulfing in the segments of the debris. They explore the desolated areas of the forest; Rory monitors the trail cannily to indicate the enemy's presence. Preston folds his arms together demanding that the impact of it. He catches a gawk at the two empty machines that transmit the energy from the databases to render its light capacity in the area. Of course, Dahlia becomes concerned on the events of the outbreak occurring in the horizon, so the adversary counteracted with three mechanical engineering systems to interact with the systematic sources in the corridor. Suddenly, the crew gawks at a horde of mechanically raucous figures streaming to the surface. Efrain conceals himself and notes the team when to engage on the sneak attack, for he and the four others examine the module to ponder if the result penetrates a series of a sudden attack occurring in the regions geographically. 

The team members embark on a mission to investigate the reason for the overt events of the devolution, for Rory uses one of his remote clipper-rangs to determine the location of the fiends to virtually identify the adversaries involved in the massacre. As the data immediately reveals the list of those of whom supporting Vinilia in her path, the information transmits in his tracking glasses depending on the goals they are conveying in the plot. 

I want to figure out where sector HZ has interfaced with so I could quell the mutila surrounding the forests. Rory pondered, and the beacon detecting firmly the impact of the manifestation incurred. The red dot coordinate points virtually on the right hand side adjacent the sector, the clay has emerged from the base's laboratory. That's where the Galuzhare Pyramid is not present in its stall. 

The clipper-rang returns swiftly and prominently to his hand, and Rory places his clipper-rang back in his pocket after verifying the convicts involved in the threat. Rory turns to the others consenting with the strategy they mentioned although Nina couldn't handle the intense pressure in her mind; furthermore, the hallucinated areas initiate its pandemonium in the area completely. 

The Specter Stoppers and their friends scout the rest of the area resided with the sources hidden aptly in the surface. As Rory monitors the result of the pandemonium going amok, he analyzes systematically the rest of the impact lingering in the outskirts of the area. He picks up the evidence from his wrist tracker to indicate the result of the villainous impact that begets the consternation of the impact that allegedly outstretched the forest regions; in addition, Rory receives a reading from his tracking glasses depending on the adversary tending to rouse a series of clues to reveal in the cabins across the regions depending on the exact measures bringing hellish conditions. 


"So, the Ranger brought along new neighbors for the ride. As I, Vinilia, will clench the forests by producing my clay to impulse through the walls rapidly and clench the artifact." a mysterious woman's tone of voice, and her right hand distorts disgustingly to initialize her nightmarish impact on the planet by exposing its relentless power to terminate its finely authentic forests. 

Her appearance is a slender woman with tight olive skin. She has golden yellow hair with a jet black streak on the right of her bangs; her left side of her face has a grotesquely distorted organ underneath her bangs; her circular lips were painted dark red lusciously. She wears a leather jacket and a leotard with grotesquely displayed accents matching her fish net leggings; she wears a set of black beads with a few accents. 

"I knew these five have sought my possession when arriving to the planet. With my hands on the artifact, I will reveal the secrets that lie in the iconography." Vinilia grinned after watching the Specter Stoppers from her lair, "the Phantom will be satisfied with me when I lay my hands on the pyramid, and with it, the planet will kneel before me. Shigure!"

"Yes, Vinilia?" one of her allies responded, turning his head towards her. Shigure is described as a white haired space ninja whose wind power surpasses everyone. He wears fiberglass ninja armor with midnight blue accents and a mask. 

"Take care of these Stoppers. When I get through to them, the source will be mine within that young woman, and the Phantrax Empire will rule it all." Vinilia grinned evilly, for her body transmutes relentless with her veins forming into amounts of drenched clay, "Rokku!" 

Crisply crusted rocks marshal to construct a male body, and Vinilia shares a satisfyingly malicious grin glimpsing at the earthly rocky material forming together to physically morph. The figure appears to be covered in rocks as his yellow eyes illuminating radiantly to her presence; in addition, Vinilia glances at her distorted hand shaping her mutated physiology to consummate her attractive body although the right side of her face contains inorganic veins transmuted with its malefic, skin cancerous tumor. 

"Yes, Vinilia?" a grimly low tone of voice called to her.

"Keep those five Specter punks busy, and I am willing to clench the Galuzhare Pyramid and the source the Phantom behested. With it, the Phantom will destroy everything around him." she grinned evilly and insanely. 


Efrain pushes away the leaves covering their path after a long hike in searching for the sector depending on the long route expanding, for he and Preston take their hover-bikes to scrutinize the regions and discover a campsite infested with its insurgent power. Preston scents the aroma of monstrous plants growing in the boundaries of the main systems in sector GW, and Rena catches a glance of the entire area depending on the floral figures acting differently. 

"Let me get this straight, the clay she manipulated came from the laboratory on the other side of the Hinoki Forest." Zach pointed out. 

"Something fishy is going on here." Preston responded.

"If the chemicals cause the clay to develop, then it would become stronger." Efrain replied.

"Could it be that it chemically generates various monsters to incorporate its reprehensible characteristics?" Dahlia asked.

"Despite chemical change, it does effect only with contaminated water and meager light. The malnourishment of its producer effects its behavioral characteristics in its adeptly stage." Rory answered.

This area feels practically familiar when Rena and I first talk with Rudgher since we have our first meeting. How should I result this? This whole investigation gets underway quickly. ranger Ushira thought. 

A horde of 20 black plant trichomes blossom lethally glowering at the members feasting for its common pr; of course, the members of the team must confront the malefic multiflora that genetically altered its uniquely grotesque characteristics. The Specter Stoppers and their two friends turn their heads struck in aghast and encounter the beast; Rena draws out her bo with enhanced Japanese features, and Rory readies his photon gun to zap the fiends by decreasing their negative energy. Preston charges towards the first black trichome with his Wolf's Knuckle through its stem, and Zach draws out a trick arrow from his arrow launcher. Therefore, he draws out a trimmer arrow from its tip, and Dahlia opens both of her tessen fans to engage in combat against the rebellious plants. In addition, the first trichome opens its green mouth to lash its demonic spikes on him, and Efrain swings his sword to slash the adversary with his octagon strike stormingly to inflict much damage. The second trichome gapes its mouth and assails Preston viciously, and the third trichome slaps its head on Ranger Ushira hard in the side. Zach shoots his trimmer arrow to slash the first and second trichomes severing them from their bodies. The third trichome snatches both Dahlia and Rena tightly on their waists, and Dahlia cuts herself and Rena loose from its lichen appendages squeezing the two with its villous hair. She lands on her feet and turns her head towards the floral adversary. It shoves Efrain to the ground directly, and he hops back to his feet facing the fourth trichome. The fifth trichome rampages the area until Preston shoves his fist at the figure incinerating fire to the figure, and it swings its hairy head to shake him off of its plant-like body and shoves Preston to the encrusted ground. Rena swings her bow horizontally but missed, and the figure hunches her to the ground roughly. The sixth trichome snatches all five members of the Specter Stoppers squeezing them tightly, and the other thirteen surround Rena and Ushira preparing to assault them until minigun fire blasts at the thirteen black trichomes tactically. 

"Where was the gunfire come from?" Rena asked, and an incognito holding a minigun in hand behind a hill distance apart from the Hinoki Forest. 

"That guy has a minigun, and he is trying to get their attention." Zach responded. 

"His stealth tactics would accompany us even with his weapon in hand to exterminate these monsters we are fighting." Rory added. 

"I'm not sure how this settles, but I don't trust that guy." Preston scowled. 

"Maybe he knows where sector HZ is located regardless the information Rory picked up." Dahlia replied. 

"I'm sure this is something that innovates our strategy to end the ailment Vinilia engendered." Efrain concurred. 

Ranger Ushira waves his right arm to clear the smoke from the gunfire a different incognito has shot, "Need a hand!" a voice called to Ranger Ushira drawing his attention to him.

The question that comes to the minds of our heroes is who is the man who blasted his mini-gun at the malefic horde of black trichomes? Why is he helping everybody especially Ranger Ushira? Find out all this to come on the next action packed episode of the Specter Stoppers. 

The Specter Stoppers ch. 72
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 7469 words. Wattpad. June 24, 2017.…
Imagine a 13 year old Oscar Barrett enters the anime world only to find himself in a parallel universe.
Deborah goes to the stylist
its a reference from this by iriemangastudios, so I took inspiration from him.

Last time on the Specter Stoppers, after a concise meeting with one another, depending on the source of information Patrick explained when they sent Yuki Aino behind bars gaining the knowledge of the pyramid's faces to disclose further evidence that led to the mystery, the team received forth a message from Patrick to meet him at the strategy room where the President of the Galaxies attended to explain the resemblance of the pyramid before accepting their mission. Patrick engaged in a one-on-all conversation with each other depending on the model, and Hillary ruined the conversation by urging him to focus on her instead on the mission. He generally focused on whether the consequences would affect the entire region; in addition, he was forced to suspend Hillary from animation depending on the excruciatingly tempestuous relationship they both maintained during the war. The Specter Stoppers confronted a horde of space ghosts wandering aimlessly in the interstellar regions, a horde of Avimorphs. Patrick brought Hillary back from suspended animation, whereupon he used his scientific knowledge to restore her. In addition to that, he transferred most of his DNA to her; on the contrary, the genetic experimentation turned out to be a blunder when realizing Patrick revealed to Ume and Akira on the DNA transfer. 

After rousing from a deep suspension, Hillary turns her head to Patrick unwillingly towards him despite the effect his enhanced traits have generated towards her, and Patrick covers his mouth forbidding on speaking a single word to her on an overall promise he couldn't keep generally. In fact, he feels ashamed of himself for ideally restore his affection to her; instead, he shared his hereditary traits -most of them immortal- to Hillary begetting the abilities to her character. 

"Are you trying to destroy my life even more!? I thought.... I thought we were in love?" Hillary cried, grasping Patrick's dressed shirt and collapsing to her knees. 

"No, Hillary. I didn't mean to destroy you like this. I'm just trying to help you." Patrick begged. 

"Help me how! You won't even break a promise!!' Hillary screamed, grabbing him by the jacket collar despite his obtuse decision.

"I just can't break them." he responded sadly, and he hears an incoming transmission from Efrain knowing the four others and he have arrived to the planet Grensuke to embark on their mission. 

"You shouldn't have brought me back." Hillary sighed, and she leaves the room miserably minding her personal business despite her querulous interaction with him that lead him to utter bewilderment. 

I feel terrible for Hillary, can I blame him for this? For all her intentions, he could've just explain why he done it. Akira thought. 

"Just...." Hillary muttered. 

"Patrick, come in!" Efrain called, and Patrick presses the green button to answer the call vibrating from his screen.

"Yes, I'm here. What is it?" Patrick inquired to him, streaming to the computer to get in contact with the five others.

"We arrived at the planet's space port, and we are meeting with the man as you mentioned who can actually help us with the problem." Efrain responded to him through transmission.

"Excellent, I supposed you all are familiar with this task." Patrick responded to him.

"Hold on, before we go any further, I have to know what resembles the Galuzhare pyramid to understand its chronicle. 

"Where should we start?" Zach inquired.

"Stoppers, I suggest you start at the Dami Forest, the first region on your left. From here, you will find the access passageway as you depart to the taiga that will lead to sector HZ." Patrick responded to them, and the members agree with his strategy to generally amplify the route to the sector coordinated on their virtual map. In addition, the murders can pose a threat to biodiversity by altering the ecosystems of the planet. 

"Patrick, I hate you." Hillary mumbled. 

"Excuse me," Patrick replied, and he shoots a bold glare at her, "Hillary, I can hear you from back there!" 

"I don't care! I bet you never even loved me! If you do, you know where I am!" Hillary screamed back as she left for her room. 

Patrick studies the model completely to census the intriguing detail, preferably within the artifact. Efrain and the others glance at each other after hearing an argument between Patrick and Hillary, and Rory lowers his tracking glasses carefully to note their social intercourse. Efrain soothes his hair slowly, crisply aware of the tension, understanding the confusion. Preston folds his arms together carelessly, seemingly dissatisfied with their tempestuous relationship. 

"Patrick, what was that you said to Hillary when we're in the middle of our conversation?" Efrain questioned. 

"Oh I think you know, Spearer!" Hillary raged from a fair away distance. 

"It's a long story. I assume Hillary doesn't confine her role in this era," Patrick replied crisply, lifting his glasses up from the bridge of his nose, "without further delay, there are reports of anomalies in this present stage expanding the outspread of the forest regions jarred through the sector. Modern research has vividly illustrated the vaunting rise to human kind; in one case, ancient description, pictorials, probably resulted in the planet worsening merely following the abstraction."

'You're right, Patrick. The impact of the Galuzhare pyramid lashes the outskirts of the forest if it's not in its place." Efrain nodded. 

"I'm gonna strangle you!" Hillary shouted running to Patrick grabbing him by the neck. 

Ume pinches Hillary to refrain touching him, and she glowers at her unconscious body. Topi jumps upward frightfully clenching to ken surveying Hillary's DNA increasing despite the genes being transferred. 

I didn't know what to expect, but she needs to refrain from touching him. Akira thought, and he calls upon two Android Medics to escort her to the sickbay.

"Are you alright? We lost you for a minute." Efrain called.

"That nearly detract my respiratory system." Patrick coughed, inhaling the oxygen to his lungs and exhales carbon dioxide. 

"Dave, Sylvia. We have received forth that our buddies the Specter Stoppers have arrived to the exoplanet, and Patrick got nearly beaten senselessly by Hillary." Akira called to the two, broadcasting from the control room.

"Great," Sylvia responded, and her voice raises high harshly, "And what do you mean by Hillary beating Patrick senselessly?"

"Well, I..." he stammered.

"What did he do?!" she exclaimed through the speaker furiously, and Akira plunges to the ground causing his auditory perception to flee. 

"Hey! Take it easy! I'm not deaf," Akira scowled, cleaning the ear wax from his let ear, "Listen, Patrick brings Hillary back from suspended animation as Nina urged him, and he uses scientific knowledge of re-animation. However, despite on the experimentation of having him transfer some of his DNA genetically to her body to alter hers. It would take time for him to heal when it has conveyed."

"Whoa! Oh! Oh! hold on, wait a minute. You're saying Patrick transferred his DNA to Hillary." Sylvia chortled.

"Yes," Akira nodded, "Now, that Hillary is not happy with the proven results DNA replication, it would take harder to reverse it." 

"My little girl." Dave sighed, feeling his eyes twitching randomly and his breath running short. 

"You're the one responsible for her, Mr. I-won't-give-any-of-my-yen-to-my-daughter." Sylvia scowled. 

"I regret making this huge mistake, Dave. Your other daughter Nina rebukes me for placing her in suspended animation, and I'm trying to sort it out. Contrarily, I have blundered in a genetic transfer." he responded. 

"What the hell is he talking about?" Sylvia whispered, turning her head towards Dave.

"Patrick. I suggest you talk to Hill." Dave suggested.

"He's right, you did transferred your DNA to her in the first place." Sylvia added.

I understand how much conflict in this world others pressed upon during an important mission, and I think Patrick may have a solution depending if the DNA recurs. Who would be taking charge of the missions when he's not around? I hope Janet might take it from here. Akira thought. 

"Ok, here I go," Patrick responded, hopping out of his chair to search for Hillary regretting the genetic blunders. 

Meanwhile, back in the glade of the forest regions after entering the planet Grensuke, the Specter Stoppers make inside conversations relating to the overall model, revealing the attributes consisted in the pyramid to vividly explain further in detail. 

"Spearer." Dave's sudden voice broadcasted to Efrain.

"Yes, what is going on, Dave?" Efrain inquired, pressing on the holographic screen of his wrist communicator. 

"I suggest you leave Patrick alone for a while." Dave sighed.

"Alright, we'll leave him alone. Besides, he needs a break anyway." Efrain grinned. 

A ghost floats through Dave unsteadily bringing chills to him, and Sylvia turns her head towards him cocking an eyebrow. 

"Are you alright, Dave? You seemed freezing." Sylvia inquired. 

"Oh, it's nothing," Dave replied shaking his head. 

"Expecting anything unusual?" she asked. 

"No, not at all," Dave replied. Patrick, hurry and find Hillary. Dave sighed to himself in his mind. 

"Wait, if it is accursed, then why someone plotting to steal its secrete manages to outspread its intensity?" Zach inquired, raising his right eyebrow confusingly based on the lecture he perceived on the monitor. 

"Since it altered the legacy, those who attempted to absorb its biblical power would face up to legal consequences. If those of whom manage to return it to its rightful place, it will efface the malpractice others have caused." Patrick answered. 

"Then, how do you know the Galuzhare pyramid needs to be returned?" Dahlia inquired.

"Most artifacts won't return themselves depending on its biblical proportions." Rory responded.

"Great." Efrain muttered to himself. 

The Specter Stoppers explore the regions to search for clues that contributes to mass hysteria and agree to meet with the person in charge of the facility, for Rory contributes the information to his tracking glasses. Patrick explains in his universal reports on the suicides that happened in the forests as a result to the northern region named the Dami forest along with returning the pyramid that resembles its retribution, for they perceive the impact that intrigues the districts. In order to restore justice to the planet, the Specter Stoppers must confront henchmen aligned with the Merging Evil and the adversary behind the threat in the zone north the shrub layer. In addition to this, the team resembles the complete coverage of the pyramid and the result that led to the incident. For now, the forest is cool and damp although there are various creatures elongate its numbers to raid fifty bases across the fields. As Rory locks in the coordinates to park the vessel in the shipyard adjacently the center, the others prepare for landing by buckling their seat belts. Zach adjusts the energy arrows preparing the tactical aims wherever any repulsive adversaries linger in the forest areas; in addition, the cacophonies emerging from the shadows at the center of the fields. The team takes a moment to observe the events of the manifestation of the forests, noting the effective aftermath of the forest base. It determines the aspects of the murders based on the relevant information on the pugnacious affect of the homicides, and Efrain surveys the meadow to find any suspicions as of late. Indeed, the information Rory has inherited confirms consequently an impact to the territory to note if the adversary tends to avow his research that Ranger Ushira has commonly shared with the others in the wake of the incident in the diachronic state of the distant ranges of the area. Significantly, Grensuke is described to be a green exoplanet with global warming caused by a greenhouse effect, and Rory installs the coordinates to summon his hover-wing to inspect the flaws that triggered the outskirts. In fact, numerous stars glimmer through the troposphere despite its gaseous particles. For instance, the chimneys exuding smoke to the sky decreases the ozone layer, affecting the stratosphere that absorbs the energy of one of the main-sequence stars similar to the Sun. Its leaves are heart-shaped surrounding its foliage; its authentic nature consists of blooming of flower petals and trees blooming its leaves bringing the fever although an illusion has grown intensely bringing forth a dilemma that potentially lead to the cause of the Merging Evil to permeate everywhere. On the contrary, the flowers Dahlia witnessed has begun to wilt due to the mass heat. Most of the flowers, however, have not wilt regarding its carnivorous genes they biologically yet grotesquely produced. One of the mutant plants eyes on the specter Stoppers depending on the route they have beeline. 

"What do you know about the artifact?" Efrain questioned him. 

"The Galuzhare pyramid isn't just an artifact, it is a symbol that chronologically explains occurrences that happened in the outskirts of the planet." Rory explained to the others on broadcast, and Efrain nods his head agreeing with the strategy Patrick shared to prominently access the statistics of the area. 

This forest is invested with forest creatures that are genetically mutated despite its immutable concepts. For now, the information on this is seemingly too broad to comprehend by the process of its regime. When the chances of which initially involve a lot of grounds to cover, we subside the manifestation. Efrain thought. 

"Nothing here but bones." Preston scowled, glimpsing at the decomposed on human flesh. 

"Unbelievable." Zach sighed in disbelief. 

"This is odd indeed." Dahlia nodded, glancing down at the chunks of clay Rory sampled firmly to reveal the person tending to smear the area with her clay. 

"The chances are the homicides have rue upon the victims when the clay has manifested the regions. There's a rumor that a villainess manages to create various monsters accordingly, and my tracking glasses indicate her body is made up of organs and terra cotta. She can transform into various monsters or our worst enemy. It is pivotal to a good protection against the evil resembling in the area. In spite of the cruelty she has done, it potentially leads to a severe conflict within its state." Rory observed. 

Terra cotta? That sounds worst than confronting a normal enemy. Good thing Rory informed me on her clay physiology, and I knew it gives me pivotal understanding of its kismet. Efrain thought. 

Preston hears the sounds of grave voices emerging the outskirts of the sufficient mass of screaming victims hanged from these branches, and Efrain gasps and sprints to the rescue to free the innocent hanged. The victim bounds to struggle for oxygen from its mouth despite the blood fluxing from its mouth, and Efrain climbs the bole of a bonsai tree to subside the murder. He extends his right arm to grab the ropes to untie the hanged victim from it. He removes the ropes from strangling their neck veins and confirms on its status, and Rory checks the victim's status of its health condition. On the contrary, the victim coughs blood from its mouth, and Rory grills about the horrendous activity the creatures escalated negatively to the outskirts of the forest depending on the capacity of the areas. 

"Well, the victim is dead." Efrain sighed, and Dahlia places her soft hand to study its swollen face.

"You don't think murders in the forest led to a federal offense?" Dahlia inquired.

"hmm, I think this is caused by an anonymous enemy built in clay, and it is hardly to convey the result of the impact in the area." he stated to her. 


Meanwhile, at the halls of the base, Patrick approaches to Hillary regrettably for the incident depending on the molecules in her body channeling his instincts. He moves closer avoiding the Android Medics to her bedspread, and he fixes his jacket collar for a moment. 

"Hillary, Hillary?" Patrick called to her, and he checks her thermal body temperature to get a response from her. 

"What?" Hillary groaned. 

"Look, I came to say I'm terribly sorry for doing that to you. It's that I wasn't thinking straight towards how you are staging your relationship." Patrick responded to her, and he sits besides her gently petting her left hand and gazes to her grey eyes. 

"I just wanted to be loved, Pat." Hillary responded holding his hand. 

"and so, you will have it." he nodded, and he pets her soft hand gently gleaming to her eyes. 


"So far, no criminals have involved in the action yet. That's all we can specify from this outcome for now." Rory sighed.

"Any idea how it has effected the area?" Efrain queried.

"hmm, specifically it has no connection yet." he answered. 

"Hey guys, come here! Take a look at this!" Zach called, and the others hustle toward him. They descry semi-liquid textures of water and clay in the area, and Rory bends on one knee to analyze the actual replica of the clay. 

"It appears an encounter deposits slurry substance permeating the equilibrium of the terrestrial ecosystem unveiling its anomaly." Rory stated to the others. 

The hisses resonate upon the distance in the token of the forest, for the Specter Stoppers become aware of the termination; by the same token, it could potentially have an affect on the . Zach feels entirely disoriented with the issue although the feeling of the suicidal events has captivated his attention, for he and the others have seen the result impacting in the entire area to drastically reduce the number of minions emerging from the horizon or zenith. 

Those hisses I heard starting to badger upon my senses, and whoever is attempting to outwit us managing to strike the portions of the area to determine if the patches of clay signify a warning to us by smearing its fine-grained material into the region. Rory thought. 

"Who caused the clay to smear the entire forest?" Efrain inquired, studying the sample firmly. 

"According to the list of criminals, the impact wherein the region will be eventually be subdued by clay mistress Vinilia. In addition to that, this fine-grained texture permeates most of the area slaying the good people of the planet leaving no survivors." Rory answered. 

"Who is this Vinilia?" Efrain asked. 

"Vinilia is the henchman of the Phantom, for her role in the planet is to abduct the area with her clay manifestation by plotting deforestation and clench the source of the pyramid regarding its occult secrets." he answered. 

Indeed, Rory has learned the causes of the forest to intercept the area on account of the mass murders. For instance, there are victims hanged into bonsai trees and more casualties on the ground despite the blood left on the drenched soil adjacent the grassy plains. In addition, the wolffia particles surround the bodies of the deceased. Rory analyzes the records of the homicides within the forest that he canvassed from his tracking glasses along with the information from his wrist tracker to indicate the enemies lingering through the area. Zach catches a glimpse of the transvalued sequences in the metal mines of the forest. Rory lowers himself to examine the rest of the rotten area according to the information which exemplify the identified victim. Indeed, the result for the casualties falling under the hands of the Phantom festers through the trenches, revealing a dilemma outrageously to empower its fields. Rory evaluates the levels of the forest depending on the capacity of the area, for the presence of the adversary indicates the manifestation at the interposition of the highly substance forcing its roots to stretch on the region. Nina runs quickly to Efrain and clings onto him, and Efrain feels awkward seeing her lightly clenching to his waist as Nina snuggles her face to his back.

"Nina, let go of me." Efrain scowled. 

"Nina is still the babe magnet," Preston chuckled, teasing him, "the swordsman trying to flirt with the girly who doesn't even protect herself. Ha ha ha! la la, he he! I think I have a crush..." 

"It's not like that, Preston," Efrain glared at him, and he tries giving himself some space, "this is embarrassing, I can't just start without Nina clenching me by the waist."

"Make yourself useful, and do something ...well you know, non-combative." Rory suggested. 

"What do you mean. Rory?" Nina asked. 

"Like set up a tent or something." Dahlia replied, and the team watches a crying Nina setting up a tent after compelling her to do something not related to what the team is doing. 

Vinilia has rambled in the direction of the forest to cause any more homicides, for she notices our every move I feared she is planning to steal the secrets of the Galuzhare pyramid wreaking havoc on everyone else. Patrick mentioned if someone absorbs its power, then it would affect the areas would be at risk potentially. Efrain thought. 

"Looks like the murder rate reaches into its inexplicable increase, and the result of this outcomes explains firmly the detail in which an estimated number of subspecies beyond the standards." Rory stated. 

"Whoa! Sounds intriguing." Dahlia replied in shock, and the other Specter Stoppers notice the result of the eco-regions within the range despite the smudge stretched in the region. 

"It's more than intriguing, Dahlia, this forest planet contains of various fauna living together in the sources of absolutely the main region." Rory pointed out. 

"Let's call Patrick and verify the person who has the pyramid right now." Zach responded.

"Zach, didn't what Dave said to Efrain. I suggest we leave him be." Dahlia responded.

Efrain contacts the base, and Janet appears from the tip of his screen modifying the systems, "Janet, can you confirm who has the pyramid?" 

"His name is Ranger Jonathan Shouma Ushira, in case you haven't realized about him, he used to run the forest regions during the time of the Universal Revolution. Originally, he works as an agent for sector HZ guarding the pyramid from malignant hands, and it is perceived that he among three other people ." Janet explained based on the incidence of the Merging Evil's corruption. 

"If the infidelity of the Malatex causes to tremble in between the alps, Vinilia might be in this direction to outwardly expand her henchmen wherein the districts of the planet will result the tendency of its faces, plotting her mischief to the pyramid itself. It might be the reason for this pandemonium triggering in the area." Efrain responded. 

"Recently, the result of this can determine if we were to ask the ranger himself." Zach suggested. 

"Splendid idea, Zach." Efrain nodded, for he and the four others exit from the regions. 

"How much do we have to prevent Vinilia from unlocking the secrets of the artifact's fortune, and what possible ways do we have to end her reign of terror?" Efrain inquired.

"Much of the time we can, and the possibilities are we must act quickly on returning the artifact to its origin." Rory prompted. 

Perhaps he might be useful in the hopes of facing the Phantom, and the possibilities within that range of the area if we move faster to find the person with the real artifact in his hands circumventing from the adversary. Efrain thought. 

The Specter Stoppers explore the forest for a while to specify the outcomes of the forest understanding the route; Rory climbs into his hover-wing to inspect the area searching for clues that best indicate the outcome of the region infested with homicides. Efrain and Preston's hover-bikes appear virtually as Janet takes control when Patrick visits Hillary at the sick bay, and Efrain dons his safety helmet on his head and climbs into his hover-bike. Preston does the same and climbs his to join Efrain in examining the area; Zach climbs into the side car joining him, and Dahlia hops into Preston's hover-bike cannily for the ride. Preston hands her a pink helmet to protect her head, and Efrain passes a violet helmet to Nina to protect her head. 

"In case you won't get badly injured." he answered, and he streams his hover-bike to lead Preston the way. 

"Oh my gosh!" Nina squealed giddily when holding onto Efrain.

"Hey kids, this is not a field trip." Preston scowled to them.

"Shut up!" Nina growled, "I haven't been on a motorbike before!" 

"Whatever." Preston scowled, and he streams his hover-bike speedily to examine the areas as Dahlia holds on to his waistline. 

"Do you always have to pressure Nina and Efrain?" Dahlia inquired.

"Hey, Nina is nothing but trouble here. This girl needs to learn how to protect herself." Preston scowled.

"Preston." Nina glances towards him with cold eyes, "no wonder you don't have a dad." 

"Looks who's talking, slave of love." Preston scowled, for his attention came sharply to her. 

"Preston, make sure you find anyone in grave danger." Efrain commanded, contacting Preston from his hover-bike. 

"No problem, ace." Preston grinned, and he rolls the handle bars to speed the vehicle forward inspecting the regions. At the zenith of the forest precisely adjacent the sectors of the base, Rory monitors the events transpiring in the newly forest sectors depending on the levels that forcibly convulse the region. 

Efrain rolls the handle bars and speeds forward to scrutinize the region completely for evidence that leads to the result of the impact triggering across the regions and thus the timely act of revolt prepares for a debate that will either help or harm their home planet. It is legally imperative to ensure the roles the regime played is occurred. Preston joins him alongside with Dahlia clenching to his waist and Zach in the side car, and Dahlia expresses the issue of the infestation that may abnormally develop a stage of intensity. 

"Janet, we are entering the exterior of the Dami Forest following the route to sector HZ." Efrain responded.

"Affirmative." Janet nodded to the others. 

Aah! Suddenly, they hear a cry for help from the shoulder of the shrub layer, and the Specter Stoppers hurry to where the attack has occurred. Rory mans the hover-wing downward to find the others after discerning the purpose of the manifestation, and he installs the coordinates to activate auto-pilot as he jumps out of the hover-wing. He lands on his feet surveying silky, white cobwebs encompassing the center regions witnessing a man with a razor hat and green steam punk goggles ensnared in powdered webs. He has olive skin, he has almond brown eyes, dark chocolate hair tied in dreadlocks, a straight-edged nose, and thick lips; he wears predominately dark grey robes and a light green vest, and he wears a flowing green cape. He struggles to break himself loose from most of the webs entangling him, for he slashes away the cobwebs gluing to his body adjacent the trees glued together. Indeed, releasing from the cobwebs is best for whatever ails him. 

"What was that?" Nina asked, clenching her hands onto Efrain's arm. 

Whatever these guys are, they followed us. Efrain thought. 

The Specter Stoppers, in addition, turn their heads quickly to hark the explosive sound coming from the region of the forest withal. A stringy, powdery, white cobweb surrounds the trees bringing forth common prey to its trap murderously drink the blood of its alleged victim held apparently, which it snatches the victim hostage. A cluster of 20 webers streams from the walls to corner its target. Efrain draws out his weapon to lash the adversary, but one of the webers catches him by the legs and lashes murderously in the chest. On the other hand, Preston throws his plasma spear punch to the second weber in its face boldly to inflict damage to it. The second weber crawls through a wall and squires its sticky webs to ensnare Preston in between the zenith and meridian of the surface, and Dahlia throws her tessen fan to inflict damage to the fiend and returns to her left hand. Nina rushes to an safe area and clenches her chest feeling pain on the inside. She thrusts her knee to lash its grotesquely hairy jaw and slashes the figure by the face, leaving lacerations to its facial structure. She generates her radiant cherry blossom petals to create an earthly petal storm surrounding the figure, for its aura surrounds the second weber completely diminishing its accumulation of energy. Rory loads his ammo for his photon gun and shoots at the adversary to inflict damage to it, and he delivers a flying slap kick to the second weber and performs a double monkey flip to evade the web balls heading towards him. Efrain swings his sword to slash the fiend performing crosswise slash, and the fiend cringes in pain, feeling damage when Efrain slashes it dynamically. 

Someone is in need of our assistance, and he's struggling to free himself from these cobweb entangling him. Time to rid the cobwebs surrounding him. Efrain thought, and he cuts off the cobwebs entangling the person. In addition, the person drops a physically structured model of a pyramid with ancient writing embellished on its gilt-colored faces, and biblical innovations vividly unveil chronic displays visually relating to the predictions of the universe. 

The second weber spins its silky spiderweb to entangle Preston by the feet, and Efrain elicits his sword from his sheath and performs delto-wave to inflict damage to the fiend, stabbing the second weber through its eye tissue. Zach performs his critical shot to pin the second weber by its back. He delivers a snap kick to the adversary sending it flying to the opposite corner. The second weber spins its cobweb to entangle the team pulling the webs back loosely, for Preston shifts himself to the opposite corner glaring at the horde of webers. The third weber creates a venomous cloud to poison Rory and Dahlia, and Zach passes the antidote to Dahlia recuperating her health from the poison. Preston throws his fiery backflip on the third weber and throws a thrust kick to the facial structure implementing damage, and the third weber uses its lethal legs to inflict damage to him. Efrain points his sword down to the ground lashing a beam to the figure third weber killing it. Dahlia performs her remedial technique, her detox, to rid the poison from Rory. He sprints to the them and performs Lone Wolf's Geyser to incinerate the webers, and the third weber crawls into a tree and spins its gluey webs to entangle Efrain. On the other hand, he performs his multi slash technique, his octagon strike, to inflict damage to the third weber, and the second weber cringes in pain due to the pain he delivered. He straight-punches the second weber sending it flying to a wall, and the fourth weber snatches Efrain with its gluey webs entrapping him. The third weber weaves its solidly stringy, powdered web to capture Preston by the feet, and he struggles drastically to release his feet from the sticky spider webs the third weber constructed. Dahlia performs her Soaring Flamingo fan technique on the adversary, and the third weber spins its stringy web to tangle her abnormally causing her feet to glue together. Efrain sprints toward the adversary and oscillates his Yukonamo sword to cut the third weber in half, and the figure splits apart from its body. The fourth weber spins its web to entangle Efrain in the hands and feet, and the fifth weber spins its web to snatch Rory. The sixth weber lashes Preston with its venomous gas causing him to feel dizzily strange. Zach darts to evade the poison and performs tactical shot on the figure to seal its butt where it produces its stringy webs, and he swings his bow punishing the fiend. He darts toward the sixth weber and shoots three energy arrows simultaneously; he pommels the figure with the tip of his bow and throws a roundhouse slap to hit the fiend. Preston throws his power fist to inflict damage to the fourth weber and pounds the fifth weber on the left hand side although he feels the poison increasing in his body; he performs his spinning arc kick on the weber directly entangling him. Dahlia performs her ellipse whiplash on the second weber by gusting the winds at the fourth weber; in addition, she spins her body to slash the creatures rapidly with her tessen fans and delivers a roundhouse kick to the fourth weber straight in the face. The fifth weber sprays its toxic venom on him, and the sixth weber sprays its web-ball to entangle Dahlia by the feet. Preston throws a flying spear punch on the fifth weber straight to the face, and he delivers a spinning arc kick bruising the weber in the face sending it flying to a hole. Efrain swings his sword to gust away the cobwebs tending to slash away the sixth weber cutting it in half, and Dahlia throws her tessen fans to strike the seventh weber swiftly with her tessen fans and stuns the figure with her butterfly kiss, blinding the figure, and she delivers a front-kick to plunge the seventh weber into a tree. Efrain strikes the eighth weber with his palm and delivers a thwart cut to lash the adversary, causing the figure to lose its ooze from its body. Dahlia flies toward the adversary and knocks the spider creature into the air. The tenth weber lashes its poison cloud on Zach causing him to feel dizzy due to the hazardous particles. The ninth weber sprays its webs to entangle Zach, but he dodges the webs and performs sniper-shot by firing his arrow tactically on the ninth weber killing it. Preston feels his durability increasing with his lobopulse, and he shoots a glare at the spider fiend and performs catapult kick to the adversary drifting the figure to the ground. He throws his plasma spear punch towards the tenth weber slaying it, and the poison causes even more damage to his system. Zach shoots his hail of arrows to inflict damage to the rest of the webers, and he uppercuts the eleventh weber with his bow and performs an upshot to the ballistic creature diminishing its energy. Preston jerks his head towards the thirteenth weber and throws his fist of the concrete furiously pounding the arachnid fiend to inflict damage, and he thrusts his elbow to lash the adversary in its face and throws it to three feet away. Efrain delivers a cutting wave to slash the fourteenth weber before it coils its web to create a web ball, and Zach swings his bow to split the fiend's head from inside out. He delivers a flying lunge kick to the fifteenth weber and pommels it roughly to bruise the fiend; in addition, he shoots his arrow at the fifteenth weber in the face, piercing the energy arrow to shatter its light energy. Rory darts to the sixteenth and seventeenth weber and tosses his stellate, silver glaives to slash them directly. In addition, the blades inflict pain to the arachnid fiend, and Rory dashes toward the two figures and blasts his photon pistols at the two of them. Nina shivers feeling pain and falls to her knees. The arachnid fiend tangles Zach with its webs, and Dahlia performs her detox on a weakened Preston recuperating his health ending the poison's toxic impact. The seventeenth weber spreads its poison cloud on Efrain and Rory inflicting damage to them. One of which spins its web to tangle Rory by the feet and drags him closer, and Efrain cuts away the cobwebs and free Rory from being the spider's prey as the poison harms him. Dahlia severs the fourth weber causing its dismembered body parts to fall apart. Rory draws out his wire and leaps to the other side thrusting the nineteenth weber's head inflicting damage, and the poison causes him to cough. Zach passes the antidote to Rory to recover his health, and Rory uses his medic pistol to heal Preston from the gashes and punctures he received from the webers. Preston passes Efrain the antidote for him to recuperate his health, and Dahlia performs Flamingo's Blessing to heal all of her team members. Preston throws his multi-punch to attack the nineteenth and twentieth webers crawling from above the coniferous trees. Preston throws a massive Wolf's Knuckle by generating blue flames from his left gauntlet and throws it straight towards them, diminishing the energy of the two slaying them. He blows the smoke from his fist after delivering it to them, and Efrain sprints to find Nina who is seemingly to be concealing herself from the monsters. He carries Nina from the bush and places her on her feet, and he sweeps the dried leaves from her shoulders and thigh. 

"Thank you all, forgive me for not having to see a few people coursing through the Dami Forest exteriors." the male responded, clumsily picking up the physical model of the pyramid they mentioned. 

The real model of the Galuzhare Pyramid, so that person strives to return it to its place. With all the accessible information occurred, this man might help us. Rory thought. 

"Are you ok, sir? We're sorry for the mess we made. We are trying to rid the cobwebs tangling you on our way here." Dahlia replied, sweeping away the cobwebs from his robes. 

"Are you Ranger Jonathan Shouma Ushira?" Efrain inquired, removing the cobwebs from his cape. 

"I am, I was waiting for somebody to end the horrors of the homicides happening in the planet. With that much clay surrounding all over the place, there's little or no chance I might be returning the pyramid to its origin despite the overall standings wherein the analysis of it has equivalent detail about its metastable energy consisted." he introduced himself. 

"You know about the pyramid?" Zach queried. 

Mental note: Ranger Ushira knows much of the forests than we do exactly. Efrain thought. 

"Indeed, I have learned that the dilemma within the region. Therefore, I recognized the kind of writing in an article earlier claiming on its relation." he answered. 

"And the clay? Are you familiar with it?" Efrain inquired him.

"The smudging kind of ooze trying to abstain me on my way there, no, I wasn't aware of it." Ushira answered, rubbing his head in bewilderment. 

"We like to run some tests on you if you like." Rory responded. 

"We thought so as well," Efrain nodded, "I'm Efrain Spearer." he greets Ranger Ushira by shaking his hand to him. 

"The leader of the group I presumed." Ranger Ushira grinned. 

"I'm Dahlia Douglas." she greeted to him. 

"My name is Rory, pleasure to meet you." Rory introduced himself to Ranger Ushira. 

"Interesting gadgets you have." Ranger Ushira responded, studying one of Rory's projectiles firmly depending on its constant weaponry in the prototype. 

"My name is Zach." he greeted to Ranger Ushira. 

"I'm Preston, how's it going?" Preston greeted with a smirk. 

"Uh huh, the Specter Stoppers." Ranger Ushira remarked. 

"So, Ranger Ushira, how did the pandemonium began?" Dahlia inquired. 

"I'm not sure how to described this predicament happening, but the clay is infesting the area because Vinilia is after the pyramid. She would likely to hack in its power to destroy everything in her path especially our planet." he answered. 

"Efrain, I don't feel well." Nina cried, approaching to him with her makeup running on her face. 

"I know, I know," Efrain responded, pulling Nina closer to him comforting her sorrow. 

"End this misery I'm in." Nina mewed, putting her face on his chest to cover her crestfallen face. 

"Efrain, Nina is urging us to end the misery she is in. Do you have any plans?" Dahlia inquired. 

"Not unless I can think of." Preston sighed. 

"If we don't end the misery going on, the source will impact through homicide." Efrain responded to the others.

"then Preston would be stuck with janitorial business." Zach added. 

"what?!" Preston growled, "who you calling janitor?!" 

"Save me, Efrain." Nina cried, rubbing her face towards Efrain's chest bawling all over. 

"What's wrong with that young woman with your leader?" Ranger Ushira inquired, noticing the sorrow of Nina connected with the tortures of the forest as a result to the source interacting in her body.

"Nina is the intended target of those of whom managing to steal the power. We have risen her from her sleep, and she was separated from her family during the incidence of the Taye Stem." Zach answered. 

"She's the crying baby of the group." Preston mocked, and Dahlia slaps him upside the head roughly, "what was that for?" 

"We are here to stop the Phantom. She's the reason the war got started, and both the Phantom and Shinigami Tazurai vow to clinch the power of the source inside her, altering her persona to end humanity. With our aegis, we can end his reign of terror in our universe." Dahlia replied. 

"The Phantom," ranger Ushira replied, "yes, I'm familiar with the treacheries he did, and the first time I saw him, he has nearly wreaked havoc in my neighborhood." 

This planet is filled with arboreal traps and monsters in the regions. No wonder this place doesn't seemed right since confronting a rainstorm, and I supposed we subside the dilemma no matter how much the risk. Efrain thought.

"You do realized is also going to destroy her as well." Zach added. 

"True, despite the fact her body is made up of pure clay material that would effectively muscle in her body's chemistry comparing to the overwhelmingly streak of darkness sprawling its morose energy within the system." he disclosed. 

"What do you want us to do?" Preston questioned him. 

"If I were to confront the henchmen tending to steal the source of this artifact, I might need all the help I can get." he added. 

An incognito mixing in the stellate-leafed bushes stalks over the events of the team effacing the spiders, and the others realize a certain creature or adversary watched the events of the battle constantly cozening his way to entail the impact of the area. Preston shoots a glare of the adversary that shoots away from the shrub layer, and Efrain places his left arm to inhibit him from proceeding even further recognizing a familiar face of an enemy whom Vinilia has sent. 

"Guys, I think we're not alone." Efrain pointed out, and the others feel an encounter closing in fiercely in the outskirts of the shrub layer. 

"It looks like we have founded ourselves an encounter." Zach responded.

"Who was that guy?" Preston questioned.

"No idea." Efrain answered. 

Shigure has spotted me. This is not a good day to set this course of action alone. Ranger Ushira thought. 

After saving a friend from a dastardly weave of webers, the Specter Stoppers find themselves an incognito stalking at them, waiting to be informed to his boss. The question is who is this mysterious person? What task do our heroes have to prevent the clay from spreading the forest region? Find out all this and more in the next action packed episode of the Specter Stoppers.

The Specter Stoppers ch. 71
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 7176 words. Wattpad. June 21, 2017.…

Previously, on the Specter Stoppers, the team successfully defeated the snowy fiend Yuki Aino and reclaimed all nine pieces with a new team work technique Efrain and Dahlia worked together when the three others and Neve kept the fiend distracted, Spring's Inferno. In addition, the weather sedated from the treacherous aftermath of the storm, and Neve reunited with her father after hearing the sound of his endearing voice. The team managed to free the other prisoners especially Neve's father Lorothar, and Dahlia and Neve bid each other farewell after a long mission. They also bid farewell to their fellow engineer in training Lila, for Rory transported her back to Earth to reunite with her mother who was definitely worried of her. After sending her home quickly, they found themselves an encounter lingering in the depths of outer space, another round of space rays. Preston demolished the grotesque horde in a few minutes by using the torpedoes to hit the horde of space rays eliminating them, and Patrick explained to them a historical artifact that typically explained the enigmatic fate of a forest planet located near the interplanetary medium. The members returned to the ship to rest for a few hours before they managed to accept their next assignment, and Efrain talked with Nina privately regarding his subtle connection with her. The Phantom felt displeased after noticing the events of the confrontation of Yuki Aino, and he and Chun Taozi devised another plan to clench a rare artifact they disclosed. 

Zach adjusts his arrow launcher acquiring its internal devices adapted to the model itself, and Rory justifies the information of the artifact based on its conceivable gizmo that intrigues its enigmatic knowledge, gripping the evidence to disclose a variety of occurrences in between the symbols depicted and its iconography. Efrain hangs up his snowsuit in his closet after attaining on a mission to gather all the pieces since Patrick confirmed on the two pieces he founded from the corridor. Preston adjusts his gauntlets replacing the old, tattered ones he used during the Andarayon satellite incident. He approaches to his room realizing Dahlia with her hair completely down, and she turns her back combing her smooth, long, straight natural brown hair. 

"You need to rest." Nina stated. 

"You're right. Time that we get some rest before we start on our mission." Efrain responded and sits down to remove his armor leaving his space robes on him. 

Rory sips on the last of his hot chocolate Zach fixed as a celebration for capturing the gelid adversary, and he was concerned on the events occurring within planet as a result to the pyramid's model depending on his research. 

"This is the first time we've been together for a very long time." Nina added. 

Efrain flushes his cheeks mahogany realizing on Nina's gift of gratitude, and he ruffles his mahogany pompadour and gazes into her affectionate eyes feeling to himself on her gratitude after her recovery from the sickbay. Dahlia pulls the upper layers of her hair to three long buns, leaving a majority of her long hair flatten down gazing at Preston.

"I didn't realized until now you're really glamorous." Preston responded.

"You think so, Preston." Dahlia smirked, brushing her upper layers with a soft hair brush before adding Japanese ornaments to the buns. 

"With that good guy gazing," he smirked.

"Even your temper falters most of the time." Dahlia smiled, and Preston shakes his head negatively when she commented on his anger. 

"Oh, thanks a lot. What kind of thing for me you give in return? Is it that I saved you from Brute and goons? Or is it because an older man yells out for help just for being a good role model?" Preston questioned, feeling ticked over the discussion Dahlia and he agreed upon since their first meeting.

"Preston, you don't think this is all because you wanted payback." she suggested.

"Then, why asking that?" Preston frowned, banging both his fists into a wall roughly, and Dahlia shakes her head slowly regarding her intuitive connection with him. 

He never learns when to cope with his past. Nevertheless, I rely on his trustworthy back at the bar. Dahlia thought. 

"Sorry to intercept on your discussion you two, but Patrick encourages us to appear for our next mission." Zach responded to the two. 

"Let me get this straight," Efrain pointed out, "how do you know the President of the Galaxies explained during his discussion with Patrick on the fate of Grensuke?"

"That is correct." Rory nodded. 

"But...." Nina mumbled. 

Efrain smooches Nina on the lips and picks up his boots on the way out, and he adjusts his space armor to meet with the others. At the corridors of the base, Akira appears carrying his younger brother in his shoulders and Topi, and Ume glances at the three of them and resumes on her concentration of her practices. Patrick chats with Sylvia and Dave on the phone discussing on the events triggering in between the distances of the interstellar medium, and Janet places a floppy disk on the hard drive to reveal portions of their incoming assignment. 

"I just received a transmission from the President of the Galaxies regarding the fate of humanity in space. It appears this rare artifact portends a domestic fate of the planet regarding the events that transpired within its forests." Patrick stated.

"Don't tell me, a deforestation?" Sylvia scowled.

"Not likely, Sylvia," he stated, "according to the ratings, there are homicides occurring within the areas depending on its enigmatic symbols confirmed in its faces." 

"Hmm, seems it might be a case left unsolved." Sylvia concurred, and she turns her head to her fellow Galactic Knight Elliot. 

"Really weird." Elliot replied. 

"What do you mean weird?" Dave asked confusingly, and Patrick turns to the left monitor slowly despite the fact Elliot refuted from his observation. 

"Dave, my friend, I have no words to describe that kind of mode depicted on the screen. The curriculum plans for the model specifies a kind of conspiracy, and that kind of conspiracy intermingled in its faces. Can you imagine that?" Elliot inquired.

"Do you have any specific reason for this?" Sylvia questioned.

"Although it is opaque, it will take time to emphasize and evaluate these handwritings." Patrick posed, correctly evaluating the given information accessible to the case that led to this certain investigation. 

"Dad?" Hillary asked.

"What?" Dave mocked.

"Can I have 1,000 yen?" Hillary questioned, causing Dave to spit out his tea on the screen.

Sylvia raises her right eyebrow despite the irksome moment, and Patrick peers through the holographic projector to collect the evidence with referential knowledge. Elliot sips his cup of iced coffee awkwardly, hearing Hillary's voice coming from the monitor. 

The Specter Stoppers members return to their base in the Cosmic Federation headquarters to meet with their friends Patrick, Ume, Janet, and Akira in time for a board meeting. Three of the members approach to Patrick Spengler with their mission a success, and two of whom are in the headquarters' interior in time for their next assignment in saving the universe from the Phantom's Merging Evil. Rory exits from the bathroom after a state of emergency he experienced from his digestion system, and Preston approaches to the meeting room in time although the door itself has a passcode he accesses to recommend from the access code numbers. Dahlia approaches to the office abiding for Patrick to present their incoming mission to the members depending on the route of the next planet regardless its exoplanet characteristics and density. Ume sits down with her legs crossed together on the mat, and Janet mans her miniature saucer to search for the tape consisting of what their incoming assignment they will allocate. As she retrieves the disk from the center of the area, Akira sets up the projector to the left hand side of the monitor, for the result of the impact in the region indicates a task form and when it will prosper. The Specter Stoppers engage in their investigation of the impact, and the reason for the storm to blanket pervasively upon the expenditure of the planet ails the acres outwardly depending on the accumulation of uncalled weather auguring in exactly the entire structure. Efrain approaches to the base's eastern halls before meeting with a group of three fans standing outside of the globose corridor floors. Efrain inherits 1,250 woolongs from the base's tool store. He decides to save some of the woolongs and later spends it on the supplies he need to embark on the mission. He purchases tools from the tool shop including the di-medicine, a special kind of medicine to recover the person's health, and Dahlia turns her head to her cousin despite the tools they need and the description they have gathered to specify his whereabouts despite the stench of the manifestation. 

"I'm not giving you yen, Hillary." Dave chuckled sweating a bit.

"Why not? You always give Nina and Jake money. You give everyone else money but not me! You're so unfair!" Hillary growled.

What's that about? Patrick pondered.

"Patrick! Put me back under suspended animation, now!" Hillary ordered. 

"Something a matter, miss Hillary?" Janet asked, glancing at Hillary despite the feeling she experienced in terms of neglect. 

"Hillary, why would I do that?" Patrick questioned. 

"Dave!" Elliot exclaimed, accusing him for neglect. 

"If you don't do it, I will!" Hillary screamed. 

"Here, hill, you could have 1,000 of my yen." Elliot responded, handing the yen to Hillary. 

Sylvia shoots a glare to her co-leader, "Dave, if Hillary asks you if you have 1,000 yen, you hand them to her!" 

"I don't want your yen!" Hillary exclaimed heading to put herself but under suspended animation. 

Patrick touches her by the shoulder stopping her, "we're meeting with him." 

"Are you sure on this? to me, it's like I'm going through controversy in a campaign." Elliot replied.

"When it comes to decisions that show conflict, it would be difficult to maintain the research that contains further proof." Sylvia assured.

Ok, what was it that it confirms thoroughly? Is it the symmetry? It's completely broad to that. Patrick thought. 

"Patrick, just put me under!" Hillary ordered. 

"I'll get to you in a minute," Patrick responded, "I will collect the valid information in this device." he flies upward tidying the office up expeditiously, and Akira and Ume enter the room immediately glancing at him. 

"What's going on?" Akira questioned. 

"I'll get to you in a minute," Patrick responded, "I will collect the valid information in this device." he flies upward tidying the office up expeditiously, and Akira and Ume enter the room immediately glancing at him. 

"What's going on?" Akira questioned. 

"The President is looking for you, Patrick. he's coming in to give the assignment," Ume responded to Patrick, "By the way, you mentioned about a different case than the main one; I decipher facts of the alchemist, and I witnessed a holographic pictorial of this symbol consider her common practices depending on her even transmutations." 

Transmutations? a symbol? What does it denotes? he thought. 

"I have established most of the evidence based on the references I gathered from the library. People, today, realized there are some people performing alchemy pertaining to demon-alien or space ghost DNA." she explained. 

"What does that have to do with your observation?" Akira inquired, but Ume shoots a glare at him.

"Akira, I was talking to Patrick, not you." Ume insisted. 

"Fantastic. I supposed this portion of the assessment would specify this outcome; on the contrary, it doesn't indicate how the four faces of the pyramid reveal a dilemma that prospers both the Apostolic Light and the Merging Evil depending on its atoms," Patrick asserted, "do me a favor and place Hill in suspended animation."

"Excuse me, Patrick. Why did Hillary ordered you to do it?" Akira refused. 

"Akira, I'm urging you to suspend her animation because," Patrick explained, and Akira leans in to descry his words, "I was compelled to shattered promises of others."

"You can't be serious, aren't you?" he asked shakily, refusing to take his order of placing her in suspended animation along with the inactive bodies of anonymous species placed in cryogenic sleep, "without Hillary, the entire fate of the universe will founder."

I reckoned Hillary's affection towards Patrick isn't enough to repay her, and the feeling she desperately undergo during the Merging Evil era pressures her human instincts. It is very broad on what she literally meant by under; otherwise, this feeling would be left undone. Ume speculated. 

Meanwhile, at the corridors of the base after Rory lands the spacecraft at the spaceport of the base, Efrain exits from the hatch in finding his office, for the information of the massacre reveals in his holographic monitor the sources of the planet's fate almost at its foremost stake depending on its highly repulsive targeting the district. A group of scholarly fans exit from the hatch after successfully completing their exams related to the galaxy, and a young woman sees him walking into the corridor. 

"I never thought I was becoming more popular." Efrain chuckled and flushes his cheeks ardently. 

"Efrain, there you are. We were dying to meet you." a fan responded to him, and Efrain turns his head to the others depending on the kind of amity. 

"What's the occasion?" Efrain inquired. 

"We're just dying to meet you. Can we have your autograph?" one of the fans questioned, passing him a 1024 x 768 inch poster with the team members illustrated in front of his hand. 

"Sure, I can do that." Efrain responded, drawing out a pen from his coat pocket underneath his space armor and takes the poster to sign his name. The young fan shares a giggle towards him, and Efrain shares an endearing smile to her and turns to the two in the back of him bickering from the inside. 

"Efrain, who were those girls?" Nina hissed. 

Dahlia enters to the corridor after a conversation with Preston despite the fact that their relationship with one another seemed to be at the privilege of their constant disagreement. 

"Oh, hello. I didn't even notice this was a meet and greet." Dahlia responded. 

"I have noticed immediately you were in the building before accepting your next task to examine the planet Grensuke to keep a rare artifact, in which they haven't from the looks of the designs that incorporates the ancient mystery that lies within the region. We are determined if the pyramid has a sincere connection with the planet at its for most of its ghastly tricks to the speculation of the pyramid. I guess that is the case the pyramid confirms its detail, intriguing an unspeakable threat." Dahlia stated to him. 

"Yes, it denotes mystery and evaluation." Rory nodded. 

"Patrick, do you have any accessible detail of this incident?" Efrain inquired.

"Not yet, but the President of the Galaxies has the rest of the information when he walks into the room. He's providing us with the accessible evidence pertaining to its origin, and perhaps, most of which seems beneficial." Patrick answered specifically. 

"Just normal space cadets that beg for my autograph." he answered.

"Efrain, Dahlia, Rory, Zach, and Preston. Please report to the strategy room!" an anonymous announcer called them. 

The Specter Stoppers approach to the western section of the base, and Efrain presses the up button to call in an elevator.

"The President of the Galaxies would be surprised to see our faces again since we last seen him at the ball." Zach replied.

"Yeah, space angel can acknowledged how we come by far in this universe." Preston smirked.

Ding! The up arrow button flashes to a green color, and the platinum center opening doors open widely for the members to climb inside. Efrain presses the 5th level corridor, and the machine room less elevator takes them upward to the fifth floor of the base swiftly and remotely. 

Our assessment is correct as Patrick mentioned during our meeting, and I'm still recommending on further evidence of it regarding its faces depicting enigmatic symbols when its apex discloses its base geometrically upon its reliquary design. This polyhedron model, of course, might ascertain the cause of the forests beyond its retrograde enigma. Rory pondered. 

"Invigorating exhibit. I wondered if the President of the Galaxies has mentioned on the geography of the planet." Zach responded. 

"Presently, it would be a brief example depending on how it's temperate climate along with the planet's mass contained." Rory remarked. 

"A planet with various forest zombies, great." Preston grinned. 

I'm thinking entering a suicidal forest with roles attached and corpses on the floor is much worst than my second visit to the nail salon. Dahlia thought. 

The machine room less elevator ceases at the 5th floor corridor, for its platinum center opening doors spreads ajar for the members to exit its center. Nina trudges with her hands wrapped around Efrain's waist, and Efrain urges her to refrain squeezing him. 

The fans gaze at the Stoppers noticing their arrival when waling to their stations though some minded their businesses, and Efrain waves his right hand to one of them sharing a smile. Dahlia witnesses Patrick standing outside of the strategy room waiting for them, and Zach fixes his fingerless gloves to gear it up a bit. A pair of Android Medics take the cryogenic pod carrying the body of her sister to join those of whom in suspended animation. 

"There's your answer." Zach pointed out.

"Great, Hillary begs for Patrick to break that promise. What an idiot?" Preston frowned.

Bad idea to utter things when Patrick is around. Zach thought. 

"It's not like that, Preston. Hillary is urging him to break that promise so that she can continue on her life and in her role in this." Efrain responded. 

"You guys came just in time. The President is ready to see us, so I suggest you follow along." Patrick responded, and the hatch doors unlock revealing a room with the coordinate map of the universe displaying on the computer. 

"Patrick? I want to speak to my sister, where is she?" Nina asked looking around for Hillary. 

Patrick approaches to the strategy room at the front desk and turns his body towards the crew, and the members settle themselves as Patrick begins to reveal to them the President of the Galaxies on screen. The president wears his signature pompadour with planet ornaments and he wears a classy ice white business suit consisting of interstellar features. He wears a pair of circular rings around his platinum gray hair and bionic wiring attached to it. He wears a pair of obsidian spectacles around his eyes. They sit in their assigned seats, and Akira points the projector to explicate to the Specter Stoppers on their mission to cease the brute behind the massive homicides as Akira presented on the monitor. Hence, the team heeded in on the events the murders. The Specter Stoppers crew embarks on a mission to investigate the termination of the site; in addition, the team heeds their attention, for the President of the Galaxies appears virtually to note the crew an impact of the Merging Evil.

"Patrick, why didn't you stop Hill?" Nina blurted, clenching him by his suit collar with her eyes watery. 

"I just can't..."Patrick sighed, clearing the bewilderment off of his mind.

"Everyone, we are facing this dire situation, making this mission at the essence of Merging Evil penetrating through the horizon," The President of the Galaxies stated, "causing the prototype systems for the forest to react differently in the sense of a possible encounter within the entire coniferous regions, the information about the future of mankind changing as a result to the malabsorption the Merging Evil engendered fiendishly. The first time it was struck, the result for the Merging Evil's spread upon the outskirts of the area. Don't think this is just a risk that you can't tackle for the most part, for the latest update I received from the beginning. Stoppers, your mission is to return the Galuzhare pyramid to its origin, Sector HZ. From here, you will access the Galuzhare Pyramid by returning it to its place of its exhibit to cleanse away the manifestation. Will you accept this mission?" 

"We'll accept this mission." Efrain nodded, and the others concurred with the proposal he has concocted brilliantly. 

"Good. Dismiss." The President of the Galaxies responded, and the team salutes him back and exits with Patrick after accepting their mission. 

"Ok, I must do this for the sake of affection because I was compelled by her wishes." he answered to Nina. 

"Let me get this straight, we have to return this pyramid we have seen to a sector near one of its forests?" Zach questioned. 

"Precisely." Rory replied, surveying its appearance once again to confirm its contiguous background. 

"Hmm, looks like we better sort this thing out." Efrain sighed.   

They head to the lunchroom located at the center portion of the base, and the members approach to a barren table adjacent a group of Andromedan officers discussing their objectives as occurred from their early meeting. Efrain orders five take-outs using his woolong card, and Zach compresses the tab for the ice to eject the soda machine. Preston joins in to pick the choices of soda for the others including savory cola soda for Efrain on the right hand side. Dahlia texts on her phone to one of her friends, and Rory sorts out the pieces of the information to indicate the description of the symbols to confirm fundamentally its background. A few minutes later, the Specter Stoppers approach to the bridge of the Freewill before embarking on their mission, and Preston throws away the finished take-outs and sodas into the trash bin. They sit in their assigned seats as Patrick mentioned based on its studies depending on the samples he received from the control room. 

"The only thing that is standing in the ovation based on the relatively displayed on the monitor is the writing itself." Rory pointed out. 

"I'm guessing this was elaborate yet another reason why the cause of the future infers a climactic result indicated in these faces." Dahlia shrugged. 

"The implant that permeates our systems intentionally to reflect not just the eco-regions, but the only thing that cause is more than potentially a kind of writing to sort out this puzzle." Rory responded. 

I noticed the fact on the circumstances surrounding the varied spaces that fixes a conundrum that adapted to the case of the Galuzhare Pyramid, and the origin of it has lectured a series of events that could led to this mystery, unleashing an unspeakable conundrum. Efrain thought. 

"I doubt the only reason for the impact of the forest, for these prodigious figures are trying to suck up a dose of devastation in the region." Dahlia stated. 

The only objective that the five of us are deeply aware of the termination the Merging Evil beyond the events. There must be a logical reason for the inclination of the Merging Evil spreading the universe by wreaking havoc upon millions. Although it has officially begun the soluble, it could denote a sense a comparison. Rory thought, analyzing the full appearance of the monster from his tracking glasses to denote a possibility of an emission in the depths of outer space. 

The Specter Stoppers climb into the ramp of the Freewill and take the center elevator to the bridge, and Efrain discusses with the others privately in terms of strategy when they arrive to the forest planet amongst the planettesimals. Rory inputs the highly veritable information virtually in his Tracking Glasses to define its physical appearance, for the monitor reveals where the route to sector HZ will embark depending on the number of arboreal monsters lingering in the planet along with natal space ghosts roaming in the depths of the forest regions geographically by a broad uniformity. Most of which seems less competent to its research than the data he recently collected. Indeed, its climate indicates the answers he manages to seek for regardless its patterns, and the enemy who seek to corrupt the pyramid with her pandemonium by sending clay monsters to surround the crew instantly. Rory observes the pyramid as an asset. The rack and pinion elevator refrains from motion when it arrives to the upper levels as its center opening doors spread ajar, and the Specter Stoppers exit from the rack and pinion elevator approaching their way to the bridge to embark on their destination. In addition, the throttles activate gradually to the relations of the systems, and the members sit in their assigned seats to start their mission in hopes of battling countless monsters or ghosts lingering in the essentially suicidal regions. 

"I supposed there is actually a possibility the rest of us are able to analyze prominently the full description of the sector where we can incorporate the standards of the territory." he stated to them. 

"It will take me time to figure it out on my own." he sighed.   

"Alright, prepare for warp drive." Efrain responded, pulling the lever to hit forward.

"Satellite composites on the green, weapons technology verified." Preston responded, inputting the access systems including the weapons systems.

"Deuterium velocity identified, sensors activated." Rory responded.

"Armor technology on the green, shield systems activated." Dahlia confirmed.

"Oxygen tanks at increase, radio-signal distribution operational." Zach confirmed. 

"subsystems activated, neutron reactor stable." Efrain confirmed. 

"I must say, you guys have understand what we provided you although it seems reckless at first." Patrick responded.

"Take care of Hillary when we're away." Efrain replied, and Patrick's trepidation is inexpressible depending on the responses he has generally given.  

"I will." he nodded, and he logs off from their screen as the Specter Stoppers embark on a mission to enter the planet of Grensuke to return the pyramid to its place of origin. Indeed, one of the experts running the forest will guide them and cease the adversary who tends to uncover the secrets of the pyramid unleashing an indescribable evil. 

The Specter Stoppers recommend the procedures of their incoming mission, and Rory examines the notes from his wrist tracker as the members engage in the investigation despite its geocentric model pointing to the shape of the universal area. A glass chamber appears revealing Nina interfacing with the systems, and Zach pans the periscope firmly to indicate if any malignant creature created by the Merging Evil depending on its nefarious characteristics lingers in the stellar remnants. Rory fixes a significant scan of the region until a round of new enemies wanders through the surfaces to cope with the team from the depths of outer space, and Efrain notices the same kind of space rays with lustrous energy accumulating its body. Preston covers his ears with cotton, and Dahlia bangs her head despite her insomnia.  A horde of barbaric plasma entities, the 12 Aviamorphs, emerges from the appalling shadows in the cosmos, and the Specter Stoppers engage themselves in a space battle. They are described as invertebrate space gossamer and glowing red eye-spots and oral arms curving in the direction where it plans to gash its electrical beams on multiple opponents, depending on the strong accumulation it consisted. On the other side of the interstellar medium, they emerge from protogalactic clouds filled with galaxy clusters to feast on their targeting opponent, for the Specter Stoppers brace themselves for a massive encounter in the depths of the interstellar regions outside of the solar system beyond the string theory. Preston readies the interstellar weapons to tackle the adversary strongly that wreaks havoc on the areas. He initiates the coordinates to target the plasma entities to decrease its energy from it. Preston mans the turrets to aim for the first Aviamorphs and blasts rapid gunfire accurately to hit the wing of the ship. The Specter Stoppers hold on to their places depending on the repulsive damage that intensely impacts the Freewill intensely beyond the reach of the cosmos. Zach mans the periscope to note if they head to this direction of attack, and one of which unveils itself. 

"Damage report!" Efrain shouted.

"Efrain, the avimorphs hit the central processors for the power core." Rory informed. 

"Input the systems back online." Efrain responded, and Rory accesses the system to convene with the ship depending on the stabilization it consisted. 

"More cloaked fiends at 3 o'clock!" Zach shouted, manning the periscope to inform the others. 

"We're not giving up! Keep firing, Preston!" Efrain shouted to him, and Preston blasts at the lasers to lash against the Avimorphs by decreasing the accumulation of negative energy. 

"Right!" Preston nodded, and he locks in the coordinates to fire back at the fiends. The first avimorph cloaks itself in the shadows and appears to lash a ghastly attack to the Freewill roughly. The fiend expands its shadowy robes to attack the Freewill, and Rory steers the wheel to evade the pillar beams they lashed. Preston inputs the targeting coordinates for the laser turrets to zap its negatively ghastly energy to inflict damage to the ship. 

"What's going on?" Nina asked, feeling a lethal confrontation happening in the outskirts of space, for her cardiac muscles pump rapidly due to a horrific battle that intercepts their road. 

Preston installs the coordinates for the weapons technology to engage on the attack on the Aviamorphs by aiming through them; moreover, he open-fires at the first and second Aviamorphs by pressing the red buttons of his handle bars to deploy the plasma gunfire rapidly to gun down the figures. Zap! The team members hold on to their positions tightly, and Dahlia inputs the coordinates to activate the defenses still to deflect the beams the Aviamorphs blasted roughly, decreasing the energy of the nefarious figure. The first Aviamorph glides aerodynamically and lashes its wings to perform razor wind on the Freewill as Dahlia inserts the coordinates quickly to generate the shields protecting the ship. Preston installs the rendezvous coordinates for the ship to engage in combat against the adversary to protect the others and shoots at the first and second Avimorphs draining their accumulation of energy. In addition, the two Avimorphs screech and fall downward to the atmospheric regions of an uninhabitable planet 46,000 inches from one of the main-sequence stars, and Preston compresses the button to deploy lasers to inflict damage to the third and fourth avimorphs with laser cannons to eliminate them. The fifth avimorph cloaks itself and lashes its shadow beam on the Freewill, and the figure lashes its cloak to summon its beam to inflict damage to the Freewill. Dahlia activates the defenses by inputting the armor technology to elevate the ship's defenses. Rory steers the wheel of the ship to evade the electric bolts they summoned, and Preston launches the ion torpedoes to discharge its energy at the fifth and sixth avimorphs, causing their ghastly appearances to fade quickly regarding positive particles triggering in the figure. The sixth avimorph masks itself to lash a savage ambush on the Freewill when hiding massively in superclusters. 

Preston presses the red button from his wheel in deploying a set of torpedoes to hit the rest of the Avimorphs from threatening the entire ship. The seventh and eighth avimorphs claw the wing of the Freewill trembling the entire vessel, for the fire outside of the ship's exterior engulfs a bot. 

"Fire back! Preston!" Efrain commanded. 

"Oh yes! Time to catch me more fish!" Preston grinned, and he presses the button to send in the ion torpedoes to hit the sixth and seventh Avimorphs. 

"Rory, make sure you accelerate the ship shaking them off." Efrain commanded. 

"Agreed, we have devised a battle strategy." Rory nodded, and he steers the wheel forward as the Freewill rockets downward to evade the bolts the Avimorphs conducted in damaging the ship. 

"they're gaining on us! Efrain, do you have a back-up plan?" Dahlia questioned, glancing at the rest of the Avimorphs chasing after the vessel. 

"There's always a back-up plan, and that back-up is not giving up." Efrain answered. 

"Yeah man, we are not chopped liver when it comes to that!" Zach nodded, manning the periscope to keep track on any attenpts the Avimorphs made. 

The seventh Avimorph lashes its energy bolt to hit the Freewill's engines, and the team members clench into their places tightly. Preston launches the plasma lasers to ram away the sixth and seventh, whisking them from the interstellar medium leaving four of them. The eighth Aviamorph zaps its energy bolt to impair the Freewill's ship, and the interior of the ship trembles heavily despite the encounter. Suddenly, the lasers have overheated, and Preston switches to the torpedoes to inflict the ninth through twelfth Avimorphs. 

They're much worse than these space pirates we fought before arriving to Cryasmasgess, and Nina seems to be at her clemency. We must conceive our battle strategy; otherwise, there isn't going to be one, and we can kiss our budget and career goodbye. My journey has just got started. What a hero has to do, what a hero has to do? Efrain thought. 

"Heads up!" Zach shouted, and the ninth Avimorph lashes its stringy arms lashing a electric pillar on the Freewill. 

"Damage report!" Efrain exclaimed, turning his head to Rory depending on the levels of the vessel triggering its interior design. 

"Sensors indicate one of them discharge its energy to inflict damage to the corridor." Rory informed. 

"They're after me, aren't they?" Nina asked again, hiding behind Efrain to avoid being seen by these typically created space ghosts swarming in the interstellar area.

"Such bespectacled creatures aren't they?" Efrain inquired.

"We better diminish its energy." Rory stated.

"Leave it to me, guys! I'm the one with the big cannons, and these goons there are definitely mine!" Preston grinned, and he targets on the last three of the avimorphs and launches lasers at the three of them one by one. 

Preston presses the red buttons to deploy the torpedoes to eliminate the horde completely, and the Freewill streams away victoriously after confronting the 12 space ghosts cornering in the region depending on its numbers urgently escalating to threaten the Freewill. It takes 56 arcminutes for the Freewill to approach to their next destination based on the model of the planet's appearance, for it has a strong magnetic field and its density looks similar comparing to Earth. It has scarce water atop northern region, for it contains a few bodies of water in the region. In addition, ozone layer comprises strongly than the Earth has considered in a matter of its climate. Nina curls into a ball somewhere trying to control herself on the vents happening effectively in the areas. 

"Systems are back online, engine output stable." Rory confirmed.

"Excellent, now we will reach for the planet as planned in our galactic coordinate map." Efrain nodded, and he inputs the systems to interface the systems to uniformly modify the content. 

"Something is fishy with Nina?" Zach queried. 

"Is it she hates violence?" Dahlia inquired. 

Preston begins to snicker, "let me guess, Nina keeps whining like a baby when we get into fights." 

"No, you idiot, she feels uncomfortable that someone or something attempts to corrupt the source to typically affect the entire universe depending on its twists and turns." Zach responded. 

"Temporarily." Preston sighed, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Your lousy aiming causes her to be scared." Zach added. 

"That's a nasty way to give a compliment!" Preston scowled, panning his head towards Zach angrily despite the compliment. 

"Then how the Phantom seeks to take away the power inside her?" Efrain inquired. 

"Maybe her anxiety loses touch on her sentimentality." Dahlia answered ideally.

"Perhaps she offered our aegis revealing our gratitude." Zach stated. 

"Is it over?" Nina questioned.

"We have exorcise the Astro-demons swarming the interstellar medium." Efrain responded, and Patrick appears broadcasting from the control room.

"Guys, what happened? Akira told me you're in trouble, are you all ok?" Patrick queried, ensuring the members have survived the confrontation against the Avimorph horde. Nina approaches to the screen exchanging a glare towards him urging to resurrect Hillary from suspended animation, for the process has undergo its stage by initializing the visitation. 

"I'm fine if you wake up my sister." Nina hissed, and Patrick recedes two inches from the monitor surveying her expression. 

I'm guessing Nina is like a diva to Patrick as well as posing in a women's beach magazine comparing to the latest magazine of Warrior's Sexy Girlfriends' latest issue. Preston thought, and his thought visualizes Nina posing for the camera wrapped in a soft towel covering her glistened body. 

"I try waking her up with cold water with a plastic bucket, but she didn't rise from her slumber despite her suspended animation," Patrick suggested, "how ironic?" 

"We can't have Hillary suspended forever. How is she going to help us in this costly battle?" Dahlia questioned, and Efrain nods his head agreeing with her response depending on the rate of humanity. 

"Do something Patrick! She's relying on you to be with her." Nina demanded. 

"I am." Patrick scowled, activating the systems methodically. 

"Then do it!" Nina growled.

Patrick is settling for some peer pressure from Nina right now, and I don't like it. Dahlia thought. 

Patrick shoots a glare and inputs the combinations to resurrect Hillary from suspended animation after being compelled to understand an unnecessary promise that could affect upon his role as a guardian and oracle. The steam exudes from the pod progressing its stabilization to typically reanimated her body, and he carries Hillary to a pod to complete the process bringing new life to her. In fact, some of her memory coheres in her mind to reflect upon the events of the operation. As the systems interface with her DNA, Patrick studies her body virtually on the monitor as electric shocks afflict her, and he was inclined to transfer a part of his DNA to her. 

Nina urged me to bring her back albeit she begged me to place her suspended animation. Why the disorientation? This whole situation must sort out the reaction in this case. Patrick thought. 

One of Hillary's fingers start to twitch indicating she was coming alive again, and Patrick glances at them moving slowly to soothe the texture of the pod. Patrick reads the monitor progressing her health, and he glides to note her condition stabilized comprehensively. She opens her crystal blue eyes gazing into the light with Patrick sitting beside her sharing an endearing grin, and her right hand slowly touches his soft hand sharing her affection. 

"Patrick?" she whispered. 

Akira along with his younger brother Ken and Topi and Ume enter the room with Janet confirming on bringing back Hillary from suspended animation. 

"Hillary, you're awake. How did you feel?" Patrick asked, and he places his right hand to soothe her soft face drenched with frigid crystals. 

"I'm OK." she replied.

"Your sister Nina compelled someone to bring you back." Ume responded.

"And transfer the DNA into you." Akira added.

"What do you mean?" Hillary asked, and Akira and Ume glance at one another despite her bewilderment, "I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you guys mean." Hillary sighed confusingly, exiting the tube to the room where she can recover from the events she unusually missed during her chronic stage.

She hasn't mentioned I have transferred some of my RNA to hers, and every molecule in her body channel concisely without causing a mutation to her DNA sequence. I must admit it was an arduous decision to think of; however, most of the genes will likely modify her appearance. Patrick thought, and he settles in to keep track on the Specter Stoppers depending on their overall journey in progress. 

"Anything alright, Patrick?" Akira inquired drawing his full attention. 

"Oh, what? Yeah, I'm alright with all things considered." Patrick grinned, ruffling his short hair. 

"You were still intrigued on your subtle relationship with Hillary." Ume inquired. 

"You know Ume, you may have a point. Transferring some of my DNA to alter Hillary's appearance without causing a mutation will complicate the interactions." Patrick remarked, and Hillary glances at Patrick fearfully and trudges toward him. 

"Hold on, DNA? What did you do!!!???" Hillary screamed pulling Patrick's collar.

"Hillary, the reason I have done this for you is because I transfer my genes into yours to fortify most of your chromosomes in becoming immortal. I understand how fear overcomes you, and fear is the ultimate weakness." he answered. 

I felt sorry for him even when he did made that mistake. Ume thought, and Hillary catches a glance of the others. 

This is all my fault because I forgot to explain to her my blood type. Patrick thought. 

The Freewill streams through the interstellar medium with its velocity, and seeing with a naked eye, they discern a greenish planet 455 kilometers away. Efrain sets the coordinates for the Freewill to decrease its velocity, and Rory steers the wheel lightly manning the ship to avoid any malignant contraptions occurring in the ship. Efrain studies the paradigm of the pyramid to sample the antediluvian interactions resembled within the symbols depicted on the screen. Zach pulls the periscope downward despite lesser enemies cornering in the interstellar regions wreaking havoc withal; moreover, the information delinates the archive accordingly in spite of the universes before the current one has legibly expanded. Historically, most of the modeled merits distributes the operations to conduct various critical elemts pertaining in the operations, but they imply scarce assumptions developed within its matrix rendering opaque factions conveying on the screen. Ensuring that the distributions of its enigma are considered within the highly detailed faces have ascertained its topology. The members strap on to their seat belts preparing for arrival to the planet Grensuke to embark on their mission the President of the Galaxies bestowed during their auditory meeting with him at the strategy room, and Efrain inputs the coordinates to steadily phase the primal expediency to affix the resemblance of its configuration, defined graphically. Therefore the concept of the Galuzhare Pyramid correlates with the curriculum observation to establish interstellar tendency; moreover, the circumstances of which establish an evident data with its valuable study. The team exits from the bridge though Efrain decides not to deject Nina regarding numerous times they fall apart and the battles the four others and he engage in to help the good, protecting the powerless. The team has arrived to the space port located atop the main planet. What kind of obstacles will they face here? How will Patrick in detail his blood transfusion to converge his immortality to Hillary? Is the drama enduring? Are the Eco-regions affect the society due to the faces determining its exact fate? What consequences Patrick would be facing upon the stages of his connection with Hillary yet? The answers are yet to come in the next exciting episode of the Specter Stoppers.

The Specter Stoppers ch. 70
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 7142 words. Wattpad. June 18, 2017.…
Happy Father's Day to all the dads around the world. Feel free to spend your day with your father, grandfather, uncle, or any relative you know. Have a spectacular day to you all. 
Happy Independence Day to all of you Americans out there, we made it. The day of how the United States was established. We're celebrating America with fireworks and a barbecue, you know you want to hear. Huzzah! 


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