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this is all of my faves they're very special

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I worked on fanfiction now, and it makes my brothers and sisters of deviantart smile. I love to role play with people to put together the pieces for stories yet to come.


The young ghostbusters
The young ghostbusters anyone?
Who you gonna call? 
Vampire slaying time
In this new series, it's about a group of vampire slayers saving the United kingdom from the evil vampiric dynasty. The essence of surviving the vampiric apocalypse is by using the proper equipment to slay the bloodsucking creature. 
My artwork
It was based on the chronicles of my current project Mk: the next era 3 part 2
Character concepts
Since I decide to make character concepts as commissions, it's very imperative to pay points to my points bar. I'll also continue with requests and the story too.
Doctors of the special forces pages
These pages are part of my new segment called Doctors of the Special Forces. 
If you love Frozen so much, I will happily post it 
Greek mythology commissions
Like I said again, I'm focusing on greek mythology.
More tay and pat commissions
Calling all hearts 
commision 1
these are the latest projects I worked on in regards of artistic ability. 


This is awesome in my opinion. I'm planning to become a better artist like you, but for me, I always have to practice a lot by putting ...

three words i will best describe this artwork: brilliant, awestruck, creative. you look like a smart one, i found your work of art very...

what i love about the folds and wrinkles are that they specifically work for making texture of the clothing whereas i study from its me...

Lovely Elsa from the hit movie: Frozen. Despite on your effort and love for this animated film, I found Elsa to be the most beautiful c...

Romance is the air for both lunar and shadow, the two star crossed lovers, in this modern earth. We imagine our Shadow being the prince...

That's one interaction that women love the most, flaming abs from men. I found this to be the exact, horny affection I just seen in my ...



Jarlos Kiss, Kendall-City Is Ours


Imagine the Specter Stoppers meets Team Fortress 2
Imagine the Specter Stoppers are on a mission to save Nina from the hands of the Tazurai Empire. 

On the last episode of the Specter Stoppers, the team members confronted a round of monstrous apparitions and henchmen of the adversary wandering aimlessly in the sections of the Saiki temple, in which they entered its surrealistic version. The Specter Stoppers had sought the only objective that can replenish the curse as depicted from the forehead. But where did that mark originated? Hihinygok dropped off Nina, her siblings, and her best friend Lila at the train station so that the team can exit from the battlegrounds, allowing the Specter Stoppers to get an opportunity to tackle the fiend. 

"I can sense upon your presence, not even your thoughts can betray your instincts. Now reveal yourself, Katrina," Torigawa scowled, and the others stand in aghast depending on the task the adversary herself is foiling in the temple, "you think I have the sensory suspicion of a nightmarish power within the Taye Stem's presence you have instigated with Gnoue, and I shall exterminate all of your treacheries from the inside out." 

The surreptitious female cackles from the sordid sepulcher, and she unveils herself to the three others depending on the pressure she will be at the renaissance of the revolution. 

"Why should I to such a sexy man?" Katrina giggled.

"That's enough." Torigawa snapped, and the three other Comnaku clan members stand in silence as he trudges to the center to interrogate the feminine brute, "you have survived long enough and therefore it ends here." 

"I'd rather live." Katrina barked.

"Live?" Torigawa asked. 

"What do you mean by this!" Riyari barked, and the colonel adjusts his rapid gunpower and blasts it at Katrina but missed. 

I'm pretty sure what Torigawa is doing seems ridiculous yet bold. How can he win against her? I doubt his greatest fear might expose in his mentality range. What is he planning in this hella temple? Colonel Cluck pondered. 

Torigawa turns his attention towards the adversary, for he concentrates efficiently on his mana energy absorption to generate his power. In addition to the encounter, Riyari catches a glimpse of the adversary, and Torigawa opens his eyes as they illuminate white and zaps a spiral mana beam with his right hand to afflict the adversary. She, however, dodges the mystic beams and lands on her feet despite the composition. Colonel Cluck executes the information on Katrina's life and ability, for the computer databases analyze her appearance in the shadows. 

Aw man, is he sure on confronting the adversary who haunted him from the beginning of the mission? Something tells me general Satorsuke should've called us back if he has the chance to do so. Midori thought, and Torigawa feels his senses tingling and disperses his mana energy to strike her but lost it. 

Torigawa flickers his right hand to produce energy regarding his mana power and casts mana blade to inflict damage to the fiend. Suddenly, someone from the distance of the shadows shoves Katrina to a wall embellished with Japanese traditional ink, and Torigawa senses a primitive occurrence coming from the distant regions in guiding the mystic fellow. Riyari and Colonel Cluck pan their heads sharply to a young woman descending from the outskirts of the battlefield, and Midori becomes petrified when an orange haired woman enacts repulsively amid Torigawa's encounter with Katrina. Torigawa scowls and shoots mana from his eyes, and Katrina steps away from the beams teasing him. 

"Hey!" Dark Nina growled.

"Nina, get out of here!" Torigawa snapped, trying to possess the force field.

"Nina, don't do it! It's too risky!" Midori exclaimed, and Nina shoots a glare at Midori. 

Torigawa senses the presence of the adversary's attempt to clench the source, so he has sought his answer through his mind. In addition, his omnidirectional vision surveys his one hope, his magic combat. He summons a portal and lunge-kicks at Katrina's chest level in high speed, sending her flying into a portal adjacent her. The portal closes entirely as another portal opens from the troposphere, sending her downward to the ground as Torigawa lands on his feet. He slaps her in the face and knees her twice; he conducts ion energy and slashes her with ion blade wildly to inflict damage towards her. Torigawa casts his positron wave from his energized hands to inflict damage to Katrina, and Riyari sweats a bit depending on his astute plan for revenge making it for the books. Colonel Cluck evaluates the turmoil of the two, and Torigawa casts mana beam to blight her. Torigawa double-kicks Katrina in the chin and then low chops with each hand to her shoulders. He casts his ion beam to her, drifting her to the ground despite his eyes illuminating white, and he casts his energy beam again to cripple her effectively. 

"Katrina!" The sound of David's voice called, and Riyari glances at the fiend from upward.

"Who said that?" Midori questioned.

"Heads up," Cluck pointed out, and the adversary lands on his feet, "Whoever it is, he's a foe." he adjusts his machine gun annex to his left arm, and the colonel has sought the target. Torigawa zaps concussion beams from his eyes, and the adversary parries his attack by using his energy to break him. 

"Whoa! Where did he come from?" Midori queried. 

He has the same hair color as Katrina's. Colonel Cluck thought. 

Torigawa was haunted by Katrina, but what about Efrain? Is he worrying about David? To break this, he is not welcome to our planet. Riyari pondered. 

"Your sister? She attacked our friend!" Midori barked.

"Are you working for Tazurai?!" Cluck questioned, pointing his machine guns to David. 

"We're out of here!" David growled disappearing with Katrina, but Torigawa attempts to follow them until Cluck places his cybernetic hand on his shoulder. 

"Just leave him, I reckon Tazurai will go berserk when it comes to the point of it." Colonel Cluck responded. 

"Something is fishy about this David that we haven't acknowledge much from." Riyari assumed. 

"Is it because he hated jungles?" Midori questioned. 

"Not even the vines can't untangle him during this conquest. Seemingly, it would be a challenge that he wouldn't recommend tackling." Cluck stated. 

The Specter Stoppers come to their final showdown against Gnoue in the planet Ipe, for the destruction of the Taye Stem rampages the central corner of the pavilion. The Taye Stem burgeons among the sources of humanity and full nature, and the feeling of delusion contends a series of cryptic delusions that revolt the spaces of the temple. The titanium gates shut themselves to incarcerate the exits, for the adversary appears adjacent the Taye Stem's negatively conducted bole. The members stand in full formation to confront the ghastly adversary depending on the stability of the metastable grounds. 

"Well, well, it seems you have improved even in your transparent forms," Gnoue stated, approaching to the prolonged center, and the Taye Stem burgeons around the site, "this time, I will take these levels of the Taye Stem's outbreak to the maximum. Now come my children, give daddy the strength he needs." The particles of the Taye Stem merges its energy to grant him the strength, for the adversary rises to enhance his dastardly powers. 

"Something tells me he's gone extremely crazy." Zach responded, for he draws out his arrow from his arrow launcher attached to his back and aims for the adversary by performing his sniper shot. He shoots his arrow to hit the adversary in the chest, but the adversary removes the arrow from his left shoulder and cripples it. Zach gawks in shock despite the elevations of the Taye Stem's power.

The Specter Stoppers engage in combat against the arch-witch doctor whose purpose ridicules the law of metaphysics, for the darkness surrounds the center of the sub-level tending to bring maleficence to the Taye Stem. Rory activates the nar-barrier to increase the defenses for his team mates, and Dahlia casts shift to increase her cousin's agility in battle. Preston throws his wolf's knuckle to afflict the adversary taking minor damage, and Zach readies his plasma arrows to pin the adversary. He aims cannily and tactically at the adversary, for the plasma arrow pins the adversary in the left leg. Efrain bolsters his sword ability by increasing the radiative energy, for the luminescence of the blade bolsters the fortitude of the Apostolic Light. Gnoue gives an evil eye on Rory, and he casts his destruction burst to inflict damage to the Specter Stoppers members. Efrain slashes the fiend with his power cleave, and Rory switches to his tonfas to strike the adversary in the face. Dahlia performs her fan erosion to ail the fiend, and Preston throws his fists to shatter the fiend in the face. The adversary tilts his head and casts hex to inflict damage to Preston in two turns, and Efrain slashes the adversary diagonally to afflict the fiend. Efrain strikes the fiend with Plasma Wind, and he whirls his sword to gust the strong wind at Gnoue. On the other hand, the adversary casts his Gothic fire to inflict the Specter Stoppers members, and Dahlia and Efrain take major damage from Gnoue's beastly attack. Zach draws out his plasma arrows of his arrow launcher and performs Bank Shot at the adversary with the correct alignment. Preston jumps and performs skydive spin punch to pound the beast in the face, sending him flying to an irreparable wall. Gnoue calls in his netherbats by whistling, and the creatures exude from the portal to attack the Specter Stoppers members. The first netherbat assaults Efrain with its claws and teeth, and Efrain struggles to rid the bat from his face. Rory draws out both his ion tonfas to refrain the second and third netherbats from inching him, and he swings his arms to give them a warning. Dahlia throws her left tessen fan to curve the fan from outside-in to afflict the fourth netherbat, and Preston sprints to the fiend and kicks him in the face. Her tessen fan returns to her grip and slashes the adversary in the chest with it and stabs with her right tessen fan, for the blood leaks from his chest region. Gnoue removes the blood from his mouth and lifts his right arm to command his flock of netherbats to continue attacking the Specter Stoppers directly. On the other hand, Zach gawks at the adversary and trips him to the floor with his bow by sweeping. Gnoue plummets to the ground and glances at Zach, and the extreme archer concentrates on his aim by pulling the titanium string and shoots at the fiend. The arrow pierces Gnoue in the left shoulder, for the blood leaks among the skin. Rory shifts to the right side and whacks the fiend forcefully to inflict Gnoue, but he projects his shielding to inhibit the attacks Rory did from crossing alternately. Efrain strikes away the bat from his face with his right fist and lashes it with double crescent cut. He spins his blade and charges toward the adversary swiftly to ail the beast, causing its dark accumulation of energy to abate. He slashes the beast diagonally to inflict damage, and the netherbat screeches in pain despite the sword slash he performed. Preston increases his rage power to interface his attack with Gnoue. Rory charges toward the second netherbat by swinging his tonfas to buffet the beast, and Zach performs tactical shot to pin the bestiary in the left wing. Dahlia, on the other hand, removes her cherry blossom to perform petal aura, an enhanced version of her blossom aura with the ability that decreases the defenses of the fiend to 20%, and she lunges herself with her left tessen fan that shoots him upward 10 feet from the ground and throws her right tessen vertically to ascend the fiend. Gnoue summons his flames to inflict damage to the Specter Stoppers. Efrain sprints toward the enemy and performs his flare cutter to impair the fiend, but the adversary gives an evil eye. Preston charges toward the adversary and then performs his aerial uppercut to implement damage to him. Rory cartwheels forward to pommel Gnoue and reforms monkey kick to wound his face, but the adversary grips him by the leg and throws him to the sediment, sending him to an unconscious state despite the wounds he received from the battle. Efrain strikes the figure with his Yukonamo sword's strength, and Preston throws his fists to shatter Gnoue's energy. Rory feels himself moaning due to the immense damage, and Zach shoots his energy arrows to pin down the adversary. Gnoue summons his flock of netherbats again to inflict damage to the Specter Stoppers, and Efrain spins his sword to strike the adversary directly. The netherbats swarm towards the three others, for Zach performs straight shot using his plasma arrows to pierce the first netherbat. Gnoue negates his plasma arrows and casts reflection to pin him, but Zach jumps away from the arrows. He glances at the adversary, for Gnoue summons death bomb to inflict damage to the Specter Stoppers. Dahlia opens her umbrella shield to deflect the adversary's attack, and Rory activates the nar-barrier to protect his team-mates. Preston kicks the beast in the face forcefully,  and he throws a circular punch to the adversary in the face. Hence, the damage the adversary feels cringes him. Efrain slashes the fiend with his Yukonamo sword breaking him. On the other hand, the adversary counters his attack and lashes toward him. Preston blights the adversary with plasma spear punch to the brute, and Gnoue screams in agony due to the immense damage he gave. Rory cartwheels forward and strike with his tonfas, and Dahlia rotates to the other side to slice Gnoue. Dark Nina appears to help the team; however, her power is weak depending on the levels of the Taye Stem increasing effectively. Zach performs jellyfish arrow to nab Gnoue, and the adversary performs hex on the Specter Stoppers. Dahlia attacks Gnoue with basic cuts to inflict damage, and Efrain spins his sword to strike the fiend quickly and aerobically. 

Gnoue casts death bomb to strike the team members, and Rory takes badly damage and passes out due to major injuries surrounding his body. In addition, Dahlia performs flamingo's grace to replenish all of her friends' health except Rory who's passed out. Efrain performs revert, a reviving technique, to bring Rory back to the battlefield. Gnoue summons his flock of netherbats to attack the Specter Stoppers. In addition, the Taye Stem gives Gnoue the power to fortify his strength, for the mutations inside him become stronger as the particles alter his appearance. In the depths of the area, Gnoue has transformed into his treant form, and the adversary performs bio rupture on Preston to afflict him. Preston takes major damage from the brute, and Efrain charges toward the fiend and performs Plasma Wind to inflict damage to him. Gnoue increases his anger power, and Rory eases himself to his feet dizzily. 

"I'm getting sick of these things." Efrain muttered to himself. 

The arch-witch doctor form is manipulating with the toxins inside, so they give him a transmutation. Because these chemicals can harness the fluids within his body, its mutagens might transaction a bit more in there. I believed this seems remote to peruse this investigation.The best way to test its authenticity of the data is through experimentation. Rory wondered. 

Preston becomes berserk despite the fiend's infamous power and attacks the first of its flock with spinning arc kick. Dahlia breaks the adversary with her tessen fans by stabbing him although the guard protection grants him lesser damage his opponent made. Gnoue feels the rage consuming him and pounds Efrain in the face, sending him to the ground. Zach performs cripple shot using his plasma arrow to target the Taye Stem's core, and Rory locks in the coordinates to summon his specter drone to the battlefield as he swiftly attacks the adversary. He kicks the brute, but Gnoue grasps him by his left leg and tosses him to a fractured wall depicting lesser iconography. Its linearity lacks the evidence of the jungle's impact. Zach performs searing shot to inflict damage to the fiend, and Dahlia throws her razor star tessen fan to strike the second and third netherbats directly in the faces. Gnoue slaps a Dahlia to the floor, and he summons his jungle fire to inflict Rory. The second netherbat hurls fireball to afflict Zach as the fire engulfs him, but Rory counters its attack with Pyris Grenade. Efrain slashes the adversary through its core, and he leaves a massive opening to the adversary's chest. Gnoue gawks at the laceration, and Preston launches plasma spear to inflict damage to the bestiary. Gnoue unleashes venom from his palms and envenoms both Dahlia and Preston. Preston feels his energy weakening through his molecules, and Rory hands the antidote to Preston to ameliorate himself. Dahlia performs detox to cure herself from the poison taking major damage to her. Zach performs sniper shot to inflict the adversary in the chest, but his mutated chest consumes the arrow. In addition, he leaves a massive aperture although it generates back to its normal state. Efrain seems frustrated and glances at the green object on his forehead, and Zach shoots his plasma arrows to pierce the fourth netherbat through its head as it collapses to the ground. Rory hustles to Nina's body and determines her stable condition despite the wounds, and Zach shoots his arrows to inflict damage to the third netherbat straight to its mouth. He swings his Badass Betsy bow to the fiend thereabout the distance, and Efrain slashes Gnoue in the chest although it feels lesser damage when Efrain pommels him. three of the netherbats pluck their sharp fangs to gnaw Dahlia's body, but she swirls herself to inhibit the fiends from inching her. She coils her left tessen's throwing range to inflict them; Rory lunges himself to the fifth and sixth netherbat and throws his plasma taser to lambaste them. 

The fiend has a mark upon its forehead, and it's possessing the power of the Taye Stem as one of Zach's arrows pointed out. Efrain thought. 

"That duke is kicking our asses. any ideas, Efrain!" Preston shouted, holding on to his ground despite his injuries. 

"Say goodbye! Specter Stoppers." Fiona cackled. She was the mother of Gertrude.  

"Aim for the head, aim for the head!" Efrain responded.

"got it!" Zach shouted, and he shoots his arrows to hit Gnoue's forehead. In addition, the stone on its forehead shatters powerfully, and Gnoue feels pain lingering in him as well as the light shattering the variation of the Taye Stem as it engulfs flames.

"Ugh, what is that in me?!" Gnoue questioned, and he notices the hole of his forehead glowing. He screams in pain as the light surrounds his body immensely, "What a world!" 

"Shield your eyes!" Efrain commanded, and the Specter Stoppers cover their eyes from the massive light surging toward them. 

As the light dissolves efficiently from the corners of the territory, the Specter Stoppers survive a malicious battle against Gnoue. Therefore, the altar of purification is now cleansed from the corruption of the Taye Stem, and the jet black clouds dissolve from the skies, showing a clear viewing. The Taye Stem's structure disintegrates automatically, for the Specter Stoppers save countless lives of the planet. The Okki Tree is now restored its long-term connection with the altar of purification, giving the two clans a chance to reconcile their agreement and rebuild the planet into its foremost glory. The three other hostile members of the Buirui Clan withdraw from the battlefield, and the four other Comnaku Clan Members approach to the Specter Stoppers depending on their successes in battle.  

"We freed everyone and the altar of purification." Dahlia beamed. 

"and both our and the Buirui clans agreed with us." Midori replied.

"I have to admit you saved everyone from Gnoue's despotic power." Riyari replied. 

"Thanks for the compliment, Riyari." Efrain smiled. 

Preston carries an unconscious Nina with his repleted strength in his arms and responds, "Yeah, we clean his clock upright." 

"Congratulations, Specter Stoppers. Now our planet is restored to its glory, and the chances are there is hope to restore from the forces of evil." Cluck replied, and Efrain hands the vaccine for Torigawa to distribute the positive energy to restrain the disease from infecting everyone within the territory. 

He approaches to the altar of purification and levitates the vaccine to tweak in the steadfast energy in remedying the ill people. In addition, the molecules inside their bodies interact through the suppressible substances, and the patients recovered from the shambolic disease. Torigawa focuses on the pattern to replenish the conditions of the innocent people along with the rebuilding of the planet. 

I'm proud of you all, because of your courage and wisdom to ascertain in ending the ruling of Gnoue, you have outreach is unlawful potency. The corruption has made everyone feel vulnerable and anemic, and now our planet is safe once more. Thank you, Specter Stoppers. Hihinygok's voice called from the distance of the lea. 

The residents aboard on the train watch the entire action on live screen, and the corruption ends with a bang. The two opposing clan members catch a glimpse of the troposphere, for the light reflects in the atmosphere. The borders of the planet initiate its redevelopment, and Efrain understands the rendezvous sources within the widespread investment taking in the universe that he hasn't known about. 

Efrain gives one of the communicators to Colonel Cluck in hopes of meeting them again, and Dahlia gives two to Midori and Riyari. Rory hands one to Torigawa after saving everyone and restoring the portions of the jungle. The villagers of the planet Ipe have safely returned to their villages; furthermore, they repair their hamlets by teaming up with the Cosmic Federation repair team. The team seems relief they have returned the jungle to its rightful state, for the Taye Stem's second variation is effaced from the portion of the jungle to note humanity has restored again. The clouds vanish as the sun shines around the skies, and a rainbow appears across the skies. In addition, the citizens of the planet are relief that the destruction Gnoue created is no more, and peace is restored once more in this planet. The disease of the Taye Stem ceases from spreading upon innocent people, for Torigawa uses the remedy to abate the disease. In addition, the people of the planet are cured with Torigawa using his mana energy to channel the intensity of the planet's restoration, for the long civil war has ended when the two forces merge wholly together to restore peace to their nations. Although the cause of the severe impact impulses the universe, they cleanse the mark around the foreheads of the ill and nearly deceased victims. The preservation of the planet is now renewed again, and the Specter Stoppers and their friends watch the sunlight shining down upon the sky. 

"Thank you five for defeating the malicious sneak, Gnoue. Now peace and unity is restored to the jungle planet Ipe. Feel free to visit us whenever you have the chance to hang out," Midori grinned, and she shares a cuddle with Zach, "if that's the case you and I vow to meet each other again, it would be nice to go eye to eye." 

"Yeah, I thought so as well. It would be splendid to see you again." Midori replied, and she wraps her arms around Zach. 

"It is a wonderful pleasure, and having five humans as yourselves help tackle the villainous Gnoue." Riyari grinned.

"Zach, I want to say thank you for everything you have done, and you are amazing. If it weren't for your help, I wouldn't reunite with my sisters again." Midori responded.

"Not a problem, Midori, and I would be delighted to have you around." Zach replied, sharing a cuddle to Midori.

"It's amazing we have restored peace and unity to the planet, and now the planet is no longer at the hands of Tazurai." Efrain replied. 

"I'm sensing a bold prediction lingering from the distance of the cosmos, and thus the war disperses the two pendulum forces to interact with the elasticity via the telepathic resemblance during the onset." Torigawa informed.  

"Torigawa's statement from his vision is correct. The pattern of this phenomena elapses when its spasmodic concentration takes upon the stellar spaces of the galaxy." Rory added. 

"Emiko's visions are true, and the importance of this process subsides its control on one of these moons." Efrain replied.

"Wait, it occurs still?" Midori questioned.

"Based on the responses, then yes, it impacted one of our planet's moons." Cluck stated. 

"Here, I would like you to have this." Midori responded, passing a gift to Zach as a remembrance to her subtle love to recompense for his succor. 

"You all have proven yourselves that having a couple of friends around to tackle the maltreatment Gnoue engendered. Because of your aegis, we can manifold the alliances to restore and laud contact of the planet with no mishaps." Cluck replied.   

"It was certainly something you pulled, Riyari." Dahlia grinned.

"Indeed, and without your help, none of it will befall under Gnoue." Riyari assured. 

"Yeah, you and my cousin were one of a kind with swords during the battlefield." Dahlia replied.

"I'm expecting that this progressive impact repulses sooner, and we must enact on our duties immediately. It's been confirmed that he is at the section of the lunar base." Efrain nodded.

"That's all willingly good, but what are you all plan to do when the fiend is giving the order to attack?" Torigawa queried. 

"I've noticed the feeling of a myself; he killed my father during the revolution. If Tazurai ever wreak havoc upon the distance, I swore he'll regret for my father's death, so I will avenge my his death." Efrain assured. 

"We'll see you then." Riyari replied, "oh, and one last thing. Watch out for those Buirui scums, and keep the source in good hands." 

"Efrain, listen, when you arrive to Senmi, our main moon, all you have to do is meet with a brilliant scientist there." Cluck insisted. 

"Understood." Efrain nodded. 

The Stoppers teleport to the shipyard of the planet where they will take their leave to engage on their next mission from Patrick regarding the visitation of the Taye Stem impacting the depths of the universe. The particles beam them back to the teleporter room, and the four others glance at the Freewill. The Specter Stoppers set the coordinates frequently to exit planet Ipe after eliminating the lawfully barbaric ruler behind the connection of the Taye Stem and vaccinate the Comnaku clan members as well as ending the disasters within the region, and Zach notices the cosmos changing spatially. Although its formidable energy flows abreast of the moon, there's hope that the Specter Stoppers will interface with the maintenance systems. Rory mends the virtual barriers from the defense room to indicate the damage from the previous space battle against the evil Gnoue. The challenges for the Specter Stoppers source within the outskirts of the jungle, and Rory detects the bonsai trees to ensure if the possibilities of the foray circumventing the entire region. Thus, the stages are clear after they remedy most of the jungle bases. Indeed, the outbreak engenders the cause of the destruction; therefore, the team effaced the foray happening in the spaces of the jungle. Rory analyzes the signal from his tracking glasses virtually to determine if the enemy attempts to attack Efrain, but he notices the feeling of senseless encounters and intrigues upon the area. The members of the Specter Stoppers engage in the battle against the delirious, monstrous demon within the area, for they realize the feeling beyond the cosmological distances is upon orbit. Preston seems gruff with the situation, for he knows the reason these surreptitious space ghosts tend to imbue erstwhile their plot to annihilate the rest of the malevolent fleets attempting to strive the regions. Zach monitors the periscope to examine the corrosive territory to note the impact of the cosmos. Efrain locks in the coordinates to place the intergalactic network on orbit after the Freewill leaves the atmosphere, and Dahlia studies the axis of the planet one last time and turns her head to the others.

"Now to set coordinates to the main moon." Rory replied, accommodating the numbers to interact with the main systems. 

"Ship road is now complete." Efrain responded, and the vessel arrives on orbit. The space vessel ceases from rapid acceleration as the velocity levels decrease when entering the cosmos, and Efrain locks in the coordinates for the computer technology to reach to orbit, "Patrick, we're launching in to Senmi, one of Ipe's moons."

"Great, I assumed the moon's life supporting systems can logically modify when we reach its signal." Patrick stated.

"Colonel Cluck, one of the Comnaku clan members and top officers of the Okki Tree, says we must meet with a scientist whose research can provide the advancements of the impulse of the Taye Stem's overall variations." Efrain replied.

"Hmm, unbearable." Patrick nodded, "I supposed you five can tackle hostile creatures tending to clench statistically its complexity." 

"Mission accomplished. Patrick, we have save the people of the planet from mass extinction." Dahlia responded. 

Patrick is satisfied and chats, "Great job, guys. I knew the people of the planet won't bother dealing with the disasters the Taye Stem caused again. I also entrusted on Hihi for reuniting the two nations together believing that Gnoue has cozen the planet's famous landmarks. However, there seems to be another problem occurring outside of the planet, for the substances that impended the immutable onslaught. The deviousness of the outcome refers to the manifestation." 

"Are you kidding me? Another problem at its moon. This is just bullshit, looks like I will fish out more of these bastards." Preston scowled. 

"are you saying this because Gnoue utilizes his plan still to incorporate a sinister toxin to emulate these experiments?" Dahlia inquired. 

"Certainly, the mutagens transferred through the shipments of the planet." he answered. 

"Oh, Efrain." Nina called.  

"Not now, Nina." Efrain responded. 

"Are you mad at me or something?" Nina asked.  

"What about Nina? Don't you think you have to allow her in our crew?" Dahlia questioned. 

"Uh no, that would be impossible to have her in our crew. If Patrick deems the circumstances of having her in our crew, there's going to be consequences that we are facing." 

"Do you have a rational explanation on why his scheme lingers at the unique properties of the luna base?" Rory quizzed.

"Not likely." Patrick answered. 

"Yeah, we ask him if he can join our alliance, but he works alone mostly." Efrain added. 

"They might be another space ghostly experiment from the Takimoto laboratories." Zach replied.

  "Looks like we have found ourselves a space encounter against the felonious Crukawas." Rory stated from his tracking glasses.  

"If a space ghostly experiment occurs within the site, we're the ones to answer the call." Efrain responded, for he mans the ship to lure the monsters into its trap. Preston activates the weapons technology to aim for the space rays and any remaining Crukawas swarming in the distance based on radar. 

"Alright, but this doesn't mean that I get to drive that pick up truck to dump them." Preston scowled.   

The Crukawas are another of the fiends David had created from the Takimoto laboratories. Why are they after Nina suddenly? Efrain thought.

"We must notify to the others on the invasion of the Crukawas." Rory assented.

"The Crukawas tackle their own prey for the sake of the cosmological regions, and we are seemingly aware that they manage to seek against them." he added.

"Invasion of the Crukawas, you mean the fiends that fondle the outskirts of the universe?" Preston conjectured until Zach jabs him upside the head, "ow! What the hell was that for?" he questioned.

"They're called the Crukawas, and you should know by now they are heading to manifest the moon." rory answered. 

"Yeah, I don't give a shit if they are managing to swipe in the data sources before they even accustomed them." Preston responded.

Those Crukawas, were they a part of the Tazurai Empireand the chances are they want to enhance the massive onset. Why were they reckoning on their goals to impair us? Efrain thought. 

"Unlike those moments, you and Dahlia seem to be at the essence of a congruent state." Rory stated. 

"Shut your damn mouth! I'm not engaging in sort of crap that debugs either of the moons." Preston scolded.

"Just think on what we have attained, Preston. Having freedom doesn't mean you go seek for trouble." 

"What did Cluck say about the events of the Takimoto laboratories generating a result of the impact?" Efrain questioned himself. 

Colonel Cluck mentioned the route to the Takimoto laboratories is within the fraction of the fiend's forthcoming, and the distance within the sectors. I think I can connect with its maintenance systems, so I doubt the records Patrick explained are verified. Rory thought when observing the result of the impact.

Patrick appears on the left hand of the screen from his monitor again to inform the Specter Stoppers on what their incoming assignment might be when they return to the planet Earth. The team heeds their attention towards Patrick hoping the result of the satellite system can explain the reason for the moon's base to falter upon twisted experiments based on its liquidation in the canopy. 

"Everyone, it appears that we received a request from astrobiologist Dr. Tate Stewart. It seems he has discovered something not of this world, and there might be monsters of the Takimoto laboratories swarming to rampage abreast of its luna base." Patrick informed. 

"Luna base?" Zach questioned.

"We're closing in on our destination." Efrain grinned.  

"Planet Ipe has at least 20 moons, and one of its moons, Senmi, runs a moon base connected to the Comnaku forces. Despite its lack of resources tended to export items to the planet in case of rebellion, its construction is on hold and therefore abandoned for a period." Rory stated based on his evidence from his tracking glasses. 

"How many workers are in peril of the impact?" Efrain questioned. 

"Seven of them, unfortunately. There's a rumor I heard about the Crukawas progressing their further territory to create a series of deformed replicates such as zombies and other creatures." Patrick replied. 

The Specter Stoppers' Freewill drifts away from the planet to return to Earth where Patrick will explain the others, but the enemies follow closer towards their vessel as the radar confirms an intruder is threatening the system. Zach gazes into the monitor indicating the fiend's presence, so Efrain and the others enact on their encounter against the ghosts rampaging the sector. The Specter Stoppers brace themselves for an immense battle against these figures before reaching the Takimoto laboratories located in the intersection of the space dome. Indeed, the dynamics of which the Taye Stem has played its role in the onslaught of the universe. Rory picks up the liquidation of the facility to ascertain the procedures of the onset. 

The Specter Stoppers approach to the first ento-structural edifice once connected to the Takimoto laboratories for the Taye Stem's variation to alter drastically, one of the orbital satellites of the planet itself, after demolishing the third variation of the Taye Stem, for they understand the universe is at stake of the disease budging upon innocent civilians. Rory mans the vessel to the entrance of the base in Senmi, and Efrain sprints to the transporter room to engage on a mission to find the scientist requesting their services. Rory analyzes the integrity of the region, and clamor can be heard from the area. Rory points his flash light to detect for any clues to note the potential dangers of the area. He studies the first half of the corridor via the distance of the protogalactic clouds, and the others engage in the center of the regions. A male doctor appears in the opposite corner of the entrance. He has chestnut brown hair quaffed to an ivy league hairdo; he has Ivory white skin, and he wears a sturdy white trench coat underneath his pastel purple dressed shirt matching his goggles. He wears tight leather pants matching his combat boots, he wears a pair of fingerless gloves, and he wields short rod. 

"Welcome, you must be the Specter Stoppers. Are you all here to examine the damage of the lunar-base?" the man asked.

"Yes, so you're Dr. Stewart?" Efrain questioned to him. 

"A real astrobiologist." Dahlia grinned. 

"Of course, I run through positive experiments that could benefit the planet's sources to improvise mobile renovations manually beyond the units." Dr. Stewart answered.

"So, let me get this straight, pal. How do you know the analyses of the creatures are at that state of emergence?" Preston pointed out.

"Technically most of them depending on its numbers." he answered. 

"Rory, any evidence?" Efrain questioned, turning his head to him.

"Looks like we have found ourselves a space encounter against the felonious Crukawas. However, we haven't determined whether their existence have come into composition." Rory stated from his tracking glasses.  

Efrain contacts John and broadcasts, "John, we found the scientist."

We're at the planet's moon, yet there's no sign of the Crukawas nor other creations the Takimoto laboratories have engendered. On the other hand, they were tending to bring devastation to us, but how can we negate that? Efrain pondered. 

A round of 4 moon wraiths emerges from the shadows, besieging the Specter stoppers as a sign of their warning. Preston activates his gauntlets to illumine its power, and Efrain extracts his Yukonamo Sword 3LD5 and assails against the first two moon wraiths. The first of its kind conducts its energy to inflict damage to Efrain, and Dahlia slashes the beast diagonally with one of her tessen fans. Dr. Stewart switches to his ion pulser to zap the moon wraith on his right, and Rory buffets the first moon wraith with his tonfas. He prods the adversary in the face to execute damage to the beast, and the lunar adversary performs lunar wave to inflict damage to Efrain. He deflects its attack with shield, and he cuts the adversary directly with solar energy emitting from his sword. Zach swings his bow to impale the second moon wraith, and the adversary counters with its death claws. inflicting damage to them despite its appearance. The third moon wraith disperses to the other section and summons its wisps to draw Dahlia to the ground, and Preston performs spinning arc kick to the beast. In addition, the adversary vanishes through thick air. Efrain spins his sword to strike wraith directly, and Dahlia spins herself to inflict the horde of moon wraiths, causing them to dissipate from existence although more of them swarms through the corridor. The Specter stoppers eavesdrop the raucous voices surging the entire base corridor. Dr. Stewart uses his rod to heal the Specter Stoppers members from major injuries, and Preston picks up 4500 woolongs after he and the five others gain experience from the battle. 

Could this be their fate? The Specter Stoppers have reached to the planet's moon to tackle the impossible, and Nina tends to return the favor by accompanying them. How will they manage to restore the planet's main moon to its position since it's in waning gibbous mode? Will the monsters expand to demolish its resources? Will the five tranquilize the units? Find out, on another episode of the Specter Stoppers. 

The Specter Stoppers ch. 44
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 6596 words. Wattpad. February 17, 2017.…
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Happy valentine's day tomorrow everyone, and also tomorrow is single awareness day. Let's spread the love and cheer around the area and give your valentine the things you desired. 
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Previously, on the Specter Stoppers, the team tackled upon a round of ballistic creatures inside the Saiki Temple. After the first encounter with Gnoue, Dahlia and Efrain aided a helpless Hihinygok to his feet again despite the wounds he received, and the Stoppers talked with one another on a plan to cease the fiend that assaulted their friend Hihinygok. The Stoppers knew what they are acknowledging in the process of saving the planet. 

The Specter Stoppers leader Efrain Spearer examines most of the jungle to find evidence where the lawfully evil fiend Gnoue is located within the distance of the bonsai trees surrounding the area. Riyari falters in her concentration regarding the integrity of the disease penetrating through the rooms, so she called Efrain to examine the carcass of the figure lying on the ground. He and Torigawa peer the bonsai trees to indicate the result of the area manifested with the horrific stench of the fiend, and the others realize the anemic areas. Colonel Cluck ambles the regions of the jungle in this dimension of the temple. Midori pushes the jungle leaves from her path and accompanies the others, for the temple is packed with horrendous surrealism relating to the paintings depicted on the scrolls. The team members notice the trail leading to the intersection of the jungle regarding the aspects of the ecosystem falling apart; in addition, the members of the Specter Stoppers comprehend with the result of the capacity in the foremost region. The Specter Stoppers understood the task Hihinygok has given during the mission, for Efrain acknowledges the process of the entire process throughout the resemblance of saving the innocent. Preston catches a glare of the voices reverberating the internal regions anent the repulsive ratty place exudes drastically. Of course, they understand the result of the impact going on in the region, and the others notice the feeling of abnormal destruction Gnoue caused in the middle of the angle. Ultimately, they could track down the figure by analyzing the cause of the destruction. Time ticks as the Specter Stoppers and the four Comnaku Clan members tackle their most recent encounter yet, for they are gathering the answers from the others depending on the issue. For instance, the people lying on the ground suffers from the disease the Taye Stem caused, and their ashen faces cause them to feel vulnerable in the sense of the plague. The feeling the others witness during their long mission to efface the Taye Stem from rupturing the surfaces, for Rory evaluates the stability ofthe Taye Stem's incidence despite its stench. Dahlia bends on one knee to study the bodies of the plagued people, for she perceives a clandestine mark upon the hostage's forehead.

The sign on his forehead, what does this symbolize? How would we know the Taye Stem has plagued everyone by leaving a huge black marking? Dahlia pondered. 

"I feel its stench lingering in the territory, and the repulsive action occurs beyond the limit of the jungle. The cacophonies I have heard based on the elevations I congregated from my tracking glasses." Rory informed him. 

"Guys, I found something." Dahlia called, and Efrain sprints to her and bends on one knee to examine the mark. Rory fixes a significant reading with his wrist tracker to verify the marking to denote the inverse impact. 

"Efrain, Dahlia has discovered a marking from the hostage's forehead." Rory informed to him. 

"What is it, Rory?" Efrain questioned, and Riyari recognizes the marking on his forehead. 

"I recognize this marking before," Riyari assumed, lowering to the ground to study the marking, "this marking means a curse when the disease is upon the hazardous conditions the Taye Stem has subsisted. Because the marking is upon the forehead, it substantially curses the victim to suffocate much of its chemicals to mar its metabolism systems." 

"So, it's a sign of martyrdom." Efrain pointed out. 

"This is just messed up." Midori pointed out. 

"Man, that is totally sick." Zach responded irksomely. 

"I'm not sure about this, but Gnoue is crazy." Preston stated to the others carelessly. 

Efrain raises his right forearm as Patrick appears on screen, "Patrick, one of the hostages lying on the floor I'll has a mark on his forehead." 

"This is the works of the Taye Stem, isn't it?" Patrick inquired. 

"Unfortunately, yes." Efrain answered. 

"So, Torigawa, tell me. How your encounter with Katrina became personal during your first rendezvous?" Zach questioned Torigawa. 

"The first time I have sought her with my eyes, and her laughter seems surreal comparing to the effects of the destruction." Torigawa answered gravely. 

"Have you become paranoid with her presence?" Zach questioned. 

"Not paranoid, strict. Her whereabouts are the only factor that frets me throughout the course of the temple." he answered. 

Efrain contacts Ume from his wrist communicator, "Ume, we sought 20 of these goons in the interior structure of the temple." 

"This is not what I expect from a stupid ass monarch whose purpose was to interface with a rupturous bole with a virus much deadlier than the bubonic plague." Ume responded to him. 

"Is Patrick around?" Efrain questioned her. 

"Yes, why do you want to see him? Is it important?" she queried. 

"Can I talk to him?" he requested. 

"Alright, have it your way." Ume responded, and she pans her head to her left, "Patrick, Efrain wants to talk to you." 

This termination binds with its capacity Gnoue and the Buirui clan created to disaster of which the result of the dark energy surrounding the temple. What connection does it marked to suppress beyond this planet's regions? If we were to find an object that will efface the Taye Stem's obstruction, it will demolish its power. How are we going to contribute the Okki Tree's power to restore the balances? It seems the result of the dilemma, but where we can find that object? I supposed Torigawa can tell us the description or Patrick. Rory pondered. 

"I'm coming," Patrick responded to Ume, calling from off the camera, and he sits down in his chair, "sorry I kept you waiting, Efrain. So, what is it you are trying to tell me?" 

"There are 20 goons inside the corridor." he stated to him. 

"This seems awful." Patrick sighed unbelievably. 

"Is it ready, Patrick?" Efrain questioned him. 

"The realistic versions of your space outfits seem accurate and battle ready, yet 10 times deadlier than your previous outfits. Ultimately, it can target multiple foes heading towards them, so they will guide you otherwise lack of significant combat beyond this criteria." Patrick responded. 

"Should I deploy it?" Akira asked on the monitor. 

"Yes, please deploy it." Patrick responded, and Akira locks in the rendezvous coordinates to transfer the newly design uniforms to Ipe. 

"Patrick, this is Rory. Did you analyze the object that will help us rid the Taye Stem?" Rory asked him. 

"Yes, I discovered the only solution that will get rid of the Taye Stem's prolonged disease from spreading upon the townspeople if we allow one of the Comnaku clan members would spread the vaccine to remedy most of the area. It is called the altar of purification." Patrick explained.

"Altar of purification?" Efrain queried.

"Exactly, the altar of purification is a structure upon which the offerings of the gods have taken place, and once you approach the altar, its power will help demolish the Taye Stem's corruption and returns the positive power originally to the Okki Tree. Since I feared the events of the Taye Stem might transpired in the area, the altar of purification will purge prominently the ill-will perils within the structure of the planet." Patrick answered observantly. 

"I think this should be an arduous assessment the five of us could handle." Efrain stated. 

"Easy for you to say." Preston scoffed. 

"Oh, I'm not laughing alright." Efrain replied, and Preston frowns and folds his arms a bit. 

"Of course, the Okki Tree contributes its cultural practices to attain the matter otherwise intense destruction that jut in this landscape." Rory replied. 

"What are the odds?" Dahlia questioned. 

"The odds might be it'll cost you a lot when it befalls." Patrick answered her question. 

"If we were to reach the altar of purification, we must merge the Okki Tree with the altar so that the two alliances can acknowledge the reason behind this prolonged massacre." Efrain stated. 

He accesses to the computer systems to interface with the pods for shipment, and Akira presses the enter key on his keyboard as the models of the uniforms blast off into deep space with the intergalactic network annexed to the main systems. 

"More of these guys as you mentioned to Patrick, correct?" Colonel Cluck queried to him. 

"That's what we discussed. If we were to take down multiple foes by analyzing the termination, it will take us a while before we execute this phenomena from happening. It will help evaluate the reason behind their attack." Efrain stated to the others depending on the interior structures. The inorganic walls pounds through the levels of the temple, for the Specter Stoppers agree with his statement. 

"Efrain, there are henchmen threatening hostages around. How can we take them all out?" Dahlia questioned. 

"Well, it's not easy to tackle this one." Efrain answered. 

"Precisely. On the contrary, if we obtain the power to rid the Taye Stem's dark power, the light of the Okki Tree will be restored again." Rory prompted. 

Attacking them all without being detected seems precise as Efrain mentioned on lest we square upon the node. How could we manage to tackle it from the inside out? Efrain sifted. 

The Specter Stoppers glance at the five pods coming to the planet, and the Comnaku clan members gaze at the falling objects. The Specter Stoppers members approach to the center of the pods that have landed in their presence, and Efrain scans his left hand to gain access to the pod. As it opens its hybrid doors to reveal the realistic versions of the outfits, the light glimmers from the inside of the pods. Efrain gazes at the complexity of the outfits depending on its foremost fiberglass structure Patrick and Akira constructed. It shows it's realistic compositions; for instance, Efrain's brand of glasses consist of blue lens aviator sunglasses, his futuristic new gear has navy blue sleeves. Rory has a mint green dressed shirt and mahogany necktie underneath his hunter green jacket. Preston's garnet red sleeves underneath his ceramic gear, and Dahlia's maroon leggings are annexed with the transparent skirt and armor. Zach's armor shows much of the archery concepts with the mix of his old and current outfits. The Specter Stoppers turn to one another and dons their newly improved and realistic versions of their space uniforms to tackle the adversaries by detecting their moves without being seen. 

"How does it feel? I have figured out Gnoue's proposal beyond the pavements." Akira questioned the five Specter Stoppers. 

"Great, Akira. Let me explain the processes to you all. The fiberglass-dipped mesh over a layer of SF based on liquid armor. These newly enhanced space suits can also keep contact with the Freewill depending on the missions I have given. The utility belts are packed with various traps that will target upon adversaries seeking in the outskirts, for Efrain, the new aviator glasses of yours can track them down. The Yukonamo sword 3LD5, Efrain, is packed with the enhanced versions of the crescent cut and Thunder Lion Slash that will carry on in later uses. Dahlia, your new tessen fans consisted of ion technology causing even more damage than the regular tessen fans themselves. Instead of having to place your tessen fans in that sturdy pink bag of yours, Hillary decides to make that armor of yours more accurate and powerful by placing them on your back in case you need them. The chopsticks can signalize incoming encounters, so they might be a use to you. Rory, I updated the tracking glasses to help you amplify with the identities of reckless encounters, for they process additional information and relevant sources of them. It also links to your newly enhanced wrist tracker located from the bottom of your left wrist. These photon bombs attached to your belt, and unlike Pyris grenades, they can target multiple foes instantly. Preston, these ceramic gauntlets are packed with new elements when you use a series of punches and kicks beyond the limit. Speaking of which, Zach, I replaced the energy arrows you shoot with plasma arrows so that the energy will emanate the adversary facing you. The newly structured bow you called 'Badass Betsy' will persevere against multiple foes simultaneously, and it puts away the extremely measures ere not fulfilling it. So, how do you like it?" Patrick quizzed. 

"Not like, love." Dahlia pointed out. 

"Time to put the suits to the test." Efrain responded, for the others and he engage in combat against the fiend's henchmen in the regions. 

"Top notch." Colonel Cluck responded, with his left thumb up. 

There are multiple enemies Patrick mentioned standing guard in the areas, and we need to take them down quickly before they even react upon it. Efrain thought. 

The jimson weeds bloom through the herbal shrubs though the contents of its genetic traits consist of the disease plague jungle clans, for the essence of the Shinigami Tazurai's co-creation continues to manipulate its virulent particles. A mysterious ghostly man with characteristics of a wild heart dog-liked figure who's peering through the bonsai trees; in addition, Zach scouts the habitual surfaces of the jungle and notices a trail of footprints it left during their investigation. Dahlia hears something estrange within the depths of the territory, whereas the events of the destructive surfaces. Zach monitors the trail cannily to indicate whether the fiend is within the east district of the jungle base. Preston glowers at the cryptic walls to note of a passageway that will take them to the other end of the jungle's western portion and seems certain of the manifestation of the Taye Stem regarding the foul stench. Zach probes in his monitor the aftermath of the destruction disseminated the empirical regions because of the damage the tsunami has engendered throughout the investigation. Rory, in addition, peruses the significant evidence bind with the regions per his analyses. The Specter Stoppers approach the jungle's northern portion in ceasing the brute whom they are searching for to protect the civilians from the dangers of the jungle regions that caused the areas to falter immensely. The elongated halls begin to tremble despite the surrealistic effects closing in upon the distance encircles the zenith, and the stench of the Taye Stem expands the majesty of the area. Zach studies the pictorial images of the tsunami beyond the artist's perspective, for the calligraphy explains the result of the cause of the destruction in grave detail regarding the balances. He squints to survey the flood that washes away the people of an anonymous jungle that Patrick hasn't told them, concerning that the outgrowth of the mystery disaster that revolted the planet despite the ecliptical plane of the planet by all means of a do or die situation. The events that expound the sacrifices the teachings had lectured from its knowledge of the altar of purification and its brief history regarding its referential data. 

What sort of connection the Buirui clan leader Gnoue and his members have interpreted with the Taye Stem since Tazurai is at the point of the area? This must be where the areas were flooded by the tsunami, and I have doubted Gnoue is on the rampage since the coffee incident. Zach wondered, and Midori approaches to him. 

"Both of my grandparents are killed by the flood, and my parents are mourning for their deaths." Midori frowned. 

"And so I heard." Zach responded. 

"Zach, the reason my parents left me and my sisters alone for a rebellious journey, and it's not fair that they get to engage in combat and espionage." Midori frowned, and Zach turns his head to Midori depending on the same kismet her parents have given. 

The Specter Stoppers members scout the terrains of the jungle, and Rory triangulates the necessary information that displays its data within the advanced transmitters. Dahlia feels the integrity of the adhesive sources within the trees; Preston peers through the structure of the wooden substances. Rory enables to fix an enhanced reading of the adversaries upon the distance. He activates the specter sniffer deluxe to specify a sophisticated outlook of a correlated substance comported with the adversaries. Rory receives the evidence from his tracking glasses on a species of space apparitions following in his communicator. Suddenly, a figure descends to the ground to the area between the jungle levels, and he points his gargantuan blade towards the crew. He's a mixed breed of a space apparition with the characteristics of a canine figure and a human, a wolffer, and Rory's wrist tracker indicates a sense of a possible encounter within the surface. The adversary targets its prey by glancing at the passageway; in addition, the team embarks on taking their encounter. Efrain protracts his sword from his sheath and tackles the bestiary. Dahlia draws out both her tessen fans in her hands, and she performs a windy exhibition with them. On the other hand, the adversary trudges toward Dahlia by hunching itself. Dahlia hampers to her ground and throws her razor star fan to lash the adversary completely, and she performs butterfly kiss to blind the half-canine figure in the face at its curriculum. She misses unexpectedly as the adversary recedes from battle and lands on the top of the staircase. Rory readies his photon pistol by loading the amounts of photon bullets, and he blasts his gun though he missed by one hit. 

The Specter Stoppers members panic a bit despite the presence of an unwittingly adversary lurking through the jungle's surfaces per the pandemonium ravaging the surfaces. 

"Which one of you wants to bear with me on surpassing the great Inurishi, the greatest of the Buirui Clan. Come, Specter Stoppers, let us engage in combat." Inurishi barked, pointing his weapon at the Specter Stoppers. 

"Why were you planning to do with the rest of the world? You do realized if this is going to endure, the rest of the planet will be at risk, and it will dramatically engender a rapid impulse in the planet." Dahlia questioned him. 

"Where's Gnoue?" Efrain questioned, pointing his sword at the adversary. 

"This jungle planet needs a ruler whose beliefs are to tackle the human world, and Gnoue will rule upon all with the Taye Stem in his possession that Tazurai has given." Inurishi stated, for he summons a horde of monstrous space ghosts, consisting of a round of terror cats streaming from the bonsai trees. The Specter Stoppers engage in combat against the first of the terror cats, and their friends join in for the action. 

"The ways of Tazurai are evil, and the same goes to Gnoue." Efrain stated. 

"Your statement is correct; however, your instincts are erroneous, and the only way to stop him is by defeating me." Inurishi responded, for he swiftly sprints to the left side of the battlefield and casts his circular beam from his pike to strike the Specter Stoppers. The team members sprint away from the beams despite the collective energy he absorbed, and Rory locks in the coordinates to summon his na-barrier to gain the NRG barrier levels to defend the others from taking major damage. 

Torigawa accumulates the energy from his right hand and blasts his mana to strike the adversary. Inurishi invokes his henchmen to the battlefield, for they engage in combat against the Specter Stoppers and their friends. Midori draws out both of her whips to lash the first of the terror cats, and Efrain pulls his Yukonamo sword from his sheath and performs crescent cut to lash the first set of terror cats. The first terror cat careers toward him, and Efrain jump flips to impede the fiend's attacks and swings his sword to slash the adversary directly. 

The Specter Stoppers tackle the adversary to save the planet's region from taking massive destruction, and the adversary begins by striking the Specter Stoppers with his weapon. The first terror cat claws Dahlia powerfully, and the second one claws Riyari by the right hand, leaving a massive scratch mark through the tip of her forearm underneath her trumpet-shaped sleeve. She glowers at the terror cat and performs double katana slash to inflict damage. Efrain cleaves the second and third terror cats powerfully. Torigawa summons his mana grabber to snatch the feline figure using most of his concentration to the fiend, and the Specter Stoppers engage themselves in a battle against the felonious creatures. On the other hand, someone open fires at the adversary, and the others attack the barbaric creatures roaming through the area. Riyari draws both of her katana swords to tackle a round of monstrous terror cats, and she strikes the monster with double katana cutter. Midori cracks her whip to lash the bestiary and kicks the fourth terror cat's in the face, and Colonel Cluck blasts his gunfire on the . The fourth terror cat lashes its sharp claws on Rory, inflicting pain to him despite the scars on his forearms and vest. Rory plummets to the ground and eases himself back to his feet, and the fifth terror cat performs sonic screech on Preston, sending him flying to a fractured column adjacent him. Efrain performs his cutting fury to inflict damage to the terror cat, and the feline adversary's eyes alter a different color and streams toward him. Colonel Cluck performs flying suplex to the fifth terror cat, for the internal structure of its skeletal system ruptures due to the immense amount of damage. The sixth terror cat claws the Colonel in the face, and the seventh scratches Dahlia with both its claws. On the other hand, Efrain activates his virtual shield to deflect its ravenous attack and jostles it. Dahlia spins herself with her tessen fans in hand and slashes the fiend. She performs triangle punch to the fiend and high knees the adversary in the abdomen region. In addition, she throws her tessen fan vertically to inflict damage to the beast. Efrain slashes the adversary with his sword, and Dahlia throws her tessens to inflict ferocious damage to the figure. Dahlia's tessen fan returns in her grasps and slashes the fifth terror cat in the back of her. Preston sprints to the adversary and performs fist of the concrete to inflict damage, and Zach shoots his energy arrow to pierce the sixth terror cat directly in the head. Hence, the energy emits through the terror cat, enweakening the figure directly to decrease the energy of the figure. Riyari performs double blade slash to the ninth terror cat, for the fiend deflects the figure with its gargantuan claws. She performs cutting wave to inflict damage, but the terror cat glowers at her and performs double claw. She parries its attack by using both her katana blades, and Midori throws one of her boomerangs to slash the figure. The seventh terror cat claws Dahlia, and Zach shoots his dove omen arrow to poison the seventh terror cat and the eighth in the back of his presence. Rory cartwheels forward to expunge the figure and swings his laser tonfas to buffet the beast. Torigawa summons an energy circle to bolt the eighth terror cat, and the fiend cringes in pain due to the elevations of the energy circle. Colonel Cluck dashes with his jet pack on and blasts his gunfire at the seventh and eighth terror cats directly; Torigawa casts his mana missiles to strike the terror cat directly, and Dahlia throws her tessen fans to strike the eighth terror cat directly as Inurishi sprints with his weapon in hand. Efrain counters the adversary's claws and thrusts the adversary using his full strength from his sword. Zach readies his bow and arrow to directly aim at the figure swiftly, but Inurishi dodges the arrow and slaps Zach upside of the back, sensing him flying to a sylvan wall. Midori lashes her steel whips to belabor Inurishi and twirls them forward rapidly as the fire streaks upon the area. Preston screams in rage and launches a plasma spear punch to the adversary. He sends Inurishi flying towards a concrete wall, and Efrain breaks the hairy arm of the seventh terror cat and throws a socked punch on the eighth terror cat. Dahlia throws both of her ion tessen fans to expunge the ninth terror cat, and she removes one of which from its chest, leaving blue blood leaving and slashes it vertically to the figure. She butterfly-kicks the ninth terror cat in the stomach and elbows the tenth in the back of her. Colonel Cluck performs flying suplex on the tenth terror cat, and Midori jump kicks the eleventh terror cat in the chest with her piercing heel. Zach spins his bow and buffets the tenth terror cat's jaw in the face; he dodges the tenth terror cat's left claw five times and flying-kicks the tenth terror cat's abdominal region. Preston throws a series of rapid punches to the eleventh terror cat in the face, and Rory cartwheels forward to the other side and lunge-kicks the other terror cat. Riyari slashes the adversary with both her katana blades, and she performs gash blade to the eleventh terror cat. She cross-slashes the twelfth terror cat sending it to the ground, and Midori throws her boomerang to slash the figures directly as they return in her grasp. Colonel Cluck power slams the twelfth terror cat using his full strength to eliminate it, and he dashes with his jet pack and launches rapid fire power to the beast. Another round of 20 terror cats streams to the corner, and Midori darts toward the beast and performs shadow whip to inflict damage to the beast. She spin-kicks the other terror cat, and the other terror cat uses break on Torigawa. Riyari sprints to the three terror cats and performs gash on them with both of her blades. The three terror cats collapse and succumb before they enact on their encounter. Colonel Cluck blasts gunfire to the fourth and fifth terror cats, and Preston performs his spinning arc kick to inflict damage to the figure. 

Riyari afflicts the adversary with double sword slash, and Efrain performs a variation of the crescent cut called the eclipse cut to afflict the fifth terror cat. The fourth terror cat unleashes its bloody fury when it screeches raucously, and the fiend thrashes him with its sharp claws. Efrain parries and performs power cleave on the two terror cats, slaying them powerfully to increase his swordsman ability. Dahlia generates the wind with both her tessens in hand to levitate the brute from gravity, and she mantis-claws the sixth terror cat in the face and low chops it. She performs a front flip to lash the fiend and throws both her fans, for its serrated blades afflict the debased figure repulsively, wounding the sixth terror cat as it suffers and succumbs itself. Her fans return in her grasp, and she spins her self to inflict the beast. Preston sprints toward the seventh terror cat and performs catapult kick to the beast, and he strikes the seventh terror cat's ankle and throws a hammer punch to it. He stands with his hands and kicks its chin and throws a circular punch. Efrain performs his shadow blade to wound the seventh terror cat, causing the figure to lose most of its blood in the battlefield, and he swings his sword to gust the figure from the battlefield. Dahlia generates the wind to accompany her cousin, and the strong winds gust away the rest of the terror cats. Torigawa casts his mana blade to afflict the eight to eleventh terror cats diagonally, and the fiend's cower in such pain as he tosses the beasts from the distance out of the battlefield. The twelfth terror cat claws Preston, but he snatches the twelfth cat by the tail and performs power slam to erode the fiend to the sediment as its tribe flees horrifically from the battlefield. 

"Oh please, I'll do anything." Inurishi responded, and he throws his stick to attack Efrain. On the other hand, he parries the adversary's attack with an obvious scowl. 

Efrain grasps the adversary Inurishi by the neck and questions, "where's Gnoue?" 

"I don't know what you're talking about. Let me go!" Inurishi grumbled. 

"Where is HE?!" Preston growled. 

"Answer us!" Efrain barked. 

"Ok, he's at the center porch of the main temple at the lower level adjacent the altar." he answered. 

Shit! The Taye Stem is festering the altar. Zach thought. 

"The lower level, who's guarding it besides Gnoue?" he interrogated him. 

"Alright, we have the rendezvous formations in here. Inside the altar, you can find the altar within the range of the lea." Colonel Cluck pointed out to the others depending on how far they will venture in the proportion of this nightmarish territory. 

"Right when we splatter the terror cats' brains from the inside out. That's what I believe on the adversary who burst us." Preston jested. 

"The world has undergone chaos, and for the worst, both the altar and the Okki tree are the main symbols this planet has. Without it, planet Ipe's history won't be complete." Zach prompted. 

"So, this is the fight to save the planet from mass extinction. Let's do this for Ipe." Efrain responded. 

"Yeah!" The four other Specter Stoppers and the four Comnaku clan members shouted in unison. 

The team and its friends eavesdrop the voices reaching in the foremost regions. The Specter Stoppers descend the steps to chase after the adversary that burgeon the Taye Stem to rot the terrains of the planet, and Efrain notices the trail that fluctuate among the area. The darkness consumes through the skies, and the negative energy of the Taye Stem conducts its force to germinate the entire population. A round of spiral vapors emerges from the shadows, for their smoggy appearance surrounds the Specter Stoppers and their friends. Rory fixes a quick scan of the entity to verify its strengths and weaknesses to his tracking glasses, and the information of the spiral vapors display on the monitor virtually. Preston charges up his ceramic gauntlets, and Colonel Cluck adjusts his gunfire to assist Preston. As the grounds of the temple tremble, the Specter Stoppers realize what they must do to save the planet from massive extinction. Efrain and the others tackle the adversaries, for the newly enhanced versions of their space uniforms to tackle incoming foes coming in the troposphere. Efrain pulls his Yukonamo sword from his sheath and performs his Lion's Blaze sword technique to dissect the first of the spiral vapors in half, yet its gaseous body causes him to miss as it fumes toward him. It shifts him to a embroidered wall, and the spiral vapor creates its duplicates to surround the Specter Stoppers. Preston growls and charges toward the fiend, and he throws a plasma spear punch to the first and second spiral vapors directly. The first and second spiral vapors dissolve away from his presence, and the third spiral vapor lashes its fog on Dahlia, blinding her sight with mist gash. Preston activates his ceramic gauntlets to strike it from the territory, and the third vapor swirls itself to lash its sinuous mist on Dahlia, causing major damage to her despite its vulnerability. Rory cartwheels forward to inflict the third and fourth spiral vapors, and Torigawa blasts his mana to strike the two figures, causing them to vanish in dense air immediately from the battlefield. Preston performs his catapult kick to the adversary and throws a straight punch to the beast, and the gaseous vapors vanish from pair due to the plasma enveloping among its body. Efrain swings his sword to unleash razor wind gusting away all the spiral vapors, and the Specter Stoppers and their friends transition to the northbound of the temple. Efrain signals the others when to attack, and the Specter Stoppers notice a round of Gnoue's sentinels heeding Gnoue's orders to essentially be cognizant of their transactions. The team members conceal from the sentinels as Efrain devises a plan to rid the adversaries until Riyari points at the person stalking at the others at the front, for the shadow of Katrina stalks over the team despite their every move. 


Back in the exteriors of the jungle, on his way to the hover-train station to drop off the five others on the platform of 35th and Rena, Hihinygok sprints to the center of the platform. An outbound hover-train glides through the electric rails and arrives just in time to transport more passengers out of the battlegrounds. As its hybrid doors open up widely, Lila and John hop into the internal structure of the train along side the two others. Nina pauses for a moment and turns her head to him. 

"Ok, ladies and gentlemen. Hop aboard the train to the station with you." Hihinygok ordered them, and the train conductors ensuring everyone is aboard. 

"Do I have to go?" Nina asked. 

Hihinygok approaches to Nina annd states, "Nina, the reason the Specter Stoppers opt to do this is to unite both the nations back to its foremost state by reaching the altar of purification to efface the Taye Stem's formidable power. Because I entrusted Efrain to end his schemes forever, there's a chance the Okki Tree can survive." 

The hover-train tweets its steam, and Hihinygok turns his head to Nina, "come on, on the train with you." 

Patrick appears on live broadcast to John and asks, "John, did you find the others?" 

"Yes, we're on the train, but Nina refuses to get on." John replied.

"Efrain told me that he, the four others, and the Comnaku Clan members opt to thwart Gnoue's plans for Shinigami Tazurai by restoring the Okki Tree back with the altar of purification intervening with the light and the dark. Our only choice is to save the planet by using the altar at the behest of the Apostolic Light to purge the territory." Patrick assured. 

"You heard what Patrick said, this battle is too risky. The Stoppers and their friends will do it by themselves." Hihinygok ordered. 

"I don't care! I want to help!" Nina screamed. 

"Nina, don't interfere with me. They're doing it for your own good." Hihi scolded, and the two brothers nab Nina from behind and aboard her on the hover-train. In addition, the platform doors close on her, and the hover-train glides to the outbound direction back to the space port. 

I noticed why Nina desires to help the others on their mission, but her stubbornness causes more arguments to us. Hopefully one day, she'll understand why the source is not capable in battle and only the Specter Stoppers can manage the outcome. Hihi thought. 

"Take a seat, miss." the train conductor ordered. 

As the hover-train exits the platform, the skies turn crimson as well as the black clouds swirl together to manifest a powerful storm. 

Mie sprints and uses a needle on Nina's neck as it weakens the source, for the toxin takes control of her body causing her to pass out. Mie removes the needle from Nina's neck and shoves it back to her belt. 

"So life threatening." she responded, and Miki carries Nina's body to strap her to her seat. 

"Are you ok, mister? I'm sorry for the disturbance from earlier." Miki replied, ensuring his condition stabilizes regarding the limitless battle from the surface. 

"I hate it when this happens." Jake sighed.

"Its was good that we left the battle field, Jake." John replied placing a hand on his shoulder and walking him back to his seat.

That poor young woman has taken upon her temper against her brothers. Why did she do such a thing? Mie pondered. 


The Specter Stoppers and the four Comnaku Clan members descend the sub-stories of the temple after tackling hordes of spiral vapors and terror cats even the canimans. Efrain leads the way to find the altar of purification before the Taye Stem manage to corrupt its structure with its virulent roots. Rory throws his clipper-rang to determine the location where the adversary Gnoue is hidden in the outskirts of the temple. They enter the room where the altar of purification, based on Rory's knowledge, is located. The grounds tremble effectively despite the emergence of the Taye Stem, for it burgeons around the sites to empower the areas. As the surrealistic elements take over, the Specter Stoppers witness the impact driven in the catastrophic regions, for they espy on a round of sentinels roaming unwaveringly waiting for Gnoue's orders. The four others heed on their attention as Rory analyzes the whereabouts of Gnoue in the temple, and the coordinates for the next area. Zach catches a glimpse of the sentinels Gnoue has sent to keep a close watch on them; in addition, he readies the plasma arrows Patrick explained to him on to drain the energy of the first sentinel. Zach swings his bow to trip the second fiend, and the third sentinel charges toward him until he shoots his arrow to pin his shoulder. Rory lunge kicks the fourth sentinel in the back of him, and Riyari performs skill strike to lash the other sentinel. Zach jumps and elbows the third sentinel, and Dahlia performs breaking blade to inflict damage to the fourth sentinel. Efrain uses envelope, a technique that will decrease the velocity of the figure to approximately 20%, to falter the brute. Torigawa summons mana blade from his right arm and lashes the brute powerfully, and the magician parries the sentinel's attack and casts siphon to bestow mana to himself efficiently. The fourth sentinel lashes Preston with his energy sword, and the fifth sentinel charges toward him with the same weird. Preston deflects the others from striking him and counters with fist of the concrete to blight the fourth sentinel, sending the brute flying to the opposite corner unconscious. Efrain breaks the leg of the fifth sentinel and slashes the fifth sentinel, and he counters the fiend's attack until someone appears from the distance as the gates snap shut, separating the Specter Stoppers from the four Comnaku Clan members. 

Suddenly, they hear the applauding coming from the distance of the battlefield, and Torigawa senses the presence of the adversary Katrina within the area. Colonel Cluck turns his head to him. 

"Tori, what is it?" Colonel Cluck questioned. 

I never realized Torigawa has another side that desires the woman to appear in front of him, but I don't see her in the distance of the halls. When will it penetrate? Midori pondered. 

Where did that gate come from? What is Gnoue planning to do with us? Efrain sifted. 

Torigawa casts his mana thunder to scatter the regions knowing the presence of the figure underneath the darkness and grimaces, "I rely on your sinister plan to slow us down. Now reveal yourself, Katrina. I knew you were haunting me throughout my courses of action, but I can sense your appearance from your impulse." 

It seems Torigawa wants to settle his unfinished business with Katrina, and the Specter Stoppers members are ready to tackle the adversary Gnoue. Will the planet be safe or in grave danger? Will everyone believe that Gnoue is spurring his sinister goal? Stay tuned for the answers on this next action-packed episode of the Specter Stoppers. 

The Specter Stoppers ch. 43
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 6596 words. Wattpad. February 12, 2017.…
Realistic Dahlia Douglas
Title: realistic Dahlia Douglas 
Artist: Daylenne Melendez-Irizarry 
Size: 2048 × 1536 pixels 
Medium: Digital Art 
Publisher: ibispaintx
Imagine Rory has acne problems, and Efrain didn't realize it until now. 
Realistic Efrain Spearer
Title: Realistic Efrain Spearer 
Artist: Daylenne Melendez-Irizarry 
Medium: Digital Art, ibispaintx
Size: 720 × 1280 pixels
Date: February 4, 2017
References I use for my realistic version of Efrain is of one of these sword poses from this link:…
I also used actor Ewan Mcgregor as a model for him. I know it seems sloppy, but I did my best. 
Imagine Neve shows her guests the Specter Stopper museum de la Hardcore.
Neve: welcome to the Specter Stopper museum. My name is Neve, and ill be your tour guide. As you can see, you will visit exhibits based on the experiences of the Specter Stoppers from the beginning to the end. 
Imagine peter, Ray, and Winston meet the realistic Specter Stoppers
Imagine Sylvia sees a nude Nina sleeping in the glass tube. 
Sylvia: (entering the bridge) hello? Preston? Zach? Rory? Dahlia? Efrain? Where are you? 

Previously, on the Specter Stoppers, the team of Midori, Zach, and Preston entered the pyramid of Takehueiza in search for Midori's sisters who are held hostage by the adversaries that were wandering in the aimless regions. On the northern side of the Kuzame jungle, Efrain and Riyari managed to tackle a round of monstrous apparitions, and he confronts a shady young woman working for the Shinigami warlord attempting to purloin the powers containing the source from Nina. On the western portion, Dahlia and Rory examined an abandoned Terraformer with Colonel Cluck to follow a trail of footprints to examine his sinister plot yet. At the center near the southern jungle, Torigawa sensed the essence of the adversary in the distance of the jungle. Indeed, he and the other two entered the Saiki temple to arrange an unlikely encounter with the adversary himself. In doing so, the Specter Stoppers members join him for the entire mission. 

The Specter Stoppers and their friends are aware of the events that transpired within the center of the temple; in addition, Efrain seems not pleased with the pain the adversary engendered by summoning his henchmen to bid his work. Midori's sisters are standing momentarily to wait for the next hover-train to evacuate the battlegrounds of the Kuzame jungle, so Mie glances at the sky fretting the fate of the planet might be at risk. Miki places her hands around her sister's waistline and wonders if their sister will manage to tackle the monstrous figures streaming in the bathos. Hihinygok opens his eyes though he closes one despite the pain in his joints judging by thed bawdy scars underneath his white fur. Rory draws out his first aid kit to purge the wounds, for he uses the antibiotics to refrain the bleeding. He cringes a bit despite the sting of the antibiotics cream, and Preston catches a glare of the areas to note his presence in the incidence of the war. None of them seem concerned with the result of which frequently the tenebrism of the Taye Stem's power that effect the entirety of the surface. Midori approaches to Hihinygok with warm water she brewed, for he takes the drink off of her hands and imbibes the water. He savors the taste of the warm water and catches a glimpse of the others depending on their conversation of the universe at risk. 

Efrain seems extremely strict since Gnoue's henchmen abused one of the planet's people whom he entrusted on to quell him. When will he start acknowledging his thoughts? Colonel Cluck pondered. 

"Are you feeling ok, Hihinygok?" Zach questioned him. 

"Indeed, I am, Zach Winfield." he answered. 

"I thought so too, lending a hand to accompany someone takes true courage." Zach quoted. 

"Most of the molecules in your body are running perfectly; on the contrary, all the replica of the dolorous atoms surging through the evolution of out-of-control substances that cause many light years to factually ascertain the onslaught transpiring." Rory responded to the others. 

"Most of the balances are at the interstellar state." Dahlia responded. 

"On this surrealistic chateau, Gnoue has many places to hide from us. Come, this way." Efrain responded, leading the way for everyone to keep track of the area depending on the rate of the temple. 

Hihinygok eases himself to his feet when Efrain and Dahlia aided him to his feet, and the witch doctors sprint to the corner of the area. Rory projects his tracking glasses to display the relevant facts on the fiend's next move. Indeed, the Taye Stem's occurrence has driven itself regarding the stench he feels coming into the center to pertain the cause of the struggle in the area. Efrain bends on one knee to study his swollen face, and Hihinygok catches a glimpse of his odd facial expression for a moment to comprehend and compound the accessible information beyond the Taye Stem's sudden concussion. 

"You were watching the events of the planet's destruction?" Dahlia questioned him. 

"That's right." he nodded. 

"And you're certain we have a constituent history with the Taye Stem as well." Rory pointed out to him. 

"So, how do you know the Taye Stem is within this obligated chateau?" Efrain quizzed him. 

"It has harshly detract the powers the planet used to have to balanced the inconceivable onslaught in these regions. It is certain its wide range intensifies the ethereal impact of the area." Rory confirmed based on the elevations he received from his tracking glasses. 

These strange structures are surrealistically built with richly structured materials once ruptured to blight the bight. The Taye Stem's capacity, however, does it contort itself to deduce most of the planet's resources? This dire situation must not endure for all eternity, and many innocent lives are at risk as Efrain mentioned. Riyari thought. 

"And you are aware of the domestic impact the Taye Stem engendered?" Efrain queried. 

"Yes, of course. Shinigami Tazurai has chosen him to destruct my home village during the civil war between the Comnaku and Buirui clans. The two forces were once a whole, and their alliegeance to the planet was a part of their plan for unity until one of which threw a sword and rejected the treaty. One of Gnoue's enforcers convinced the two leaders of their clans that the two clans are not of the environmental state and therefore that make Gnoue the one with power. Hence, the civil war beleaguered all over again as the brouhaha of the planet penetrated itself through the realms. Because the flames incinerated the jungle regions of our planet, the feeling of the Cosmo-quantum energy merged to the aftermath of the Sogolis Galaxy in ruins. The question comes to show is that when or how the world or the universe might come to an end. If we were to federate the two forces, they will speculate to themselves the choices they had done wrong so that they can reconcile with one another. Therefore, we must enact on our act of kindness." Hihinygok confirmed to the others the mischief between the two forces. 

"This is horrible. We must prevent the spread before it harms civilization." Midori fretted.

"How is the outbreak of this caused the civil war to resume if one of his henchmen refused to sign the treaty?" Dahlia questioned. 

Mental note: keeping peace between the two alliances seemed broader than just the civil war itself. Efrain thought. 

"The two forces become familiar with the result of the devastation because of Gnoue's reign of terror. In fact, most of his henchmen tend to botch every living aspects of the planet." Hihinygok answered.

"How are we going to do that?" Efrain queried. 

"Hihinygok's point incites a plan to incinerate the Taye Stem's bole by battling the fiend at the top of the temple." Rory responded to the others theoretically. 

This place is packed with various traps, and the lasers I just passed through were amongst of them. Efrain thought. 

"What are we planning to do to desist the adversary from threatening the planet?" Midori queried. 

"It looks like the rest of us will be coherent if we don't separate." Efrain suggested. 

"I agreed with Efrain, Gnoue's senses can amplify the feeling of the rambling haunts." Dahlia pointed out to the others. 

"That's what I am predicting right about now." Preston scowled. 

"What? You're saying the adversaries are glancing in the area?" Zach questioned him. 

"Precisely, they endeavor the radiatively dark energy for the Taye Stem's second variation to tweak its vulnerability. When it's completed, the second variation will demolish the entire territory regardless its unnatural force." Hihinygok responded to the team, "The manifestation of the Taye Stem has subjugated most of our sapien population." 

"Its microorganisms can not only induce its particles to affect the maximum of the planet's establishment. When its negative components start to act in its impulse, the rest of civilization will be at its mercy." Rory pointed out. 

"That means the rest of your tribe is under the risk of the devastation." Efrain pointed out. 

"Precisely." he answered. 

"So that means the temple is made with the most dangerous apparitions." Dahlia responded to the others. 

"People from this region believed the omnipotent termination of the area is caused when the advent of the Taye Stem that impacts Tazurai's bloodline." Hihi responded. 

"Bloodline?" Efrain inquired, "what do you mean bloodline?" 

That's it. After Patrick defeated the adversary, she carried her will to the warlord so that he can resume the manifestation of the Taye Stem. Because of his action he has planned, the power increases through his veins and within his scythe. Rory thought. 

"But what about Nina?" Efrain questioned the others, "I feared David and/or Katrina manages to clench the source in hand." 

"I'm not sure about this young woman with you, but you must not allow them to purloin the power of the source." Hihi answered. 

"What source is he speaking of?" Midori questioned. 

"It came from within Nina, and her persona alters when it's activated." Rory answered her question. 

"That's good," Midori responded, "and that's bad." 

"Precisely, because most of the source's power is consisted within Nina's molecules of her body, the electrons inside her alter the neutrons inside her body to make up a somber persona." he stated. 

"Perhaps we should split up again to find Gnoue." Torigawa suggested. 

"Yeah, time to clean that bastard's clock." Preston cussed, clutching his fists to ready himself. 

"Fine by me." Cluck nodded. 

"Didn't you hear what I just said? We're not supposed to be splitting up into teams... Never mind, I suppose we will find him in this alternate version of the temple." Efrain sighed in embarrassment. Midori joins Preston and Zach to investigate the eastern section; Torigawa takes Lila and Jake to examine the south. Efrain and Riyari scrutinize the northern section of the temple; the others will track the west section if the adversary lingers in the subordinate regions. 

The Specter Stoppers and their friends understand the result of the impact that befall in the depths of the region; in addition, they entered an alternate dimension of the temple despite the abnormal readings Rory picked up from his wrist communicator. Preston gawks at the shadows of the adversary increasingly roam to the areas, and Efrain locks in the coordinates to chat with Hillary for a moment. As the screen fizzles in to the control room, Patrick appears on the right hand side of the screen monitoring the maintenance systems. 

"Patrick? You're all better." Efrain responded. 

"Yes, I guess my immune systems have tackled the illness that kept me out of the maintenance systems. In addition, I gained an ability that can manipulate the technology I need to acknowledge your voyages. Anyways, where are you guys anyway?" Patrick questioned. 

"We're at the Saiki temple, in the south of the Kuzame jungle at Ipe." Efrain answered. 

"I've noticed, this realm seems familiar at first beyond my perspective. This temple is packed with various traps from the interior structure; most of which consisted of traps that are note of this dimension." he stated to the others, "is Nina with you?" 

"Yes, she's with me right now." Efrain replied, showing Nina on the monitor. 

Nina gives a little wave to Patrick and smiles beamishly. 

"Hi." she giggled.

"Hi Nina," Patrick responded and pans his head back to Efrain, "I found Gnoue's location in the temple. It appears he's at the top of the temple converging the energy with the Taye Stem's." 

"You did? Sounds to me it might be a harder task than I can hardly imagine for a second." Efrain replied. 

"Can I ask a question?" Nina asked.

"Go ahead." Patrick responded on live broadcast. 

"Did you see Hillary naked?" Nina giggled. 

"Yes, and I have to cover her up." Patrick answered. 

"Lovers in the air." Nina sang.

"Just shut up, Nina." Hillary cursed. 

Way to pull my embarrassment, Nina. Efrain thought feeling his face florid. 

Efrain closes her mouth and states, "We'll chat with you later." 

"Yeah, bye." Hillary growled, and the screen fizzles away as Efrain turns off the wrist communicator before proceeding with Riyari to the northern part of the temple. He sighs a bit despite the chagrin from before. At that moment, Efrain begins to flash back to the moment when he was on his way to the L corridor, a lower level of the Stellar Therma. 

He walked straight to the bathroom with his mahogany robe on him, and steam fumed from the interior. Efrain listened to the harmonious voice humming inside, and he scanned his right hand to gain access to the bathroom, sampling his DNA to signify his identification. Therefore, the doors opened to the interior as he ambled to shower. A young woman with blonde hair glanced at him and screamed, for it was Hillary who was taking a shower before him. Patrick approaches to her expeditiously and founded Efrain outside of the bathroom with his face turned blood red. He was upset and covered his face with a paper bag, and Hillary cried her eyes out arduously. 

Efrain shakes his head a bit, trying to find himself from the bad memories he witnessed earlier, and he clears his head and ascends the steps to the top floors. 

Meanwhile, Dahlia and Rory approach to the center point of the mire to pick up detail on the alleged follower, and they gawk at the two latent figures stalking from the outskirts of the morbid spaces of the interior. Indeed, the halls of the temple structures a constructive dimension of the same area. In addition, the others are aware of the tricks the fiend performed to outwit the Comnaku clan members. Colonel Cluck leads the way for the two to explore the eastern jungle despite sufficient damage. He receives data from his oculus to indicate the presence of the enemy lingers within the sectors of the Saiki temple, for the events of the war extract through the indurate regions. Dahlia peers through the desolated regions of the jungle, and the consent of the area explains the result of the Taye Stem's outbreak persisting within the rate of the region. The team of Dahlia and Rory examines the termination of the district to cohere the factual outcome of the temple; indeed, Rory analyzes the area as they reached the edge of the halls to increase back the usable surface for the members to exemplify the region. The team members witness the pervasive adversaries cornering the region, and the voices erect a floundering tone through the hallways. She glances at the figures streaming to the surface. The team emphasizes the integrity of the region to indicate the enemy's occurrence in the corner of the territory; Cluck activates his projecting goggles to indicate the cause of civilization at the emergence beyond the threshold long thought. The Taye Stem's evil stirs up a struggle for civilization to maintain its law of physics and when and how it might end. 

"Colonel, did you discovered an enemy lingering the proportions of the terrain?" Rory questioned, affixing his tracking glasses to indicate the occurrence of the primitive adversary. 

"Negative, Rory. Sensors indicating a massive termination that causes a breach to the area. According to the relevant facts of the fiend, he is at the range between the dimensions of the temple upon the horizon." Colonel Cluck theorized from his modeled tracking glasses to determine if the infidelity of the area on account of the structure of the jungle district. The team members proceed to the other end of the territory, and Rory catches sight of the territory based on the elevations of the jungle despite the incidence of Gnoue extolling the Taye Stem's power. 

Dahlia opens her tessens to encounter the hallucinations emerging within the depths of the jungle, and she performs razor wind to strike the beast directly. On the other hand, one of the branches of an animated tree claws Dahlia in the right leg leaving scratch marks on her. Sensors indicate from their ultra-monitors of the ghosts wandering through the edges of a ghost. In addition, they encounter the vampire trees, consisting twenty-four of which, for Dahlia dodges one of its inorganic branches and performs tessen vortex to engulf flames around the sylvan monstrosity to extract its accumulation of energy from the disease. Of course, the flames burst to circumvent the adversary when she throws one of her tessen fans to impair its structure. Dahlia throws her tessens to inflict damage to the first vampire tree; conversely, the first vampire tree claws her by draining her blood to restore its health, and Rory locks in the coordinates to summon his drone into the battlefield and lunge kicks the first vampire tree fracturing its facial structure. The first vampire tree claws Dahlia directly to drain her blood as its eyes illumine. The second vampire tree lashes a spinning ball to inflict damage to Rory. Colonel Cluck blasts his rapid refurbished machine gun fire on the second vampire tree to engulf the flames, and the figure lashes the benevolent creature with its claws to devour his blood. On the other hand, he lashes against the creature and fires another round of monsters surrounding the team. Rory launches his fire net to inflict damage to the second vampire tree on his left, for the wiring incises the body of the grotesque figure as it plummets its floral structure. The first vampire tree claws Dahlia again draining her blood, and the tessen vortex fractures the body of the adversary frequently. Her tessen returns in her grasp, and Dahlia slices the second vampire tree that is attempting to quench for her blood. The third vampire tree draws down its sylvan hand and claws Rory from the bottom as the crimson energy surges through its eyes. Rory slashes the third vampire tree with his pulse gun to blast firepower on the materially substantial creature regarding its blood thirst; Dahlia slashes the third vampire tree with her tessen and throws her right tessen that ignites its combustion. Rory switches to his laser tonfas and attack the barbaric adversary to increase damage. As a result, the flames enervate the fungi within the creature's infrastructure surrounding the third vampire tree. Rory launches his fire net to ensnare the third vampire tree to implement damage to him; in addition, its infrastructure collapses to the ground. The fourth vampire tree claws her barbarically with its sylvan hands, and Dahlia performs her fan erosion to balk the creatures and picks up her fans from the sediment. She streams to slice the creature with both her fans. Suddenly, a star slash hits the vampire trees cutting them in half, and the creature cringes despite the combustion. She whirls herself to slice the creatures furiously the squalid creature to enfeeble its villanous Cosmo-quantum energy, whereas the rest of the vampire trees sprout through the ground to attack Dahlia from behind with its claws. Dahlia counters the attack and strikes them with her tessen vortex to incinerate the fiend affectedly, and Rory throws his Pyris Grenade to ignite the flames to encompass the structure of the fiend. She opens her tessens to inflict damage to the vampire tree, and Dahlia removes the tessen from its bodily structure and stabs the fiend powerfully, engulfing its flames to inflict damage to the tree. Dahlia jumps to evade the branch of the fifth vampire tree and throws her razor star fan to eliminate the repulsive creature. She cleaves the figure with both her tessen fans, and Dahlia spins rapidly and throws both of them at the bloodthirsty adversary. In addition, the serrated blades engulf its flames to the ground surrounding the creatures, and the vampire tree collapses to the floor after engulfing into flames. Cluck, Dahlia, and Rory formed together and ponder of an attack sequence to rid these bloodthirsty creatures. The flesh of the beast generates when it seems ravenous for its blood; on the other hand, Rory roundhouse kicks the figure, but the vampire tree grasps Rory by the leg and draws him into the ground, causing his body to erode through the sediment. The vampire trees growl in unison and assault the team, for the first vampire tree seeks its prey and claws Dahlia with its sylvan hands. On the other hand, she deflects the adversary's claws with her umbrella shield. She throws one of her tessen fans to lash the vampire tree, and she stabs the adversary thrice and removes her tesssn fan from its trunk. The vampire tree cringes in pain and slaps Dahlia to the ground. The fourth vampire tree claws Rory from the back, and he lands on the floor. Colonel Cluck throws his bionic fist on the third vampire tree, and Dahlia performs tessen vortex to incinerate the fourth and fifth vampire trees. The flames burst around the bold of the fourth vampire tree, and the fifth vampire tree scratches Rory breaking through his barrier. The colonel throws circular punch to send the fiend flying to the other direction, causing the flames to burst among the areas. In addition, the fifth vampire tree collapses to the ground despite the flames enveloping its bole. The sixth vampire tree claws Dahlia thrice savagely, and Rory throws his Pyris Grenade to ignite the flames to encompass the bole. Colonel Cluck shifts to the right and throws the sixth vampire tree to the ground with suplex, and the adversary cringes in pain due to the existent heat surging in the regions. On the other hand, another round of vampire trees generates through the existence of the previous round. 

I must rid these bodily tree monsters before they rampaged through the jungle. But how? Their reflexes cause me to miss. Dahlia thought. 

Rory throws his Pyris grenade on the adversary to rampage the structure of the tree, and he performs his slide kick to inflict the creature. Colonel Cluck activates rapid machine gun fire and blasts them at the vampire trees to render damage to them. The fifth vampire tree grips Dahlia and claws her draining the energy it savors to increase its energy, and the sixth vampire tree lowers its hand to inflict Rory. Colonel Cluck acquires his target and blasts his rapid fire power on the sixth vampire tree. Rory launches his fire net to inflict damage to the seventh vampire tree. Suddenly, someone appears slashing the trees in half in one single blow. Dahlia, Colonel Cluck, and Rory turn to the distance where someone slayed the creature. 

Who is slaying the vampire trees and is trying to help us? Rory wondered.

"Who was it?" Dahlia queried.

"It might be a person watching over us." Rory answered. 

"Sensors indicate it might be an adversary, Stoppers stay close." Colonel Cluck stated.

Someone dashes through the bushes expeditiously concentrating on his encounter, and Rory recognizes the human being's footprints trailing to the left hand side of the exterior. The others gawk at the person coming into the battlefield by streaming pass the logs In addition, his enhanced speed streams to the distance where the others are tackling twenty-five more of these monstrous trees that are in the regions of the area. 

"Wait, it can't be. It's Efrain." Rory stated, adjusting his tracking glasses, and someone with ebony hair with dove white streaks appear from the distance.

"No, that's Nina's other brother, you guys, John Spengler." Dahlia replied.

"How did you noticed that, Dahlia?" Colonel Cluck questioned, turning his head to Dahlia.

John glides to his feet ceasing motion in countering the ferocious vampire trees, and he turns his head to the others ensuring their hopes of tracking down the fiend according to the abilities he preformed to attack the vampire trees. He turns his head to the others, sharing a grin. 

"Hey guys, what's happening?" John inquired. 

"Hey there, John." Colonel Cluck greeted skeptically. 

"Hi John, what's up? We found your sister Sophie." Dahlia responded. 

"Help is at hand." John smirked. 

The others continue to confront the ballistic creatures, for Colonel Cluck launches his firepower from his machine gun to ignite the flames in the structure of the adversary. Torigawa and the two others appear at the distance of the south, and Jake shares a fist bump with John. Torigawa levitates himself a bit to evade the vampire trees and casts mana grabber to shove three of which to the ground. Rory cartwheels forward to the adversary and throws his taser to inflict damage to the sylvan beasts. He kicks the fiend's face and throws a hook punch to it. On the other hand, the adversary screeches in anger as its eyes illumine red energy to feast for the team strikes away the rest of the vampire trees to protrude the team. Colonel Cluck protracts the gunfire by upgrading the advancements and targets the other vampire tree tactically. He shoots rapid firepower to pierce the bole of the fifth vampire tree; Rory throws his Pyris Grenade to the fiend, for it collapses to the ground before it regenerates its offspring to the battlefield. On the other hand, a mimicking shadow corners toward the halls of the temple, and Dahlia recognizes the laughter reverberating from the other side. Rory performs knee strike to inflict damage to the vampire tree, but the fiend gnaws his leg and throws his to the ground. A feminine figure rises from the depths of smoke, and she glimpses at John. Torigawa senses her stench in the region although the force field incarcerates her, and Dahlia turns her head to Rory and calls for team work. Therefore, Rory opens the lid for the Pyris Grenade and throws it at the vampire trees, and the grenade fusillades around the blood thirsty figures. Dahlia spins her right tessen fan to generate the fire power a bit without extinguishing its flames. The fire scorches the vampire trees, causing them to succumb as Torigawa casts mystic barrier to protect the others from catching fire. Boom! The grenade's fire destroys the vampire trees although Torigawa's unpredictable encounter with Katrina haunts him incessantly. 

"That's the last of them." Dahlia responded, and she shoves her tessen fans back into her twin sheaths. 

"Good, I hope we will end his reign of terror." Colonel Cluck nodded. 

Your laughter is the thing I'm fully cognizant, and I can sense your presence within these regions. Where are you? Torigawa scowled. 

"Cowards, come find me." The feminine voice cackled within the area.

Aw damn! Torigawa seems intensely pissed, and I'm starting to realize he's going after her. This is madness. Cluck thought. 

Rory assays the result of the impact within the areas until he steps into a tile, for it lowers itself to unleash one of its traps. A rolling ball coils forward, and Torigawa casts force field on everybody after noticing the rolling. Colonel Cluck activates his jet pack to boost the force field forward, and Rory and Dahlia glide with Jake, John, Sophie, and Lila. They witness a passageway, the only route to the other side, and Torigawa shifts the force field to the next room. The rolling rock refrains from motion, for the rectangular shape of the door blocks it. Torigawa lowers his arms and exhausts his mystic ways, and Dahlia and Rory land on their feet safely. Jake, John, Sophie, and Lila fall in their body parts. Colonel Cluck adjusts his bionics regarding the senses of the adversary closing in from the distant regions. 


Meanwhile, at the outskirts of the jungle, Gnoue glances at the force field striving to break despite of the cause of the destruction threatening the surfaces. In addition, he emits his energy to decrease the power of the force field. He engenders the energy of the Taye Stem to emanate its nightmarish power; moreover, the result of the devastation. In addition, he liberates a frustrated Katrina cruelly and leaves her. For the most part, he decides to take his cruelty on his own without any guidance from her. In addition, Kanuuturu approaches to the arch witch doctor on his report of the Specter Stoppers venturing the depths of the temple. 

"Boss, the Specter Stoppers and the four Comnaku members enter the Saiki temple, and they're planning to restore the planet to its foremost glory." Kanuuturu informed to him. 

"They did? I won't condone any intolerance of the Specter Stoppers even the Comnaku Clan opt to undo my works. Shinigami Tazurai has promised us to execute the cause of the pandemonium in the area. I have prospered they are in the regions of my beloved temple, but I saved them the trouble." Gnoue responded, and he presses the red button to unleash the traps inside the sections of the Saiki temple. 

"And what do want me to do with this Missy here?" Kanuuturu questioned, pointing his thumb to Katrina. 

"Unless Tazurai has given the order, tell David that I assured the destruction for the planet via the Taye Stem's mutation. Therefore, the result of this will be in progress. You will seek against either of whom you oppose while I increase the power of the Taye Stem." he ordered. 

"Yes, of course, boss." Kanuuturu responded, and he exits from the terms of the area to bid his word to the other Buirui clan members instantly. 

Gnoue pans his head towards Katrina; on the contrary, she has vanished to cope with her encounter. In addition, he gawks at the team of Dahlia, Rory, and the others entering through the interior. Of course, Torigawa glides forward to sense his unlikely encounter lingering within the territory, and his enhanced senses signal the presence of Katrina. Rory, Dahlia, and the others approach the mid-section of the area. In addition, Rory receives the majority of the evidence from his tracking glasses to indicate the methodical procedures, and the presence of the fiend emerges based on the evidence he monitored. The impending shadows of the fiend calls upon the embellished Japanese walls, and Torigawa feels her stench lingering in the area despite the cackling of hers. The stench of the Taye Stem Rory feels from his wrist communicator in verifying its essential occurrence. The calligraphy from these paintings initiate its dance, for Torigawa senses the presence inside the area. The feminine figure shows herself and grabs John by the hair. She slams it to the floor as blood pours from John's forehead. She turns to Jake, giving him a sign that he's next, then Sophie, then Hillary, then Nina. Torigawa casts his mana grabber to snatch the person who attacked John from behind, and Rory contacts Efrain after analyzing the result of the damage. 

"Efrain, someone has abused John." Rory informed. 

"Damn it. I told you guys if we cohere as a group. Look, Midori and the others are heading their way with the rest of the evidence. I would like you to keep track of their arrival, and I will notify to you when we reach to the top." Efrain responded. 

"Affirmative." Rory nodded. 

"Who's this John you're speaking of?" Hihinygok queried, approaching to him. 

"He's Nina's brother. Patrick told us, 'if we are able to bond Nina with her siblings, the chances are they might purge the curse of the source. Return to us immediately.'" Efrain answered. 

"Yes sir." Rory nodded.

"You heard him, let's go." Cluck responded, and the others and he exit from the area leaving Torigawa speechless, "yo Tori, are you coming or what?" 

Torigawa sighs frankly and joins the others to meet with Efrain and the rest. Cluck ascends the staircase to the top of the temple, and Dahlia and Rory join him follow by Lila and John with Jake and Sophie. 


At the northern section of the temple, entering the armory, Efrain and Riyari study the spaces of the room and become familiar with the task they are given by Patrick during the mission. The walls are encrusted when the mutatable node provides dark energy around the surface and carries the capacity of the interior, and Efrain accomodate said the numbers to verify the consumption of its unnatural photosynthesis. In addition, Riyari eavesdrops the voices of inhabitable adversaries cornering through the rampant areas. Preston, Midori, and Zach approach to the two of them after verifying the goals that Gnoue planned. A horde of raucous 12 hungry plants emerges from the depths of the shadows, and Riyari extracts both of her katana blades to blitz against the adversaries. She performs double blade slash on the first hungry plant, taking a majority of the damage to the adversary, and Efrain draws out his Yukonamo sword 3LD4 to tackle the bestiaries. He slashes the adversary in the chest, and the second hungry plant extends its roots to lash Efrain. In addition, it causes damage to him affectedly when the fiend extracts its mutated hands. Efrain inhibits the adversary's attack and strikes the adversary with crescent cut to the second hungry plant, lashing a laceration to the fiend and slays it. The third hungry plant licks Efrain in the face, but he snatches his tongue and cuts it off despite the saliva he felt during the battle. Riyari slashes the third hungry plant with both her katana swords, and the adversary plummets to he ground unconsciously. Efrain performs octagon strike to inflict damage to the bestiary; on the other hand, the plant-like beast evades his melee attacks and balances its plants to strike him. It strikes Efrain when it manipulates its plants to surround him, but he spins his Yukonamo sword to dispel the barbaric plants heading towards him. Preston throws his power fists at the third hungry plant, leaving an aperture on its waistline, and the fire envelops the adversary as it falls to the ground. Midori jumps on the third hungry plant's waistline and pierces her heels toward the fiend. Zach concentrates on his aim and shoots his piercing arrow to pin the fourth and fifth hungry plants. The sixth hungry plant generates its plants to assail Preston, but he grasps one of the fly traps and performs knock-out bolt. The adversary extends its  plants and assails Efrain, causing major damage to him when the energy channels from plant-matter. The sixth hungry plant hurls plant breath to inflict him, and Preston clenches to his fighting stance and throws his nova geyser to the bestiary. 

Zach shoots his net arrow to ensnare the sixth hungry plant and swings his bow at the seventh and eighth hungry plants. Efrain performs his octagon strike to inflict damage to the adversary, and the sword slashes the fourth and fifth hungry plants to slice them. Zach lunges himself with his bow and shoots his energy arrows to pin them. In addition, the positive energy emits among the plant-like creatures to singe them. The two hungry plants screech and collapse to the ground due to the cause of the fire. Preston performs catapult kick to the fiends, but the seventh hungry plant lashes its whips to grab Preston as it spins him rapidly. The seventh hungry plant releases its vines and throws Preston into a wall, for it leaves a massive crack on a wooden wall adjacent the ukiyo-e paintings. Midori throws her right boomerang as it slashes the three hungry plants directly. Zach flips his bow and whacks the adversary, and he shoots his double arrow to pierce the seventh hungry plant in the chest. Preston rises to his feet and sweeps the dust from his space armor before engaging himself in combat again. The eighth hungry plant lashes its vines to entrap Efrain, but Riyari slashes them with both her katana blades and beheads the eighth hungry plant. Efrain removes the vines from his legs and spins his Yukonamo Sword 3LD4 to counter the beast. Riyari performs her teleport blade to slash the eighth hungry plant, and the blade stabs the adversary in its cardiac muscles, weakening the levels of the creature's health. The ninth hungry plant constructs its arm to a sword, and it lashes Efrain in the chest, drifting him go the opposite corner. He coughs a bit of blood from his mouth and catches a glower of the creature willing to tackle the fiend. Efrain charges toward the adversary with his sword in hand and strikes the ninth plant by performing his crescent cut to the fiend. The tenth hungry plant strikes Preston with its plant pillars, and he feels immense damage around him. It lashes the left side of his chest, and the tenth hungry plant draws its hands to the ground and assails him. Midori throws her twin boomerangs to inflict damage to the rest of the hungry plants. Preston throws his power fists to the tenth hungry plant to choke the fiend, and Zach aims for the eleventh hungry plant before it counter attacks. He shoots his arrows to pin it, for the fire blazes on the adversary. The eleventh hungry plant hurls its bullet seeds to inflict damage to Preston, but Efrain blocks the adversary's attack with shield and strikes the adversary with CAS slash. In addition, the ravenous creature takes much damage from Efrain's sword, castigating the figure by inflicting damage. Riyari slashes the beast vertically with both her katana swords, and the eleventh hungry plant cringes and collapses to the floor. The twelfth hungry plant extends its fingernails and claws Preston savagely, and he dodges the fiend's domestic claws and throws a knock out bolt to fetter the beast. Riyari pans her head to Efrain suggesting to bolster her agility by concocting a team attack, and he nods his head and bends on one knee. Riyari sprints to the twelfth hungry plant and performs samurai's fury to eliminate it, and the slice hits its bole and decreases its energy. Another wave of enemies, consisting of three red blobs, exits from the ukiyo-e paintings engaging in combat. Preston charges toward the first red blob by exerting his plasma energy from his hybrid gauntlets in obliterating the figure. The first red blob lashes against Preston with its slimy blitz, and The second red blob inflicts damage to Efrain by splashing its ooze around him. Midori stomps on the first red blob, but the fiend deflects her heels and throws her to the ground. Efrain performs Lion's Blaze to slice the first red blob affected cosmically, and Preston performs wolf's fury to inflict damage to the bestiary. The first blob collapses to the ground, and Midori attacks the second red blob until it consumes her right leg. She struggles to break loose from the red blob's oozing decomposition, for Zach aims for the adversary when performing his sniper shot and shoots his energy arrow to pin the second red blob. Efrain careers to free Midori until he slips to a wall with calligraphy painted, but Preston saves him from the crash. 

"Thanks, I almost lost it." Efrain responded. 

"Don't push your luck, swordsman." Preston stated. 

The second red blob splashes its particles on Efrain, and Riyari slashes the beast with both her katana swords to inflict damage to the adversary. She performs samurai's fury to the second red blob, and Preston performs plasma spear punch to the adversary. The third red blob assails Midori, knocking her unconscious as she slides to the ground, and Zach rushes to her unconscious body and shoots a glare at the monster. Efrain carries Midori to her feet and sprints from the battle. He draws out an energy arrow from his arrow launcher attached to his back and shoots his arrow to pin the greasy brute. The energy emits among the greasy fiend, and the fire bursts affectedly, and everyone gains experience after fighting three red blobs and twelve hungry plants. Preston picks up 2355 woolongs, and both Zach and Midori gain levels. 

Dahlia, Rory, and the others arrive at the mid-section after tackling a round of monstrous dendroid creatures. The voices reverberate as the Specter Stoppers grew annoyed with the manifestation of the Taye Stem despite its lustrous dark energy. 

"It seems hazardous in these conditions, and Gnoue must be hiding in these areas." Dahlia responded. 

Zach tests his energy arrows, "Seems gullible enough for the final encounter, so that will do." 

"Yeah, that son of a bitch needs to be desisted right now." Preston scowled. 

"Most jungle regions can't stand much fortitude, but I'm certain we can assess the maintenance systems from the lower level of this internal halls regardless its ethereal energy locating in the area, giving the Taye Stem the strength it develops. In retrospect, the Okki Tree channels its positive energy, and if we would enable to have Torigawa efface the destruction Gnoue caused and use the vaccine to remedy innocent people, the planet will return to its normal state." Rory pointed out. 

I fretted 120,000 of these people are undergoing the sam disease when the destruction had taken place, for 99.9% of them are at risk of injury or illness. Midori nor Zach didn't confirm if either of Midori's sisters got caught by the virus, and the Taye Stem is instigating yet another diversion. How can we diminish it? Efrain pondered. 

"Efrain, the Taye Stem is closing in on us, and it has altered its germinal foliage to gorge leviathan energy from the area." Rory articulated. 

"This is bad." Midori fretted. 

"Can you ask Hihi to escort these five to the nearest train station back to the Ipe space port?" Colonel asked. 

"Right. Ok, Hihi, you escort Lila, Nina, and the three others out of here. The rest of us will take care of Gnoue." Efrain ordered. 

"Come you five," Hihi assured, and he turns his head to Efrain with a gumption, "Efrain, I wish of you and your team the best of luck." 

Hihinygok takes Lila, Nina, John, Jake, and Sophie to the nearest train station in the jungle city of Kuzame back to the space ship. The Specter Stoppers and the four Comnaku Clan members engage in their task yet in order to vindicate against Gnoue for the crimes he committed.  The Specter Stoppers and the four Comnaku Clan members are set to engage in combat against this ultimate adversary to save the jungle planet itself. Therefore, the purge of the Taye Stem must be settled once and for all. How will the team manage to demolish the surrealism it caused? What ways does Torigawa has to settle against Katrina? Will Nina and her siblings and Lila be safe back at the ship? Is the kismet of the planet at grave peril? The answers will be solved in the next action-packed episode of the Specter Stoppers. 

The Specter Stoppers ch. 42
Melendez-Irizarry, Daylenne and Molly Locke. The Specter Stoppers. 7086 words. Wattpad. February 8, 2017.…
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I'll never find anyone in my life, I'll be all alone. I love Ashton from 5SOS, I still love all of the 1D boys. If I dated anyone it will be Ashton Irwin
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Hmm, well, that's your opinion 
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I know, there are no guys for me 
GBMelendez23k Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I know, neither do I 
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Thanks for the add!
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Thanks for the fav:DThe Young Ghostbusters by NathanKroll
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Thanks for the faves!
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